9 simple ways to practice mindfulness in daily life

9 simple ways to practice mindfulness in daily life


Mindfulness is when you pay keen attention to the present moment. You love to live in the moment. You want to be extremely cautious and careful at the moment you are traveling.

You awaken the person inside you and converse. Drive-in as much help and knowledge as required to make the practice of mindfulness a part of your daily routine. Once you are ready with this kind of attitude, you just keep moving and nothing else will stop you and come in your way of mindfulness.

  1. Begin by waking up early from bed.

Wake up early from bed than your regular wake up time. You feel so peaceful and pleasant. You sense life is beautiful and rewarding. You also feel with those few minutes of being early, you can do a world of things. By spending time with self and with nature and the cool breeze around, you feel like living the moment and on top of the world.

  1. Do something that interests you a lot.

You may be interested in doing some task or some work, the most, above all. Think for yourself. Pick such interests and spend more time with your interests. You will sense a lot of relief by chasing and pursuing those you love most. You in fact exhibit more mindfulness doing such activities.

  1. Organize your bed and wardrobe.

When you sit to settle your bed, you would want to dress it up the way you love most. You want to make it as comfortable as possible so that you can lean on the whole night. Similarly, the wardrobe is the next mindful play area that you would love to organize. This is where all your clothing rests. You carefully handle all your outfits, pull them out, and place them back, with utmost mindfulness.

  1. Sit in silence and rehearse reading backward or upside down.

To stay focused and to live in what you are doing, you can choose to read an article or a book upside down or from right to left. You will do such tasks mindfully paying one hundred percent attention and by living in the moment.

  1. Walk into nature.

Nature has a lot to talk to you. Go outside and step into the greenery around. Walk into the bushes, travel alongside fresh flowing water and rivers. Gaze at the mountain falls, watch the water fountains. Look at how the moon casts its shadow in the water pool. Wonder where the shadows of the stars are. Feel yourself in full. Live and love the moment you live in.

  1. Take your pet for a bath.

For you to practice mindfulness, your pet certainly deserves taking a bath. So do not delay. Keep all the resources handy. Take your pet for a bath. Groom its hair and rub its ears. Sooth its body and live your life fully with your pet those few moments. Seriously you are lost. All these natural and unnatural worries don’t hang around you anymore.

  1. Make your favorite dish and savor the taste.

You love to grab your most favorite dish. So just get started. Learn how to cook the best dish. Shop for all the ingredients that go into it. Make all necessary pre-arrangements. Take enough time and cook the dish. Spend more than usual time to prepare the item. Taste it as many times as you savor during the process. Once done, just grab a plate and serve yourself. Do share with your loved ones. You gain a terrific amount of mindfulness all along.

  1. Go for a long drive all alone.

Travel to places you have never been to before. Explore the world outside your sphere. Keep driving all along. Stop and grab the local dish. Talk to the local people. Spend time with them. Share your experiences with your loved one. Keep driving, keep moving, and keep sharing. Each of these corners you to be mindful enough without your very prior permission.

  1. Write your autobiography.

To practice mindfulness, sit down and write what all you know about your past. Begin to capture as many memories as you recollect. Seek information from family, relatives, and friends to complement to your thoughts.

To sum up, you need to practice mindfulness. By doing so, you begin to look up at yourself as who you really are. You pay attention to your feelings and actions. You get to know beforehand if any endanger of angry or guilt is likely to approach you. You now understand better how to direct your life. You will also treat yourself with the utmost love and respect. You will soon land up in a better place where your extreme feelings and emotions do not get a chance to share your space.

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