Work to life balance: How to Balance everything?

Work to life balance: How to Balance everything?


It’s always been a debatable question. Do we need to plan a ‘work-life’ balance? Or do we need to go with the flow? Or ‘do we need to balance everything daily?’ Etc. 24Hrs seems insufficient to sort everything. Managing time between your work and loved ones is getting tough these days. So, what do we do about work to life balance? Do we need any schedule of sorts, or is it something we can do ourselves? The answer is simple. The answer is ‘You.’ You need a Flexible balance and an Easy mind. You cannot deny the fact that the more stress you give in Balancing your Work and Personal Life, the more imbalance it brings to you. The thought of balancing your work, family, friends, and health at the same time can add more pressure to you. But, if we look closely, balancing everything can be made simple daily.

Let’s discuss balancing your work, health, friends, and other things in your life easily.

You need a ‘Flexible Balance’

Life can throw sudden unexpected things at you. In that case, you cannot argue about going according to the plan you have. You need to balance the current situation as well as make sure all goes well. That’s why you need a ‘Flexible Balance.’ Preparing a solid, well-balanced plan can be helpful but not always.

You should have an easy mindset here. If you stick rigidly to your expectations, you could feel disappointed, whereas if you adapt to the unexpected change, things will become easier to resolve. This flexible balance applies to all walks of life.

How to Balance your Work-Life?

Balancing work is different for every individual. It depends upon how individuals take their work schedule, work hours, and workplace. It also relies on the nature of work.

What’s your take here?

You can see people who are focused on their work and committed to their career growth. Such people will have different mind-set about work-life balance. They will have time only to the closest circle of family, friends, or other social activities. Sometimes they won’t bother about it too.

On the other hand, you can find people who have declined promotions, managerial positions, transfers with high-pay, and other perks just to be near their family and friends. Thirdly, we can see people who will have a different kind of work balance, i.e., For Ex: They will be willing to work for a pay that can below, but the job could give them time to do things they like.

People’s take on work differs. When it comes to you, you decide yours. It will bring a perspective of taking things forward.

Try to be sincere in your work. It pays you and earns respect for you. It develops you. So, whether you’re career-oriented or family-oriented, do the work given to you with your best. This balance is all you need.

But, there are specific ideas and methods that you could use to make better outputs from your work. They are:

Prior Night Writing

The previous night, write down things of ‘what you should do as soon as you step into office’ the next day. Write to them as a checklist. Write something you need to take care of at work. Sleep. The next day, start taking care of things that you want to. In this way, you will never miss anything and also have a hassle-free day. Carry the journal/note every day with you.

Focus on what’s important now

Any changes can come last minute in your workplace. In that scenario, you cannot stick to your usual work schedule. In such cases, focus on what’s current and important.

The In and Out

If you have things to sort ‘Outside’ the office, you cannot work peacefully ‘Inside’ the office. Take care of it.

Be Flexible

The workplace can get complicated and unpredictable. Sudden meetings, travels, client meetings, reviews, etc. can happen. Be flexible enough to adapt to the scenario as well as maintain your regular works.

Personal Breaks

If you get quick breaks, make a phone call or message to your family & friends. If the place is nearby, you can plan a quick visit with your friends or family. Enjoy little treats. Take your food with your friends at work. These little personal breaks will give a positive boost to you and a form of balance.

How to Balance your Health and Fitness?

Health and fitness are to be taken as a way of life. It is all about how you live daily. Balanced-health is not about doing exercises and the following diet alone. Let’s see how to balance your health in simple steps:

The Circadian Rhythm

This is the first thing you need for balanced health. Circadian Rhythm is a biological process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and all other internal processes. The human body is designed for this rhythm. You mess with it; you mess with your health big time. Sleep at an appropriate time, say around 10.30-11 PM, and wake up early around 4.30 -6.00 AM. Practice it. Get in tune.

Simple Morning Routines

Early mornings are the best productive times of the day. It is much calmer. Your brain will be devoid of unwanted thoughts. You can sort your work things, personal things, and take care of yourself too. Wake up early, and you will have plenty of time to sort things for the day.

Minimum 30 Minutes of Physical Activity

It can be yoga, walking, gym time, or simply running. Follow a ‘30Minutes of Physical Activity’ daily, and you will see considerable differences physically and mentally.

Good Food

Coffee/Tea is not a good day-starters. You can have them later, but not as the first thing in the morning. Prepare a good breakfast, and don’t skip it. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, in your daily diet.


The food you take should be supporting and healing your body but not damage it.

Regular Health-Monitoring

It’s good to have health checkups. Just to make sure everything’s okay or any extra care needed, you need to take health checkups.

Diet That Suits “You”

Follow a diet plan that suits your body. Don’t follow diets just because they say it’s good for weight loss and health.

Positive Attitude

It’s very important for your balanced physical and mental health. Mental stress, negatives, and unwanted thinking make the brain release hormones that are not good for health. To be positive, you need to first ‘accept.’ Accept things that you cannot change. Be kind to the people around you. You cannot always be positive, too, we understand. But still, try to take it in a positive note and recover from the negatives soon.


Save some money for yourself. Plan for short-trips, buy things you like or have a relaxing spa day now and then. If you have family, plan for short-trips once in two to three months. The impact of happy relaxing times will reflect on your mental wellness a lot.

Health is a way of life. Health is a choice. A good sleep routine, good physical activity, healthy food, and a good mind contributes to a well-balanced life in terms of health. Good health means good work and productivity.

How to Balance your Personal Life?

Balancing your personal life is not a ‘to-do-list.’ It is more than that. At the end of the day, you come into this personal space, so make it as good as possible.

Spend time as much as you can

Being young is the right time to work and earn. It is also the time where you can enjoy life to the fullest with your family and loved ones. Spend as much of your time you can live with them.

Financial Commitments

You need a certain sum to make your wheels run smoothly. Take care of it. You need to have some solid income. It becomes a necessity when you have kids or about to start a family. Plan your finances accordingly.

Savings are Important

Insufficient money will always collapse a personal-life balance. Bring the habit of saving money even if it’s little. Over time, you will reap good benefits from it.

Find Time

To invest in relationships, you need to find time yourself. Find time to balance your personal life. Utilize even little time to call or text or send gifts to your loved ones. At least, accompany your family to shopping. Make time for your kids. Watch them grow. Find time to do simple things like these for a more balanced personal life.

Balance when it comes to your Passion

The term of personal-life balance brings a different meaning here. Once you feel that your personal life and people in it understands you and your passion, the balance comes here. You will get the needed support as when possible. It will encourage you to follow your passion stronger. On the contrary, if support doesn’t come from your personal-life in following your passion, the balance can become a little difficult.

Cut down your Screen-Time

Screen time steals a lot of good things away. Constant peeking into the phone for notifications can even become an addiction. When you are around people, be with them physically and mentally. Give your undivided attention.

The most important point of all is

A Sense of Content

Your personal life becomes well-balanced if you have good self-contentment. If your family feels trust, protection, and love from you, the whole thing of personal life-balance is achieved here. Make sure you focus on it.

Say ‘No’ sometimes

Learn to say ‘No.’ In actuality, it means that you are saving your time and efforts for something close to your heart. Kindly convey the ‘No’ and say your priority. Many people suffer from an imbalance in work as well as personal life for not saying ‘NO’ when they have to.

How to Balance your Friends and other Social Life?

Friends always bring the best in you. You need friends to make your life even more meaningful. In spite of work and family, how do we strike a good balance with your friends? Let’s see them.

You need friends. If you don’t have any, make them.

Stay in touch with your friends always.

Don’t limit friendships to Facebook, Twitter, or other social-media alone.

You should be available to your friends in good times as well as bad times.

Never say ‘No’ to them in terms of help that you could do. If you couldn’t do anything, just stay with them as moral support.

Good friends are good ‘life-supports.’ Never miss them with ‘excuses’ of any sort.

Find time for them whenever possible.

Plan dinner, lunches, movie, soccer-games, or any things with your set of close friends every month. If not every week, don’t miss hanging out every month, at least for a few hours.

Bring your Friends to your Family. In this way, you can have even more time with them over dinners and holidays.

If you and your friends share a common hobby, do it. Make time for it.

Have hearty conversations with your close set of friends now and then. It brings clarity, peace of mind, and a good morale boost. Your personal and professional life will stay in balance with the help of good friends.

In conclusion:

We hope that the ideas we shared here will be very much relatable to you. Balancing everything in life like health, family, friends, and work can seem like a big pressure. But, in reality, simple steps from your side are enough. See everything as a whole. See them as a part of you. You cannot separate everything or build a wall and look for a balance. We hope that this article will bring a perspective to you in effectively balancing your life around you.

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