Right Person Wrong Time: Find out if your partner is an ideal match for you or not

Right Person Wrong Time: Find out if your partner is an ideal match for you or not


Life is the journey between the two letters, B and D; where B refers the Birth and D stands for Death. And, in the duration between these two letters is called life which is incomplete without the people around you.

So, if someone in your life betrayed you badly, you start looking at other people with the same frame and being socially inactive. Just because you had one wrong person in your life, who broke your trust and hurt you badly, your mind doesn't allow you to trust another person, even if they are real.

Well, this happens, especially in the case of spouses or your partner. But, it is not limited to it. It can be anyone, your friend, or even a stranger. If you want to help someone, and if you learn that they were trying to pull your attention for their benefit, you might never think of helping others again. And, this we call as, 'The right person at the wrong time.'

Anyway, this happens with everyone in their life. Some can deal with it and move on. But, such an experience breaks a few people's trust badly, and they can't handle such a situation.

Here, you can understand, the complete game is all about the experience that changes a person. So, here, we will discuss one of such experiences in this opinion.

Right Person Wrong Time Meaning

Let me start with my experience.

Once, I was waiting for the bus to go home. After some time, a man came there, and some to help them with some money, as he had lost his wallet and they don't even have the money to buy a ticket. He seemed to be crying literally.

I think if you would have been in place, you also had helped them. So, I did. And, they left. When he collected the money from people at the bus stop, I saw them going to a wine shop and buying the drink.

I mean, I was shocked. How can anyone take advantage of the people with the false stories, and anyone could believe them. After this incident, I decided not to help others with such conditions again.

Such incidents make people not trusting others who need help in real. After that day, I might have met several people, who were in trouble, but that horrible incident made me not helping them.

Though, this incident didn't hamper my personal life harshly. But, what about people who had an experience of betrayal by their loved ones.

Suppose someone approached you and expressed their feeling that they want to spend their life with you. You felt their emotions genuine, and you also started feeling the same for that person. Later on, you learn that the person was faking, just with you for fun only.

Such incidents are widespread nowadays. People don't think about others. But, what if someone trusted someone who broke their trust. The broken person will not be able to trust others ever. And, we can see many such examples.

When, for the next time, another person approaches you, with the true feeling and emotions, you can't trust them, as you have had a bad experience in this regard. And, this I can call, "Right Person at the Wrong Time."

When someone experiences something like this, they can forget it soon as the cheater was unfamiliar with them. Indeed they take the lesson. But it doesn't bother anyone for a longer time. But, the same thing hurts till death, if any of the loved ones do it.

15 signs that you have met the right person at the wrong time

Many people believe it or not, but you get the signs for everything that happens to you. Let me say, if you meet your soul mate, you get the hints for it. Even if you encounter any wrong person, who seems to be your soulmate, for instance, you will contact the signs. But, you need to identify them correctly.

Likewise, if you are broken or surrounded by issues, and you meet the right person for you, you will get the signs. But, of course, as you are surrounded by negativity and your time is wrong, you won't find the hints. Well, here are some easy ways to guess it.

1. Long-term goals don't align

It's obvious to think that you and your partner should have the same goals for the betterment of your future. If you want a kid, and your partner doesn't, it is the obvious situation where you or they may think that you are not with the right person.

Another example would be, you want to travel throughout the world, and your partner is just happy with their hometown and doesn't want to roam. And so on. You both will find many occasions where you will think you are not with the right person. But, it is possible truly that you are the right person for each other. It's just the time being fair with you guys.

2. Recent Breakup

Patch-ups and breakups are not a big deal nowadays. But, some people are actually in a serious relationship. And their relationship is as essential for them as any other relationship.

For some people, it may feel not very good to know someone who might be their right person. But, they can't understand and realize that they are the ones for them due to their recent long relationship. Either, I would say it is not the mature decision to move on just after your breakup.

When you have a breakup, you need little time to express your grief. Let go of old memories. When such a broken person is with someone, their relationship can't work for long. This condition can be applied to either side. Whereas, if you were single and your partner just came out of a severe relationship, allow them some time to let go of the burden of their previous relationship.

This is the most common time when you can meet your right partner. But, you can not find them the right, as you are not prepared to accept them.

3. Someone is about to leave the town.

Here, something like a prevailing situation, many of you might have experienced, or the case has just arrived in your life. It may be possible that you just met your ideal person, but now, one of you needs to leave the town soon.

This can happen from both sides. Maybe you have signed up to go and work in Canada a month before, and you met someone who feels like your ideal one. The same may happen to their case too. Maybe they began feeling for you, and you both are the right couple, and you need to move somewhere, let me say, for study, the job, or whatever the reason is.

Such situations are not in control of anyone. And they are pretty tricky to handle for everyone.

4. You are not ready for a relationship.

This can be a weird situation. I'm saying strange situation because everyone had an image of their ideal person in their life. But, the circumstances around you make you being away from this thing.

Sometimes it happens that you met your ideal person, who is the right person for you. And this is the one you were waiting for. But, as you are not ready for the relationship, you may lose them.

I have seen many people coming to me and discussing this topic. Even they also have feelings for them. And they also want to be with them. But they don't accept them and let them come to their life, because of whatever reason they have.

It is heartbreaking that you find the right person for you, but you can't allow them to come into your life. Relationships need a lot of effort to be made by the person in the bond. Thus, some people keep relationships their last priority. Therefore, they may lose their ideal partner.

5. They have someone special.

You can't know when someone is feeling for someone. Who knows, the one you are fishing for may already is committed or have someone special in their life.

It is evident that anyone can have a crush on anyone. Everyone has an idea for their ideal one. And when they find the exact personality matching to their imagination, we call it a dream person. But, just think, you lined someone, who is the ideal person for your life, and then you realize that they have someone special in their life, and they are not you. This feeling would be more painful for you.

We can't change someone's feelings for anyone. If you think you have found your soulmate, and you come to know that they already have their ideal person in their life, it is just the right person at the wrong time for you.

6. Big age gap

Well, when someone is in life, age really doesn't matter for them. Being younger, you can feel for someone a lot older than you or vice versa. Many people find a link in-between age and maturity. At the same time, a young person can be more than an older one. So, the generation doesn't know the factor to consider maturity. It all depends on the conditions.

So, if you met someone who is older than you or younger than you, you can feel for them. It is not an issue. But the problem comes when it comes to the expectations you both have from each other. As here is the age difference, the expectations would vary from each other that can lead to issues.

You may think that, why don't you met the person before, whereas your partner may feel something else. You both may have different points of view about socializing your relationship status, the jobs, the lifestyle, the weekends, and so on. Though the person is an ideal match for you, you may face many conflicts due to this age factor.

7. Career is important than the relationship.

No matter what kind of work you or your partner does, if you are more committed to the job than the relationship, your relationship won't flourish. If for them, their career is always on the top, they don't want to lose any of the opportunity and focus on their work always, they are always ready to work, and for to this, they are not able to give time to you often, your relationship is in danger.

They have just established a startup and want to focus on the work right now; it will be tough for them to balance their love life and their professional life. At the same time, no matter what inputs you are making, they will not get the desired output. A relationship requires efforts from both sides. And, if one is constantly giving their time, and others are just ignoring it or unable to put these efforts, it's hard to be on the route.

8. You live apart

One of the most challenging phases of a relationship is the long-distance relationship. When, in a relationship, you both want to live together, and you have to live apart, you can't control your emotions, which can hamper your relationship majorly.

When being in a relationship, no one thinks to live apart. Maybe you both live at the two corners of the city or, in the worst case, in two different countries, these boundaries created a big void between the two of you.

It is more difficult when your relationship is new. Of course, you both want to spend time together, know each other, and flourish your relationship. But, the distance between your residents makes you feel like missing out on something.

9. You are not yourself.

Whenever it is about the relationship, it should give both of you being yourself. An ideal relationship never holds anyone's back. A perfect relationship always motivates the persons to move on and do what they want. It gives you space to be free and be yourself.

If in your relationship you are missing out on yourself somewhere in the old days, it's time to look into your relationship. Well, it doesn't always vital that you are in a bad relationship. You might be with the right person, but other factors make someone in the connection losing their true self. And it is essential to find out what is actually hampering the relationship before it's too late.

10. They are not Emotionally Unavailable.

Emotion is the foundation of any relationship. If the emotional connection in a relationship is mission out, the relationship can not survive long.

If at any point in time, you feel in your relationship that your partner is not supporting you emotionally, they are always unavailable whenever you want their emotional support; you need to look into your relationship. Maybe they are going through some professional issues; you need to find the cause.

It may also have other factors behind emotional unavailability, but if you could find the reason, it would be best. Otherwise, your relation can go up to the end.

11. They are not ready for a committed relationship.

Even though you both are the perfect match for each other, you don't need to be ready for a committed relationship.

Maybe they are with you because they like you. But, they are not ready for a committed relationship with you or anyone else. Yes! This may be possible. Many times, it is seen in the couples that they are with the right person, they like them, love spending time with them, yet, they are not ready for the committed relationship.

If such a case happens to you, it would be great if you can give them some space to either realize, what they are losing, or they may also leave the relationship.

12. You struggle with co-dependency

Whenever you feel like you both are holding back each other for any reason, you are struggling with co-dependency.

Whatever the reason is, let me say, if your partner is addicted to something, and they need someone to be with them; you see yourself sticking to them; it could be a co- dependency. I'm not saying you shouldn't be with them. If they need you, you should be the first to being there. But, you also should know, is this the right time, or are you just holding yourself and them back at the time.

13. Not happy with your lifestyle

As I said earlier, a relationship doesn't hold you back. Either, it gives you freedom. It makes you live your life on your principles. It doesn't change your lifestyle. But, if you are feeling stuck with your life in your relationship, the relationship might be suffocating for you.

It might be possible, though you are with the right person, the time of being together is not suitable for you. You should either discuss the problems you have, or you should give some time to your relationship now.

14. Your partner is not giving you time.

Well, this again comes from the work pressure. Although, this can have other reasons too. But, on priority, the top reason would be the work.

If you both are in a serious relationship, you should also give some time to each other. If you feel that your partner is not giving them the time, it would have been dangerous for your love life.

Until you spend time together, you won't know each other and about your life. This also doesn't decrease the fact that they are the right person for you. But, it's just that the time of not suitable for both of you.

15. More work commitment than the relationship

It is seen in many cases, one person or both of the people in a relationship are more committed to their work than their relationship.

At such a time, the people in a relationship should recognize their older days, when they started knowing each other. Maybe this thing can help them to refocus on their relationship.

Work is essential in life. But, it doesn't reduce the importance of relationships in any way. Both of you should understand and realize that if the association had the cracks, they would have to work so hard to regain their connection. So, they should always give equal importance to the work and relationship.

When You Meet The Right Person, You Know It

Just like, when you meet the wrong person, you get the signs. The same thing goes with the right person; the universe gives you the signal that you are with the right person. If you can identify them correctly in time, it can become a heavenly relationship.

Well, ideal couples are ready to do anything for each other. They don't showcase their life directly; their indirect actions can make you feel that you are with the right person. Here are some of the most common traits an actual person can not hide.

1. Both are ready to compromise.

A successful relationship involves a lot of compromise and not sacrifices. Both of you need to make a compromise with any of your desires.

If in a relationship, one of the partners is giving up on their dreams, canceling plans, paying bills, it would be a one-sided relationship. And another partner is only looking at their partner for the sake of compromise. They are not willing to compromise on any of their lives.

Such a relationship can't work for long. If you see, both of you are ready to compromise with something to make your lives better; you are in the right relationship.

2. You revealed your relationship.

It is often seen that people don't actually want to reveal their relationship with their friends and family. This can be due to the fear that your loved ones won't take it seriously. But it is due to you are not taking it seriously. If you are in true love, you would wish to from the tallest building to reveal about your partner and tell the entire world.

Also, telling your family about your relationship is safe for you. I mean, you are not in danger physically, but, as in a new relationship, you are with a stranger, so you need to take care of yourself emotionally.

Your best friend or the family can feel the bad vibes around you. And, they can protect you, if needed. So, introducing your love to your family through video calls could be one of the ways to do it.

3. You can let them go

Letting someone go may sound like the counterpart of the relationship. But, she someone is in an actual relationship, they just want the happiness of their partner.

If your partner feels that their happiness is being alone, you will let them go. As you always want their satisfaction. Of course, you will miss them, and the memories you shared won't allow you to leave them so quickly. But, remember, if you keep them holding to you, it will act as reactive to your relationship. And it will kill the joy and the happy memories you sometimes shared with each other.

When you are in love, you can do anything for the sake of your partner's happiness. And if your partner finds their satisfaction being away from you, you won't think how painful for you it will be, but you will be ready to let them go.

4. You can discuss anything.

In any relationship, communication is a must. It is more important in a relationship of a couple. Well, if the communication is face to face, it can anyway find the solution to any problem, or it can be you understood good. But, when you are apart, communication is a must in between you.

You need to discuss everything with your partner what you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you want, or what you need, what you are planning or planned, and so on. Even though you don't ask them for their suggestion, but at least you need to talk to them about your decision.

If you are planning for a big move with them, or moving to another country, taking up any job, you need to discuss it with your partner. It's not only about your thoughts. But, if you have any issue, personal, professional, or whatever, you need to be able to talk to them. If you can do it with your partner, and if your partner is the right person, you will indeed find the right solution after the discussion.

5. You both work on the relationship.

A relation can grow only when there are involvement and tension to develop the relationship is from both sides.

Let me say, only one partner is trying to resolve the quarrel, by saying Sorry, even though it's not their fault always, such a relationship won't work for long. The trials to grow the connection should be done from both ends. If only one partner is trying, and the other is just in a relationship, this may end terribly.

A relationship is perfect when both partners are ready to accept each other's flaws and work on them to dilute the issue. If you feel the better changes within you, after the time you met each other, congratulations, you are with the right person.

6. You help each other

When you are with the right person, they will always make you feel being with them. No matter how long you stay. You will always feel their presence.

Whatever issue you have, whatever dilemma you are in, you will find them next to you always. You won't feel alone, even though they are not with you.

A perfect relationship is when you both help each other to grow and to shine. You will always find them next to you, and they should always see you next to them.

Helping each other doesn't mean paralyzing anyone. Sometimes, the help that they offer you or you show them can be the last hope for them. The service can be physical or emotional. The form doesn't matter. But, what important is to help your partner.

7. Your expectations are realistic.

Perfection doesn't exist. If you are looking for a perfect person for the ideal relationship, you are mistaken.

There will always be something that may bother you in your relationship. But, if you always expect the perfect solution for it, you will only be stress and unhappy with your relationship.

You need to be realistic. Whatever the matter is, you shouldn't expect the outcome out of reality. It will become a bigger and bigger problem if you accept the perfect issue out of your situation.

The relationship becomes beautiful if you are with the right person. Only the right person can understand the difference between reality and perfection. And, if you see this trait in your partner, they are the right one.

8. You can spend time separately.

Well, there's no doubt, an actual couple will always find it challenging to spend time apart. They don't want their partner to leave them. They will always try to keep their partner with them.

Even though you had to spend time separately, you always missed that person. It would not be easy for both of you. Meanwhile, at a separate time, you are flooded with hormones. You just want to be with them. Maybe due to this separation, you can't make logical decisions right now.

I would suggest you try it to be apart to see if it was the true feelings or was just the fling. If you still think about them, after being separated from them, it could be a genuine interest for them. And you want a long-term relationship with them.

You will know that you don't only want to see the dreams of being together, but you actually want to be with them. You don't only want to make the promises, but you are actually interested in fulfilling them.

9. Have a sense of humor

Relationships are never easy. Especially when you share a long-distance relationship. The actual exam of the connections is them the wrong time comes.

If in a hard time, you both can make each other laugh, give better advice, and support each other, your relationship is the best. You will often face situations that are not resolvable easily. And you need to give the time to it.

Yet, such situations required being happy and calm. And if in your relationship you can do this, which can be done, only when you are with the right person, your relationship can be successful.

10 Signs you are not suitable for each other.

Everything is linked to each other. I have read somewhere that, whatever happens, good or bad, the frequency of the happening is transferred through the universe. The same thing applies to relationships.

We say, one person can know what is going on in their partner's mind. Well, this is applicable when the couple is in true love. The universe does this in the same manner. When you are suitable for each other or wrong for each other, the universe gives you the signs to know it. And you are required to pick those signs within the right time.

Find the list below and see, aren't you getting these signs.

1. They don't reveal their relationship.

A genuine relationship is nothing about hiding from the world. If two people are indeed in a relationship, they would love to introduce themselves to their families and friends. As, they are very much sure that, they want their life with their partner.

If your partner is not ready to reveal their relationship status among their friends and family, you might be with the wrong person. When a person is in an actual relationship, they want to tell the world that they are with the right person. And they don't want to hide their partner from anyone.

Even though you are not ready to reveal your relationship right now, you can try this on your partner, what they say about it. If they genuinely love you and want to be with you, they won't live you and stop you from revealing your relationship.

2. You fight constantly

It is a saying that relationships are incomplete without fights. In fact, those people who fight in a relationship would mean their bond is strong. They fight for the sake of caring about each other.

Sometimes, the fights are common due to stress or any other issue. The fight doesn't mean you don't love your partner anymore. But, if you are seeing that you have constant battles with your partner for maybe no reason, you need to reconsider your relationship with the person.

Of course, you will try to fix the issues that are bothering your relationship. But, if you are seeing that nothing is working out, your partner is not taking any initiative for resolving the issue and constantly fighting with you, you might be with the wrong person.

3. They don't support you emotionally.

Well, emotional support is a must in a relationship. I would say the relationship starts when someone feels an emotional connection with someone. And it builds the foundation of a relationship.

If you are having a consistent experience, whenever you need your partner emotionally and are always unavailable for you, they might be wrong for you.

If you are always there whenever your partner needs you, and still your partner doesn't value your concern and goes mad, whenever you hope for their emotional support, you need to look at your relationship once.

4. You can't concentrate on them.

This may be pretty weird to figure out, like, how you can concentrate on your partner. But, you can take this in a way, like, you can't focus on what they are doing, talking, etc.

In every relationship, you need to be open up with your emotions, work, feelings, etc. If your partner is doing something, maybe for their happiness only, irrespective of what you are feeling with their actions, and you cannot get what they are doing and what their purpose is with their effort. You can concentrate on their actions or words; you might be with the wrong company.

Well, it happens often. Nowadays, such conditions are expected in a relationship. And many couples talked about it when their relationship is about to end up or already ended.

5. You are not yourself with them.

Every relationship gives you the space to be yourself and makes you feel like a free bird. A relationship is not about holding you back but let your fly high.

Unfortunately, many people say they don't feel themselves when they are with their partner. And, this is their major complaint with their partner. They lose themselves somewhere in the past for their partner.

In starting, they may be happy with their new transformation, but with time, they start feeling it irritating. Because they realize that they are not what they are portraying.

Let me say if your partner wants you to wear a saree all the time. But, you are not comfortable with this attire. And slowly, you start realizing it. You can find so many examples of such a case.

6. They don't value you.

This sign is straightforward to find out. When in a relationship, efforts are made from both sides. Both the person should make compromises and adjustments. There should be respect for each other and value for each other's company.

Well, these things are not about saying. Bit, these things are about showing. I would say you can show your love for your partner by valuing their efforts and respecting them.

If you are finding that your partner night giving you respect, in your personal space and also in public, and not valuing your efforts, whatever you are doing for them, they may be the wrong person for you. And it would help if you found it immediately.

7. You can't discuss serious issues.

In a relationship, nothing should be hidden. Nothing at all. If you have something severe issue, and you want a genuine suggestion for it, or you wish to discuss it with someone, and that someone is not your partner, it is worst of all.

You should always be free to go to your partner and discuss anything you want to. It can be anything like a personal issue or office tantrums, etc. If you don't find your partner getting involved with your serious discussion, they may be the wrong person for you. And you need to realize it now.

A strong relationship doesn't only give you space to discuss the party memories, but also the sad recalls.

8. Not compatible sexually

In a relationship, sexual compatibility is equally important as that of the emotional one. At the same time, when the time comes, both the partner needs to be ready for that.

If one partner is getting ready for it, just because their partner wants it, it is not an ideal relationship. And, the association is, anyway, all about emotional and sexual compatibility.

9. You don't really think about your relationship.

If you are constantly thinking about your relationship and can't think about your relationship to carry on due to your partner's behavior, you need to rethink your relationship.

I mean, if you can't find your relationship after five years from now, or you can't see your partner with you after few years, you are fed up with the fights, the tantrums of your partner, or you don't feel the connection with your partner, you should go ahead with the full stop.

Maybe it's not always your partner's fault. They may be genuinely in love with you. But, if you still don't find them in your future, and you cant see your relationship after a while, you should stop there.

10. Your partner is irresponsible.

Well, a relationship gets strong when each partner understands their responsibility towards the relationship. Everyone has to play their role thoroughly and responsibly for making the relationship stronger.

If you are noticing your partner being irresponsible towards their duty, you should be attentive towards your relationship. You can make your partner realize where they are going wrong. And, what do you expect from them? But, still, your partner is not ready to understand where they stand, what their responsibility is; you can think about your partner once.

Am I with the right person?

Concerning the points mentioned above, you can understand how you can find if you are with the right person or not.

Well, in the above points, I have mentioned the issues that help you to know if your partner is wrong for you. In this section, you will find the positive attributes that are easy to find in someone to check if they are right for you.

I'm sure you will find these points in your partner if they genuinely love you.

1. You Can Be Yourself

As I said earlier, a genuine relationship gives you space to be yourself. You don't feel like losing yourself or losing any aspect of yourself. You are what you are with them.

Even though you like to be in pajamas, not wearing makeup, having food, or anything, you can be yourself with them. And, they also appreciate you the way you are.

They won't feel shameful or irritated with your actions or tantrums. They will always be with you, whatever time comes. They will always protect you, even if you are wrong at times.

2. They value you

If you are in a genuine relationship with the right person, you will always be valued by your partner. A person knows how it feels to lose your loved ones.

If your partner truly loves you, they will know your value. Now, valuing someone is not something getting agreed with them. But, when you want to know if your partner value you, you can see if they appreciate your every small effort you make.

It is so easy and happens to find out. If your partner value you, they would not be able to hide their emotion. They will always count your the minor effort you made to make your relationship better.

3. You Actually 'Hear' Each Other

Hearing, listening, understanding each other is a must for a successful relationship. So, no matter, what was the issue, what was the topic, or what was the complaints you had from each other, if you both listen to each other and try to understand their point of view, no matter how difficult it is for you to do this, you are with the right person.

Remember, it's not only their duty to listen to you and give you a chance to speak about your point of view, but, you also need to give them the same space, they give to you.

4. You Know They are Loyal

Your right person will always be loyal to you—no matter what condition comes to your life. But, you will always know that they can't cheat you with anything.

The exam of a person's loyalty in a relationship is when two of them live apart from each other. And, yet, if you can trust them, you rely them on every word they said, and they also keep your trust; you are definitely with the right person. And you should not lose such a person.

As loyalty is one of the foundations your relationship is standing on. And, if anyone of you messed up with the commitment, the relationship can break.

5. You Are Respected

In a relationship, mutual respect is a must. If you are expecting them to respect you, you should also give them the same care.

If your partner takes care of every bit, that they don't make you feel disrespected at any point in time, you are with the right company. Remember, giving respect is one of they to show your love.

Even if you made a mistake, your partner knows how to deal with it without disrespecting you; they are the proper match for you.


A relationship is never easy. It needs a lot of effort from both partners. And it needs to be dealt with love, care, respect, and support. You can say these are the foundation of the relationship. And if any one of the foundations is damaged, your relationship can be hampered too. Also, along with these parameters, the person in a relationship is the critical factor. If the people in a relationship are wrong, they can't survive. I hope my opinion has helped you see if your partner is an ideal one for you or not.

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