how to practice self-love and be good to yourself

how to practice self-love and be good to yourself


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    We all know how to love others and express the feeling, but how many of you know how to love yourself?

    Though it seems quite simple, practically, it can be difficult to follow. Self-love is not just a concept or a theory. It is about releasing negative feelings and embracing yourself as you are. We all have our own positives and negatives. But that does not mean you rate yourself on this basis.

    Lately, a lot has been spoken about self-love and how to love yourself again. We are always taught how to look or care for others. But are we ever taught how to care for ourselves? Probably not. This is one of the major reasons why people lack self-love. If you don't care for yourself, then how can you be of any help to others? This article shall discuss simple ways to practice self-love.

    Here are some tips on self-love that will help you bring about a change in your life.

    1. Buy yourself flowers

    Who doesn't love some fresh flowers? We all do. So why not start by pampering yourself with lovely smelling flowers. Flowers have instant magic that can brighten up your mood. Additionally, it also makes you feel as happy as ever. Occasionally, treat yourself with some colorful flowers to show self-love. This can be a good start to practicing self-love. You can also order flowers online and get them delivered to your home. This can be a know it all surprising that you will love.

    2. Make a list of fun activities

    The next thing you can do to practice self-love is to indulge yourself in the things you love to do. Grab a pen and book to write down some fun activities. Every week you can keep a day for yourself to do these activities. In addition, this also gives you a chance to spend with yourself. This will show you a new side to life. Besides, you will understand the importance of self-love when you spend time with yourself.

    3. Start your day with something positive

    As soon as you wake up, say something positive or think something good. The thought should be a positive one, which makes you feel confident about yourself. For example, you can simply state how pretty you are or how good you feel about starting a new day. You will notice how positive you feel the entire day when you start the day on a positive note. A change in thought can change your life.

    4. Follow your dreams and passion

    Don't give up your dreams for anything in this world. If you have something that you love, ensure that you accomplish that dream. This is an excellent way to practice self-love. This way, you are connected to yourself and doing something that makes you happy. It is always important to prioritize your happiness. That does not mean you block away people.

    However, self-love is all about keeping yourself above others. When you work on yourself, only then can you give others your best.

    5. Forgive yourself

    We are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. But that does not mean you always make yourself feel guilty about the same. Leave things in the past and move on. It is very important to forgive yourself. Let go of those feelings. Mistakes happen and know to see them as learning opportunities. This will reduce your guilt and help you love yourself. Also remember, if you did one wrong, you have ten rights on your side. Think about the positive side rather than thinking about the negative.

    6. Stop comparisons

    In this highly competitive world, there is comparison everywhere. You need to let go of comparisons and be happy with yourself. As discussed earlier, look at your positives rather than the negatives. No matter what you do, you will always feel others are better than you. Keep aside this thought and be secure with yourself.

    The day you are content with your inner being, is the day you will truly find happiness. Remind yourself that you are unique and that is what makes you special. There is no one out there like you, which is why you love yourself.

    Self-love is not just about loving yourself inside out for just a day. It should be a feeling that is always a part of you. In addition, ensure to stay away from negative people. This will help you to find peace. Those who don't celebrate life don't need to be a part of your journey.

    Be with like-minded people who will encourage you to love yourself the way you are. Do not change for anyone. That is the biggest mistake you will ever make. Keep people close you love you for your actual self. Self-love takes time, but it isn't impossible. Work on yourself today to bring out the best in you. Learn how to be good to yourself, and this will change your life for the better. Follow these steps for self-love and fall in love with yourself.

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