Change your life in 10 minutes a day

Change your life in 10 minutes a day


You need to understand that one thing constant in life is change. Change is inevitable. You are surrounded by change all around, and there is no escape from it. With the lapse of time, situations keep changing. Life is not a bed of roses, nor is it a bed of thorns. No bad situation stays for long, no good condition sticks forever.

Change is part of life and does not come to you by chance. However, you can still create chances on your own to change your life the way you desire by adopting few life management skills.

Employ one or more from the following, ten minutes each day and experience how things change in life for your betterment.

  1. Unleash your body.

Spend ten minutes each day to unleash your mind and soul. You may choose to do yoga or meditation. Alternatively, you may choose to engage yourself in physical fitness activities. Put yourself in a peaceful ambiance. You may also wake up a bit early now on, then your regular time to pull time out for doing all these, without having to disturb the rest of your schedule.

  1. Maintain a personal journal.

Each day, schedule ten minutes of your time in writing down the do's and don'ts. Set a plan of action to carry out your tasks. Prioritize your tasks and proceed. Drain all your thoughts and ideas, emotions, and feelings, as well as financials into the journal. Also, make it a point you question yourself, "What difference you made today?" Ensure that you fill in answer against this question, quite very often. Over a period of time, this one question would have already changed your life.

  1. Spend time in isolation.

Just as you carry out your regular day to day activities in this social world, make it a point that you also set aside ten minutes for your own self. Spend time in solitude. Speak to the one inside you. Listen to what your inner voice has to confront. Because it is your inner self that defines what you really are.

  1. Do something different.

Every single day, you may be occupied with pre-scheduled tasks. But just try to shuffle your routine in a way that you do something different for ten minutes each day. This gives you a refreshing feeling and inspiring you to lead a life better.

  1. Learn something new.

Every day has some learning in it for you. Grasp the learning. If you fail to understand that, make a conscious decision to learn something new every day. Spend ten minutes of time each day in getting acquainted with a new word, new topic, new art, or a new skill. If you think you cannot actively do any of those, at least take out time by being a passive listener.

  1. Face new challenges.

Life, as you see, is quite monotonous. Unless you do not open your mind and senses in accepting something new and invite new challenges in life, you will not grow logically, mentally, and emotionally. Be a go-getter by accepting new tasks. Do not worry about the result. Because the wealth of knowledge that you acquire during the process is more important than the end result, many times.

  1. Schedule time for worries.

You have a lot of worries, just like any average human. In your daily routine, schedule ten minutes aside and spend this time only about your worries and nothing else. But make sure that these worries do not flash in your brain for the rest of your day. You will seriously feel far better and self-motivated and see visible changes in your life.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones.

Ten minutes every day in your busy schedule, spend time with your loved ones. In this time, you have the powerful opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings and unshoulder your anger and stress and emotional imbalance, giving scope for betterment in life.

  1. Master self-discipline.

You have to be organized in your daily routine. Keep not just your surroundings but also your ideas and thoughts organized that you even mentor and preach others of the good sides of life.

  1. Pick up a new habit.

You may already be having a couple of habits. But when you attempt to pick up a new good habit, it will not only rejuvenate your inner self and motivational levels, but it also surfaces up thrashing down on your bad habits. Mastering a new habit might generate teething issues, but with the dedicated 21-day approach, success is sure to unfold for you.

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