Simple Ways To Improve Conversation Skills

Simple Ways To Improve Conversation Skills


How is a society built up? How do people know what the other person is trying to say? How can two persons exchange their emotions and feelings?

Through words, right? Yes, so, stories are an essential aspect of the world. Without the comments, you are like dummies. Think of a world where you don't have a medium to express your emotions. Either you don't know how to put those words in such a series, where you stand like a clear about your thoughts. Putting your words in such a series, where the other person understands it exactly, can say a good conversation.

You live in a society where, without having a conversation, you can not survive. Discussions are the only medium to exchange thoughts. If the conversation has this much importance in our life, it has to be the best.

Talking is not always a conversation. If your understanding what the upfront person is saying and the upfront person is getting what you are talking about exactly, this will be an excellent conversation. Everyone knows how to use words. But, sometimes, you might forget those factors that can make your conversation skills better.

This article will cover some key points that will help you out to improve your conversation skills. So, let's start.

1) Talk Slowly

I have a friend who speaks too fast. So, half of his statements, I can not catch up. You also might have experienced it sometime. So, this exactly what I am trying to say. Speak slowly. This does not mean that you have to go very slow. But speak at such a speed, so that another person can catch each word.

Otherwise, your conversation will be left with just the formalities of having a name. At least, speak in the speed, which is catchable to everyone.

2) Hold More Eye Contact

When you don't hold eye contact while talking, you are not interested in the conversation. Instead, the experts also suggest maintaining eye contact when you are at any interview process. It reflects your confidence. I have seen many people who can not hold eye contact. And this is one of the primary reasons why your conversation can go wrong. If you are confident about your point and want to make your conversation effective, learn to hold eye contact.

3) Positive Body Language

It is also called as a non-verbal conversation. Not everyone, but you will find many people out there in your surrounding who can understand body language. Your body language is the first one who speaks before you start a conversation. And trust me, body language says more than what you speak. Each gesture is a word in itself. So, it is advisable to keep your body language positive. So the upfront person gets interested in talking to you.

4) Notice the Details

It is a good sign if you are aware of each word taking place in your conversation. It also helps you in starting and continuing the discussion. If you are habitual of noticing the minor details within the conversation, you make a good conversation. People have words with those who can detect and prevent the details of what they said. And this can make your discussion healthy.

5) Give Unique Compliments

If you know how to make anyone happy with your compliments, you can win the heart. People like those persons who give them compliments. But, your praise should have to be genuine. It should not like, you have to give it, and you just said, without being aware of the reality.

For example, if someone is looking good. But, in the practice of praising the person, you over-praised by uttering the different colors of the dress. It can ruin all your conversations. Your compliments should be unique but should be reliable to the fact.

6) Express Your Emotions

Don't be a mystery. Be yourself, be real with your emotions. You can connect more easily to people if you can express your real feelings. At the same time, it needs the skill to understand what and where you have to express.

You can not express your happy feeling in a sad place. Instead of making a good conversation, it can hamper your personality too. Also, expressing your emotions with the correct words is what most important. Finding the right words to describe your real feelings can strengthen your conversation.

7) Use the Best Words

As I said earlier, words are the foundation of your conversation. How do you use the words? Are the words you are using essential at the place? How will this word impact on someone's emotion?

These are the common questions you need to ask yourself. And accordingly, use the best words while having a conversation. It is not essential to use only the best terms. But, it is indeed necessary to know what words you are using in your dialogue. The terms can either make your conversation healthier or weaker.

8) Ask Questions

It is advisable to ask questions than assuming something that might not relate to the fact. It is okay that if you don't understand something in one go. So, in such a situation, always ask questions to clear your doubt.

You are asking questions is also a good sign to show that you are involved and interested in the conversation. You are asking questions to do no harm to your discussion. Instead, it makes it more interesting.

9) Listen Carefully

Conversation completes when both the parties are exchanging thoughts. It can not be one is speaking, and the other is listening carefully. But listening is vital before speaking. If you don't listen to the upfront person, how will your revert?

You can say, listening is the first step towards a healthy conversation. If you can be a good listener, you can be a part of a good conversation.

10) Make Reading a Habit

Why am I listing reading in the factors of improving conversation skills? If someone is talking to you about some serious topic, but you don't know a bit about the case, how will you continue the conversation?

Reading will boost up your knowledge. And you will be more confident while having the words with anyone. Also, you will go through some great topics that can help you polish your conversation. These things can stand like the highlights in your discussion.

11) Be Approachable

Do people ask you, "How are you feeling?" " Are you fine?" " How are you doing?" Etc. It is because you are easy to approach. People likely to like easily accessible people. They would prefer to talk with somebody who is smooth while talking, whether it shows the attitude. Passing a smile, gesturing of the eyebrows quick up and down are some signs that you are the one people can talk to.

12) Don't Interrupt

No one likes to get interrupted. You feel so irritating if someone has a habit of frequent interrupting. So, if you can get irritated, then he can not. Will another person feel the same? But still, if you interrupt someone in the middle of his statement, you can handle the situation and make the conversation breathing again by saying, " You were at XYZ before I interrupt you?" This gesture says a lot in itself. And you don't ruin any conversation.

13) Be Aware of "Same Here" Moment

People are likely to like the person who is like them. Remember the last time, when you said someone, 'same here,' and the smile popped up on the face. The ‘same here’ element could be anything like a familiar place, familiar TV show, food, etc. And, don't only stop saying the ‘same here.’ You can start a new conversation from this 'same here' thing.

14) Daily Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, is a famous saying. It encourages me to work more and more. Even a singer can not sing a melody song if he doesn't practice daily. A cricketer would not get a bit to hit the ball if he left the training. You can not win the race only with one day of training. You have to tie your shoes daily. Make it a part of your routine. And after a while, you will notice it's an effect on your conversation.

15) Know Yourself

It is the most critical aspect of the skills. No one can know you better than yourself. You know, what are your leading areas and the lagging areas. Either you can not lie with yourself. Knowing yourself helps you putting yourself as a real person. You don't have to fake anything. And people like the real stories, instead of going with the image imaginary ones. So, be yourself and know yourself.

Here, I have listed some crucial factors to improve conversation skills. Look at those elements and find your lagging area. Start working on it and come up as a new and improved you.

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