How To Improve Social Skills

How To Improve Social Skills


Can you imagine? If a few years later, the world got destroyed. But, only you left alive. What will you do? Life without society is very horrible. Even though you might be against many company rules, but to live life peacefully, your social involvement is necessary. Your social involvement is essential for your mental health too. A person, who is alone for a long time, can lose his mental health, says medical study. Humans make society. And society is a build-up to connect the individuals. So, you can say, humans and companies are co-related. And they are inseparable.

When you see someone's behavior is different from everyone, then a person immediately gets your attention. It does not matter; the action is in a good sense or bad sense. But, it is the fact that the person has taken your attention. Why would this happen? Because that person stands separate from all.

The fact is, only you can decide your social involvement. Your involvement can be in good ways or in the wrong ways. It entirely depends on you. Bad things, indeed, no need to carry out with you. Your behavior will reflect it. But, it would help if you polished your right side. It is not difficult to stand out different from others. But it is hard to stand out differently right from others.

How does this happen?

The answer is straightforward—your social involvement. How do you involve in society? How do people like you? How you treat others? How do you think? All these are some essential questions based on which people judge you.

Judgment is not wrong. If you are a part of social life, the decision comes along. But, if you think that you are lagging to cope-up with society, you can improve your social skills. I have some pinpoints that will help you to polish your social skills so that you can shine. So, let's get started.

Listen To People

Listening would be the first point I would like to introduce to you. Most of the people are more talkative. And they forget that the person who listens shines the most. In social life, people will like you if you are a good listener. You will stand out of the crowd if you listen to others. Most of the time, it is essential to be a listener only. Every situation doesn't need a speaker. If you listen to others, people will start to like you.

Be Interested In People's Stories.

If you are one of those few people, who take an interest in others' stories, people will love to be with you. We all had a few ego issues. But, putting your ego aside, try to listen to people out. Ask people questions about their experience. This indicates that you are interested in their story. And people take an interest in interested people. And, it helps in building your social skill.

Remember People's Name

This is a prevalent issue most people have. I heard many people saying that they can not recall their names. And they say it very casually. But, this simple thing detaches you from society. If you remember the names of the person in one go, it makes people feel important.

When you give attention to anyone, you ultimately get insight into the people. If you forget someone's name, do whatever you can do. Like, you can ask in your group, 'Hey, what is the name of that person in the blue shirt?' If, sometimes, you find the name challenging to understand, ask the person to spell it for you. But, when you forget someone's and make excuses, it leaves a wrong impression.

Don't Be Negative

Don't be negative means, don't complain about your all the time. Somewhere, you and only your efforts are responsible if you are in some bad case. Even though you are not guilty of any awful condition, how do you stay a positive attitude? People are more likely to approach those who inspires them. They will not prefer someone who has always been negative with his speech. Be kind, humble, cheerful, funny. This is the only mantra to stay connected socially.

Remember People's Stories

If you have discussed something significant and personal topic with me and forget it, how would you feel?

Disappointing, right!

If someone is sharing anything with you, it means the person trusts you like a family. Forgetting the stories doesn't show that you are caring for the person.

The conclusion of the story is what you listen to and remember. So, remembering the words gives you new topics to start the conversation. Try to remember every detail of the person, such as their family member's name, hobbies, interests, favorite foods, jobs, likes, dislikes, and as much as you can. People will like you if you remember their stories.

Don't Fill Every Gap With Talking.

It is not essential to speak in every pause. You can end up only by saying, " Oh, that's great!" Be silent some time. Nod your head. Don't always try to stretch out the topic. Sometimes, it is good to finish the story in short. And, if you did not fill every gap, it can help the same. I sometimes want to leave the group because of every statement within the pause as I get drained by just speaking continuously.

Know When To Leave

Please, don't judge me with this statement. But, don't be a sticky note. It is not essential you have to stay in the moment. People don't want to be with you all the time. Sometimes, it better to leave the place and move on. You can finish the conversation in short and step out.

Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves

Even you won't like me if I talk about myself all the time. People will want to be with you if you encourage them to speak up about them. Give attention and importance to others too. If you see someone is not doing good, you should be cheering on. Your encouragement can be a ray of hope for the people.

Engage In The Activities

Be present in the actions. If you are a part of any activity, do it with your full involvement. If you are a part of any team, you can not work alone. You will have to work in a group. Your engagement is more critical than your contribution. Give all your efforts. It doesn't matter, how do you perform? But, it is important how you deal with the activity.

Take The Lead

To lead something, you don't have to be the leader. But, if you stand for something, it makes you a leader. But, your point should be valid to take a stand. If you are leading to prove your point right, it doesn't make sense. And, people will start to maintain the distance from you. Take the lead, but the point should always be reasonable.

Small Talk Is Essential

It is not essential to stop and talk long. While passing by any known person, your simple "Hello," " Hii" is far important than the long conversation. Greeting someone is not only a good social skill, but it also shows your personality. Even though you are meeting someone for the second or third time, your "Good Day" wish can make someone's day.

Don't Hide Behind Your Phone.

Nowadays, this has become a central issue. Everyone has a smartphone. So, no one needs any other company other than the mobile phone. If you are busy with your phone, people will like to leave in between the group of people. And this is not only about the groups.

I have noticed that, even during one on one conversations, people are likely to stay busy on the mobile. They are more focused on the person whom they probably don't know. Get active with the person you are with, not with the mobile phone.

Get Control Of Your Emotions

If the situation is chilling out, and you are set in a sad mood. No one will like to approach you. Instead, it might be possible that people will prefer to leave you. Many times people say I don't have control over my emotions. And they laugh at the dire situation. And sometimes, they can not chill with others, as they were not feeling to be chilling. Be the same emotional person as the position offers. Go with the flow, not in the opposite direction.

Be Real

People like real people and not fake individuals. Your identity should be the way you are only. Don't go with the fake identity outside. Your phony identity might impress people for a time, but it will hurt more if they come to know your real.

Here I have listed a few tips. You can use them and implement them to be a social animal. It is essential to stay connected with society. It will help you to survive in your office, schools, families, etc.

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