Learn the Art of How to destress yourself

Learn the Art of How to destress yourself


Stress, anxiety, depression, worries, tension, etc., are all inseparable parts of our life. Though these are not easy to separate from yourself, you can definitely have control over them.

To get stressed is not our choice. No one chooses to be noted at any point in their lives— these emotions build-up due to the hormonal changes in the mind. When the stress hormone releases in your mind, due to any reason, you get stressed. But, what if, I say, how to distress is your choice only?

Well, yes! You can manage your stress with some easy techniques. But before moving to the tips, let's see the importance of being calm.

Importance of being unstressed

I know the headline may sound foolish, but this topic is essential to see for you.

When you go through any tension or stress, you don't take it seriously to comfort yourself and relieve pressure. Many of you have an opinion about it; stress is a short-term issue, and you will be fine after some time.

Whereas stress is not as easy as you think, it has the potential to affect your lives from ultimately happy to sad and depressed.

Moreover, when you are stressed, you can't focus on your work, you can't think anything, you can't understand courses, you can't stay calm. Besides, these are effects on your mental strength. Stress can also harm you physically. A heart attack is the most prevalent. This is the main reason why you need to calm.

You can't always rely on external factors to find your mind's calmness. You should know when you are stressed what things can make your mind calm.

When you are stressed, you need to control the hormone; that is the reason for your stress by releasing the pleasing hormone.

I came up with a few hacks that will help you to find peace of your mind. So, check out this list.

10 Tips to distress yourself

1) Accept the fact

The principal reason to be stressed is, you don't want to accept the fact. For instance, maybe, you failed an exam, you lost somebody you loved the most, you lost your job, you are rejected in an interview, and so on.

The reason may be anything, but, the result of that is, you are stressed now. And, what is the solution for this?

Accept that you are failed the exam and study more for the next attempt, you lost somebody, but they will not come back to you, accept the fact, you lost the job, now, try to get other, and so on.

Every issue had a solution. But you won't get that until you accept the fact and then find the answer to it.

2) Listen to the music

Music is the natural pain healer.

Do you know why do you like music? The primary reason for this is, the rhythm and tones of the music make you feel enjoyable, and lighter your mind. On the other hand, a few kinds of music you like the most because you can relate the music's lyrics to yourself.

When you are stressed, listening to your favorite music can help make your mind calm. The researcher also has penned it down that the music work as a stress reliever. So, next time, whenever you feel you have so much of a burden on your mind, pick up your headphones, and switch to your favorite music.

3) Write down your worries

Well, writing always works. You may have a lot of people around; you feel comfortable with. Still, you often find yourself alone and don't want to share your thoughts with anyone because of the fear of being judged.

So, in such a condition, writing can help you. If you can write down your feelings and thoughts that are troubling you, it will help you feel lighter and free from the stress.

You don't need to think about the words you are using while writing down; no one will judge you based on your thoughts. So, if you don't want to speak up, then write it down.

4) Speak up with the close one

Why we get stressed? And, why can't we handle the emotion?

The reason for your stress may be anything, but in that condition, you can't think anything, not the solution to your problem.

It would help you if you can speak up about your problem to the person you trust the most. It can be anyone, the friend, the parents, your siblings, the spouses, etc.

When you speak up about your problem, you feel lighter, and you get in the condition to think and understand. Also, the people with whom you shared the problem can help you find the solution; you were looking for.

5) Practice Mindfulness

Meditation is the best way to make your mind calm. Meditation helps you find peace of mind, but it makes your mind calm from the roots.

We all know the importance of meditation. Though you feel its effects lately, you become stronger mentally and physically.

Meditation makes you able to control your thoughts. Or, you can say, it teaches you to handle the reviews. You will be more conscious about paying attention to the essential ideas. That is why the action can be your best healer.

6) Play with kids or pets

Though kids and pets live in this world, they don't carry the tension, worries, stress the world has. They stay away from these elements, and thus, when you spend some time with them, you don't feel stressed.

This technique works more when you are stressed. Could you spend some time with them? They will bring you into their world and make you forget your problems for that time.

7) Take a deep breath

Breathing exercising is commonly used by people who feel stressed. When you take a deep breath, your mind gets more oxygen supply, which releases the peace hormone in mind, which gives you the feeling of calmness.

The breathing exercise also has some techniques that need to be done in the same way to give you its benefits— for instance, the One: Three breathing activity.

Please take a deep breath, and release it in the slots of three. Like these, there are other exercises too that you can use to find your mind's calmness.

8) Don't compare yourself with others

Comparison brings the feeling of sadness.

Remember, everyone has their book of life. No one's life page can be similar to others. Everyone has a different struggle, different goals, and different ways of action.

When you compare your life with others, you feel like a failure to make your life like theirs, which makes you sad and can be the reason for the stress. So, comparing your life with others means you are just insulting yourself.

9) Take the help of a therapist

It can be the best way to take care of yourself. If you are feeling; you can't handle the stress, make an appointment with a therapist. Their knowledge and study will definitely help you to deal with your anxiety.

It is a widespread conception when someone visits a psychiatrist; they may have some mental issue. Due to this, many people don't want to consult a professional. But, their help to deal with the stress can be the best way for you.

Don't pay attention to those meaningless opinions that don't make any sense. You have to take care of yourself. So visiting the professional should be your decision and not the society.

10) Distract Yourself

It can be a temporary relaxation for you from the stress. Go on a walk, play with kids, listening to music, talk to a friend, etc., can be a way to distract your mind from the reason for the stress.

These things can be found easily around yourself. But, remember, these aren't the permanent solution. It would help if you always look for a permanent solution to your stress.

Such things can help you bring your thinking power back by forgetting the actual stress. When you forget the tension, your mind freed up, and you started to look for solutions.

The Bottom Line

We get a life. We want to spend it without the problems, going it smoothly. But remember, if you are not hungry, you can not enjoy the meal.

When you win against your worries, you feel much better than before. Simultaneously, don't rely on others to find your happiness. Find happiness and reason for the joy within yourself.

If you can do so, nothing can defeat you. Not even your thoughts that are troubling you.

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