How to comfort someone - Make Someone Feel Like a King

How to comfort someone - Make Someone Feel Like a King


Ever been in such a situation where someone is so upset, depressed, or crying? You want to make them calm, but you don't find the right words at times.

Well, it is a common situation every one of you has gone through. You know, celebrating someone's happiness is easy anyway. But, when someone breaks into a problem out of the comfort zones, dealing in such a case is challenging.

Even when you be in such a place of upset or crying mood, your close ones may also think the same. Isn't it?

Have you ever think, why you should comfort someone when they are going through upsetting zones? I will tell you, why?

Think of the situation when you were upset. In such a condition, you can't think anything. Your thoughts just get stuck in a tunnel of darkness. And you get all the negative thoughts only.

In such a case, you need a ray of hope coming from outside of you. When someone comes to you and keeps their hand on your shoulder, you broke down and started to speak up. And this is the real goal of comforting someone.

When you comfort someone at times of their sadness, at that moment, it is the best thing they want from you. The goal of relaxing someone is offering them to reduce the burden of their mind, giving a full stop to their suffering, and making them able to think positively.

At such times, people need someone to just listen to them. And it would help if you were the listener. Even if you don't have the solution for their problem, your presence to listen to them can make a huge difference in their sorrow.

Also, your presence at times is enough to tell them that you care about the person. Your company also makes them realize the actual situation, their emotions, and the solution for the problem.

Isn't it amazing? Your presence to listen to someone can be magical for an individual? Why don't you take a look at these fantastic tips that will help you to comfort your loved ones when they need you the most.

How to comfort someone?

This may be the most challenging thing; you sometimes find to deal with. But, you can follow these fantastic pieces of advice that will make a free space for you.

1) Listen to them.

Here, in the world of lots of words, people don't get someone to get listening to them. Everyone wants to put their opinions and advice on every matter.

You have to stand different from them and give room to the person who is not feeling pleased to get listen to. Let them put their side only. This act will make them free to open up and speak up about their feelings.

Tell them not to restrict themselves while speaking up. This will make them feel wanted and cared for by you. It will also help them loosen up the burden they were carrying for don't know how much time.

2) Don't be judgemental.

When the person is sharing their real feeling with you, don't be judgemental about their words.

Make them assured that you really do care about their opinions. If they were keeping their feeling to themselves, thinking about getting judged by the people, they should find you who listens to them and is on their side.

They should feel that you understand them and their feelings. This will make them feel better.

3) Witness their emotions.

Many people get disappointed because they don't find anyone who can understand their point of view.

Or, they don't find the people who can realize their emotions. They want someone to feel their feeling. And, you have to be that one person in your friend's or loved ones' life.

You can say,

"I know, you must be feeling so disheartening."

"I know, this is a tough phase for you....."

Such words can make the person feel that you care for them. And understand their pain.

4) Make them speak about their feelings for a better understanding of their emotion.

Even though you are with the person, making them believe that they are free to express their real emotions is essential.

"Tell me the whole matter, what happened."

"Tell me, how are you feeling....."

This sentence will make them speak the entire course; they were not able to open up. Try to as genuine and kind as you can so that they can feel the connection with you.

5) Make them feel they are not alone.

"No matter, what the condition is, I'm always there for you..."

These words can make the person feel like being a part of the world.

If somehow, or due to any reason, a person feels like detaching themselves from society, these words will bring them back into the world. Words are so magical. Only, few words of wisdom can make the people wanted by the club.

Loneliness is the worst feeling; people don't want to feel it ever. And, if someone is suffering through this feeling, be with them.

6) Offer physical affection, if ethical.

Hugs are so magical. They speak more than your words. Even scientific research has also proved that the hug can minimize your stress.

If you found a situation where your friend doesn't want to speak and, or don't want you to talk about anything, you can hug them; they say you are there with them.

If you can't hug a person, you can just tap on the shoulder. It is proved in a study that touch of affection has the power to make a person relax. So, if such a condition appears, where the person is depressed, sad, or upset, hug them.

Your touch of affection will speak more than your expressions.

How to comfort someone over text?

Nowadays, social media is being an essential part of everyone's life.

What if a situation appeared where you want to be there for your loved one, as they are so heartbroken. But, you can't be there, for instance, and the only medium to talk to them is the text; at such times, you need such words to make them feel like you are present besides them.

Words have the power, no doubt. But, the use of words at times is essential. So, your comments at the time when someone seems to be needed should be full of kindness. In short, your talk should fulfill the points I have listed above.

You have handled the situation of being with someone often. Being not present still feels like you are present at the site is what words do for you.

If you know how to tackle the situation, then you should also know how to express them when they are needed.

How to comfort someone who lost someone loved?

Demise is the unbroken truth of life. The one who is born dies one day. But, when we are alive, we share a bond with society.

Until you are alive, you make the relations; you spread the love, you make the love relations to the people. But, the whole truth can not be ignored.

For some people, some relations are their life. They can not afford to lose someone. Such as the relations of the mother, father, best friends, spouse, etc.

Some people can not digest losing loved ones from their life. So, when you find someone who is so depressed because of losing someone, you need to be there for them.

Maybe they need you the most, or they want to be alone at times. If they don't want anybody around them, go and give them a tight hug.

Tell them to cry out. Let the sadness go out, and only then will they be able to be expected. Please don't leave them alone. As even they may say, leave them alone, but they need someone to be with them as they have lost their most loving person already.

How to comfort someone who is depressed?

Depression is the most challenging feeling for a person. When someone is depressed, they can't think positively. Either, they can not think it.

At such a time, a depressed person only thinks about the matters that take them to the depressions only. So, in such a condition, you need to be with the person all the time.

Tell them they are not alone, and you are with them on every path. Make them realize that they don't have to think about the matter so much. Make them speak up about the reason for their depression.

In such conditions, speaking up is the most crucial thing; one should be remembered.

The Bottom Line

Whatever is the reason, when you know someone needs you badly, be with them. Even your presence only can make a change in their life. Even if you don't say a word, your hug is enough to cheer them. Remember, you are the only hope; they may be looking for.

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