How to calm down – 10 instant ways to calm

How to calm down – 10 instant ways to calm


You have to be emotionally balanced in life. Despite the number of attempts you make to suppress your anxieties, you still face situations in which you react instantly. It is, therefore, important that you fine-tune your senses and stay calm and carry on in life, to drive towards your destined path.

10 Instant ways to calm

At times like these, it is really important that you test and try from the various strategies stated below to help yourself calm down right away.

1. Do things that give you happiness.

There will be a number of small things that you can do to make yourself happier. You can get happy by making a calm mind move by engaging in doing some tasks better known to you. You may alternatively be happy by keeping your loved ones happy. Get in touch with your inner self and understand better how to reap happiness from petty things in life. They will have a big impact on your well-being.

2. Spend time with your loved ones.

Loved ones could be your direct family members, extended family members, colleagues, friends, or other networks of people in society. When you are in a troublesome mood, switch instantly into a mind calmer routine by spending time with one or more of your loved ones. Your mood refreshes and uplifts, thereby helping you in getting back to your routine.

3. Shift your thoughts.

With an agitated mind, you cannot afford to do even the simplest of the tasks. It is, therefore, important that you divert yourselves and shift your thoughts. Replace your worrying thoughts with other constructive thoughts. Try to stay calm and carry on in life, to yield productive results. Consciously think about jobs that are highly important in life than just bothering your mind with restless thoughts.

4. Go for window shopping.

To uplift your mindset instantly, walk into a lane full of shopping malls. By wearing your favorite outfit, now go for a brisk walk and do window shopping. Look at all those that are put up for display. Stare at every single piece of the artistic work the shopkeepers ornate with.

5. Keep yourself busy with productive work.

Schedule your daily activities in such a way that you are busy from dawn to dusk. Keep yourself occupied in such a way that worries in mind turn into passing clouds. When you can’t control your worries, let them walk in and walk out. Simply ignore them and make sure you stay calm and carry on with your work. Don’t get distracted by their entry and keep moving on with your activities and as per your schedule.

6. Sit and discuss to resolve issues.

When you face a problem with a person, it is always better to discuss with that very person and resolve them. Talk to the person directly, and do not route the concern through a third person. This wonderful take a way of life teaches you how to be more patient and not lose your temper by uttering unhealthy words in front of whoever comes your way. If you do so, you become a fool and lose your values in life.

7. Try to do something out of the unused resources.

To calm your senses down the straightaway, you could choose to pick the old and unused resources in and around you. Gather the clutter and untie the innovative spirit in you. Recollect from your experiences or google to make something best out of waste. Doing so reveals you how to calm down from anger. Your mood gets uplifted instantaneously.

8. Calculate your wealth and savings.

You work hard to make money. And this money explains to you how to calm the mind. Because of a majority of your acts in life spin around currency. To instantly calm down, take a piece of paper, a pen, and a calculator and write down your monetary aspects. List out your sources of income, your wealth status, your savings, and expenditure. Calculate your prospects.

9. Call up an old friend and have a chat.

With an odd and unfavorable circumstance in front of you, you feel whisked and disturbed. At times like these, call up an old friend and chat with that person. Share in brief all the good and bad times you had after the last conversation you both had together. This will ease your mind and help you pacify your agitation.

10. Stare at the hourglass.

Spend time in isolation and eye on the hourglass. Notice how much time it takes for the sand or the liquid to flow from the top to the bottom. Set yourself in peace, stay calm, and carry on gazing at the object. By the time it takes to complete one single cycle of flow from one side to the other, you would have already lost yourself into a world free of worries.

To conclude, apprehend that you cannot control your environment. But yes, you can control your feelings and worries that disrupt your work and path to progress. Negotiate with your inner voice and pacify it to reap fruitful well-being.

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  • karishma
    karishma Archana
    20,342 pts

    Writing is in progress...............

    Learning the art of self calm down is essential.

    Getting stressed, depressed, anxious is no one's choice. But, you also don't realize, and you get into these severe issues.

    I know no one chooses this phase for themselves. Instead, no one wants to be a patient of this problem. But, these problems start growing in your mind, without your permission and knowledge.

    Though, no one decides to be stressed, overwhelmed, hyper. But, when you feel such feelings, you also need to know, "How to Calm Down."

    Whereas it is not as easy as I'm saying. When you feel such feelings, I will be wrong if I tell you to lose your mind's control. You might often hear about the suicidal cases caused due to depression, which is the worst thing about this course.

    You don't even like to accept that you are stressed or depressed. And you need help, which is the best solution for your issue.

    We all think that being upset or stressed is a part of our life. But, it can go harmful if you couldn't control it. So, even if you can't handle being stressed or depressed or upset, you should indeed know how to calm down at the moment.

    When you are calm, you can think positively. So, I came here with a few strategies that will help you to calm down. Please note it down and apply whenever you feel like application of them is crucial.

    How to calm down when you are anxious?

    I have a few easiest ways that will help you to calm down whenever you feel overwhelmed. The only need is your realization at the time. If you feel like you need support to calm down, remind this technique.

    So, without wasting further time, let's get started.

    1) Take a deep breath

    Deep breathing is a prevalent method to calm down. Even you may have used it several times. Or you may have suggested it to the other.

    Expert says breathing is one of the best techniques to reduce anger and anxiety. Taking deep and long breaths directly collaborated with your brain that helps you to calm down. When you take a shallow and deep breath, it sends positive signals to your brain to form a loop so that you can calm down.

    The breathing technique for calm down also has several types, which are best to calm down. Like, the three-part breathing, you need to inhale a deep breath and then exhale, focusing on your body. You will be used to this technique, when you will use it, at the time of anxiety.

    2) Switch to music

    When I feel stress, I often go with the music. And every time, every piece is helpful for me. Even if I feel like not focusing on my study or work, I go with a small music session.

    Even science also agreed on music can work as a medicine. Of course, you don't have to gulp it. When you feel upset, pick up the headphones, and switch yourself into the music world.

    Well, loud music is not suitable for health. But, when you feel anxious or stressed, listing to loud music can help you to shift your thoughts. Switching up to your favorite music album will help you to deal with your feeling of overwhelming.

    3) Shift your focus

    When you are upset or stressed, you can not make the right decision. Also, being present at the stressed surrounding don't allow you to think positively.

    It is okay if you leave the place. As being at such a home won't let you shift your focus. Going your guide from one thing to another will help you deal with the situation more consciously. Otherwise, if you are stuck in the same place, thinking about only the happenings won't let you make any changes.

    4) Challenge your thoughts

    When you are not thinking even a single good thought, positive thinking in such a case would be challenging.

    Then, why don't you try to challenge your thoughts? Trust me; it will indeed help you to come out of the stressed zone.

    Instead of thinking about the consequences of the matter, ask yourself a few questions viz.,

    - Is it worth thinking about it?

    - Is it going to happen as I thought?

    - Is my thoughts are making any sense? Etc.

    Well, thinking about the result before taking action would mean no sense. Instead, it will just ruin your thought process, which is the worst case. When you challenge your thoughts, you will get the answers to your question. That will help you to get the answers to your questions.

    5) Admit that you are stressed

    If you don't admit you have a fever, you won't take medicine, and you will not feel good. Isn't it?

    Admitting being stressed, depressed or anxious won't make you a person with a mental health condition. When you acknowledge that you are in a state of anxiety, you need to calm down.

    It not wrong if you say, "I feel overwhelmed."

    Instead, when you say that, you take a step to calm down. You can not predict the result of being overwhelmed. So, the first medicine to be calm down is to accept the fact.

    6) Take the help of calm down videos

    If you need someone to make you feel calm down, and no one is around, you have an option to seek help at calm down videos.

    Like, if you feel demotivated and go for the videos of the influencers to feel motivated, calm down videos would be just like that.

    Sitting stressed and increasing your blood pressure don't make any sense. Instead, your one action can make you feel relaxed. Then, why not going with the act.

    There is nothing wrong with taking the help of videos or audio to make yourself calm.

    7) Get enough sleep

    You want to work hard to achieve your goals. But, remember, your body and brain need to rest. If they don't get enough rest, they won't work enthusiastically.

    Moreover, the brain is the controller of your body. It will only be functioning well when it gets enough rest. And rest means sleep.

    Sleep is the ultimate stitch-off button to your body for some time. Even you may have noticed that when you don't get enough sleep, you feel irritating. And, when you don't sleep, you can not focus on your work.

    The simplest way to get calm down is to take enough sleep to keep your mental and physical health active.

    8) Release the anger

    Well, this is something challenging. Releasing anger means what? Would be your question and how to do that, are you want to know.

    Releasing the anger is essential to calm down. An expert suggests going for a walk or run to realize the feeling instead of hitting the punching bag, or wall, or screaming. It will recognize the anxiety and clear your mind to think and take the right actions.

    Else, some people either go with the dancing or signing to release their stress out. This is another excellent way to get rid of your stress.

    9) Write down about your feeling

    Writing is so powerful. When you are happy, you write it down to keep it remind. Try it when you are stressed also.

    If something is bothering you and making you feel stressed, and you can not talk about it to anyone else, you can write down your feeling.

    Don't worry about the language. Just write whatever you are feeling at the moment. Moreover, you can also through the paper off far away from you, as an act of throwing the worry and tension away from you.

    10) Perform meditation

    Again, I'm not saying to perform mediation whenever you feel anxious. Instead, it not possible to sit everywhere you feel stressed.

    Meditation makes the mind easing. And it fills you with positive energy. Meditation is also a way to self-realization. So, mediation is the best way to make yourself aware of your feeling.

    Also, it allows you to take the handle of your thoughts in your control instead of any other factor outside of you. Meditation makes you mentally more robust so that you don't get affected by external factors soon.

    So, meditation would be the best way to calm down.

    The Bottom Line

    You can see in the above list, whatever tips I have listed are up to you only. I have not mentioned a single point where someone else will help you to calm down. Your feelings and anger may not be in your control. But, how to react at the moment is up to you.

    Such situations don't allow you to act wisely. But, again, if you decide to be calm down and realize the act you have to do, you can make yourself calm down without taking external help. Instead, the feeling should come within yourself.

  • mark
    Mark Jackson
    140,717 pts

    Managing your emotions as soon as you become upset is really important to move on in life. Understand that problems keep coming in and going out. They do not stand with you forever. Keeping this in mind, you need to help yourself in handling and responding to situations instead of reacting in a wild manner. Do not let your emotions cross over others around you.

    Follow the simple tips mentioned below, if you need to calm down your senses instantly.

      1. Meditate your mind to control the anger in you.

        Practice meditation. It eases your psychological stress, such as anger and fear. Combine exercises with yoga and meditations to suppress your anger and annoyance. You stimulate recreation combined with the feeling of wellness by meditating. You instantly get relaxed and calm down your disruptive state of mind.

          2. Spend time in shopping.

            Shopping is the energetic activity which you choose to do either for your own self or for others. By going around shopping, you tend to indulge in calming your anxiety. Shop for your favorite foods, shop for your favorite clothes. Shop for your favorite gadgets and shop to beautify your home and surroundings. By going around shopping, even if it be a chocolate pie, you instantly calm down your senses from further bothering you.

              3. Maintain a work-life balance.

                Plot times to meet your needs in personal and professional life separately. Don’t work in a way to satisfy and keep everybody happy. Understand that you cannot win overall situations at all times. You have to compromise at times and yet stick to your preferences. Especially when you wish to play your strengths, you need to calm down your space and surroundings.

                  4. Spray fragrance around.

                    To feel good from within yourselves, you have to do something good from outside. And apprehend that if you are unwell by the mind, you can still feel good by spraying pleasing fragrance around you. This soothes your mood and rebalances your mind within seconds. Your actions will soon move in the direction of your heart. You now feel to act upon something big and great in life.

                      5. Be empathetic to know the reason better.

                        To learn about a situation, you need to first interrogate more about the underlying reasons. And to know the reasons behind, you need to put yourselves in the shoes of the other person. Think from the perspective of those who resulted in this situation. You need to calm down your mind to handle the situation better.

                          6. Wear your favorite dress and go for a walk or a drive.

                            Pullover your favorite second skin. Dress up the way you feel great about yourself. Look at the mirror and appreciate your appearance for a while. These are ways to comfort yourself and yet release your new look to the people around you. Now move out for a walk in the streets. Else, go for a drive feeling the outside breeze. Represent a glorious and glamorous you to the world.

                              7. Work out stress-busting techniques.

                                To get rid of the stress, you need to first set your ambiance right enough to deliver tasks. Organize everything in and around you. With a clutter-free environment and positivity in mind, you now understand better how to calm your mind and let your stress go out for a toss. You instantly calm your mind the very next moment you set your ambiance organized.

                                  8. Read a fiction book or fables.

                                    Read a book that you never read before. Practice calm reading in your private space. If you have high priority tasks knocking at your door, rather than going for a lengthy book, just pick to read through a few fables. They instantly revitalize your mindset and direct you to the destined path.

                                      9. Challenge your thoughts.

                                        Challenge the thoughts that trouble you time and again. If you want to stop worrying about something, you have to first allow them. Talk to them. Tell your worries that you will give them time later and that you are busy now. Set a worry period and think about your worries in a way that you train your brain in handling and calming them down.

                                          10. Be health conscious.

                                            You have to keep eyeing over your health at all times. Every now and then, counsel yourself what to eat and whatnot. Master other ways in which you can stay fit physically. Also, pay equal importance to the up keeping of your mind, brain, and heart. Understand that chronic agitation in mind spoils your health. Therefore, you need to calm down to gain control over your senses and stay emotionally balanced in life.

                                            To sum up, know what to do in a given situation. Keep yourself cool by gathering relevant information from reliable sources. Act by taking a wise decision that helps you and your surroundings. Spread positivity in and around you.

                                          • oliver
                                            Oliver Walkerr
                                            118,139 pts

                                            Passionate about growth

                                            A disturbed state of mind is generally the result of stress and emotional outflow. When you react more and respond less, it means you are undergoing a lot of grief and anxiety in you. It is high time that you now carefully watch over for an answer to the question, ‘how to calm anxiety.’ Because, if this situation continues, you might even have to face health issues, both with regards to your mind and your body.

                                            Below is a list of few simple techniques that you should choose to follow in mastering the art of calming down your anxiety instantly and help yourself grow in life.

                                              1. Engage in a physical workout or a physical game.

                                                When in a depressed state of mind, drag yourself into physical gaming activities. When your body gets to the action, your mind also follows. Therefore, by engaging in physical exercises or games that move your body parts, you gradually feel calm and refrain from the needless thoughts that linger around in your mind.

                                                  2. Try to work out reflexology.

                                                    Reflexology helps you calm down your inner interrupting voices, like a golden touch and a magical spell. Know the pressure points from learned sources. Work out this massaging therapy on your own. This is another way to say calm down, to your inner mate. It now takes hardly about few moments of your time to witness your worries moving away from you.

                                                      3. Get into the spiritual mood.

                                                        Offer prayers to your favorite and most trusted god. Spend time alone, uttering out all your worries and anxieties. Doing so teaches you how to calm anxiety without involving any other person. Continue to download all your troubles in front of god and lighten your mind. Incline yourself to an inspiring spiritual speech or lines of text.

                                                          4. Watch funny shows or videos.

                                                            You can drive home cool and composed mindset by watching shows and videos, which are funny in nature. Such videos need not always be real. They could be animated ones as well. Slice out the humorous outlook in you. Connect yourself to these videos to relish them later as well.

                                                              5. Get the anxieties out of your head.

                                                                Anxieties hinder your progress and make it hard for you to enjoy your life. Remove the anxieties and panic by working on your mental health. You know how to calm anxiety when you really understand the pain it causes you. Therefore, feel good about yourself. Feel comfortable in the company of others. Laugh out loud. Counsel yourself as an outsider.

                                                                  6. List down the triggers and burn them down.

                                                                    Consciously be aware of the triggers that result in turbulence. Make a list of all such sparks and elicits. Write them on balloons. As you keep writing, and down you go, know a way carefully out for each of these. Now pop up the balloons. You no more hold these triggers and disturbances, nor do you hang on with them anymore.

                                                                      7. Dance like nobody is watching.

                                                                        When worries upset your work, go into your personal space. Dance as if nobody is watching you. Sing out the song loud and on top of your voice. Scream out and break the dance floor. Just be yourself by deploying these calm down exercises. Though you may be on your high pitch, you are subconsciously calming down your worries from within. Within no time, you end up forgetting what was worrying you in the first place.

                                                                          8. Cook your favorite dish.

                                                                            Recollect from your memories, one specific dish that you had in the past, which you really loved the most. Surf the internet for the recipe and instructions. Buy all necessary ingredients, resources, and cook it all by yourself. These are self-soothing techniques for adults. Because, once your dish is ready, you feel so excited and on top of the world, leaving no scope for hospitality in mind for unwarranted thoughts.

                                                                              9. Take a parlor appointment.

                                                                                Ring up your parlor, boutique, or saloon and book an appointment and head towards them. Spend time grooming your handlooms or physique. Turn around your physical appearance. Once it is done and when you look yourself in the mirror, you reflect upon a new you. This will certainly elevate your mood and senses.

                                                                                  10. Listen to your favorite music.

                                                                                    When you feel seriously ill about your mental being, immediately switch towards listening to your favorite music. When the mind feels restless about something, just postpone the task in hand by a couple of minutes. In this meantime, listen to light music that calms down your thoughts and anxieties. Because music is one of the best teachers that explains without uttering a word to you, as to how to calm anxiety and revive your mind, thereby rerouting you to your routine.

                                                                                    Having said all the above, it is worthwhile to reiterate that you need to quickly relax your mind and body. You need to regain your calmness so that you can deal with whatever situation you come across.

                                                                                  • emma
                                                                                    Emma Brown
                                                                                    984 pts

                                                                                    When your thoughts bother you, you need to first focus on knowing how to keep calm and also work towards coming up with a quick fix solution for it. Just find a noiseless and a private space to re-center yourself and get things to work.

                                                                                    Without controlling your mind and exercising your power over your thoughts and emotions, despite how hard you work in delivering your tasks, you may still be able to give the best. You can provide outcomes in a nervous situation, but they certainly don’t be your excellent ones. You hence have to quieten your worries and dispel them in order to generate exceptional upshots.

                                                                                    If you cannot easily calm yourself down, try to work out one or many guidelines from the below-enumerated list.

                                                                                    1. Drink a glass of warm water.

                                                                                    To refrain from worrying thoughts that hinder your progress, take a break, and set yourself in a calm ambiance. Gulp a glass of warm water. This technique works like a miracle and sets an example on how to calm down after a fight. Now, look out of the window at pleasant sceneries. If required, drink an additional glass of warm water. Things will pacify right away.

                                                                                    2. Approach a therapist.

                                                                                    When you feel sinking in a chaotic situation and are unable to calm yourself down, immediately approach a therapist. A psychoanalyst helps you by first listening to you. Then the analyst counsels you for your betterment and reroutes your path to where you want to drive yourself in life.

                                                                                    3. Concentrate on your breathing.

                                                                                    Close your eyes. Sit in silence. Just focus on your breathing. Follow your heartbeat. By listening carefully to the sound of the lab-dub, you get to know how to keep calm. Observe how many seconds you take to inhale and exhale. Notice how many seconds you can hold your breath. Within no time, you will calm down.

                                                                                    4. Learn something new, at least a new word.

                                                                                    Learn something new and interesting today. Keep rehearsing it multiple times. Master yourself as you learn it. By learning new things every day, a new word to start with, you reap immense happiness from the heart. You even feel excited and look forward to a platform to exhibit the same.

                                                                                    5. Open the door of your imagination.

                                                                                    When in a disturbed state of mind, unlock the imagination door in your mind. Visualize a world of your choice and pen down all your imaginations into drawings and paintings. By designing a beautiful world on paper, you know how to keep calm and yet carve out the imagination mind from within you.

                                                                                    6. Throw a party and invite friends.

                                                                                    Create an occasion and mark it for the celebration. Develop a calming strategy by inviting friends and family to make moments cherishable. My exchanging happy moments with your acquaintances, you tend to reap joy, blissful, and ecstasy in mind and heart. All these help you put down your bad and worrying thoughts.

                                                                                    7. Travel and dine out.

                                                                                    Close your kitchen for a day. Free yourself out of your routine. Travel to a place outside your community. Go to a far off place. Enjoy time traveling too. Plan for a candlelight dinner and get lost into a pleasant ambiance around, without having to spend time cooking the dishes. Such calm down strategies let you feel at ease and energized by mind and body.

                                                                                    8. Chat emoji’s with a friend.

                                                                                    Talk to calm down your unwanted thoughts by inviting a friend to converse with. Chat by trading funny texts and emoji. Such interactions build up the patience levels in you to stay tuned towards desires, passions, and goals in life. Doing so right away switches your mind from a disturbed state to peace and tranquility.

                                                                                    9. Solve crosswords and puzzles.

                                                                                    Switch your thought process by grabbing a medium level crossword or puzzle. Try to put your mind and skill to solve it. Once you solve it, you feel excited and ride off all your disorder in mind. And if you are struggling to arrive at the solution, it already means your focus is in solving the puzzle and not in the worries in mind.

                                                                                    10. Pursue a hobby that interests you a lot.

                                                                                    By practicing and following a hobby, you help yourself understand how to keep calm by entertaining, fulfilling, and enhancing your life without having to spend a lot of money. Google to know more about your interests and passions and equip them with knowledge as much as you can. By giving time for your desires at times, you instantly calm down. You get back to work with self-esteem and undertake productive tasks.

                                                                                    Above all, understand that no havoc stays for long. Things will settle down sooner or later. You just have to be patient enough until the time passes by. Do not try to stretch your influence over unwarranted situations that yield nothing but pain and a fearful tomorrow.

                                                                                  • charlotte
                                                                                    Charlotte Smith
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                                                                                    Awesome Writer

                                                                                    Blogger I Content writer I Digital marketer

                                                                                    You sense agitation when you are in the midst of delivering a good number of important and multiple top-priority tasks. You feel messing up with things when both your personal and professional urgencies walk in your space within the same time frame. This is when you have to teach yourself how to stay calm under pressure. This is when you also have to challenge yourself in suppressing your nervousness.

                                                                                    Itemized below are a few ways in which you can relax and calm down your mind and body at once.

                                                                                    1. Learn maths tables or formulae for a change.

                                                                                    Drive yourself into the journey of a student's life. Sit with your children and learn math or chemical formulae. Understand the theories in physics. Practice a mathematical table like 17 or 23 table that needs you to pay one hundred percent attention. This calms anxiety and helps you erase off the disturbing thoughts in you within no time.

                                                                                    2. Rub your palms.

                                                                                    When you feel deprived and withdrawn by mind and body, promptly and rapidly rub your palms. Rub your feet as well. By rubbing your feet and palms, you are actually calming emotions that help your blood circulation to improve. This also improves the flow of blood and oxygen levels into your brain. Thereby your thought process improves at once.

                                                                                    3. Get yourself lost into nature.

                                                                                    Spend time in your lawn or garden. The flora around you guides you with life lessons on how to stay calm under pressure. Look at the blossoming flowers. Spot the different colors of the leaves. View how much they grow by length and width. With the passing breeze and the water showers propelled by the clouds, witness how they move and talk to you. Water your plants. Shed off the dried leaves and humus underneath. Feel their life to adjust yours.

                                                                                    4. Take a warm shower.

                                                                                    Be the room temperature hot or cold, take a full body shower from hair to toes with warm water. Clean up your outer layers by massaging for long. This exercise pretty much helps you in calming down your feelings, and you also tend to bounce back to work by feeling refreshed and recharged.

                                                                                    5. Listen to the ticking sound of the clock.

                                                                                    Set yourself a peaceful ambiance. Lean on the chair or over the bed. Keep your eyes on the wall clock. See how the second's hand moves. Pay attention to the ticking sound of the clock. Pin your ears in the music reveled out of the hour hand. Listen to what it has to convey to you with regard to how to stay calm under pressure. Be like a clock by working continuously and spotlessly. Understand that even if the clock stops working, it will still show the right time twice every day. Get inspired by the lifestyle of a clock.

                                                                                    6. Climb a monkey bar.

                                                                                    Go to a park or a play area. Climb a monkey bar as if no one is watching you. Climb up and down, side to side, until you better understand how to calm agitation in your mind and ultimately drop them off. Arrange them a path to vacate the space, leaving you in peace.

                                                                                    7. Cherish your achievements from the past.

                                                                                    When you are in a troublesome space, just close your eyes for a few seconds and recollect all the achievements you took hold of in the past. Summon up all the sequences of activities that helped you in reaching your goals. This way, you train yourself on how to calm your mind and focus on your present work in hand.

                                                                                    8. Listen to a motivational speech.

                                                                                    Motivational speeches drive the mind to want to achieve more in life. When you are unwell by the mind, ensure to listen to a motivational speech or watch a motivational interview to attain calmness of mind. Success stories that motivate are worth giving time, as they cast an impact on spinning odds to your favor.

                                                                                    9. Grab a chewing gum.

                                                                                    Take a chewing gum and keep munching it. Lick the outer layer, crunch, and grind the inner layers. Squeeze out the fluid and ruminate it on either side of your jaw. As you keep repeating this, your focus switches to the mouth and its activities, leaving behind the disarray in your mind and letting it go off.

                                                                                    10. Involve yourself in charity activities.

                                                                                    Do charity works. Do some acts that are not just good for others but those that also impart you with knowledge on how to stay calm under pressure and yet deliver results with a smile. You will be eternally happy. Use your time, resources, and skills to support charity works. Contribute to society and gift something to nature. By doing so, you will certainly reap immortal and everlasting joy and delight in life.

                                                                                    You, just like any other successful individual, deserve to live a life fully. And to win life, you need to work out on the root cause of the problem, instead of working on suppressing the symptoms.

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