6 signs that you are wasting your life

6 signs that you are wasting your life


1. You are spending a lot of your time on your phone!

Spending a lot of time on your phone renders you to be incapable of doing other things with your time. You are so engrossed in your phone that you forgot to tend to other important activities throughout the day. Although this day and age make gadgets such as your mobile a necessity for your daily activities, as among other things, they are the quickest means of communication with other people, but you must order your priorities. If you are spending days on end playing games on your mobile and doing useless activities, there is no doubt that you are wasting your life!

2. You are not sleeping enough!

Although a very cliched thing to say but sleep indeed is the most essential thing of your day. At least 8 hours of sleep every day is a must for every individual. Most people think that they are wasting their time sleeping and should rather be doing other important things, but what they fail to realise is that without sleep, they would not be able to tend to the other important things they so wish to. Not scheduling sleep within your daily routine is another sign that you are indeed wasting your life!

3. You are spending a lot of time with people who have negative energy!

Friends are often the reason for your good mood during the day, but we often fail to recognize that friends cause us to become demotivated. Disguised as your friends, people with negative energy are very normal in everyone’s life. However, people do not normally have the courage to tell them so, as they are under the impression that the person is their friend. What we need to do is identify those friends who are bringing all that toxicity into our lives and stop seeing or talking to them. This is sure to improve our lives!

4. You always like to stay in your comfort zone!

Although not a bad thing to do, remaining in your comfort zone often time derives you of the opportunity to recognize what the life outside has to offer. People stay in their comfort zones because they are too often afraid to get out of it. However, stories of all the successful people in the world show us how one of the biggest secrets to being successful is pushing ourselves and coming out of our comfort zones. If you are staying in your comfort zones for too long, you are wasting your life!

5. You don’t plan for your future

Sometimes you need to plan for the future, to look ahead where you want to go. It is great to live in the now but if you have no bigger plans you just stick to one place like sitting in a boat in the ocean hoping that the journey will end somewhere soon. Life is precious and we get only one chance. Most of the people just pass their time without making use of the short time they have left. Young people are guilty of this. People who got success just don’t daydream instead they fulfilled their dreams. Successful people pick a goal and then work hard to achieve it.

6. You spend money on things that don’t matter

There is very little that we actually need such as shelter, food, water, and love. These things do not need much money. All the rest of the things are just bonuses. Some people waste their money on useless things. You should keep track of all your expenses to figure out how much you spend. One of the best ways to saving money is by setting a goal, thinking about what you are saving money for? Save your money for long term goals. Life is not short and with the time you should make proper use of your money.

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