Discover the secrets of universe and get everything you want!

Discover the secrets of universe and get everything you want!


Has this ever happened to you that you saw exactly the same thing that you were wondering for a long time?

If yes, then you are at the correct place. This is nothing but a sort of attraction!


Actually whatever you have now is something which you attracted in the past. Whatever thoughts are going on in your mind are something which you are attracting.

It is said that this law of attraction is the most powerful law of the universe. This was taught by many well-known poets like William Shakespeare in their poems.

Leonardo da Vinci expressed this in his paintings too. The Law of attraction makes your life; it really doesn't matter who you are and where you live.


The Law of attraction is a topic of interest for a long time. According to the law of attraction, it is believed that a positive mindset of us will bring a positive response in our life. And, being negative will dump us in a negative side of one's life.

Yes, it is true that we are not having any scientific proof for the approval of this law. But it is sure that our mind plays an amazing role in it. Being positive will affect our surroundings positively!

This law states that we can receive anything that we choose for ourselves; nothing is impossible in this world. The law of attraction helps you in getting happiness, money, and good health. But this will be true only if you know how to apply it correctly in your life.


1. Like attracts like

Contrary to what magnet story told us about opposite attracts, hereby the law of attraction like things attracts each other.

Something like water can be easily dissolved in water, but it is not true for oil mixing in water. The Law of attraction gives a response to your thoughts.

The law of attraction states that if we have an abundance of negative thoughts in our mind, we are likely to attract the same. So, it is important always to have positive thoughts. Try to be in a good mood.

2. Nature abhors a vacuüm

It is said that vacuüm can not be present. Nature always fills it with one thing or other. So even our mind can't be empty.

3. Live in the present

We have lots of problems in our day-to-day life, either related to personal or professional life. But it is important for us to live in the present. Actually, to live happily in the present. Because our thoughts attract nature and nature start attracting it in our life.


Long back ago, one person had a serious health issue whose treatment was not available at that time. He went to some peaceful place and started believing that he is completely fine. Suddenly he came to know that he is the cheer of it now.

Though he never used the word law of attraction. This topic gained lots of people's interest because of some well-known books related to attraction law.


It is important to have a positive impact on our life. To build a flow in our daily life. Thinking good and imagination will surely help you be happy and healthy, which is of utmost importance.

You may notice young children, why are they always full of cheers and joy?

It is because their mind keeps on continuously processing the thought that is going on in their mind. They even imagine it to its fullest, which makes them happy. And, when their body gets the signal of happiness, it starts releasing happy hormones. This makes us happy and positive. Hence nature attracts all those stuff towards us.


This law of attraction is based on the belief that positive thoughts stimulate our mind and leads to the release of some hormones. These hormones further make our mind stress free, and a jeep is happy.

Let's take this through an example.

Imagine a 25-year-old adult doing the job in a software company. Also, to keep up the extra beneficiaries of his family, he indulges in some part-time jobs. He doesn't earn a lot. But he has a dream to meet his mom, who stays in a foreign country.

That man keeps this thought in his mind, and he used to imagine his mom everywhere, on the train, in the house, or in a park.

He always felt that his mom is with him only. One winter morning, he suddenly notices a woman in purple colored saree sitting exactly in the same place he used to imagine. You may find it filmy. And that is absolutely okay because these are some philosophical thoughts that are quite difficult to believe.

We, humans, act like a magnet that attracts things towards it. The Law of attraction does this miracle with the help of your thoughts. Whoever received success in their life did this with the help of the law of attraction, either consciously or unconsciously. They just thought about their success and did not let your brain filled with other emotions or thoughts.

For example, if you hear a song in the full mood, you do not forget it easily, do you? Whatever you have today is nothing but the response of your past thoughts. Our thoughts have a particular frequency, and it attracts things with the same frequency.

The law of attraction works for everyone. It is super easy, but why all of us do not get what we want? It is because many of us don't know the correct way to apply it in our life.


Most of us continuously think about what they do not want in their life. Here we went wrong. As I said earlier, nature doesn't understand 'no.' What it gets is just your thoughts.

If you are thinking about something, you are sending a signal to a universe. Hence, you must not think about what you don't want. Your life is in your hand.

1. Write on a note what you wish for.

2. Close your eyes and think about it deeply.

3. Start the imagination. As if you already have it. Start thinking of the exact situation. Feel the feelings. Enjoy it the way you would when you receive it.

4. Think very strongly that you must fall asleep while thinking of it. (Only at night-time.)

Believe me, and nature doesn't understand the truth or lie. What nature gets is your thoughts. Suppose you are continuously thinking about something that must not happen to you. Then let me remind you that nature doesn't understand the words like "want" or "don't want."

Our thoughts and feelings create our life. So, it is necessary to imagine what you wish for and not what you don't want in your life. You must do this regularly without a gap.


There are many religious and philosophical beliefs on the law of attraction. Many religion believes in it. Several books and novels have been published in almost every decade, which explains the importance and necessity of the law of attraction.

Many religions state that you will get it if you pray from the bottom of your heart. What do you think this pray is? It is actually our way to tell or ask nature for something. Religion explains how our prayers work if we are praying with all our power.


1. Keeps us positive minded.

2. Make us happy.

3. Build up our confidence.

4. Make us optimistic.

5. Help us gaining what we wish for.

6. Make us feel better.

7. Help us to experience the happiness we would get when we get our wish completed.

8. Good health can be obtained.

9. Money too if you wished for.


There is a friend of mine who is 23-year-old from a village, son of a farmer. He hardly got any luxury in his childhood.

He was in the fifth standard when he went on a school picnic to the crazy castle water park. He took veggies paratha, and all of his friends bought all those expensive cakes and stuff.

One of his classmates threw his paratha in the dustbin. He saw that and was immensely hurt. That day he thought that he is going to get all this wealth. And every night before going to sleep, he starts imagining the same, that he is having lots of money. This he did till he received his first job in a software company with a package of one million a year. This is how the law of attraction works.

Nature or say our subconscious mind starts doing this for us, start attracting our thoughts. People have the wrong perception that money is bad. No! It is not right. If you are utilizing it correctly, it's one of the most important things to live a beautiful life.


This law plays a role in love too! It does not matter which relationship you are talking about. May it is husband-wife or brother-sister, or father-son, this law always has its role to play.

It is said that love's frequency is highest among almost everything. If you start loving everything and every person you meet, you will start feeling happy and great. Because love attracts everything, you want.

If you hate someone, you will start behaving in the same way; even in the psychiatry branch, explain this. If you always stay in the mood of love and happiness, then this law of attraction can work more powerfully because you stay in the highest frequency at this point.

I guess now you learn the importance of the law of attraction. If you wish to have everything, you wish to make a positive start, take positive actions, and get whatever you want!

Stay happy!

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    Everything in the universe is related and is bound together by force. The universe is said to have worked on twelve universal laws on which all the elements hold together.

    The 12 universal laws can be stated as follows: Law of Energy, Law of Rhythm, Law of Action, Law of Oneness, Law of Gender, Law of Polarity, Law of Relativity, Law of Transmutation, Law of Compensation, Law of Correspondence, and the Law of Attraction.

    The Law of Attraction is rooted deep into us since ancient times and is believed to be one of all the laws of the universe. Our science research says that life is our own creation, and we have the ability to influence our own life events. We send in energy into the universe and also attract it in different forms.

    What is the Law of Attraction?

    According to research, the law of attraction withstands great power in generating the universe. The law of attraction states that you attract what vibrations you send in the universe. Now let us break it down in terms of our regular language.

    We are surrounded by positive vibes when we ourselves try to spread positivity around us. By being kind towards others, by being generous, and having good values, we can inculcate positivity.

    If we choose to have negative emotions like anger, hatred, and signs of low self-care, we paddle onto the path of surrounding negativity within and around us.

    According to Abraham Hicks, "Whatever you think about activates a vibration in you." Your mind and your energy is connected, and it guides and affects all your actions and behavior.

    Many people think that the Law of Attraction is some technique or is any method that the hustlers use to lead further with their purpose in life. But the law of attraction is rather our general lifestyle, which we all follow every day in one or the other case.

    Our dreams and goals are achieved not only through our methods and purpose but also by the lifestyle we follow. The values we hold in us, our actions, our thinking, and our approach towards everything has to do a lot with our dreams.

    Often we heard people try manifestation to achieve their purpose in life. The technique of manifestation is way simple and is related to the Law of Attraction.

    How to use the law of attraction?

    The law of attraction works irrespective of the thought that you want it to work for you or not. You keep attracting things around you at every moment and at every thought that is revolving in your mind.

    Thus its energy is always propagating in various forms of your actions, behavior, and responses. It is only possible to alter this process and decide what you want to radiate to have the best use of the power of attraction.

    Let us see the basic rules for the law of attraction and how to make the law of attraction work for you.

    Law of Attraction guide:

    1. Find your Purpose in life:

    You need to find your ikigai in life.

    Now, what is Ikigai?

    Ikigai is a Japanese secret to a long and happy life. It is a reason for being the thing that gets you up in the morning. It is where everything intersects and works together for fulfilling your life.

    It is necessary to find your purpose in life if you want to move further from where you are now. Understanding what you need and how you can achieve it helps you seek it better.

    Finding your purpose is not only about what you want to do in your life ahead. It is about finding what you want, what you deserve, and what drives you crazy to have it in your life.

    Your journey can be filled with lots of obstacles, and you may make a lot of mistakes in it, but if you are sure about the peak you want to reach, there would always be that urge to tackle your hurdles and get back up on your track.

    Prompts for practicing the law of attraction to find your purpose:

    ● List down what comes to you naturally and things that you don't have to struggle to work with much. They are really your boon, and you can develop on it more without taking much effort.

    ● Talk to your people to know what they think you are good at. Sometimes you can know about yourself from other people better than by finding it all about yourselves.

    ● Learn which things you can do throughout your day without any complaints. Know them well and know which version you are when you are doing it.

    ● You don't need to know the why factor behind the things you like it. Stop searching for it. What you like is what comes naturally to you through the universe.

    2. Have a clear vision in your mind:

    When the vision is clear, strategy is easy.

    Sometimes we are clear with our purpose but do not have a proper vision to reach it. We know our destination but are unaware of which path to follow for it. This may often attract wrong things towards you. Uncertainty increases on your way, and this may lead to unnecessary hindrance in your direction.

    Therefore it is vital that you draft a clear vision in your mind about how you want to work with your things, and thus the things will work properly for you. Live the reality in your dreams and then bring it back into the real picture.

    Steps of the law of attraction to create a visionary board:

    ● Find out what is in your way for the next period of time and what you can achieve.

    ● Create a board and draw marks of where you want to reach and where you are now. Then draw marks for different milestones.

    ● Don't wonder how things are going to work, but rather focus on your feelings and thoughts about it. It will help you master the law of attraction and make it work for you.

    3. Create small goals:

    "Small steps each day will help you climb all your ladders."

    When you concentrate on bigger goals, it makes you focus less on minute things that require great accuracy. It creates a broader aspect of overall achievement and lacks details.

    When you focus on smaller goals, it is more likely that you can achieve them earlier and with proper attention. It makes you totally dedicate yourselves to it.

    Thus it is efficient to break your goals into smaller goals so that you can have perfection in them. You try to look for small improvements and make them matter a lot for you. Let those small successes be the biggest result of your goal.

    Consider if you have to complete your blog by the end of today. Rather than focusing your aim on completing the entire day, focus on the next hour or minutes in writing a few sections of that blog. You will see that you will achieve great results through it.

    You would attract proper things in the decided interval of time and get earlier results. A little progress each day will add up to bigger achievements.

    4. Develop a sense of positive approach:

    Try and develop an approach of looking at things from the brighter side. The law of attraction manifests only if you have a positive attitude to perceive things in a good way. Think, act, and behave in a positive way. These habits will help you get your desires.

    You have to remember that thoughts are always superior to feelings and then the feelings to your actions and results. You should try to build a positive approach as a habit and not treat it as a new factor to focus on.

    Stop distracting yourselves by negative thoughts like jealousy, hatred, anger, stubbornness, and low self-esteem. Don't create for yourselves a scarcity of positive vibes. Let positive thoughts help you manifesting, and the law of attraction will attract the best for you.

    Prompts for learning the law of attraction and manifesting positive vibes:

    ● Surround yourselves with positive people. You are what your circle is. Therefore see to it you stay around people with good character.

    ● Practice speaking well to even yourselves. Never speak ill about even you. Your mind will function in that way.

    ● Develop a habit to practice affirmations and see how the law of attraction manifests the best that you decide.

    What are the seven laws of attraction?

    The seven laws of attraction are nothing but subsets of the whole law of attraction, which helps to focus on a particular area and needs.

    The seven laws of attraction are broken down such that together, they all constitute the entire growth of you and resonate with the vibrations that you produce.

    1. The Law of Pure Desire:

    As I said earlier, you attract what you desire. The Law of Unwavering desire works when your mind is strongly in favor of something. When you are longing for a thing, you create strong vibrations around you, and that vibration makes things work for the desire you stick on the note.

    The universe surrenders itself to create the roadway to your desires. You easily attract things and are guided to all that you want on your path

    2. The Law of Gravity/Magnetism

    Throw a ball on a wall. You will see that it will bounce back towards you. Try stretching a rubber band, and you will see it retained back in its original shape. Try to bring the two alike poles of a magnet close to each other, and you will not be able to. This is because they are held together by either a gravitational force or a magnetic force.

    The energy you create in the universe works similarly and attracts vibrations of the same frequency which you generate. The real law of attraction is based on this principle. You will attract similar results which you enroot in your thoughts.

    3. The Law of Manifestation:

    The mind is superior and is the controller of your energy. All thoughts reside inside your mind, and it is where the vibrations start to begin. It can turn the upper disk of dice to six when things are wanted to be in favor. It is a power-up that one can utilize to manifest their thoughts.

    It is where the guide for manifestation comes to the picture. You can realize the law of attraction does work for you when you convince your mind that it will work for you.

    4. The Law of Right Action:

    The laws work not only for you but also affects the universe you deal with. Your universe may comprise of people that you are surrounded with. Having a sense of treating them in a righteous way will help you to help the universe treat you in the right way.

    Practice integrity and see to it that your actions may never bend down others. Keep your surroundings happy, and then you see how the universe applies the law of attraction.

    5. The Law of Harmony:

    The energy flows inside the universe continuously in a harmonic motion. You insist on being part of this flow and thus are bound to flow in harmony, forming an alignment with all the elements that revolve with you.

    The principles of the law of attraction will then avail you in the abundance of whatever you have tried to connect to the flow.

    6. The Law of Fragile balance:

    The entire universe is stable and balanced instead of the fact that the universe keeps on expanding. Balance is maintained in every segment of the universe and also within you. You work your entire life to maintain a balance between all the aspects of your life.

    When we are at that term of life when we pertain to stability, it is vital that we develop an essence of thankfulness towards the universe. Having a sense of gratitude will help you realize the limited sources that you actually need, and the use of the law of attraction will be only to be satisfied.

    7. The Law of Universal Influence:

    You have an influence on the entire universe that revolves around you. All the people, things that are in your flow are affected by the principle of attraction. Therefore see to it that you commit to surrounding better energy and vibrations.

    In the end, you must remember that the universe is neither cursing you nor blessing you with energy. It is the result of your thoughts that you make it as a boon or as a curse to you. Make yourselves be the blessing that you want to achieve every day.

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