Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Motivation?

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Motivation?


You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi


What is the meaning of motivation?

What is meant by motivation?

These questions are normal to be raised in one's mind. Let's first discuss the exact meaning of motivation.

Motivation simple definition:

Motivation is a keyword in psychology. Motivation can be defined as an internal voice of your brain which insists a human perform particular work. It also determines human behavior.

Motivation may be positive or negative. Without motivation, behavior changes cannot be expected to take place. Positive motivation is somewhat further in the race than negative motivation.

Motivation is not manipulation. The term motives, needs, wants, desires, and urges are all used synonymously; these terms are interrelated and interdependent.

For example, imagine that you already have tons of money in your bank account. You have enough money that your child can sit and still capable of living a luxurious life.

Do you feel that your child will have the second thought of working hard or, say, studying hard and getting a job and finally earning enough to enjoy luxury in life?

In eighty-five percent of cases, the answer is NO!


Because your child does not know how it feels to be poor in terms of money! Obviously, he or she will if you inculcate this thought process in them!

Motivation is what gets you started! Then, what do you think will motivate a person?

● Needs of human

It is actually difficult to define human needs. There are many kinds of needs and urges.

● Desires of human

● Biologic needs

This is survival needs. A hungry man needs food; a thirsty man needs water, a sick man needs medicine. There are other needs such as sleep, peace, pleasure, and fresh air. You should be aware of these needs in the day to day care of yourself.

● Social needs

The need for the company, the need for love and affection, the need for recognition, the need for education are all social needs. Some of these needs are met by the family and some needs by the community.

● Economic needs

Economic security, that is, security from want is one which everyone desires.

● Ego-integrative needs

The desire for prestige, power, and self-respect comes in this category. Always remember that motivation is contagious; it spreads from one motivated person to another. We make use of motives and incentives in community health work.

The motivation of eligible couples for a small family is an important activity in various national programs. Motivation is required to enlist people's participation in community health work. This example can clearly explain the exact definition of motivation.


This process starts from within when you realize that your single step can make a huge difference in some part of your living or anyone else.

When some idea stuck in your mind, at that particular moment, your brain starts receiving it and start processing too. This processing will let you think more about that idea.

Now your mind starts realizing its importance in one's life. At this moment you will get totally motivated!

The main question is that, is motivation real?

Some positive motivators are your victory in a race or similar, in order to get rewards, etc. This positive motivation will help you live your life to the fullest.


Motivation theories are urges that drive a person to do a particular work to achieve his or her goal or dream. Keep in mind that a motivated person is a more fruitful individual and can work more passionately.

This theory is best applied by many business companies. These companies try to inculcate that idea in promoting their business, which will promote their brand and motivate a targeted population.

There are different motivation theories, including Maslow's Theory, Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory, etc.

*) Maslow's theory:

Needs have different priorities. If basic needs are fulfilled, then man movies towards the higher needs. If at all this need is not satisfied, then the higher need will be postponed.

●Physiological needs





*) Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory

●Hygiene factor

Imagine you are living in a house where washrooms are dirty. Don't you think you will feel bad? But if you are still not getting motivated and cleaning it, then it is explained by the hygiene factor.

●Motivation factor

Now imagine the exact opposite situation where you get motivated and take the initiative to clean it.

¶ What is extrinsic motivation in psychology?

It describes that if external factors motivate you and you start working for it, then it creates a positive response to your brain.

¶ What is intrinsic motivation theory?

It describes that if internal factors motivate you and you start working for it, then it creates a positive response to your brain. This positivity also boosts our confidence and helps us to gain more.


What is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

What is intrinsic motivation?

It is a type of motivation that is generated in your mind internally due to any external reason like fear of failure or dream of achieving something.

This will be developed only if you understand the importance of a particular work. Don't you think you will start working with more passion and determination if you acknowledge the significance of your dream?

What is an example of intrinsic motivation?

If a tell a ten-year-old son of a rag picker that if he studies well and gets higher education then he will receive a good job and he won't have to do this work anymore which his father is doing. Don't you think he will get that internal motivation?

What is internal motivation?

The motivation comes from the inside, from the realization of its necessity.

No matter how many sessions of a motivational speaker you attended, it is of no use if you did not get intrinsic motivation!

What is extrinsic motivation?

It is a type of motivation that comes from external factors. When you believe that doing or say completing a particular task will get you something precious, you start working with more willpower.

For example, if I tell you that if your project gets the first price, you will win a jackpot of a branded mobile phone. Don't you think you will try your best to win that jackpot?

This is what external motivation is!

Extrinsic motivation comes from rewards that one may get after the completion of a particular job.


This is of utmost importance. No one can help you if you do not want that. Watching lots of motivational videos or reading many motivational articles will be of no sense.

What is a self-motivation example?

Let's discuss this. I have a house help who is the tenth pass. She used to observe me doing all my stuff, from treating patients to paying bills on my own. One day she came to me and started asking me about college names in the area. I told her in a general way without taking it seriously.

After around two weeks or three, she kept an admission letter of her in a science college. I looked at her with shock, and she smiled. I used to ask her to complete her studies, but she never took it seriously. But her observation makes her think and decide! This is what self-motivation is!

You must be sure about what is your motivation in life?

What do you think, what is your greatest motivation in life?

It's definitely your own desire or needs to do something. Knowing the answer to "what is my motivation?" will solve most of your problems.

What is achievement motivation?

It is nothing but a type of motivation that you get for getting rewards or gifts.

What is a goal-setting theory of motivation?

It is said that setting a particular goal in one's life is essential for fruitful living. When you set a goal for yourself, your brain automatically starts generating signals for doing more work to reach your goal.

Motivation purpose

The purpose of motivation is to complete a particular task without getting bored or without getting tired.

You feel happy after reaching a target point.

Example of motivation

I am sure you might have heard lots of examples in this context. There were many scientists who got their motivation from different aspects of life and received their goal.

Motivated behavior

Remember this, a motivated person always stays happy. He or she knows very well that why they started? Knowing the reason behind the starting of your journey will always keep you pushing towards your goals.

What is the difference between motivation and emotion?

Motivation is something that drives us to do any task to meet any sort of target. Emotion is our feeling towards a particular situation or work, which helps us feel the importance of it. Being motivated will insist us reach our target without getting a feel of tiredness.

Hence always stay motivated, and that can only be achieved by understanding the importance of a particular work.

So are you ready?

Get your motivation from inside!

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