12 ways to always be true to yourself

12 ways to always be true to yourself


You are not born to impress someone. You are not required to please anyone. You live by your philosophies and ethics in life. You are not bound by unlawful rules laid by others. You do not care about what the world thinks of you. You live in your natural self. You do not compromise against your principles. You stand to what you truly are. This is what being true to yourself perpetually means.

Find below a list of 12 ways adopting which you can always be true to yourself.

  1. Love the way you are.

Present yourself your way. Do not offer yourself in a way to please others. No matter whether you are liked or not by others, be the way you are. Let the world like you the way you are. Always bestow the real you. You will get to know more about yourself, by the way, people look up to you.

  1. Lean over your self-reflection.

Make a list of the traits and attributes that you recognize in self, which profoundly makes you feel respect for yourself. Ensure that you keep yourself always on this track. Sustaining those drives home happiness and success in life. Above all, you are being true to yourself.

  1. Stop trying to be perfect.

Be the real self. Do not hide your choices or preferences under submissive circumstances. Be honest in projecting and making things clear by being the way you are.

  1. Have the courage to face reality.

You may find it painful at times to face reality. But you must have the will power to see things the way they appear to you. Do not assume or judge basis the broken information you have in hand.

  1. Wipe out the negative energies crawling in and around you.

You are always surrounded by both positive and negative spirits. Choose to work with an optimistic mindset. Keep yourself off from the external negativity. Act decisively by keeping yourself aloof from individuals and groups who influence their pessimism over you.

  1. Don’t shift the blame to make yourself clever.

When you are delivering tasks in groups, and an error happens, do not inject the blame on some other person for your fault. Rather than cribbing over others, and fixing the blame, sit and fix the problem. This will resolve the issue relating to the job as well as maintain healthy and long-lasting relationships in the lives of all.

  1. Listen to your heart.

Most of the time, your heart suggests something while your mind directs you something else. But when you work with total dedication from the bottom of your heart, you are sure to reap success. This is a way in which you can be true to yourself.

  1. Cherish your happiness.

Give your best in delivering a task. Reap the desired results. You really feel a lot happier by recollecting your journey during the path. Your true happiness pops out when you know you have worked honestly and truly from the heart.

  1. Do not postpone or reschedule.

When you know something needs to done right away, just do it. Do it with utmost devotion and paying complete focus. Never adjourn your top priority tasks that need your urgent attention. By rescheduling, you fail to deliver with honesty and truthfulness at heart.

  1. Learn to make a pleasant ‘no’.

Do not work with a yes-boss kind of attitude all along. You also need to have the wisdom in life to say ‘no’ when required. Understand the practicality in life. Do not cover yourself under the most exhausting and disempowering choices in life. Negotiate if the situation demands. Do not let people walk over you.

  1. Spend time alone.

At times when you get the chance to stay alone at home, randomly pick some activities to do. Your choice of tasks and your approaches to work defines what you truly are. This is one very significant way in which you can always be true to yourself.

  1. Excuse your mistakes and be true and honest to yourself.

Do not feel bad for things that turned out bad. Check with yourself if you are really happy in life. Admit to yourself the mistakes you made in the past. Learn to not repeat them and to arrest them from further repetition. Burst the stress out of you that you have been carrying for long. You will feel a lot relieved and light at heart.

Finally, being yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to corner yourself to be flawless. Understand the sways and flaws in you. Acknowledge that they are pretty much a part of you. Do not work for someone. Work for self. Work for your own happiness and success in life. Then you will really be true to yourself.

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    First of all, why do you need to be untruthful to yourself? This is because you do not possess the courage to accept your mistakes. To solve this issue there must be courage in you. Relax, for this post brings solutions. So, these are 5 effective ways to remain truthful to yourself.


    Being ignorant is the greatest self-betrayal. If you are ignorant, you are degrading yourself unnoticing. In this way, you are keeping yourself far from truth. You may think you’re right all the time. Many times, you try to justify yourself by placing arguments. Well, this is the biggest mistake you can make. As long as you don't realize your mistakes, you’re lying yourself. So, accept your mistakes to be more truthful to yourself.


    You are your greatest companion. When everyone leaves you, there will always be one man standing, that's you. To be more truthful to yourself, write a diary. A diary is a medium to strengthen the self-bond. It will ease your psychological burden. Just like a mirror reflects who you are, so does a diary. But always remember to keep it private. Nobody wants anyone to get access to it. Therefore, make diary writing a habit.


    Nobody knows yourself better than you. Your should be possessive with your strength and weaknesses. Showcase your strength but hide your weaknesses. Life is growing more competitive day by day. If your opponent came to know about your secret, you’ll be knocked out. So, favor yourself by keeping your weaknesses a secret. This is one of the best ways to be truthful to yourself.


    Some people try to be more superior. Well, you might face them too. Never degrade your status in front of them. Let them speak what they want. Their words won't decide your reality. You’ll learn to be more self-confident and self-reliable. In this way, confidence turns to belief, which leads to try truthfulness. Therefore, always remember this don't tip in mind.


    Since you are a human being, you might have done something wrong. However, it's completely genuine. That is why you must learn to forgive yourself. There won’t be any bitterness in you if you do so. It is probably the greatest of all good deeds. You'll develop more respect for you. In turn, this respect will make enough room for truthfulness. Therefore, forgive yourself and move on.


    To be a better version of yourself, you must be honest. Many find it comforting in living in their imaginations. They live in a different world with their conclusions. It is terrible to live like this. Besides, this is the worst form of lying to yourself. You have to confront situations to remain truthful to yourself. There are many other ways but impractical. These 5 mentioned ways will take of every aspect. Follow these, and remain honest and truthful to yourself.

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