7 tips to stop yourself from giving up too easily

7 tips to stop yourself from giving up too easily


You give up on someone or something either on your own or under the influence of others. Giving up basically means to surrender, to no more think of, and to refuse to do.

You give up yourself either by conscious thought in mind or because due to lack of time to focus. You also tend to give up by being under the influence or pressure of somebody else.

If you give up on your worries, distractions, weaknesses or bad habits and addictions, it is going to be too good for you. But if you give up on something that can change your life for betterment, then you should probably give it a second thought and review your decision.

Identified and jotted down below a couple of reasons why you decide to give up some goal that’s worthwhile pursuing.

  • You lack the requisite skills.
  • You feel it is a lot harder than you anticipated.
  • You fail to manage your time and resources.
  • You don’t see any reasonable progress even after spending a considerable length in time.
  • You are getting distracted most of the time when pursuing the goal.
  • You have other things on priority.
  • You may be facing family or health concerns.

Whatever the reason be, here are 7 tips to stop yourself from giving up too easily.

  1. Have a positive mindset. Develop your personality in a way that you turn all odd tables around. Keep going. Never stop. It is okay to pause once in a while, but not stop forever. You are bound to face obstacles in the midst, but never give up. Understand that every problem has a solution. Either find out a way to come out of the problem or fix the problem and counsel yourself to perform even better. Life is a blend of good and bad phases. Neither does a good phase last forever, nor will a bad phase hold you forever.
  1. When in trouble towards progression, do the why-why analysis. Begin with the trigger that stopped your work. Ask why and search for the answer. You will again find another problem with it. Ask another why and identify the reasons again. Keep doing this why-why reasoning, until you crack a solution to your trouble all by yourself.
  1. If you find the task too difficult than you anticipated, it is okay to seek help from others. Be sociable and check with your network of acquaintances and strangers and share your aspirations. Listen to them. Let them speak and share their opinions and stories. Fine-tune all these towards the task, and you will surely think twice before giving up. You may also give up on the idea of giving up a worthwhile task anymore.
  1. Follow the leaders. Learn from the leaders. Read a lot of real-time stories when you feel like giving up on something. Have the wisdom to talk to your inner self with courageous integrity. Reciprocate actions from other success stories. You will surely drive home yours as well, and you will also have the probability to migrate your working to yet another success story for your juniors to follow.
  1. Understand that you are always being watched. You are not isolated, neither at work and nor at life. There is at least one person who keeps an eye on you. Don’t showcase to be a joker by giving up a goal that is likely to have a substantial effect on your life. If you fail to work out plan A, get plan B to work. Stop not until the goal is reached.
  1. Sometimes when you notice there isn’t noticeable progress towards your goal, despite your efforts, you might feel disappointed and demotivated. Perhaps it could be that the strategy you employed doesn’t just align with this goal. Think of other strategies and alternate methodologies that help you drive in the path you desire. If your two-wheeler gets punctured, ride your car. If your car also breaks down, book a cab. If the cab doesn’t turn up, go by public transport. But freeze your goal in mind and ensure to work towards your goal, at all times.
  1. You have to stay focused and work with a strong will and great determination to achieve your goals. Be honest, and believe in yourself. Your self-esteem and self-control can take you to the next level. So, consciously and continuously work towards your goal and never give up.

When procrastination triggers your mind, the next in line that will crop up is the thought of giving up. So, when you plan and decide to do something, just do it. Do it the right way and do only the right things in life. You will be accredited by success on your shoulders in no time.

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