12 tips on practicing self-reflection

12 tips on practicing self-reflection


Self-reflection is when you are in a serious thinking curve about yourself. You think about your philosophies, ideas, opinions, and actions in life. Self-reflection is your awareness and exhibition of your attributes. With this, you also convey effectively what you exactly want to.

Self-reflection promotes your ability to be broad-minded. You are a willingness to change. You have a sense of trust, knowledge, and courage towards your social beings. You pay importance to interpersonal relations. You also develop empathy for others and make yourself more reliable.

Practice self-reflection, refine, and exhibit your potential. Follow the below listed 12 remarkable tips that might be of help for you.

  • Know your lifestyle.

You exhibit a couple of similar traits frequently. Your thought process is similar on most occasions. The way you respond and act coincides with your past. All these attributes and many more of these form your lifestyle. Evaluate these traits and philosophies you carry in life.

  • Develop more skills and stay updated with the changing times.

The skills you have had given you good results. But that is not the end of it. Add more skills and abilities, use and refine them frequently. Stay updated by adding on skills that can keep you up to date with times. You will be able to handle situations with ease.

  • Identify your powers and the drawbacks of you.

You are skilled but you also have certain flaws in you. Polish your strengths to perform better. And seize your weaknesses as they disturb your flow towards progress.

  • Dictate and dominate your senses. Balance your emotions.

You have too much interest and passion for getting better day after day. However, your mind and senses take control of your actions. Therefore it is important that you have the ability to control your emotions. Also, drive your actions for practicing self-reflection.

  • Stay within your limits. Take the right decisions.

Know your physical limits. Behave socially and maintain harmonious relationships. Do not give a chance for people to gossip over you. Also, understand your limits in terms of the time and resources you have. Work within the limits and deliver the results. Erect robust decision making skills in self and act wisely.

  • Explore new possibilities and record your response.

You know what you do and what you can also try to do. This lays the foundation in enabling you to accept and face new challenges in life.

Articulate all your problem-solving, reasoning, logical, and analytical skills and handle the challenge. Do record the entire process. Review your progress and showcase the new face of you to the world.

  • Stay healthy mentally and physically.

To practice self-reflection and understand yourself better, you need to be fit my body, and healthy by the mind. Gain control over your body and mind and you can for sure master things with much ease.

  • Live in your relationships.

You are a social being and are always watched over by others. It is therefore highly important that you keep alive interpersonal relationships. Do handle them sensitively. This also reflects your personality and self to others.

  • Invite opinions, comments, and criticism.

You are not born with all the skills needed using which you can rule the world. Hence ask for feedback and work to improve on these aspects.

Sit with yourself in silence and review your work. Also, seek feedback from individuals around and consider them in a constructive manner. Finally, launch the better version of self to the world.

  • Habituate to diary writing.

Record all the experiences you had during the day. Put them on paper. You are automatically and subconsciously aligning yourself towards betterment. You are in fact robotically practicing the art of self-reflection.

  • Devote time to the environment.

Spend time with flora and fauna. Enjoy the natural beauty in the world. You tend to spontaneously incline yourself towards practicing self-reflection.

  • Put into practice self-discipline.

Tune yourself towards good and better. Sustain and stabilize this attitude by exhibiting the attribute called self-discipline. Without your very conscious involvement, you are bound to practice self-reflection. You don’t really display this to the world. But such traits in you, show them already.

In a nutshell, self-reflection is your self-identity, the unique you. Self-reflection is all about your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and your personality as a whole. Practicing and developing self-reflection takes a lot of your patience.

You need to spend a considerable amount of time. Self-reflection doesn’t happen overnight or by showcasing one or more good experiences. You have to pay a lot of attention. Ultimately it is all about your personality and your behavior that you would want to demonstrate to the world.

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