5 steps to be a better you

5 steps to be a better you


Firstly, build self-esteem in self. Understand that you are good the way you are. Don’t hang around doubts in your mind regarding the bad aspects of you. You are similar to others in the sense that each has a combination of good and not so good facets that you need to work out.

You need to groom yourself towards a better you as you want to accept, face, and handle newer challenges in life. By working in improving yourself, you would want to enhance your own value and worth. Doing so would however need your exquisite, conscious, and intentional work.

5 steps to be better you have been laid down below for you to readily reckon.

  1. Decide what you want to improve.

If you want to change yourself for betterment, first sort out and make a list of what you want to improve in self. Spend enough time to come up with an exhaustive list that caters to the needs to envision a better you.

You could additionally choose to take feedback from others. Invite feedback from people who eye on you, be it strangers or acquaintances. Consider all the feedback and the criticisms you encountered in a constructive manner. Add whatever qualifies to be appended to your list.

  1. Set an action plan.

Once you are ready with the meticulous list, think of how you can get them to work. Either your skills need to be refined and mastered more, or you have to learn new skills. This apart, you also need to assess carefully the obstacles that could come your way. You should also have a plan in place to overcome these obstacles and move along.

Now develop robust strategies and frame an action plan. For every single plan, accommodate an alternate plan too. Tag each action plan with a specified timeline. Put your plan on to a chart and hold it up for display in a space that attracts your interest. Rehearse them multiple times during the day. Do also give time in reviewing them.

  1. Put an end to procrastination in life.

You very well understand that you need to change. You also identified what in yourself needs to be groomed. You are also ready with plans in place to jump into action. Now what you really need the most is to just do it. Don’t be hesitant or don’t get lazy and procrastinate to do the work later.

Whatever the reason be, just begin with end results in mind and keep working. Foresee the outcomes and begin your first move. Build the mental ability in you, carve out the negativity, stay fit and healthy, and do all that which can keep you going and not wait for excuses. Understand that you are doing for your own betterment in life.

  1. Now commit yourself fully to work.

Begin your first step towards progress and keep moving and climbing up the stairs. Do all this with full focus, dedication, and determination in giving your best. Commit yourself one hundred percent. Promise yourself that you will help in bringing about a change in self.

Drive out all the distractions and worries that keep bothering you while at work. Meditate or exercise if needed, to arrest the worries causing you to worry. Have a sense of emotional and mental balance and work with a healthy mind and body. Set your ambiance organized and keep people informed that you cannot entertain any kind of external disturbance as well.

  1. Sustain and stabilize the better version in you.

Now that you are prepared to give your best and gained control over internal and external circumstances to the extent possible, sustain the situation. Bring out the sense of self-discipline in you. Continue to keep this status quo. Maintain the existing state of affairs.

Understand that by sustaining and stabilizing this kind of attitude, you are sure to grow. And as you keep growing, you are sure to keep tuning yourself towards betterment day after day. Keep in mind that external influencing factors keep changing every now and then. Ensure to change your approach to the changing environment to best fit yourself into that space.

To sum up, working towards a meaningful and a direction oriented personal growth is a never-ending process. By working hard and enjoying the journey, you are sure to reap success in life. In no time, you will be able to release a better version of yourself to the world. You can even deliver your life stories and encourage others by being a visionary and a role model to others.

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    The actual definition of success is when you become a better man. Fortunately, you are aware that you need to be. Well, there are many ways to approach this. With different ways, comes different confusions. If you are engaged in the wrong ways, it will worsen the situation. Every way has got a different formula. Therefore, it is very important to follow the right way. This post will guide you towards better ways to be better. So, here are the 5 most effective steps to be a better you.


    Various situations in life may come with various opponents. This is the most competitive era in history. Nobody is best, as there will be someone better than you. So, if you are better than yourself, you are also beating your opponents. It is very important to be a better you. Therefore, prepare for the upcoming rivalries. Think yourself to be the greatest opponent. Try to beat your records and milestones. Break your limitations, and extend your capabilities. You'll be more successful by being better than yourself. So, think yourself to be the greatest competitor.


    To break your limitations, won't be easy for you. Well, everything has got its price. To make it happen, you've to put extra efforts. Let's understand better with a simple example. Suppose you are a fitness enthusiast. You are always engaged in exercises. Let's say, the maximum number of push-ups you can perform is 50. At times, it will seem extremely hard to cover 40 of them. Always try your best to complete 51. You may have other areas of interest. This is just an example of how you can take a step forward. Various factors will affect your efforts. But, dodge those hurdles and proceed.


    Winning and losing is all part of the game. It is completely genuine to lose. If you lose, say you lost. Never make pity excuses. It sounds very silly, and will degrade will image. Therefore, learn you accept all your mistakes. This will let you know about your weaknesses. Once you are aware of it, you can upgrade. Similarly, if you are appointed some work, don't hesitate. A bad worker never blames his tools. Making excuses will close your all opportunities to get more work. Making silly excuses is no less than an ailment. Therefore, don't make excuses to be a better you.

    4. BE DIRECT

    If you want to convey anything, be direct. Unnecessary talking in loops will sound flattery. Like this, you will lack clarity. So, save your image and avoid that. Besides communication, you must also be direct with your actions. If something benefits you, do it. To be direct, you must make your decisions quickly. However, it does not mean to make decisions in a hurry. You must make yourself eligible for that. Since time is precious for all, do not waste it. Being direct will also increase your productivity. You'll be benefited by many other ways by being direct. Besides, you will grow popular too. So, stay on this trip.

    5. Analyze YOUR PAST

    Our past teaches us many things. To be a better you, you must analyze your past. The whole concept of being better is related to the past. However, there is a systematic approach. Make a list of things you did wrong. Then, evaluate the rational reason behind it. You will get more ideas as you proceed. Research on every topic that bothers you. Also, find out those actions that brought profit and loss. Moreover, make a list of your loyal and disloyal companions in the past. At last, draw a logical conclusion about actions. Only if you analyze your past, you can project your future. Therefore, don't miss out on this important tip.


    Being better than yourself is an everlasting process. The process moves in intermediate steps. Therefore, never think you achieved the ultimate goal. In this process, there is only a running goal. And that is to be better than yourself. The process covers all areas of your life. Right from your childhood to extreme adulthood. The ultimate goal of this aspect is success. It is impossible to achieve success without being a better human. Many claim different ways to be better. However, some ways are outdated and ordinary. In this post, there are the authentic ways to be better. So, follow these and you wouldn't be the same.

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