Simple Pleasures: Finding Joy in Everyday Moments

Simple Pleasures: Finding Joy in Everyday Moments


“Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world.”–Oscar Wilde.

We run.

We hustle.

The time we have still feels not enough.

It’s like a busy wheel that keeps spinning and spinning, right?

Often, it looks like 24 hours is not enough, is it?

Well, it’s not so.

You have plenty of time to pause the busy wheel for a moment.

You can have a break.

You can relish, sense, and experience little happiness scattered all over the day.

Asking How?

Well, pause what you are doing right now. And look around.

The sun, the grass, fresh air, coffees, flowers, a funny meme, easy parking spot, returning home after work, an extra box of lunch from your friend, etc.–all give us a few minutes to pause, reflect, and enjoy what we have.

These simple pleasures can make even the toughest of days pause for a while.

They can stop the busy wheel for a moment and let you breathe and relax.

What are simple pleasures? How do we find or define simple pleasures in life?

“If you don’t love the sea, the sun, all the simple pleasures, what sort of life are you going to have?”—Marty Rubin.

Simple pleasures are basic things. They are everywhere.

“Things, experiences, and feelings that let you relish, appreciate, and enjoy even a minute or two are simple pleasures. They bring happiness and gladness to you in a jiffy.”

Long shower after a long day, your dog waiting for you, knowing that there is a home, catching up with a friend you lost touch with, are life’s simple pleasures.

Recognize them.

Take the joy in them.

Also, don’t shrink these simple things as everyday routines or happenings.

As novelist A. S. Byatt said, “Our days weave together the simple pleasures of daily life…”

Simple pleasures are woven as a part of our daily life.

You don’t have to do anything specific.

You don’t have to go find anything.

You do not have to spend much.

You just have to recognize them, experience them, and relish them.

On that note, I like to share 150+ simple pleasures in life that can bring you happiness. And make you handle your life with ease.

150 Simple Pleasures in Life to boost happiness in life:

Find joy in these simple pleasures.

1. “Dolce far Niente”–The Sweetness of Doing Nothing!

The famous Italian saying “Dolce far niente” means the sweetness of doing nothing.

Have you experienced it?

It’s not being lazy.

It’s just about enjoying and savoring the moments by being idle.

Experiencing the ‘Dolce far Niente is a simple pleasure in life!

2. Morning Coffee brews.

Waking up to a warm and freshly brewed coffee–nothing beats that.

Don’t forget to experiment with the flavors. Hazelnuts, vanillas, cocoas will steal your heart.

Coffees are instant simple pleasures to brighten your day. No doubt.

3. Warm soup on winter mornings

Soups, blankets, socks, and books are the best winter companions. Simple things in life like this bring instant happiness.

4. A good book.

Books–the formidable pleasures in life. No one should miss it.

A book and a large cup of coffee are my simple pleasure hinge.

What’s yours?

Let us know.

5. New haircut.

The fresh look, the new style to flaunt, the outfits to match, wow, the good times right?

6. Conversation with friends. Make the call!

Pick up your phone and call your friend.

Crack jokes. Chat heartily. Know what’s going on.

7. A Whiff of your Favorite Perfume.

Pause and smell your fragrance. Don’t just spray and carry on.

The fragrant notes, a comfortable feeling refreshed senses - relish simple things like this.

8. Popcorn and movie.

You don’t have to wait till the weekend to watch a good movie.

Do it now.

Grab your popcorn. And start watching a movie you like.

You have all the evening and night to you.

9. Spare money.

What if you found some rolled-up cash you don’t remember storing/saving?

Well, it already made your day!

10. Savings are growing.


What better feeling than this with our finances!

11. Changing your backpack/handbag matching your mood and attire.

Why does it have to be a handbag?

Make it a backpack day!

12. Delicious smoothies after your workouts/exercises.

Chilled & sweetened smoothies after workouts!

These simple pleasures can start your day for sure.

13. Baking a simple cake. Having it warm with tea.

A piece of cake, nothing fancy and a cup of tea are enough to unwind your day.


Baking is therapy too and not just a simple pleasure.

14. Flipping through old pictures.

Our old rooms, people we knew all grown up, the missing tooth, the crazy haircuts, outdated fashion outfits at that young age, our young parents, crazy friends, picnics, and so on.

Relish and relive these simple pleasures whenever you can.

15. Petrichor!

Earthy pleasant smell before the rain! What more to ask for when the rain starts!

16. Unexpected Surprises!

What if you can redeem a coupon at your favorite store?

What if your favorite café says coffee today is on us?

It could be anything.

Enjoy these simple pleasures.

17. Planters.

Planters brighten your space instantly.

You can find beautiful varieties of planters.

Buy them.

Decorate your favorite nooks in the office or at home with it. Take joy in simple things like this.

18. Random photo clicking.

Go through your gallery. Dig up all the old pictures.

I’m sure you can see random photos and scenes you clicked!

You will now see how beautiful those shots are!

19. Kitchen cutlery.

The ceramic soup bowls, the tea kettles, fancy teacups, the spoons, the fine kitchen knives are all savoring.

There’s a simple joy in these things.

20. The winters. The springs.

Seasons–the best part of nature.

Do you like the winters or the springs? Tell us.

21. Sweet Taste of Fruits.

Enjoying the sweet taste of mangoes is our simple joy.

What’s yours?

22. Daily message to comfort a friend, you know, going through tough times.

A simple thing like sending an ‘it’s going to be okay soon’ message can bring hope.

23. Cold coffee or a milkshake on a sunny day

The flavor, the chill, and the ice dripping down your throat on a sunny day!

Don’t miss this simple pleasure despite all your work.

Go grab your cold coffee or your ice tea or your favorite milkshake.

24. Watching the night sky from a rooftop.

Watching the night sky and just lying. Feels like you are closer to the sky.

25. Walking barefoot.

Sometimes we wish we could walk barefoot.

No shoes, no socks, no sneakers, no slippers.

Just barefoot feeling the earth, the coolness, the grass, the sand!

26. Sleep as long as you want in the day.

Sleep–an unbeatable simple pleasure. It could be in the day, at night, in the afternoons, on the weekends. It doesn’t matter.

Sleep is a beautiful, the simple pleasure in life.

27. Hot shower in winters

Letting the warm water drizzle down despite the cold on the out!

28. A bookstore sale

As soon as you see the sign ‘sale,’ do you rush into the store and look for the book you long wanted to buy and read?

Waiting for a book sale to happen online?

29. Discount at the right time

Something’s been in the shopping cart for so long?

I can understand the mood.

Right discounts at the right time? Well, who doesn’t want it?

30. Watching your kids play

Kids in their world, an imaginary world with pretends friends playing and having fun.

Watch and enjoy.

Simple pleasures like these can change the day from bad to good.

31. Fresh bedsheets and warm blankets.

Feels good to lay and relax on clean and crisp bed sheets and blankets.

Do you feel so?

32. Binge-watching

I remember a funny meme about this.

I need to stop, I whispered to myself as I clicked ‘next episode.’

Binge-watching, marathon-watching, Netflix's and a nap are simple pleasures to enjoy on weekends.

33. Watching the rain

There is peace and joy in watching the rain.

34. Friends and food.

Have any better combos than this?

35. A good pen.

Wonder how some people love their pens and feel like it’s a part of them?

A simple thing like a pen can make them happy as soon as they see it or write with it!

36. Enjoying a sarcastic, funny meme page.

Sometimes a simple meme can make your day.

37. Half-day off.

The afternoons you can spend doing whatever you want. That’s a simple pleasure.

38. Doing nothing and just sitting in a park. Watching people.

It's not in a creepy way, okay!

Doing nothing and sitting in the park watching people is a simple joy.

39. Beach walking.

Collecting seashells, feeling the sand, enjoying the waves touching your feet - they are simple pleasures scattered in our life.

Make time and walk on the beach. You can feel the joy!

40. Home-cooked meals

What’s the best food in town?

Look in your kitchen.

Your home-cooked meal is steaming hot and waiting for you.

41. Clean space everywhere.

Stack your books. Tidy your desk. Arrange everything properly.

Now, look!

A clean space will bring your joy.

42. Hugging your loved one tightly

A simple pleasure to boost your happiness is a warm hug from your loved one.

43. Good pastries

Enjoy good pastries. Savor the taste. It’s a simple joy.

44. Freshly baked cookie

Cookies are not just for kids. It’s for us too.

Big, chocolate chunky cookies are simple pleasures in our everyday lives.

Enjoy without guilt.

45. Conversations with your best friend.

You and your best friend, eating and conversing–the best of times!

46. Getting to watch a good old movie you love.

Who doesn’t love classics?

What’s your favorite old-time classic? Share with us.

47. A rib-tickling, funny movie, or a video clip any time of the day.

Laughter–the best option so far to perk up your energy!


Watch simple things like a funny clip or a funny video whenever you like.

48. Pre-Rain changes

The darkness, the sudden chillness in the air, the petrichor, the clouds, mild thundering–these pre-rain things are beautiful simple pleasures in life.

Let’s enjoy and relish the rain times.

49. Rain.

Watch it. Hear it.

50. Coffee shops

Cafes are fascinating.

Menu boards, the freshly roasted coffee smell, the pastries, people at the counters, coffee cups, coffee collars–simply watching them brings joy.

Simple things in life like this can brighten your day and give you a good start.

51. Being a regular:

Been a regular to any café or a breakfast joint or any shops near you?

The love and warmth you receive as soon as you step in is amazing. It is a simple pleasure to experience every day.

52. Window side

Traveling by the window seat is a simple pleasure I relish every day.

What is yours?

53. To laugh until your sides and stomach ache

When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach and sides ached?

54. Lazy weekends, especially Sunday.

Sunday’s are simple pleasures, period.

55. The way you take your Coffee/Tea.

How do you like your coffee?

Do you like creamy tea?

They are simple things that bring you joy, is it?

56. Weekend movies, gaming nights with friends.

Happy times are guaranteed!

57. Water coloring

You can find basic tutorials for beginners. They are fun. They are simple.

58. Lighting a scented candle

Had a long day?

Just light your favorite candle. Let the aroma fill in.

59. Washed and freshly pressed clothes

Crisp clothes bring us joy.

60. Art journaling.

It’s a simple pleasure that you can enjoy any time of the day.

Write. Draw. Stick your movie tickets, paper cuttings, or die-cuts.

Paint or sketch.

Do whatever you like.

61. A good breakfast.

Start your day with a simple breakfast. Have something you like.

62. Cupcakes

What is your go-to flavor? Let us know!

63. Able to donate to someone or some cause.

Extending your small help can be a big thing in someone’s life.

64. Seeing your favorite outfit at a discount.

Eyeing on this outfit for a long time?

What if it’s available at a price that makes you happy?


Simple joys!

66. The smell of old books

Wondering why the old bookstores are charming?

67. Handwritten notes

Someone’s taking an extra effort for you! Appreciate it.

Receive this simple joy.

68. Enjoying the solitude.

It’s okay to take a break from everyone.

Enjoy your alone time.

69. Giving a compliment

A simple thing like complimenting your friend, a colleague, a stranger, or just anyone you know can make their day.

70. Sharing.

Sharing is caring!

71. The early morning sun

The warmth of the early morning sun is amazing.

72. Nature

Nature- it’s the earth’s simple pleasure.


73. The love from a puppy even to strangers.

Puppies love everyone.

74. Music. Any time of the day.

Try to listen to your favorite song any time of the day. This simple thing is an instant mood lifter.

75. Listening to sea waves

Sea waves are relaxing. Stand and let the waves touch your feet.

76. Wallpapers

It sounds silly, is it?

But we enjoy changing our wallpapers, don’t we?

77. The earthy smell from herbs.

Taking a few seconds to smell the rosemary, your oranges, the lavender, vanilla are simple pleasures.

78. Calm after the rain.

A gloomy calm after the rain is beautiful.

79. Flowers

A rose is all it takes. Your day is up already, is it?

Enjoy these simple things.

80. Long-awaited Re-stock notifications.

It could be the pen you wanted. Or the dress you liked. It could be anything.

A simple restock-notification can bring joy.

81. Visiting local stores.

Going to local stores, meeting the people, you know from childhood every day are simple things in life that bring pleasure.

82. Plants for your balcony

Find a suitable planter and plants. Your balcony will become your new favorite spot.

83. Decorating your home/office corner

Keep your work/study space as joyful as possible. They are simple things to brighten your everyday life.

84. Hanging your favorite posters

Do you like minimalism or vintage style?

85. A bar of chocolate

When is the last time you enjoyed a bar of chocolate and messed up your hands?

Don’t miss these simple pleasures.

86. Learn a DIY.

It’s therapeutic to make something with your hands. Try it.

87. Picking/dropping friends or colleagues on the way.

Best way to connect. A simple joy!

88. A spa day

Do something for yourself now and then.

89. Burgers and fries

The simple things in life - Go for it.

90. Being random.

Have you been like this?

Just doing random things and being random. No goals. Just being in the moment doing what you do.

91. Writing

Sometimes it feels good to write and vent things out.

92. Scrapbooking

Collect pictures, movie tickets, bills, dried leaves, and all the likes. Make a scrapbook. It’s a wonderful gift, too.

93. Heartfelt conversation after a long time.

People love to talk. They like to talk. It’s a simple pleasure in life.

94. Holding hands

You can rest your long bad day by the simple act of holding hands with your loved one.

Not just your loved ones.

95. Good pasta and a pizza after a long time.

Trying to cut down calories?

It’s alright.

But make an exception today. Try to have a good pizza or pasta. Treat yourself to these simple delights.

96. Weekend markets, crafts, and home-grown gourmet foods.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of visiting craft stores, farmer's markets, gourmet food exhibits, and such.

97. A simple sandwich

A simple, delicious peanut butter sandwich can change your day!

98. Swing

Have you tried the swing?

Forget the world for a moment and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

99. Indoors on a stormy day.

Stormy day, moist in the air, the roar of the winds, and watching the world from the window are all good times.

Don’t miss it.

100. A warm fire on the winter days in the house.

Put on the fire. Now you need an armchair and a book. Simple pleasures are everywhere in life.

101. Collecting Seashells, or stamps, or posters or pebbles.

We all have a little kid inside us!

102. Lights and neon signs at night.

The city never sleeps, is it!

103. All your favorite shows are streaming again.

Grab your remote! Get the popcorn ready.

104. Hot chocolates and marshmallows.

Basic things can bring happiness. You don’t always need fancy things to be happy.

105. Washing your hair.

A good hair day can lift your mood.

106. Free samples.

Free perfume samples, cheese samples, jam samples - they are simple pleasures.

107. Telescopes, observatories–viewing the night sky.

The world will look calmer and at a stand-still when you look at the night sky.

108. Watching the babies.

Babies are little wonders.

109. A rocking chair.

Sit back and enjoy this simple pleasure.

110. Peaceful place for you.

Do you have a place or a nook that you find peaceful and makes you happy?

111. Letting your car windows down and enjoying the sharp raindrops.

This is a beauty in driving while drizzling!

112. Karaoke

What is your all-time favorite song? Tell us!

113. Quiet mornings

Wake up early. You can experience the earth in a ‘pause’ and slowly releasing itself.

114. You like someone for no reason.

It’s strange but a wonderful thing.

115. Favorite ringtones.

Every time your phone rings you get excited, don’t you?

A simple joy!

116. Knowing that you have come to this far in life.

Look back. You have come this far tackling everything.

Pat yourself! Take joy in it!

117. Hitting the bed after a long day of work.

Well, what more can we ask for than this!

118. Falling asleep before you know it.

It’s a beautiful thing to fall asleep without you being conscious about it.

119. When people notice and appreciate little things, we do for them.

It will make you happy.

120. Fruits of labor.

Getting the weight you wanted, the skin and hair you wished for, a recipe you have been trying to perfect, the business goal you wanted to reach, the money you wanted to make, etc.

121. Surprise visits.

These simple pleasures bring you joy.

122. Doodling. Scribbling.

Try it!

123. Looks like you don’t have to wait in line!

Sounds great!

124. Postcard from a friend.

You can send it to your friends!

125. Your playlists.

Curating any playlist for a while?

Look at it again. You will feel glad!

126. When a stranger rests (or sleeps) on your shoulders while traveling.

A simple pleasure!

127. Random gifting–don’t wait for special occasions.

It could be a note, a flower, a bar of chocolate, an extra scoop of ice cream, a phone cover, or anything—the joy of random gifting is wonderful.

You don’t have to spend much. A flower, or a piece of paper that says a ‘hi, have a good day’ would do.

128. A warm kiss

A kiss is something that makes both the giver and the receiver happy.

Kiss is the greatest simple pleasure in life.

129. Random positive notes.

Just write and put in on people’s bags, buses, cash counters, or any place.

130. Seeing someone like you.

What if you see someone who is your twin?

What if they have the same personality, same attitude, and same traits?

Wonderful simple pleasure!

131. Time

We feel happy when the time is up, and we can wind our day.

We feel glad that we have another day to start what you want.

132. Bubble wrap.

Popping the bubble wrap–simple joys of life! We feel like a kid again.

133. The Commute - Home to Work and Vice versa.

It feels glad to watch people on the bus or a train getting ready for the day’s work.

Same way, it feels relaxing to see people getting back to their homes after work.

The travel from home to work and vice versa is a great time.

Enjoy it.

134. Thought that you have enough!

Every day taking a second to think that you have good things that many don’t have or strive for it.

135. Hammock and music.

They are life’s simple pleasures. Spend time on things like this.

136. Afternoon naps.

Naps- A simple joy in life!

137. Receiving the online order, you placed. Waiting at your doorstep.

You feel happy, don’t you?

138. When you see someone you know working on the counters.

It could be in the bank, the cafes, the bakeries, or just anywhere.

It feels good to see people you know working in a place you are now visiting.

139. Your crush.

No one can escape this feeling, is it?

We all have a crush! They are simple pleasures that make our life interesting and fun.

140. Your new tune in repeated mode.

What is your new favorite song?

141. The internet still goes when you are halfway through a movie.

You are in the middle of an engrossing movie. And suddenly, the daily speed limit says, “you will be out in no time.”

The “Oh No. Not now!” feeling!

I get it.

That’s a bust.

Data that goes for a long time is a simple pleasure.

142. Customized laptop/iPad cases.

Do you like superheroes?

143. A specs-frame that suits you perfectly.

The best feeling when you settle with a frame that compliments your face and features!

144. Self-care

The best simple pleasures in life for you will be self-care.

145. Window shopping

How many of you find it joyful?

146. Snowflakes in winter

Snowflakes are the best part of winter, agree?

147. Butterflies

Butterflies sitting on your bag, or shoulder, or hair or on your hand–feels glad, is it?

148. Bike rides–road trips

A Road trip with friends or with your loved one is a simple pleasure in life. Plan a trip often.

149. Walking in drizzling rain.

Try it.

Thank us later.

150. Knowing that you are doing the right thing.

Make sure the right things are also good!

Hope you like them.

Don’t miss these simple pleasures in life. They make our life interesting.

On that note, let’s see some of the simple pleasures that you can enjoy in a day.

30 Simple pleasures to brighten your day:

1. Brewing and enjoying Morning Coffee.

2. Listening to light-hearted, entertaining, or motivating podcasts.

3. Taking a nice shower and getting ready to start the day.

4. Work out/Exercising.

5. A sumptuous breakfast.

6. Wearing your favorite clothes.

7. A meme or a quote.

8. Grabbing another coffee cup for your friend.

9. Cold beverage in the middle of the day.

10. Saving a few cash today.

11. Putting a smile on someone.

12. Getting an ice cream for you.

13. Driving. Good Music - On your way to work.

14. Looking in the mirror once you are dressed and ready.

15. Favorite travel mug to carry with you.

16. A makeover. A little makeup. Getting your hair right. Little here and little there.

17. Waking up to a tidy kitchen.

18. Meeting friends for lunch.

19. An unexpected day off.

20. Call or a message from a friend. Cracking jokes.

21. Loved ones checking on you to see if you’re okay or how your day was.

22. Check few/all things off your to-do list.

23. Your grocery seller restocked all the things you need.

24. A quick work trip somewhere. Get to feel the air out. The drive.

25. Extra change to give to those in need on your way.

26. See someone you like today on your way. A brief chat and a goodbye.

27. Wearing the accessories you love. It can be a tie, a watch, a jewel, or anything.

28. A tidy wardrobe.

29. Feeling great knowing that you did well and gave your best today.

30. Time to wind up! Closing your laptop and done for the day.

These are simple pleasures that brighten your day and help you appreciate ‘this’ moment.


“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”–Henry Ward Beecher.

When you recognize the joy in simple pleasures, you will start appreciating life more.

Simple pleasures may look unimportant. They might look irrelevant. They may or may not solve the problems.

But understand that as simple as a scoop of ice cream, a phone call to a friend, a warm, sumptuous meal can make your tough day easy to deal with.

Simple pleasures and simple things make our life and our day worth living.

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