7 Important reasons behind low self-esteem

7 Important reasons behind low self-esteem


Self-esteem is your confidence in your ability to deliver a task. Self-esteem is considered a significant personality trait that defines your level of sureness and respect for yourself. Self-esteem is influenced tremendously by your own experiences in life.

However, unhealthy, over much, or low self-esteem levels can be harmful to you personally, socially, mentally, and emotionally. Especially with low self-esteem levels, you tend to find fault with your own self, which may not be the case at all times. You tend to showcase too much of anxiety and eagerness to please others and grab their attention. You also lean towards being jealous and express envious at others.

7 magnificent signs of low self-esteem are jotted down below for your review.

1. Failure to understand and assess your strengths.

You have a couple of known strengths in you, which you use as needed. But there are yet other strengths in you that might have come for use occasionally. You are consciously unaware of these strengths in you unless you don’t face a situation to work them out.

Therefore, spend time with yourself exploring the strengths in you. Unless you don’t realize the worth in you, you cannot gain the required self-confidence. Without self-confidence, you only test yourself in aligning with the situation when you can actually perform.

2. Addictions and weaknesses that chase you.

With a bad habit in you, you always get distracted and lose focus at work. Your carvings for addictions keep bothering you all the time. Hence understand such weaknesses of yours. They curb down the self-esteem levels in you. So cut down on your addictions in a way to boost your confidence levels, to perform better, and advance in life.

3. Poor academic statistics.

You might have enough intelligence and brainpower. But because of your low grades in academics, you always feel low on self-esteem levels. Understand that talent, skills, and performance overshoot the numbers. Test results tell you what is in your brain at that point in the assessment itself. But your traits, life skills, and accomplishments talk about the real worth in you.

4. Break in the career.

You might be working somewhere. For some reason, you wanted to shift your professional workspace, either vertically or horizontally. But if the transition doesn’t happen smoothly, you tend to lose confidence in yourself. You feel lost and unworthy in life. Besides all these, external factors also keep pinching you and making you feel restless and incapable. On top of everything, your personal commitments tend to see growth at a downgraded pace.

Understand that a break in your career is for your betterment. Because you get sufficient time for improving your skills and aligning to new skills as well. You also get time to spend with your loved ones and spend more time with your own self too.

5. The negative network of friends.

You are a social being. You are always surrounded by people of varied nature, those who are good and those who are bad in life. With good-natured people around, you also enjoy your life. But if your network is predominantly fenced by people with a negative mindset, then their thought process also casts an influence on the way you think, behave, act, react, and respond to circumstances.

Either keep yourself at a distance from such negative energies or think over again about revising your relationships. Ultimately, you don’t want to fail in life, for no cause of yours.

6. Too many personal commitments.

You are such a highly responsible individual in life that you have too many commitments to deliver in your sphere. With so many obligations and pledges on the personal and professional front, you tend to lose focus, dedication, and determination. You feel low on energy levels and low on self-esteem. But if you can work with a proper plan in place, scheduling time for everything, you will automatically boost up your confidence levels.

7. Comparing self to others.

It is a general human tendency that you keep comparing yourself to others. As your numbers and achievements seem less against others, you lose your confidence levels. However, you have to understand the fact of life that you are unique, just like anybody else. If you have the edge over a skill, somebody else has an advantage over some other skill. That doesn’t mean you are inferior to the others. If only you want to compare, compare your present to your past and understand where you stand, and if you progressed in life.

Finally, comprehend that if you have healthy and positive self-esteem, then you firmly believe in yourself and in the decisions to take. You are generally not worried about your future. Because you now have the capacity to drive home more happiness and more riches in life.

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    Low self-esteem can make higher hurdles in your way. Almost in every area in life, you'll struggle more. There can be many reasons for your low self-esteem. However, some selective reasons affect more in this case. These reasons remain unnoticed to the untrained eye. In this post, some specific points are highlighted for a better understanding. It will guide you towards the necessary precautions. So, here are 5 reasons behind your low self-esteem.


    Well, this is a serious issue you must look upon. Talking too much can drastically affect your image. You sound more flattery on useless speeches. Avoid speaking unnecessary content. You must speak only that is relevant. Moreover, many love speaking, more than listening. If you let this continue, people won't find any interest in you. This can also invite shameful instances in your life. Therefore, try to listen more than you speak. Researchers say that your brain functions more when you are silent. This is true, as your brain can’t think and talk simultaneously. Keeping these things in mind, think before you speak.


    Throughout our lives, we find many friends. Also, we develop different friend-circles in different stages of our lives. You may not be aware, but companionship determines our self-esteem. A talkative friend-circle will hinder your self-esteem. This is because you are in touch with them physically and emotionally. Your instincts will try to acquire their perception. We acquire instincts from all humanity. We acquire instincts from the people surrounding us. Well, this is genuine for all humanity. Therefore, we must select the correct friend-circle carefully. Always find companions who puts more effort into action rather than speech.


    If you are poor at studies, your self-esteem might get affected. However, academic performance is important, but not at the cost of your self-esteem. A good academic performance will elevate your bio-data and self-esteem. But sometimes, we can’t cope with our studies. This remains an issue to be thought of. The best way is when we condition ourselves. To let this happen, you must be aware of a few things. You must be aware that marks can't decide your future. Many students are depressed regarding their academic performance. They are often bullied even by members of the family. So dear mates, don’t lose hope. For you are equipped with a different specialty.


    Life is a combination of various events. Similarly, our lives are a small domain in this happening. Different events took place in our lives. Some are memorable, while others faded from our memory. Life events create immense impacts on our lives. Thus, they can alter your self-esteem too. At times, we faced certain situations that disgraced us. Keeping that in mind, we hesitate on doing the work next time. This happens because our self-esteem is being destroyed. Since we are human beings, mistakes are a small happening in our lives. Once we are aware of this, we can buckle ourselves. There might be many shameful instances in the future too. So, beware of your actions.


    If you have a more creative mind, get ready for criticism. There are skeptics whose ultimate motive is to criticize. For many, criticism is very embarrassing. Moreover, it is a nightmare for the struggling class. It can chew your self-esteem to pieces and spit it out. Then, it will be very difficult for you to regain it. There is a class of people who takes criticism like a blessing. This is the quality of the leader class. Once you learn to do that, you'll be unstoppable. Even the President of the country has to face criticism. But despite that, the country functions well. Therefore, be ready to take criticism anytime and anywhere. This will help you save your self-esteem.


    Self-esteem is an individual's most powerful weapon. It is so effective that it can make the impossible happen. But, to maintain its effectiveness, is not as easy at it seems. There will be many challenges to degrade this weapon. So, to maintain its efficiency, some key points must be known. Your level of self-esteem had the potential to decide your future. It can decide whether you'll subjugate or be subjugated. Taking every aspect into account, these 5 things are found to lower your self-esteem. With things pre-known, problems are easier to solve. You may encounter these 5 things in any aspect of your life. So, keep these mentioned points in mind.

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