how to take better care of yourself -self care practices

how to take better care of yourself -self care practices

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    5 Best Self-Care Tips and Practices

    “Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” – Katie Reed.

    On that note, we like to share with you all 5 best self-care tips and practices connected to practical life. They will give a clear understanding of what self-care is and how to better take care of yourself.

    Let us begin understanding the self-care.

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    1. Treat yourself Responsibly:

    Treating yourself sensibly and maturely is the best self-care tip we recommend.

    So, what is good self-care?

    Is doing whatever I feel is good for me is self-care?

    I can do whatever I want?

    Here’s the right answer.

    Good Self-care is:

      Getting rid of things that do no good for you physically and mentally.

        Getting rid of things that don’t take you forward in life.

          Removing habits an behaviors that put you down from achieving what you want

            Offering self-compassion.

              Accepting yourself for who you are.

                Inculcating habits and behaviors that build you physically and mentally.

                  To keep learning. To gain knowledge.

                    To accept things that you cannot change.

                      To go with the flow

                        Realize that Self-care is not being irresponsible. It is not about removing uncomfortable truths that you have to face. It is not about being in a self-made bubble.

                        And surely, self-care is not about justifying everything you feel is right.

                        Self-care practices should nurture your mind, body, and soul with positive and life-uplifting features. It should not make you go reckless in doing whatever you want.

                        Kindly remember to draw a line between ‘being responsible’ and ‘knowing the irresponsible behaviors’ you should avoid in the name of self-care.

                        2. Learn to Say ‘No.’

                        The best self-care idea to start with is by learning to say ‘No’ when you have to.

                        Say No, when people demand more from you.

                        Say ‘No’ when you feel ‘it’s not right’ despite external pressures.

                        Use words like ‘I will get back to you,’ ‘can I contact you shortly.’ Think it over. It is okay to say ‘no’ when you don’t feel like doing it.

                        We lose our precious time, energy, and thoughts over things we pretend to like, accept. In reality, we don’t feel like it. Let’s get rid of this. Start saying no when you have to. Do it firmly and kindly.

                        3. Save:

                        Save positive energy, good health, good relationships, loyalty, honesty, moral strength, courage, and all nurturing things in life.

                        Save some money for yourself. Some money for your own will give you a sense of confidence and comfort.

                        Save some personal time in a day to do things you like and enjoy.

                        Save good people, you come across in your life.

                        Your self-care routine starts with Saving in everything.

                        4. Follow the Ten rules of IKIGAI:

                        The Ten Rules of IKIGAI are the best self-care ideas to try every day. They are:

                          Stay active; don’t retire

                          Keep yourself active physically and mentally. Don’t give up on life. Don’t give up your mental strength because of negative people and everyday hustle.

                            Take it slow

                            Take life slowly. We need not rush in the name of comparison and competing. The slow pace will take us so far.

                              Don’t fill your stomach.

                              Eat only when you are hungry. Eat light. Longer life means eating light.

                                Surround yourself with good friends

                                Your true friends are the best people to share your life with, right?

                                Earn good friends in life. Cherish them.

                                  Get in shape for your next birthday:

                                  It applies to your body and for your mind.

                                  Birthday is a new beginning, right?

                                  Why not start it in good shape?

                                  Get in shape by bringing healthy eating and some exercise routines daily. Get your mind in place by bringing positive habits.


                                    The best self-care idea costs nothing. All you have to do is SMILE and nothing else. A cheerful attitude can tackle everything our life throws.

                                      Reconnect with nature

                                      Connecting nature is a wonderful way of self-care and therapy too. Spend some time every day in silence, admiring nature.

                                        Give thanks

                                        Give thanks for everything you have. And say thanks to all the good things you are about to receive.

                                          Live in the moment

                                          If you ask How to better take care of yourself, ‘Live in the moment’ and ‘Live the moment’ is the best answer we could find.

                                          We think you agree too!

                                            Follow your IKIGAI

                                            Your IKIGAI is your passion and the fire inside you. It keeps you up. Follow that passion in life. Pursue that dream.

                                            Everyone has their own IKIGAI. So do you. Find it. It is something that will make you happy, creative, kinder, stronger, and successful.

                                            The ten rules of IKIGAI cover all self-care practices we need for life. It is up to us to take it in our life and follow it.

                                            5. Other Best Self-care Tips and Practices:

                                            Here are self-care practices to cope with everyday wear and tear like anger, sadness, loneliness, etc.

                                            Self-Care tips when you feel sad:

                                            Have you noticed how you look for something extra though you have all the positive things around when you are sad?

                                            That is your mind and body looking for some self-care and self-compassion from you.

                                            To return to a positive space again, you can follow some self-care ideas like:

                                              ✔︎ Watch feel-good, light-hearted movies, rom-com, sitcoms, etc.

                                                ✔︎ Listen to your favorite musicals, artist plays, concert music, or any genre of your choice, etc.

                                                  ✔︎ Get comfort food. Buy some nice dessert.

                                                    ✔︎ Write. Write down what happened, what made you sad, and what you can do to overcome it in your terms.

                                                      ✔︎ Dress up, go for a walk, and do window shopping.

                                                        ✔︎ Try any Pinterest Idea. Pinterest has tons of wonderful feeds that you can browse through to pass some time.

                                                          ✔︎ Browse through wonderful Instagram feeds that have cheery, happy vibes like cake baking, cute animals, good dressing, lifestyle, etc. it will help you get your mind off the sad feeling.

                                                            ✔︎ Sleep.

                                                              ✔︎ Make yourself a nice coffee and start a novel.

                                                                ✔︎ You can buy books, dresses, or something that’s been in your wishlist.

                                                                  ✔︎ You can water your plants. Play with your pet.

                                                                    Write down your feelings .jpg

                                                                    Self-care tips when you feel lonely:

                                                                    Psychologically, the need to follow good self-care practices becomes predominant when an individual is staying alone or mentally feeling lonely.

                                                                    Few self-care ideas are:

                                                                      Grow plants.

                                                                        Read your favorite novel again or start a new one.

                                                                          Every day call someone you like. A friend, a family member, or a relative you are close with. Engage in a hearty conversation. You will become light and not alone.

                                                                            You will never feel lonely with a hobby.

                                                                              You can journal. Paint. Try beginners watercolor arts.

                                                                                Try enjoying your own company. It’s good.

                                                                                  Engage in group activities like volunteering, nature-watching, book-clubs, etc.

                                                                                    You can learn a new language, new skills, train in any physical pursuits like trekking, camping, etc.

                                                                                      Travel. You can do local sight-seeing, visit different cafes, libraries, etc.

                                                                                        Self-Care practices when you feel angry and worried:

                                                                                          Go for a walk.

                                                                                            Water a plant. It seems silly, but when you see a plant and water it, all your anger will subside. Try it.

                                                                                              Excuse yourself and remove yourself from the situation that is hiking your anger quotient.

                                                                                                Write Jot down the rage and anger, you are experiencing in words. It will prevent you from taking wrong judgments, utter harsh words, etc.

                                                                                                  You can scream if you want somewhere in a safe space.

                                                                                                    Call your best friend and let it all out.

                                                                                                      Practice to shut your mind and control the words. It can be hard in the beginning, but if you keep practicing, you can do it.

                                                                                                        By doing any self-care practices and losing some time in it, you clear your mind. You will get rid of anger, sadness, and worry temporarily. The calmness you experience will create a better headspace to deal with troubling issues.


                                                                                                        To answer your question of how to better take care of yourself, we have shared 5 best self-care tips and practices for you all. We are in good hope that it is useful.

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