Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

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    20 ways to overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough.’

    We all hit a point in life or even in a day where we feel ‘am I really good enough’.

    So, how to move on from this feeling?

    How to deal with ‘I don’t feel good enough’?

    We will help you with that.

    Here are 20 ways to overcome ‘I am not good enough’ feeling that comes to us.

    Go through them one by one. You can see what you can do and what you can avoid to cross over the ‘I am not good enough’ feeling.

    1. When you lack self-confidence

    It becomes hard to overcome ‘I am not good enough’ feeling when there is no self-confidence.

    This is the first mental block we have to remove.

    Build your self-confidence. Don’t allow it to break at any cost for anything.

    2. You are more than your mistakes:

    Earning a low salary compared to your friends? That’s fine. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

    Made a mistake? It doesn’t define who you are.

    Your salary, body type, your accidental mistakes, the place you live, the car you have, the job you do doesn’t define who you are.

    Remember this always.

    3. You cannot be ‘everything.’

    It is impossible to be perfect at everything.

    If you try to be, you will find something missing always. We feel we are not good enough.

    Make progress. Develop into a better self. Be better than who you were yesterday. This is what matters.

    4. The inside reflects on the Outside

    You won’t feel good enough if you don’t feel good from within.

    Build your self-respect and self-confidence.

    Embrace self-compassion and self-acceptance in life.

    5. Set the right tone for ‘perfection.’

    Perfection means different for different people.

    Set the tone of perfectionism for your own life. Build your life block by block. Come with a perfect building of your own filled with happiness and content. This is the best answer for ‘am I good enough’ question.

    Don’t be intimidated by the perfection tone set by other people.

    6. What is making you insecure?

    Your Insecurities are the dominant culprits.

    Our insecurities will make us feel we are not good enough.

    Self-doubt, past failures, uncomfortable in socializing, lack of self-confidence are few common insecurities, everyone faces in life.

    Identify what is making you insecure. You can easily change it.

    7. Accept your Downside

    Accepting that you are not perfect, and you have things to figure out is good.

    In a way, you are overcoming the ‘I am not good’ mindset and moving to ‘I can improve’ mindset.

    8. Set Digital Boundaries:

    Not all the time. But, often, social media is making people feel they are not good enough with what they do and what they have. Somehow, the picture-perfect feeds bring insecurity to people.

    Avoid negative experiences that social media has.

    9. The path for ‘You’ is different.

    We all have a different life. The way we think, act, speak, and perceive life can be different. Then why do we have to look into each other’s path or try to travel in it? We can end feeling ‘my life is not good enough.’

    Let’s travel in our path at our own pace.

    10. You are not alone

    Are you thinking ‘Am I really good enough’? You are not alone in this.

    What makes people stronger and successful is, they get over the ‘I am not good enough’ thought.

    And, they look at the next thing they need to do.

    11. Get Back

    If your inner critic keeps saying, ‘I am not good enough,’ let it say.

    Put your attention to the work you have in hand and not to the inner-critic.

    Focus on where you want to go or what you want to do. Silence the inner-critic saying ‘You are inadequate’.

    Get back stronger.

    12. Acknowledge your little success too.

    Don’t say, “This is nothing” when you did something good.

    Even if it is little, give credits to the efforts, energy, and work you put into it.

    The feeling of ‘I am not good enough will not go unless you make little self-appreciation efforts.

    13. ‘When you feel down, go be a blessing to somebody else.” – Joyce Meyer

    This is by far the best among the 20 ways to overcome the feeling that I am not good enough.

    When you feel like you are not good enough, do whatever you can to be a blessing in somebody’s life.

    A smile, a hand of help, appreciative words, an extra box of food for the homeless on your way to work, etc. are little things that can be a blessing to those who receive it.

    If you are kind, helping and empathetic, there is no way you are not good enough.

    14. Is someone or something making you feel you are not good enough?

    The flipside to ‘I am not enough’ feeling is, it is not always internal.

    Bad relationships, negative people, jealous people, bad jobs can make you feel you are not good enough.

    The next time you feel ‘I am not good enough,’ remember to see if something or someone is making you feel so. Don’t jump right into the feeling of ‘I don’t do anything well.’

    15. You need Failures in Life

    Accept failures. They are like a reality check for you to see where you lag and where you need to improve.

    It’s okay to fail. But it is not okay to let failure make you feel you are not enough.

    16. Is there a ‘Demand’ before you?

    If your family, friends, relationships, and jobs demanding too much from you?

    Too many demands and expectations from other people will make you doubt yourself about ‘am I really good enough’?

    Don’t be held back by these situations. The mistake here is not yours. It is theirs. The ‘Demanding’ people don’t respect and value the efforts we make.

    17. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Don’t let other people decide or judge or tell your worth.

    This is a key reason why you and I feel we are not good enough in many situations.

    Don’t let such people get to you.

    18. Take Self-Care

    Dress confidently.

    Always make eye contact.

    Smile confidently.

    Use appreciative words to yourself like ‘I can do this,’ ‘I did a good job,’ ‘well done’, ‘that was good.’

    Be kind, firm, confident, and compassionate.

    Take care of your body language.

    Stay fit. Eat healthily.

    Pursue a hobby. Do things you like.

    These are positive practices you can bring in your life.

    The more positive you feel from the inside and outside, the more confident you become. You easily overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’.

    19. Stop Over-Thinking:

    Every time we overthink, you know where we end up?

    We end up having feelings like disappointment, not good enough, not better enough, what if it happens, what if it goes bad, it is not sufficient; it is worrying, etc.

    When you stop overthinking, you can create a good headspace to think, calmly, and productive. The broken confidence, the doubts, and what-ifs will fade. It becomes easy to get over the ‘I am not good enough’ attitude.

    20. You made it to date, do you agree?

    Ups and downs would have bumped into your life.

    Guess what! You made it this far despite your ‘am I enough’ feeling. Cheers to you to made this far.

    Take care of a few things we mentioned above to overcome the inadequate feeling.

    You are good to go for the coming miles in life!


    The 20 ways to overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’ is more of a kick-starter for you. Contemplate over the thoughts we shared here.

    Louis L. Hay says,

    “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

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