The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily

The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily


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    How can I improve my positive aura?

    Do you know about Aura?

    “As human beings, we radiate a shallow level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field,” says Christina Lonsdale, who is a Portland-based artist of a widespread aura photography practice called Radiant Human.

    The Aged medical system believes that this energy is expired in seven layers, representing various traits of a human, viz., spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. Also, these layers can interact with each other, which affects your overall health.

    Your aura is visible in the form of a luminous body that surrounds your physics.

    Well, it's another vast topic that can let you know many things about the energies you have. For now, let's focus on how to improve your positive aura.

    1) Meditation is important

    As I said earlier, mediation is being in existence for decades and still being used by people for a better lifestyle. When you spend your time on mediation and devote your time entirely to this practice to focus on yourself and your life, you will see its effect on your mental and physical health. Which also makes your aura more vibrant.

    2) Try Visualization

    Imagine that, only by breathing exercise, you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negativity out of your body.

    Well, this trick also helps you to clean your aura by breathing exercise. And you let go of all the streaks and dark spots that your atmosphere has.

    3) Positive Affirmations

    Saying positive affirmations will be more beneficial in improving your aura. This will work from outside and not inside of you. But, along with cleaning your atmosphere from the inside, try out cleaning and boosting it from outside too.

    4) Energy balance and heal

    For this trip, you may need to take help from the professionals and teachers to teach you to find the energy imbalance and make them fix and even them out.

    How do I detox my mind from negativity?

    Detox yourself means removing negativity from your life.

    Toxic things surround you, viz., poisonous jobs, relationships, assets, etc. And they are draining your energy very fast. All you need is to detox yourself and fill your life with positivity all around.

    All the negativity around yourself targets your mind first to affect your life because of the controlling organ in your body. And once it is get affected by negativity, your whole life gets filled with negativity.

    So, here I have suggested some of the time that will help you detox your mind from negativity.

    1) Practice mindfulness

    Mindfulness is the first step to make your mind calm. When your mind is calm, your body and body functions are alright and all set to work correctly.

    To make your mind filled with positivity, meditate on is the best way to do it. Perform meditation regularly. Start your day with mindfulness practice.

    There are many types of meditation. And you can select any of them as per your requirements and suitable for you.

    2) Write it out

    Whatever things are going on in your life, just speak up about it or write it down.

    If you don't find it suitable to speak up about it and want to keep it private up to you only, you need to write it down.

    When you write down about yourself, you can't share with anyone else; you are letting it go out and make your mind empty from the stuff troubling you.

    3) Listen to Music

    Music can also be used as a medication. And many studies proved it.

    Everyone has a choice and taste for music. And they go with their suitable and selected music type, that gives them a relaxing feeling. It makes them feel light in their mind.

    Then why don't you try out this trick to detox your mind? Well, listening to music doesn't take any extra effort. And you can get your mind free from the burden.

    4) Take a sound sleep

    Another way to detox your mind is, have a good sleep. Well, sleep is the past of your routine, and it is as essential as breathing to live your life.

    You should take around 8 hours of sleep daily for your mind to work without stress. And when your rest is unfinished, it bothers you for the entire day.

    Also, when you are feeling low, and have a lot of stress, try to sleep for some time. You will feel better.

    5) Take a walk

    Take a walk to detox your mind.

    You might say, how will a walking work for you. But, try this out; it will indeed help you.

    While taking a walk, you are with yourself. Also, you are with nature. Observe the surroundings and people. Maybe, you find someone whose problem might be huge than yours. Or, you find someone, who is so happy that seeing them, you forget your tension. And so on.

    Either you will forget your problem or will find a solution to it.

    6) Play with kid and pet

    Kids and pets both don't understand the meaning of tension and stress. And when you be with them, you also forget whatever stress you have.

    A short time spends with them can give you happiness. Your mind was stuck at the place due to an issue you have, but when you spend your time with kids and pets, they make you forget the tension for some time and also rely on your mind so that it can find a solution.

    7) Focus on your goal

    Focus on your target. Your life may serve you with many difficulties. But keep your goal as your motivation. Whenever you feel low or demotivated, remember your goal, and start working towards it again.

    Well, your problem may make you forgetful about your goal, but make your plan so strong that nothing can hamper it.

    8) Talk about it

    Whatever problem you have, whatever burden your mind is being right in the moment, just speak about it.

    You need to share your issue with your close ones. As you are stressed, you are not in the condition to think about the solution that your need. And when you share your problem with other, their mind is all set to suggest you the answer to it.

    You can share your problem with your close friends, family member, parents, and so on. But, it is essential to speak up about it.

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