The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily

The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily


Everything around us is just a composition of energies that we can't see. At the same time, we can't deny its existence.

Many of you might know about the Law of Attraction. Some believe that it works, and for some, it is just a batch of letters. Those who believe in it have successfully attracted what they wanted in their life. And those who couldn't do it deny its existence.

In a webinar, the mentor said, even if you are facing problems in your life and not finding any ways to get better from the situations, it means you are attracting negative energies. Where you should be active for the positive one.

Well, let's not get into the Law of Attraction. But my purpose of talking about this was, I wanted to share with you that, you say, there is negativity around you, and you can't find positivity. But, I would say you are inviting negative vibes around you and stopping positive vibes from hugging you.

No need to worry. I'm not going to share the law of attractions for positivity. But, yeah, I'm going to talk about the positive energy, and its nature and benefits, the tricks to welcome it on your life and so on things.

So, this article is going to be an exciting one. So, don't forget to be with it toll its last word.

25 Simple ways to bring positive energy into your life

I'm sure everyone wants to know how to be positive? What should I do to stop thinking negatively? How will positivity come to their life? And so on. Well, it is not challenging to do it. It is as simple as doing any of the routine work. And you will also agree with me.

I would like to share some simple and easy ways that you can use daily to invite positivity within you.

1. Daily Meditation

Mediation is an ancient practice that is used by the sages to get peace in earlier days. Well, this ancient practice is nowadays is very famous worldwide due to its efforts and techniques.

Mediation doesn't only make you realize your existence; it fills you with positivity. It helps you to wash out the negativity thoroughly and serves a sense of positivity in you.

2. Enjoy nature

Have you ever went to a place where you only could see nature and feel it? No vehicles, no horns, no other noise, which is common in big cities, and you feel like heaven on the earth.

This heaven is the nature that makes you forget your worries and gives you the pleasure that you can't stop it to surround it. You will find many studies that say nature can help you to get the positives feelings, and it comes automatically when you are under the sky.

3. Show gratitude

Human is the most sensible animal in the world. Only they have the strength to express themselves and the brain, by which they can do anything that they want. Still, human seems to be constantly complaining.

If you have ever noticed, those who are thankful for whatever they have in this life will never be sad for anything in their life. Whereas those who only know to complain will have negativity around them. And they can not live long. If you can express your gratitude for what you have, you can be a person with a positive perspective.

4. Laugh More

Well, laughter is the best medicine. And every doctor says it always when you visit their clinic. It is the best way to get rid of your negativity and invite positivity into your life.

You might have seen that a group of people laughing loudly in a park as an exercise in the morning. Maybe for that time only, they all forget what tension they have and what problems they are facing in their life. Laughter works in the same way. Laugh as much as you can. Be happy with what you have.

5. Show kindness

Kindness is a trait not everyone can show. Some people suppress this feeling in such a way it can't reborn in them.

When you do some acts of kindness, show kindness to others, it gives you inner happiness. When you are happy, you can't be negative. Happiness brings positive energy with it. Whereas, when you show your kindness to others, not only you but other people also can feel its positive vibes.

6. Have a break

Work is important. Either, to live life and survive daily, you need to work. But this doesn't mean you only have to work and work. You should take a break from your work, your worries, and your tensions.

Well, everyone likes holidays. But, they don't want to spend their time on themselves rather than wasting it on taking tension of work for the coming days. But, having a break does not only mean having a weekly off. I'm talking about having a mental break. Which will fill you with positive energy.

7. Hang out with positive people

Just like you claim that being with someone who is sad, you also felt sad, being with positive people, you automatically get positive vibes from them.

Positivity work in a way such that when you make a call to it, it will quickly come to you. But you need to call it with the proper techniques. Stuffing your mind with negativity and worries, you can't invite positivity in your life. It would help if you had a calm mind. And this can be done when you are with the right people.

8. Listen to music

Music is magical. Along with medication, music is also a proven way to help you getting out of your tensions and getting the right mindset and positive attitude.

Listen to music that charges you positively. Select those play tracks that make you feel fresh and lighter your mind. Don't go with those sounds that remind you about your bad experience. But always go with the music that cheers you. And then you will see the difference.

9. Take a deep breath

One of my friends always used to suggest taking a deep breath wherever I was angry over something. And, now, I know what they were telling me to do that.

When you take a deep breath, you expel out the toxicity out of your body and heal fresh air. That fresh up your mind. And give you space to think about what is correct at the moment. Well, one right decision at the right time can change many things around you.

10. Don't dwell on negativity

There is a very famous story behind it; you should not stay with negativity if you can't laugh at the same joke repeatedly. Many of you might have heard that.

I learned a lot from that story. If I can't be happy with the single moment in the past for the rest of my life, why should I stick to the same issue and carry it throughout my life and let it affect my life? The same theory applies to you too. Try this out. Don't dwell on negative things in your life. And be happy.

11. Positive self-talk

How many of you talk to yourself? Some of you may do it, while some may feel hesitation doing it. Well, yes, talking to yourself is a good thing.

When you are surrounded by negativity worldwide, why don't you start talking with yourself in positive talks? This will make you realize that your happiness is lies within you and not in the external world. And you can make your world positive. And not any other person.

12. Talk with a friend

Friends are the strong support in our life. What we can't share with our family, we can talk to our friends. Friends can be the best source for you, bringing positivity to your life.

Talk about what issues you have, discuss the solutions, talk about the thoughts that are troubling you. Unless you speak to someone, you won't be able to free up your mind. And you are stuck with the negativity revolving around yourself. So, I think it is the most straightforward way to be positive.

13. Take a walk

If you are thinking about how a walk can bring positivity to your life, you are on the right track. In a study, it was found that, when you take a walk, you get relaxation to your mind.

Nerve cells have an essential part in this process. But it works in your favor and makes your mind tension accessible and calm. So that you can have more space for positivity in your brain.

14. Eliminate negativity

Before inviting positivity into your life, it is essential to eliminate negativity from your life. Evict everything that brings negativity into your life.

Make space accessible so that positivity can stay in your world. Well, other ways are so important and working for you to bring positivity in your life. But, removing toxicity before anything else is crucial.

15. Routine Exercise

Yes, exercise can help you bring positivity to your life. Work out or physical activity can not only benefit your body but your mind too.

When you stress your body, a 'feel-good' chemical release, that make you forget your anxiety and make you feel adequate, and many studies were performed to prove it. Whereas, all of them came to the same conclusion that, exercise can relax your mind.

16. Take a nap

Sleep is an important part of your life. Surely you need to work hard to get your goal. But don't forget to take the required amount of sleep.

In a study, it was seen that that student who don't sleep for the correct times for a week, we're found to be sad, angry, depressed, and exhausted, which has a direct impact on your mental health. And in such a condition, you won't be able to focus on your work. And you will automatically dwell in negativity.

17. Treat yourself

Give a treat to yourself. You please others, treat others, and celebrate with others. Try to do it for you and with you.

Once you do it, you will see the change. When you treat yourself, you are giving impotence to yourself, your life, your efforts. You are challenging your struggle that you will win for sure. You only need to patience and keep going with your work.

18. Celebrate small victories

Even if it is a small win, you are a winner, and you need to celebrate it. I know your journey is not finished yet. But, you are achieving your objectives. And you should celebrate it.

When you celebrate your small victories, you get fueled for your next challenge, and you will get the energy to work hard for the next level of your success.

19. Adopt a positive attitude

You might see many people who always be negative. They refuse to see any positivity in their life. They only see the terrible conditions that they have. But, remember, difficult conditions are just a that cover your present joy. And until you know it, and understand it, you won't be happy.

Try to the positive side of any situation. Whatever it is, don't be sad, and don't let yourself down. Adapt positive vision.

20. Know your importance

How many of you underestimate yourself? I have seen many people around me who always keep others over them.

Unless you value yourself, no one will do that. Whatever you are, accept yourself with all the flaws you have—no one care what you do. Everyone will come to you when you get yourself and be happy with your existence.

21. Smile please

Do you know your smile says a lot about yourself?

Well, a smile is a part of nonverbal communication. A smiling face attracts positive people towards it. If you sit sad face, don't show your happiness, and don't greet people with a sad face, people may not like you. That may result in you being alone and ultimately going towards negativity.

22. Use positive words

The way positive people effectively make you cheerful and happy, positive words help you bring positive energy to your life.

Here, how the Law Of Attraction works? As you speak and as you think, the vibes get merge with the universe. The entire process is linked with the frequency you create with your words. Thus, never speak negative words.

23. Develop self-awareness

If you know about yourself, your existence and importance, and respect it, nothing can defeat you.

Developing a self-awareness sense in you can lead to a happy life for you. It will play an essential role in making you understand the secret of a happy life. If you are so glad, negativity can not bother you. And you will able to get positivity in your life.

24. Read books

Books are the best way to keep yourself inspired and positive. Of course, if you are inspired, you can't be negative.

Books help you in all the ways of your life to be inspired. Read books that teach you how to overcome your problems in the sense of your personal development. Once you learn to deal with your individual situation, you will feel positive.

25. Make yourself a priority

You always keep others over yourself. For you, your friends, family, other relations are your priority. Even you save some nonliving things on importance. But not you.

Make yourself a priority first. If you are your priority, no one will be able to affect you, nor any situation.


Positive energy is one of the most vital and beautiful energies that teaches you the formula to live your life happily. In this article, I have covered everything about the positive energy that will help you to know the importance of it, learn the techniques to welcome it in your life, and radiate it to others. I hope you find this helpful article. And you feel a positive change in your life after going through this article.

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  • maria
    Maria Bonita
    384,224 pts

    Enhance your skills

    Sending positive thoughts and energy

    The Universe work on the energies that you emit. It can be positive or negative. The entire game is of the frequency that you generate through your points.

    We all know that energy can not be destroyed. It can be transferred from one form to another. Even if you feel a lot of negative energy around you, you can not destroy it. You will have to work on it and convert it into the positive one and transfer it. But the question is, how to share these energies and thoughts with others?

    Positive energy starts with your nonverbal or body language. Like, your smile. It also says many things about you. Those who can read your body language can know what energy you emit through your body language.

    A genuine smile gives a pleasing feeling when the fake smile makes others feel uneasy and give negative vibes. So, never pass on a negative smile to anyone. Instead of this, you need to feel relax physically and mentally, think about loving memories and let your smile be authentic and natural.

    Pay attention to your mind. If it goes to the negative side often, you need to retrain your brain with good thoughts and make you feel up and lift your mood. For this, you can try speaking affirmations.

    “Focus on the ocean of positives, not a puddle of negatives.” says Kevin Ansbro.

    Always take an opportunity to encourage others. Never compliment someone when you don't mean it. You can just use some decent words to pass on your feelings about them, and they don't feel hurt by your opinion. Always value others. And tell them you appreciate the time you spend with them.

    You can use phrases such as, 'you are right, 'Thank You,' 'what a wonderful idea,' 'your suggestion is amazing,' etc. These words will say that you genuinely care about someone's feelings. Your actual being is always passed on your positive energy to others.

    Well, everyone wants to and likes to be with the people who cheer them, motivated them, make them feel unique, meaningful, and pleasant. Being one of the givers makes other people happy, but you also feel good and successful. After all, when you spread happiness to others, you also feel so glad.

    How to channel your energy?

    Almost every one of you knows someone whose attitude leaves you stunt that how can they be so positive in unexpected situations. Well, I would say everyone has that ability to act positively in a bad case. But, you often prefer to react negatively as you don't have control over your emotions. Or, you couldn't channelize your energy on a proper track.

    You need some help to channelize your energy in the right direction to deal with your problems. So, here are some easy ways to do it.

    1. Prioritize Yourself

    If I ask you, what are your priorities, hardly one may say, I'm my priority. Maybe, no one may list their name in their priority list.

    We make external sources our priority. And forget the essential thing that is very valuable for us. Which is 'YOU.' Along with the family, career, love, etc., you should be your first priority. Unless it, you will not learn to take your energy correctly.

    2. Work towards your goal

    No one lives without setting up a goal. And everyone works towards accomplishing it without stopping. No doubt, you face many obstacles in between your way to achieve your goal, but you need to invest your energy into achieving the purpose only.

    Never invest your energy in the opposite direction to your goal. It will help you indeed.

    3. Be kind

    Kindness is a very kind trait you can show to others. And it is good to show kindness to others, as it gives different happiness. But, do you ever be kind to yourself?

    Thinking, right? I know when you read the bold letters, you might have considered being kind to others. But I want you to be kind to yourself. Don't be harsh with yourself. Love yourself. Accept your flaws and make them your strength. Once you learn to be kind to yourself, your kindness will automatically reach other people.

    4. Practice gratitude

    Did you ever said yourself, 'Thank you?' Never, right? It's time to say it. Just say it to yourself.

    Right after waking up in the morning, till going to bed, your body works for you. But I don't think you appreciate it. Thank others for being in your life. Thank your parent, thank everything that gives you pleasure.

    You need to be grateful for everything that you have. Because, what you have today, might be the dream for others to have it too, and they don't have it.

    5. Know the fact and thought

    I know many people who are upset because they think something terrible is going to happen. But, they don't know what and when. So, basically, it is just their thought.

    If you are sad because of something which has happened in reality, it is natural. But, you need to know the difference between facts and your thoughts to invest your energy in the right place.

    If you are stuck with your thoughts, you are negative. And you are channelizing your energy in the wrong directions.

    6. Live in the moment

    Before understanding the importance of life and living in the present situation, I used to be sad about my past and worried about my future. And it was ruining my present. Whereas you can not change your past and don't know about your future.

    Then why worry about those things that had no impact on your life but only ruining your present. Learn to live in the moment.

    7. 5 Min Meditation

    Meditation can be one of the best ways to channelize your energy in the right direction. Meditation is an ancient practice and is a neat treatment too. Start your day with mediation.

    Meditation makes you feel relaxed, fresh and gives you a positive sense. Well, you can not find any other way to channelize your energy in the right direction rather than this one.

    8. Be generous

    Well, try out be a generous one, and see the magic on yourself and on other people too. You will feel happy.

    Being generous don't only for other people's happiness, but when you know other people are happy because of you, you feel light-hearted, comfortable, relax, fresh. You have all these skills, but you need to identify and channelize them correctly.

  • oliver
    Oliver Walkerr
    118,139 pts

    Passionate about growth

    The power of positive energy

    Just like mediation has visible benefits when you adopt them in your daily life, positive energy is also acting differently.

    Although meditation is one of the ways to surround yourself with positive energy, the benefits that you get from the positive energy are unexpected.

    If you were not aware of the power of positive energy, it is so essential for you to know that what can happen only by changing some of your habits and inviting positive energy into your life. And, here I started.

    1. Stress relief

    When you have positive energy around yourself, you are less stressed. You can deal with the stress.

    When being in a stressful situation, a positive thinker tender to take any action on the solution rather than dwelling on the problem. For pessimists, any of the adverse conditions are not in their hands, and they don't even try to get out of it. Whereas positive thinkers tend to take advice from others to change the picture.

    2. Immunity increases

    Researchers have given proof that positive energy increases your immunity to fight diseases. However, it is another vast topic to discuss how it exactly works. But, you will find many examples of people who have been cured with their positive thinking.

    In a study, it was seen that those who were optimistic had better immune systems than those who were surrounded with negative energy.

    3. Better Strength

    Strength refers to the mental ability to cope up with the circumstances in your life.

    Of course, you may face many issues throughout your life. And you want to win against every battle that you have. But, as your mental ability is not in the state to deal with it, you lose the war before it starts.

    Positive energy gives you the strength to face, fight and win against the situation which was ready to defeat you.

    4. Health benefit

    Positive thinking and positive energy within you not only benefit you from stressful life, but it also has an excellent effect on increasing your life span.

    Even though experts could not conclude, that is why a positive thinker increases life span benefit. Still, they are saying, because of positive thinking, the person lives a stress-free lifestyle, which decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the reasons for deaths.

    Overall, positive thinking affects an increasing life span.

    5. Better self

    As a positive thinker, you can find yourself a better person.

    If you are moved from the hostile environment atmosphere to positive, you can see the difference between your lifestyle before and after. And you will see the precise result in both phases.

    You can see yourself as a better person, happy life, an improved personality with confidence and enthusiasm, working on your work.

    6. Develop self-value

    When you are surrounded by negativity, whatever happens in your life, you cannot deal with the circumstance you have, and you start losing your value. If you do not value yourself, no other person will do it for you.

    When you are optimistic, you start valuing yourself. You know your and your life's value. You start respecting yourself before anything else around.

    7. Happy life

    You will find people around you who are always sad. Because the negative energy surrounds them, and they can't cut themselves with it. They don't find solutions for the problems they have in their life. Neither, they try to do it.

    On the other hand, optimistic people are seen to be happy always. They have a better ability to see towards the problems and to deal with them. Overall, positive energy gives you a happy life. And it is the ultimate secret of your happy life.

    8. No negativity around

    The best part about being positive and surrounding yourself with positive energy is, you don't have pessimistic people around you.

    Negativity is the reason for many of our problems unsolved. When you learn to deal with your issues positively and positively, you get to see the profound change in your life.

    How can we attract positive energy from the universe?

    People know Universe with various names. Some call it God, where some just say universe. But, all of them have one aim, to give you positivity.

    Well, it is not entirely like giving positivity. Yes, the universe has positive energy, and you need to merge your energy with it. But Universe also has a negative one, and you need to match your frequency with the positive one.

    To do it, let's try to find out various ways and see how they work.

    1. Know your energy

    Look at your energy means; pay attention to the energy that you emit.

    As I said earlier, your energy should match the point that the universe has. This will be possible when your frequencies are checking. So, you need to take at your emitted energy, if it is negative or positive. And need to shift according to that.

    2. Change your thought process

    Again, this point is correlated with the first one. Changing your thought process is a method to shift from negative zone to positive zone.

    We generate frequency with the help of our thoughts. If your thoughts are negative, you will get linked with the negative energy of the universe, and if you think positive, the positive points will be matched. And this cycle continues like this.

    3. Cut off with negativity

    You need to stop yourself from being with negativity, in the form of being with negative people and a hostile atmosphere.

    Unless you stop taking negativity inside you, how will you welcome positive energy inside you? Even though negative energy is easy to enter into your life, it is pretty challenging to let it go. But, it is not impossible.

    4. Adapt kindness

    Kindness is an act that makes both people happy, the giver and taker.

    It would help if you adapted kindness in your behavior. This trait gives you a feeling of positivity. Remember, be kind to others and also with you too. Kindness provides you space to show your love to others and yourself. Don't forget to include yourself in the list to receive kindness from you.

    5. Increase your circle

    Just as you cut yourself from the negativity and negative people, expander your circle with positive people. Go with the successful, positive thinker, go-getter individuals, and make your life fill with positive energy.

    Positive energy will only attract positive energy. And you have an aura of positivity around you; you will attract positivity in your life.

    6. Find your strength

    Find your strengths and use them in your success. Although, it is suitable that, if I ask you to list your power, you might hardly pen down two to three. As you underestimate yourself. This field has another study too.

    Let me tell you, right now, you might not be able to find your strengths; this doesn't mean you don't have them. Instead, you have all those capabilities that are essential to fulfill your goals. And you need to find them.

    7. Learn gratitude

    Take some time every day to say 'Thank you for whatever you have today. No one does this. But, it is essential to do it.

    People complain about what they don't have; they don't feel grateful for what they have. But when you do this, you think of ultimate happiness and satisfaction for having things and are equipped with the elements essential for you. And this feeling makes you feel positive.

    8. Practice Law of Attraction

    As I said earlier, this game is all about the law of attraction. Some people trust it, and some don't. But, low interest works, and you need to implement it in your life.

    If today something dire is happening in your life it means, you are attacking negative energy through the law of attraction. And now you need to attract positive energy using the same technique. Once you start practicing common interests, you will surely get its benefits.

  • mark
    Mark Jackson
    140,727 pts

    How can I increase the positive energy in my home?

    Positive energy is everywhere. You only need to activate it. In this section, we will see the tips to increase positive energy in your home.

    When you buy a new house, and it is empty, you decorate it, set furniture, plants, and so on things. You do it as per your personality. So, it is not a denial that the house is your power source.

    Then, how can be let your power source be discharged? Right? So, whatever things you add to your housework as uplifting your morale and energy within you. And you need to pay special attention to these things.

    1. Include flowers at the house

    Adding plants and flowers to your house has several benefits. It doesn't only give your home a pleasant look, but it also makes the environment of your house nice.

    It improves air quality, enhances space, and adds beauty to your home. Adding this botanical beauty into your home gives your mental health a fresh and clean environment. You can recognize the time of being in a garden surrounded by colorful flowers around. You can see the effect of this beauty.

    2. Use cheerful colors

    Yes, the colors you use in your house play a vital role in making your life positive or negative. Psychologically, there are specific colors that are supposed to be pleasing mentally. They are red, pink, green, white, blue, purple, yellow, etc.

    Although not every study agreed with this technique still, some have proved that painting a room may fresh up your mood.

    3. Focus on natural sunlight

    We all know, natural sunlight is a source of Vitamin D that boosts your mood and makes you feel happier and stimulates the feeling of being healthy.

    Natural sunlight can give a depressive and lonely person a feeling of happiness. You can open up the windows or slide the curtain to welcome the sunlight. You also can clean out the windows that stop natural sunlight from coming into your house.

    4. Open windows

    Windows are the other door of your house. Even if it is not open for people to come in, windows welcome other essential things in your home, such as natural sunlight and breeze.

    When you keep your house windows close, you feel suffocated. Whereas the open window gives you a space to breathe fresh. As the sunlight is one way to make your house positives, windows are the source of that.

    5. Use hanging artworks

    Yes, the artwork you usually hang on the wall of your house can be impactful for you. It can successfully improve your mood, lighten your stress and give you a memory of your love.

    Hang the inspiring paintings, artworks, paintings made by your children, friends, and so on. These things may not sound like impacting your home's energy, but they are indeed working on your home energy. The cheerful artwork, the points around you are positive. Use nontoxic artworks. So they should be like fresh up your mind and not stressing it.

    6. Use home freshening fragrance

    You can also use the perfume that lightens and fresh up your home environment. Here you can relate it directly.

    When your home doesn't have pleasant scents, you can't stay at the place. Whereas, if your home has the fragrance of flowers, room fresheners, etc., you will automatically feel fresh and light. You will forget your worries. And the positive atmosphere maintains in your house.

    7. See the home lightning

    As with other elements in your house, the lightning that you use in your home also affected the energy that survives in your home.

    You can not feel fresh in a dark room or poorly lit room. If the room is well lit, has the required amount of brightness, you will feel better. On the other hand, insufficient laminated space may make you feel depressed.

    Allow sunlight to come in. Let it make your room fresh for residents and caregivers. Although just a lamp may don't seems to be effective, but you will see its impact when you implement it.

    8. Allow nature inside the house

    Let nature come into your house. Just like the sunlight and cool breeze into your house, you can also use a bird feeder near the big window of your home.

    Let the first bird start to visit your place, and then it will call others to see it with it. By doing this, you also can enjoy the natural environment at your home. And it becomes easy for you to enjoy nature and be positive.

    What color attracts positive energy?

    There is a science behind everything in the universe. Favorable energy attraction through colors is one of them. This is called color psychology, the science behind the impact of color on human life and behavior.

    Psychology mainly determines the impact of different colors on human nature, mood, emotions, etc. You can say what color makes you feel happy, sad, which color attract you the most, and so on.

    However, why does it happen? It is still the question. And the study is still going to see why it's working, which is an important topic.

    So, for now, let's see which colors are used to attract positive energy in your life.


    Blue is an ideal one for the bedroom and bathroom due to its sedative effect. This color is supposed to be considered as the cold and calm color.

    As per Feng Shui, this color is related to the regulation of negativity. Thus, it cuts off stress in life. Well, this color is also sensual for the eye.


    Yellow color is considered as the color of positivity as it represents sunshine. It is related to self-esteem, power, communication, optimism, and happiness.

    Your idea of painting your house with Pale Yellow is an excellent choice for you and your children, too, as it will help them be more focused.

    As per Feng Shui;

    the yellow color is fire, whose source is the sun. The shared of yellow gives flexibility, charity, adaptability to your house.


    Red is the color of love. Also, it is related to strength, energy, and fascination. It is one of the quickly eye catchy colors. Red can stimulate appetite, your organ and provide harmony. But, you need to be aware of the shades of the color. As the darker shared can reverse the effect.

    As per Feng Shui;

    The red color also represents the fire element. This makes this color perfect for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. As it is a very powerful color, could you not use it in your bedroom? Red gives you energy. So, you can use this color to feel energies. It would be best if you can combine this color with some calm colors to have better benefits.


    Purple color is made up of the combination of calm blue and fire red, making it perfect for quite a reflection. This color is being used for mediation and spirituality. The violet shade of this color is ideal for an adult's bedroom. It offers restful and soothing sleep.

    This color is also associated with power, wisdom, spirituality, luxury, and nobility. But, overuse of this color can cause frustration.

    The perfect amount and shade of this color is best to attract positive energy.


    Green is the best color for the kitchen, veranda, and bathroom. It is a fresh color associated with fertility. It is also considered an anti-stress color.

    Green is the perfect color to attract positive energy to your home. As it is related to wood elements. Thus, it has healing properties.

    This color is also associated with money and nature, health, generosity, and fertility, etc.


    White is the color of peace. The best part is when all the colors are mixed with each other, white color is formed. It represents purity, neutrality, and innocence. This color attracts peace and calmness to the house, which makes it perfect for a home.

    As per Feng Shui;

    This color is relegated with the metal element. So, never select the grey shade of this color. It may lead to a drop in your mood.


    As we all know, Pink is the color of Love and Affection which brings peace and harmony. Almost everyone likes this color as it makes you feel happy and cheery.

    As per Feng Shui;

    Pink also belongs to the fire element, and it creates calmness by fading away from the issues of sleep. Choosing light shades of pink is beneficial for you. Whereas darker shades can irritate.

    This color attracts a female. Pink is associated with unconditional life, immaturity.

  • raj
    Raj Sharma
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    How to take your energy back from someone?

    Everyone has energy. Negative energy need not be protected from being spread. It finds it's the place to get promoted, Whereas, you need to spread positive energy among others.

    It is also trying that you will have to protect your energy from getting a steal. No, it's not like someone steals your power from any object. But your energy gets drain due to the atmosphere you live in, the person you be with, the acts you do for others, etc.

    So, you need to be aware of the situation and learn to act so that you don't waste your energy on something that doesn't pay off. So, here are some of the ways that will help you to save your energy and get your point back from someone.

    1. Learn to say NO.

    Saying no to someone is something complicated for you. But, it is important to say No sometimes, when you don't want to go for some work.

    When you agree with someone, you share your energy with them. And, when you deny agreeing with someone, you stop energy flow between you two. When you do something that you don't want to do, your energy gets wasted. Because, whatever command you give you your mind, your energy obey to it, and start working accordingly.

    Having a balance between YES and NO is so essential for you to save your energy.

    2. Love is a powerful energy.

    Love is the most beautiful feeling. Along with it, it is the most vital energy ever. As of now, in every story, movie, love always wins. In the same way, your love always is with you. If you can feel love, your energy stays with you.

    Sometimes, you don't feel it, and an energy vampire attacks you to steal your energy. But, as they can not handle such mighty power, they will go away from you. And your energy will be saved.

    3. Know your energy.

    You need to know your energies. No one can steal your energy until you allow them to do it. Your willpower protects your significance from getting a steal. Yet, if someone's will is more vital than yours, they might take off some of your energy from you.

    For this, you need to be aware of your energies. As the protection of your energy starts from awareness of your power.

    4. Your energy stays with you.

    Well, your energy will always be with you anytime. But, if sometimes you feel like your fuel is leaking out, you need to order your power to stay back with you.

    When you are feeling like you are losing your energy, activate one of your chakras and order it to bring back your energy or say in your mind that your energy needs to stay with you. As your points obey your order, they will stay back with you.

    5. Cut the cord.

    This may be a good exercise for you to protect your energy from energy vampires. Cut the cord that connects you with the energy vampires.

    Imagine yourself standing in front of someone who steals your energy connected with the cord. Go inside of your inner surface and trust yourself and your guidance. Imagine the scissors or sword, and cut the cable. Do this excise every time you need to do it.

    How to radiate positive energy?

    If you are always on the positive side, and live your life being positive, face and deal with the problems being aware of the situations, you have made yourself counted in the list of positive people. And it's time to radiate your positive energy to others. So that they also can live their life happily. Check out the list and see how you can adapt the positive energy and radiate it to others.

    Differentiate fact and fiction

    We all know, the fact and fictions are different. Still, we stuck with the vision and neglected the truth. Which drains out your total energy. And you need to save yourself from being a drain.

    For this, you need to know what is fiction and what is fact. When you learn to differentiate between these two things, you know where to invest your energy and what to let go of. And you can feel more confident and a sense of positivity.

    Focus on your energy

    Focus on your energy. You need to know what type of energy you emit, negative or positive. If you have negative vibes, you need to work on them and shift them to positive ones.

    If your energy is positive, you need to keep this energy going with your positive thoughts and actions. Positive people don't get affected by damaging things, but you need to cure yourself from being the one.

    Say positive affirmations

    Affirmation always works. Well, you can count it as a technique of law of attraction. And it works, unexpectedly.

    Use positive words in your affirmations. Never use any of the negative comments while saying your affirmations. Let me say, 'I'm cured of the Dietetics.' Here you have mentioned the name of a particular disease which is a negative word. Instead, you can say, 'I'm perfectly healthy now.' You can see all the positive comments here.

    Focus on body language

    Body language also speaks equally to verbal language. Body language falls under non-verbal communication. And it says a lot about you without making a noise.

    Adapting and radiating positive energy body language can be one of the most important things you should know about. As with any other factor, you need to pay attention to this element too. And you should make the changes that are required for positive energy.

    Give thanks

    Giving thanks means grateful.

    Feel grateful for what you have. If you have a healthy body, you have something that someone is suffering from cancer dream of. If you have a car, someone may be dreaming of buying it. And so on. You can see, you have many things that other people are praying for. And you are lucky to have it. So, be grateful for it. And always be thankful for it.

    Take care of yourself.

    In the journey of surrounding yourself with positivity and radiating your positivity to others, taking care of yourself is so important.

    Take care of your wish, your health, your emotions, and so on. Positive energy teaches you to take care of yourself. And it is one of the most important things that a happy life required.

    Be kind

    Be kind. Adapt the habit of kindness. Be kind to others and yourself.

    We can see people being kind to others. But when problems come to their life, they being harsh to themselves. Before anyone else, learn to be mind with yourself. And this trait teaches you to be positive in all sorts of situations. And when you be kind to others, it automatically radiates positivity.

    See goodness in others.

    See good things in other people. Well, it is one of the most challenging tasks to do.

    In a world where everyone they are correct, accepting your mistakes or seeing other's good intentions in a dire situation is not easy for everyone.

    When you try to see good intentions or good person in others, you feel good about yourself and also for the other person. You don't get negativity around yourself.

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    Emma Brown
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    How do you change energy from negative to positive?

    When you look into your energies, you get to know about your power. And, you need to know about your energy for a better life. As only this way can you make changes in your life.

    As we know, we all should possess positive energy. Instead, we all have this energy. But, some people have more negative energy. Thus, their positive energy is suppressed. So, they need to activate their positive energy. And, it's not a challenging task to do it.

    You can easily do it by making some changes in your life. Here are some of the tips that you need to go with.

    1) Be thankful

    Be grateful for the things you have. You often have disputes with your life and the circumstances you are going with. And you forget and neglect those things that you have. And you overlook their importance in your world.

    This fills you with the negative energy of not having the required assets, relationships, or money to you. Instead of stuck in with this emptiness, try to be grateful for what you have.

    2) Give a Laughter

    Laughter is the best therapy and is the best way to welcome positivity in your life. Imagine that you are facing your problems with laughter and a smile on your face. Or, you are sitting sad thinking of the situation only.

    When you laugh, your mind gets relaxed. When your mind is calm and relax, it can think more about the solution and not the problem. Well, negativity surrounds you when you are stressed or sad. Whereas, when you are happy and laughing and being with good people, only positivity can cover you.

    3) Accept the fact

    One of the reasons for being negative is not accepting the fact. Whereas, if you are not getting the fact, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. If you disagree with the point, you are just running away from the truth, which will give you stress and depression.

    Whereas, when you accept the fact, your mind needs to work according to the factual information and not on the situation you want to be in. This makes your mind relax, and you don't need to create your world revolving around your created fictional fact. This can help you get positive energy.

    4) Help others

    Helping others can also lead you to the positive side. When you help, those who are in need give you happiness, your mind, feels relaxation, and satisfaction.

    Let me say when you see someone in need and want to help them but couldn't do it, this feeling will irritate you, and you will feel sad for not helping them.

    Well, this was an example, when I wanted to help people, and couldn't do it. But when you help the same person, that happiness is excellent. And the feeling is very positive.

    5) Shift your thinking

    Along with adding and surrounding yourself with positivity, you need to go away from the negativity too. Go away from the toxic relationship, work, places, etc., to help you going away from negativity.

    The very first step for going away from negativity would be, stopping negative thinking. Go with the positive things, listen to encouraging and enlightening songs, read inspiring books, etc. Avoid negative things to stop thinking negatively.

    6) Welcome positive people

    Make sure the group you hang around with are the ones who are positive. Never be with such people, who always radiate negative energy through their words, actions, and presence.

    It will be okay if you have fewer people in your life. But make sure all of them are with a positive attitude, and no one affects you badly in any sense.

    7) Eliminate negative people

    Along with adding positive people to your life, you need to eliminate negative people from your life. Only by adding positive people around you won't work.

    You also will have to make space in your life for positive people. And you can do this by eliminating negative people from your world.

    Well, this won't be too easy for you. As they are with you for a long time. But, it will indeed work for you.

    8) Learn to take responsibility

    Taking responsibility to refer, taking responsibility for your thought. Well, no one can control your thinking except you.

    If you could not do something, don't blame anything or anyone for not doing work. It only handicaps you, and, your thoughts. Take responsibility for not doing some work. Never say I have to do it. Always say, I did it.

    How you think, the way, you become. Think positive. And turn your ideas into action. It will help you to be positive in all cases.

    How can I be positive in life?

    Life is so unpredictable. It serves you all the unexpected things, and you don't know how to react to them. Sometimes, the situations are beyond your expectations and imagination. You get surprised or shocked sometimes.

    Whatever the situation is, you need to be optimistic in your life. Unless you are a positive thinker person, the negative energy and the challenges it serves will make your living hard for you. So, you should always be ready to go whatever situations and challenges come your way.

    This is not easy to do as some aspects are heartbreaking. And they can only lead you towards negativity. However, negativity doesn't need any particular reason to call you to it. Yet, it would help if you were positive all the time in your life.

    I have collected some ways to help you be positive all the time in all sorts of times in your life.

    1) Focus on good things

    Make good things your priority and focus on them only.

    You know, what is right and what is wrong, right? Still, sometimes you go towards negative things. The attraction of negativity is so strong. And it attracts you easily towards it. But, you should be able to refuse this attraction and focus only on positive things.

    To do this, you can also train your mind to do such things by listing good songs, reading books, hanging around good people, good relationships, etc.

    2) Positive self talk

    Positive self-talk can also help you to be positive in your life.

    No one can know you better them yourself. And, you know your problems very well. If you don't find anything that encourages you, motivates you, is your mentor to do this.

    Encourage yourself with positive talks. Be grateful for yourself. Hug yourself. Admire yourself. Thank yourself.

    3) Know the area of Negativity

    As we know, even if hospitals treat you and make you fit, it is also a hostile place where no one wants to go. Right? Likewise, you know, what are the negative things for you. And what areas affect you badly.

    This will help you to know from what you have to keep maintain distance. And what things you should keep away from yourself.

    See the areas that make you sad, frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, and drained of your energy. They are your hostile areas, and you have to be away from them.

    4) Know what rumor is

    Many times, we know what is the fact and what is a rumor. And still, without really knowing about the reality, we trust the words and get depressed.

    Rumor only makes you overwhelming. And affect your life. When you know the difference between rumor and fact, you get an idea, where to react and what to neglect. This way, you save your energy from getting wasted. And you be positive either.

    5) Meditation Practice

    Meditation is one of the best ways to include in your life for positivity.

    If you start your day with meditations every day, you are starting with the positive energy that makes you feel energetic throughout the day.

    Although meditation is an ancient practice, it is being used for a long time for an effecting and happy lifestyle. It gives you mental stability and calmness, self-awareness, and present living, which makes you able to handle the conflicts that life serves you better than other people.

    6) Say positive affirmations

    Day positive affirmations to be positive in your life. Either, start your day with positive affirmations. This doesn't only help you feel energetic; it produces a positive aura around you that makes you feel positive.

    Positive affirmations attract positive energy. That you need in your life, affirmations always work, by the way. And once you start including positive affirmations in your daily life, you will see the change in your life and attitude.

    7) Delete Negativity

    As you know the hostile areas in your life, what to wait for then, just press the delete button in your life, and eliminate all the negativity.

    If you only add the positive things in your life, and negativity has already captured all the areas of your world, there will be no space left for positivity to stay in. So, to settle positivity in your life, you need to make space for it. And delete negativity from your life completely.

    8) Spend time with good people

    Be with good people. They are the source of positivity in your life. As negativity comes from negative people, places, assets, positivity also comes from the same things. But it would help if you filtered them out.

    Apply the filter and remove negative people from your life, and welcome positive people in your life. They will support you, encourage you, and inspire you to achieve your goal.

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