11 Best random acts of kindness ideas for every day

11 Best random acts of kindness ideas for every day

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    How do you change the world? One random act of kindness at a time”-Morgan Freeman

    Random act of kindness is a way of spending the love you have inside. It makes your life better emotionally and mentally. Also, the kindness you give out will always find a way and come back to you ten folds.

    So, do some nice things for people every day. It doesn't have to be anything big or come in wrapped boxes. A smile could do the work.

    Here are 10 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Everyday!

    These wonderful acts of kindness ideas are practical and easy for you. You can follow every day to people and the community around you.

      1. The Power of Positive Messages:

      Some people write positive messages/quotes every day on a chalkboard and place it in front of their home or the gate. Passersby can see them.

      You can write positive words, or place a 'quote card' wherever you go. If you travel by bus, local trains, you can place these cards on the seat. The next person who comes next will see it. It will surely make their day.

      You can buy the 'Random Act of Kindness Cards.' Place it wherever you go. You can place it in the eateries, bill counters, cafeterias, bakeries, ticket counters, etc. Spreading positive notes is a powerful random act of kindness you can show to people around you.

        2. Don't mind Simple Mistakes:

        If you go to places like restaurants, shops, malls, etc. leave appreciation notes about people working there.

        If people servicing you make little mistakes, don't become moral police. Let it go.

        If it's a regular place, you can mention the mistakes and give time for them to correct.

        If it's an occasional place, don't go there next time.

        Instead, let's not damage the jobs of people there. They have a family to support. They also have issues and everyday stress. People working there are dependent on their daily wages and reviews from customers like us.

        So, let show kindness here.

        Let's do a nice thing by putting the good word about the employees.

        Let's forget the little mistakes they make.

          3. Support Local, Home-Grown Stores instead of Labels.

          Buy supplies from the local store that's been here for us long in our locality.

          Try buying clothes, packaged foods, cosmetics, and other lifestyle essentials from home-made, home-grown brands.

          Support humble brands.

          It's a good thing to do to people who are looking for a light overshadowed by big brands and corporates.

            4. Don't keep checking your phone:

            Especially while you're in the company of friends, families, or others, don't keep checking your phone constantly.

            In today's world, giving uninterrupted time for people is a simple act of kindness that you can follow every day.

              5. Special/Festival Day Gifts:

              Buy gifts that are useful, like clothes, small home appliances, or any other essentials. You can ask them directly if they need anything. Gift them to people who deliver your mail, packages, garbage-disposers, sanitation-workers, household helpers on special holidays.

              You can give food, or place a bottle of water, hand gloves, a cup of tea, or any useful thing to sanitation workers, garbage disposers coming to your home daily. It's a good thing to do for people giving clean surroundings for us.

                6. Bargain where you can Bargain. Not everywhere. Not with every people.

                Looking for a random act of kindness idea for every day? Here's a simple one for you!

                Please don't bargain with vendors and little shop owners. And, don't bargain with people selling goods on minimum margin.

                Are we doing the same with labels and brands even though we know they charge us to the moon?

                Be mindful and bargain where you can. Don't do it everywhere to everyone. After all, the little extra they charge supports their family.

                Tip extra to Daily-Wage Workers. You can see them every day, giving their hard labor for us. Why don't you tip them extra? It's a simple act of kindness you can show them. Their daily life depends on the daily wages they earn.

                  7. Associate yourself with a charity/service group:

                  By doing so, you can contribute to the possible amount every month. Don't worry, even if it is a little you can give. It's the giving that matters.

                  There are a few service groups who collect used clothes every month.

                  Some service groups ask their contributors to buy medical supplies, school kits, food items, etc. every month.

                  Charity in the form of supporting students, education, and medical needs are the true act of kindness we can show to people less fortunate than ourselves.

                  Associate yourself with any genuine service groups nearby. Their work should be visible to you to gain trust. If you can't find a trustworthy one, you can wait till you find a good one.

                    8. Compliment People:

                    Compliment your colleague's work.

                    Appreciate little things people do for you.

                    We don't know what people are going through in their life. Complimenting and giving appreciation is a kind thing we can all do to people we live and work with.

                      9. Offer Coffee/Food:

                      Buy a cup of coffee. Offer food. Or, bring an extra box of home food whenever possible. Bring food/drinks while returning from your break to held-up colleagues. If you are at a workplace, these are kind gestures you can do to do to your colleagues, associates, co-workers, office-helpers, etc.

                        10. Be 1% Better than Yesterday:

                        Keep this your daily life mantra. Be 1% better than yesterday.

                        Working hard? Work a little harder tomorrow. Had any heated conversation yesterday? Be better today by being kinder than yesterday.

                        The more you become positive, composed, and aware of your behaviors, the better it is for people around you. Be a better person than yesterday.

                        This, in itself, is the best act of kindness you can show to people every day.


                        There are plenty of random acts of kindness ideas that you can do. But what we shared with you all here are 10 random acts of kindness ideas that you can put in action every single day.

                        It is not going to cost you a lot of money. But the confidence, a sense of self-love, and comfort feeling you get back will be tremendous.

                        Through kindness like confetti!

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