how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks

how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks


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    15 Best Tips to help you fall asleep faster:

    Sleep is not just ‘sleep.’ Sleep is where your mind and body align in peace. Good sleep is where your body restores and corrects itself from whatever that is going on wrong.

    To achieve good sleep and to fall asleep faster is a

    To help you, we like to share 15 best tips to help you fall asleep faster. These tips are little everyday things that we tend to forget to do.

    Let’s discuss them.

      1. Natural light:

      Allow the natural light in the bedroom at day time. Allow the natural cool air during the night in the bedroom. Keeping it closed and not letting natural air in can make your sleep place an uneasy one.

      Open your windows and let the air in. Let natural air circulate. You can close the windows after some time. This is the easiest among all other 15 best tips to help you fall asleep faster.

      You can feel the difference in temperature dropping down when there is natural air circulating in the bedroom. Cool natural air is a quick sleep inducer.

        2. Clear your mind:

        To clear the mind before bed becomes a Himalayan task for us all right?

        Don’t you worry!

        Here’s an easy tip.

        Instead of lying in bed and worrying about the next day’s tasks, meetings, to-do’s, or unwanted thoughts, take a journal and write it down.

        Dump the thoughts in the notebook. Don’t let the worries take in. Let them out by writing them.

        You will feel relaxed as if a weight is being lifted off. You can easily fall asleep.

        Many successful do this.

          3. Information you are absorbing impacts your sleep:

          Problem clearing your head at night?

          This is another issue you have to resolve if you want to fall asleep faster.

          It comes from your day time habits.

          All the information, pictures, views, and details we absorb from surroundings, TVs, your favorite Netflix shows, a work email, social media feeds, etc. during the day time impacts your sleep.

          All the data keeps your brain engaged, even when you try to fall asleep.

          Bits and pieces of what you watched heard and read keep coming up in mind and keep the brain awake, right?

          That is why; stop gadget use before sleep. Give a break.

            4. Breathing techniques:

            Before you go to bed, relax. Sit and do simple breathing exercises.

            Slowly inhale and exhale your breath. Keep your focus on the breath that comes and goes. This is one way of being in a meditative state.

            It will ease your mind and body. Breathing calms the agitation. You can prep your brain for a sleep mode.

              5. Aromatherapy Diffusers:

              Essential oil diffusers are a good way to set the bedroom for a relaxed, soothing mode. There are different sleep blends from essential oils to use with the diffuser.

              Make sure you buy a diffuser and essential oil blends from reputed and certified brands.

              Try it!

                6. More physical activities.

                Take the stairs if you could. Walk whenever you can. Go get your lunch and coffee by walking to the cafeteria.

                Bits and pieces of physical activities in a day can help you fall asleep faster.

                Instead of ‘sitting,’ to get up and move around as much as possible does the trick.

                  7. Relaxing Music:

                  You can try meditative music, nature sounds, mild instrumentals, jazz; melodies can soothe your mind. A good piece of music is one way to fall asleep faster.

                    8. Try Imagery distraction:

                    Imagine your favorite place. You can imagine a waterfall, rain, sounds of water flow, scenic autumn mornings, etc.

                    The point here is to distract your brain from wandering off into thoughts and worries. Engaging in imagery distraction helps you fall asleep faster compared to those who had general or no instructions.

                      9. Don’t read a Non-Fiction Novel to your Bed:

                      Non-fiction and real-time books can put your brain in a problem-solving, calculating, and thinking mode. The biographies can even make us feel overwhelmed with lots of emotions. This makes our brain to think of many things.

                      But, a fantasy, humor, mystery, or sci-fi novels will ease your brain into an imaginative comfort.

                      Your brain will be in a space where it is bound to have ‘no emotional or worrying thoughts.’ it’s like a happy place.

                      It will help you fall asleep faster.

                        10. Don’t go to bed in an empty, hungry stomach:

                        Wondering how to fall asleep faster at night?

                        Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

                        The tossing and turning in the middle of the night, the uneasiness, the growling in the stomach are because of an empty, hungry stomach.

                        Have a glass of milk. Or, you can at least take a fruit or nuts.

                          11. Give Support to your Lower Back:

                          For some people, sleep positions could be the real trouble maker.

                          The tensions in the lower back can put us in an uncomfortable, restless sleep.

                          Try placing a soft, less-thick pillow under your knees. It will support your body. It allows your lower back to adopt its natural curve. You can relax into the mattress easily and fall asleep quickly.

                            12. Nice Bath with Essential Oil Bath Salts:

                            A long day’s wear and tear can make it difficult for the brain to settle and compose itself. It can hinder sleep mode.

                            Here’s an easy solution.

                            Take a warm bath at night with soothing essential oils. The aroma soothes your mind. The warm bath composes your body. You relax instantly. This is a simple yet effective tip to help you fall asleep faster.

                            You can use bath salts, bath soaks, aroma bath kits, bath bubbles, etc. that have soothing essential oils in it.

                            You can try lavender, rosemary, patchouli, sage, chamomile, and other earthy tone essential oils.

                            The earthy aromas are known to induce quick sleep. You can try them.

                            Depending upon the climate, you can choose either hot/cold/Luke warm bath.

                            Warm water, a soothing fragrance from the bath salt, and the overall aroma will settle your brain.

                            Step into comfortable clothes. Hit the bed. In no time, you will fall asleep quicker than you thought.

                              13. Mental Counting:

                              Count from one to a hundred or vice versa.

                              The counting will gradually calm your brain and stops the brain from wandering off with thoughts.

                              Some people have bead strings of count 100, 200, etc. They keep counting the beads as they sleep and soon fall asleep.

                              Mental Counting is a widely used trick to fall asleep easily.

                                14. Documentaries/Audio Files:

                                This idea can seem a little different, but it is worth a try if you ask us.

                                Listen to audio files of lengthy documentaries, historical events, big speeches, forecasts, articles, etc. The monotonous pace, slow and soothing tone will lull you. It will put you to sleep quickly.

                                Remember, don’t keep validating or thinking about the audio data. Just go with the flow and just listen. Don’t gather anything.

                                Of all the other 15 tips to fall asleep faster, this one is a sure shot. You have to give it a try if you have a hard time falling asleep.

                                  15. Do you have any unfinished tasks?

                                  Unfinished tasks can keep you up all night.

                                  If it is within your reach and comfort, try to finish it. If not, you can do something to initiate the task. In this way, your mind will compose itself from worrying about ‘nothing being done’ about the task.

                                  Checking off items from your mental to-do can help you fall asleep easily.


                                  The 15 tips to help you fall asleep faster are easy ones. You will not find it difficult to put in your daily life.

                                  Don’t take your sleep time for granted.

                                  Sleep is key to resolve all the issues going on with our body and mind.

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