How to Be True to Yourself - 10 simple ways

How to Be True to Yourself - 10 simple ways


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    6 Simple Ways of How to be True to Yourself in Life

    The best thing for you in life is just one thing. Just be true to yourself. Here’s what John Bradshaw says.

    “Hell, in my opinion, is never finding your true self and never living your own life or knowing who you are.”

    At someday, we all have to come to a point where we have to know who we are to get what we want in life. It happens when you start becoming true to your inner self.

    To be true to you is not a herculean task in life. You don’t have to follow any hard things. All you have to do is, show empathy and thoughtfulness to you like you show others.

    This article is about 6 simple ways on How to be true to yourself in life. We hope you can connect with us through this article.

      1. The COAL Attitude by Dr. Daniel Siegel

      Dr. Daniel Siegel is currently the clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA. He suggests trying the COAL attitude as a way of exploring one’s true self in different ways.

      COAL attitude stands for being ‘Curious,’ ‘ Open,’ ‘ Accepting,’ and ‘Loving’ towards yourself and your journey.

      Be open. Accept who you are. Love yourself. And become curious in exploring positive possibilities in every aspect of life.

      This curious, open, accepting, and loving attitude towards self is a great way to stay true to you without any external pressure.

        2. Dr. Robert Firestone’s ‘6 aspects of being an adult’:

        Harnessing your power and strength is important in determining your true self. This personal power depends on a person’s strength and confidence they gain on themselves in the course of life.

        Dr. Robert Firestone suggests that to be true to yourself, you have to first harness your strength and power. For that, he has given six aspects for us to follow in life.

        They are:

          Experience your emotions, but make rational decisions when it comes to how you act.

            Formulate goals and take the appropriate actions to achieve them.

              Be proactive and self-assertive rather than passive and dependent.

                Seek equality in all relationship

                  Be open to exploring new ideas and welcome constructive criticism.

                    Take full power over every part of your conscious existence.

                      Following these 6 aspects of life are significant to become true to yourself.

                        3. Try taking a good personality test/quiz.

                        Personality tests/quizzes will have a unique set of questions that will make you analyze deeper yourself and your way of thinking.

                        Questions based on real-life situations will make you realize your true self based on genuine answers you give.

                        Some personality quizzes/tests will have different types of questions than normal questions. It would be entirely based on an emotional level. Or, some of them are meant to be your health-related. Some quizzes are like therapy style to bring the true emotional level of individuals.

                        If you answer those tricky questions genuinely, it can open up different thought perspectives of you. It becomes easy for you to assess how true you are to yourself.

                        The personality test is an easy start if you are trying to find out how to be true yourself.

                          4. Take care of your health.

                          Taking care of your health is a discipline we all need in life.

                          Often, we take our body for granted and stuff it with unhealthy foods and unhealthy thoughts.

                          To be true to yourself, you have to be true to your body. Not just your mind.

                          You can start with simple practices like being thankful for the food you have. Include nourishing food in your daily diet. Maintain a clean surrounding around you.

                          Get enough sleep. It’s vital for your overall health. Avoid unhealthy food and drinks in your diet.

                          Build a sense of friendship and compassion with the life you have.

                          Most importantly, don’t compromise your health in the journey of your life. No amount of success will tally bad health. So, take good care of your health.

                            5. Who you are surrounded with?

                            To whom we spend our time determines who we are.

                            If you look at the people you are surrounded with in life, you will know how true you are to yourself.

                              Do you have true friends who will stand by you no matter what?

                                Do you have friends who will not hesitate to point the wrong you do?

                                  Is your relationship built on trust and love?

                                    Do you have genuine listeners as friends? Or, do you have the ones who fake listening?

                                      Do people around you accept you for who you are?

                                        Are you constantly changing yourself to fit with people around you?

                                          Are people around you making you feel like you are not enough?

                                            The list can go on. These are the significant questions you have to ask yourself to find the truth about people in your life.

                                            Make sure you have honest people in life and relationship. It’s key to finding your true self.

                                            Final Takeaway for you:

                                            These 6 simple ways of How to be true to yourself is a humble start from our side. We hope you find it useful.

                                            1.) Express who you are.

                                            2.) Bring the inner soul out.

                                            3.) Stop pretending. Stop pleasing.

                                            4.) Know that you deserve all the good things in life like everyone else.

                                            5.) Show compassion to yourself as you show to others.

                                            6.) Be kind to yourself like you are kind to others.

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