The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily

The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily


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    How to take your energy back from someone?

    Everyone has energy. Negative energy need not be protected from being spread. It finds it's the place to get promoted, Whereas, you need to spread positive energy among others.

    It is also trying that you will have to protect your energy from getting a steal. No, it's not like someone steals your power from any object. But your energy gets drain due to the atmosphere you live in, the person you be with, the acts you do for others, etc.

    So, you need to be aware of the situation and learn to act so that you don't waste your energy on something that doesn't pay off. So, here are some of the ways that will help you to save your energy and get your point back from someone.

    1. Learn to say NO.

    Saying no to someone is something complicated for you. But, it is important to say No sometimes, when you don't want to go for some work.

    When you agree with someone, you share your energy with them. And, when you deny agreeing with someone, you stop energy flow between you two. When you do something that you don't want to do, your energy gets wasted. Because, whatever command you give you your mind, your energy obey to it, and start working accordingly.

    Having a balance between YES and NO is so essential for you to save your energy.

    2. Love is a powerful energy.

    Love is the most beautiful feeling. Along with it, it is the most vital energy ever. As of now, in every story, movie, love always wins. In the same way, your love always is with you. If you can feel love, your energy stays with you.

    Sometimes, you don't feel it, and an energy vampire attacks you to steal your energy. But, as they can not handle such mighty power, they will go away from you. And your energy will be saved.

    3. Know your energy.

    You need to know your energies. No one can steal your energy until you allow them to do it. Your willpower protects your significance from getting a steal. Yet, if someone's will is more vital than yours, they might take off some of your energy from you.

    For this, you need to be aware of your energies. As the protection of your energy starts from awareness of your power.

    4. Your energy stays with you.

    Well, your energy will always be with you anytime. But, if sometimes you feel like your fuel is leaking out, you need to order your power to stay back with you.

    When you are feeling like you are losing your energy, activate one of your chakras and order it to bring back your energy or say in your mind that your energy needs to stay with you. As your points obey your order, they will stay back with you.

    5. Cut the cord.

    This may be a good exercise for you to protect your energy from energy vampires. Cut the cord that connects you with the energy vampires.

    Imagine yourself standing in front of someone who steals your energy connected with the cord. Go inside of your inner surface and trust yourself and your guidance. Imagine the scissors or sword, and cut the cable. Do this excise every time you need to do it.

    How to radiate positive energy?

    If you are always on the positive side, and live your life being positive, face and deal with the problems being aware of the situations, you have made yourself counted in the list of positive people. And it's time to radiate your positive energy to others. So that they also can live their life happily. Check out the list and see how you can adapt the positive energy and radiate it to others.

    Differentiate fact and fiction

    We all know, the fact and fictions are different. Still, we stuck with the vision and neglected the truth. Which drains out your total energy. And you need to save yourself from being a drain.

    For this, you need to know what is fiction and what is fact. When you learn to differentiate between these two things, you know where to invest your energy and what to let go of. And you can feel more confident and a sense of positivity.

    Focus on your energy

    Focus on your energy. You need to know what type of energy you emit, negative or positive. If you have negative vibes, you need to work on them and shift them to positive ones.

    If your energy is positive, you need to keep this energy going with your positive thoughts and actions. Positive people don't get affected by damaging things, but you need to cure yourself from being the one.

    Say positive affirmations

    Affirmation always works. Well, you can count it as a technique of law of attraction. And it works, unexpectedly.

    Use positive words in your affirmations. Never use any of the negative comments while saying your affirmations. Let me say, 'I'm cured of the Dietetics.' Here you have mentioned the name of a particular disease which is a negative word. Instead, you can say, 'I'm perfectly healthy now.' You can see all the positive comments here.

    Focus on body language

    Body language also speaks equally to verbal language. Body language falls under non-verbal communication. And it says a lot about you without making a noise.

    Adapting and radiating positive energy body language can be one of the most important things you should know about. As with any other factor, you need to pay attention to this element too. And you should make the changes that are required for positive energy.

    Give thanks

    Giving thanks means grateful.

    Feel grateful for what you have. If you have a healthy body, you have something that someone is suffering from cancer dream of. If you have a car, someone may be dreaming of buying it. And so on. You can see, you have many things that other people are praying for. And you are lucky to have it. So, be grateful for it. And always be thankful for it.

    Take care of yourself.

    In the journey of surrounding yourself with positivity and radiating your positivity to others, taking care of yourself is so important.

    Take care of your wish, your health, your emotions, and so on. Positive energy teaches you to take care of yourself. And it is one of the most important things that a happy life required.

    Be kind

    Be kind. Adapt the habit of kindness. Be kind to others and yourself.

    We can see people being kind to others. But when problems come to their life, they being harsh to themselves. Before anyone else, learn to be mind with yourself. And this trait teaches you to be positive in all sorts of situations. And when you be kind to others, it automatically radiates positivity.

    See goodness in others.

    See good things in other people. Well, it is one of the most challenging tasks to do.

    In a world where everyone they are correct, accepting your mistakes or seeing other's good intentions in a dire situation is not easy for everyone.

    When you try to see good intentions or good person in others, you feel good about yourself and also for the other person. You don't get negativity around yourself.

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