how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks

how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks

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    7 Best Guidelines to follow to fall asleep faster!

    So get this. An Irish proverb says, 'A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.' Not just it. Even the Dalai Lama says, 'Sleep is the best meditation.'

    We couldn't agree more, right?

    We know how important sleep is. But, what we do is, we take everything for granted. We do everything off-sync with our natural mind-body. And, finally, we worry about why we could not sleep faster.

    To fall asleep faster, you have to make little lifestyle adjustments and routines. That's enough.

    To assist you in getting quality sleep, we like to share 7 best guidelines for you to follow to fall asleep faster.

      1. Foods for Boosting your Serotonin and Melatonin Levels:

      Serotonin and melatonin occur naturally in our bodies. They act as messengers to our brains. They calm down our mood. Makes us relax and prep us for sleep.

      Consumption of foods rich serotonin and melatonin aid in promoting sleep as well as make you fall asleep faster.

      Apart from foods, there are other lifestyle routines you can follow. Taking a morning walk, getting early morning sunlight, a positive mindset upon waking and going to sleep, maintaining clean gut from healthy foods are few. These healthy routines naturally enhance the production of serotonin levels in our bodies.

      Bananas, warm milk, pineapple, plums, seasonal berries, eggs, grapes, nuts, turmeric, etc. are foods rich in serotonin.

      Nuts like almond and walnut have melatonin in them, which regulates your sleep cycle. Consuming these quality nuts will increase melatonin in the bloodstream. It aids you to fall asleep faster.

      Foods that produce amino acid tryptophan like quality cottage cheese is also good. The tryptophan is said to enhance serotonin levels in the body.

      You can take soothing teas like chamomile, mint, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, etc. They can help you get into a calming state to fall asleep faster.

        2. Medications impacts Sleep:

        You probably have known this by now. Some medications will make you drowsy instantly, while some can make you all pumped up.

        Especially, vitamin D, calcium, and other health supplements may affect your sleep cycle considerably. Or, if you are taking any other medications at night time, they could impact the sleep cycle too.

        If you want to fall asleep faster, avoid taking your medications too close to your sleep time.

        Take your night medicines at half or one hour before hitting the bed.

        Take your medications at the correct time prescribed by the doctor.

          3. Healthy Food Choices:

          According to Ana Krieger MD, Medical Director of the Center of Sleep Medicine, NY, "Eating healthy food means your body absorbs the essential nutrients needed for its function. These nutrients are responsible for providing a chemical environment in the brain to produce the neurotransmitters responsible for aiding adequate sleep".

          Falling asleep faster can become easy if you change your food habits. Make healthy alternatives.

            4. Don't Exercise Before Bedtime:

            When do you Work out?

            Is your answer 'I don't have time, so I do it in the night'?

            If so, then you might want to reconsider the fact.

            Exercises and physical activities will jack you up. They will pump up your body with energy, refreshment, a sense of alertness, resilience, and stamina you need for the whole day.

            But when you do it in the night, falling asleep quicker becomes difficult. Physical exercises and even mild workouts will put your body in an alert state. You can't slip into a relaxed state both physically and mentally.

            What's the solution here?

            Finish all your workouts or any other exercises three hours before your bedtime.

            You need to give a gap between the three things here.

            After your exercises, you have to settle your body. Relax. You can take a nice shower. Then, you can take a light dinner. Let it all settle. Relax. And, when you hit the bed, you will fall asleep quicker in no time.

              5. Have Regular Sleep-Wake schedule:

              It sounds cliché, but there's a wonderful truth in it.

              Our body's circadian rhythm becomes regulated when you sleep and wake up the same time every day. The best is, hit your bed by 11 and wake up by 6 or before.

              Your body adjusts itself for a proper sleep cycle.

              You will find it easy to fall asleep sooner at that fixed time. Also, you don't need an alarm clock in the morning. The body's biological clock wakes you up automatically at the same time in the morning.

              This is the best everyday routine that will make you fall asleep quicker.

              Remember, don't compromise the regular sleep-wake time for anything.

                6. Respect the Sleep Space you have:

                Your bedroom is the place where you get to end your day and start your day. How you care for it is important.

                Keeping the sleep space clean, airy, comfortable, and respectable is a key to relaxing and falling asleep faster sleep.

                Its true guys!

                Imagine your mindset when you see a messed up bed?

                And, what happens to your mind when you see a clean, comfortable bed? We become ease and straightway get into sleep mode, right?

                But What we do instead?

                We eat. We play. We do our work, and we do everything sitting in the bed. This goes for all of us, right?

                We have to change the habit.

                Respecting the sleep-space and making it a distress-free zone is important to get a nice good night's sleep in no time. This is another best guideline you need to follow to fall asleep faster.

                Try to maintain a respectable sleep space free from the hustle and bustle of our daily day.

                  7. Digital Detox Before Bedtime:

                  Science is coming strong with more and more evidence on how blue lights and digital gadgets are robbing our sleep.

                  Do you know what happens when you check your social media before going to bed?

                  Your brain becomes alert. The constant need to check the phone to see notifications, likes, shares, and messages in the day time continues in the night time too, by checking your phone.

                  This 'need to see' and 'need to know' habit stimulates your brain to look for new things. In turn, your brain ignores the 'sleep' signal and picks up the 'stimulating signal.'

                  A lot of things happen in your brain without your knowledge when you use digital gadgets at night.

                  The best way to fall asleep faster is to get rid of digital gadgets an hour before bedtime.


                  We hope you can understand what we are trying to say through our 7 best guidelines to fall asleep faster.

                  Our Lifestyle is the significant key we need to take care of to get a good night's sleep. And to fall asleep faster. The next thing is our mindset.

                  Healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset are the recipes to fall asleep faster. Keep this in your thoughts!

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