9 habits of highly successful people

9 habits of highly successful people


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    The essential things to be successful in life are time, focus, and discipline. The greatest men in history became so because they developed good habits revolving around these three critical aspects. Your daily habits will predict how successful you will be in both your personal and professional life.


    14 Habits of successful people

    Here are some daily habits of successful individuals in the industry today…

    1.) Focused thinking

    Millionaires like Tom Corley spend some time of their day contemplating what is happening around their lives. They allocate the morning hours for this business. The focus would be on the happening in their careers, health matters, and personal relationships.

    2.) Lunch breaks

    You may be too busy but not at the cost of health. A break is required for continuous work. It refreshes you and helps you refocus on the work at hand. Also, the food is a basic need for energy boosts, and a short break of say 30 minutes can be allocated for this purpose.

    Successful people like Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent, insist on such breaks as mentioned above to “recharge one’s batteries” and return to work for a “fresh perspective.”

    3.) First-things-first

    First-things-first means handling high priority tasks first and then following it up with lower priority tasks. Dani Egna of INKED, a tattoo brand with 6000 outlets, likes first to hit the gym and refresh her mind before starting other jobs. She also makes it a daily habit to write all her daily tasks the night before and resolve which job has the highest priority. She goes about her duties the next day based on this.

    4.) Nothing should be left for the last moment

    Do the most significant tasks of a project first. Be ready on the deadline date by front-loading your work.

    Magnus Grimeland, Co-founder and CEO of Antler, attributes the success his firm achieved in Singapore and Stockholm by developing a habit of frontloading. He feels that when the effort put at the start is maximum, then any project, whether it is a long six months one or just a task of a few days, will turn out to be a grand success.

    5.) Ignore/evade work that does not lead you to your goals

    Learn to say no to obligations that waste your time.

    Successful people chose apps that are useful in achieving their goals. This is because they feel time is also an investment, and poorly invested time is lost forever.

    6.) Using productivity tools like apps for organizing your work

    Edward Woodford, CEO of Seed CX, feels technology can empower both you and your team to make the right decisions in the long run.

    7.) Multitasking may take away your focus from your goals

    Zero-in on the essential tasks and focus only on them. Avoid useless emails, etc., at the start of the day. Working on many things at the same time will only retard progress. This is a daily habit of Ryan Coon, Founder of Avail, a property management software online, that has helped him to be very successful in his career at present.

    8.) Taking stock of the day’s work before sleep in an honest way

    Some top businessmen take stock of the happenings of the day and review them. Based on this, they take new decisions and plan new to-do lists for the next day or the coming few days.

    9.) Experiment

    Go with your gut experimenting with out-of-the-box ideas that your mind doles out time and again. Failure should not dishearten you.

    Every day there are so many tough choices to be made, and everything cannot be decided according to the book. Katherine Prescott is the Founder and CEO of VoiceBrew. She has successfully applied this habit of taking risks by implementing out-of-the-box ideas, which has enabled her company VoiceBrew, a digital media brand, to experience 224% growth since February 2019.

    10.) Personal relations that you want to maintain should be given your time

    For some, family members come first before attending other duties.

    Some successful individuals have the habit of being there when required to maintain good relations with individuals close to them. Trevor Kaufman, CEO with a clientele of 1000 media brands still makes it a point to first spend time with his wife and young kids before turning his attention to workplace issues.

    11.) Turn off Notifications permanently

    Notifications are other people’s jobs, not yours. Work for your priorities in the time that you have. Heeding the notification will make you a reactive leader and not the creative leader that you really should be. This is the philosophy with which a very successful Marina Malaguti of Jelly Vision works.

    12.) Be the dumbest but work with the smartest

    Keep trustworthy people who help you to achieve your tasks nearby; who can say you are wrong when you are wrong. An employer should make it a habit to employ individuals who will stand their ground when they felt the employer was not correct.

    This habit has helped Eric Yaverbaum who is the Founder and CEO of Ericho Communications for the last 35 years immensely. He is also the author of bestselling books such as PR for dummies.

    13.) Be aware of the latest in the industry

    Being up-to-date with the trends in business, politics, technology, and other pressing issues that concerns one’s work is one habit everybody needs to cultivate. Reading and analyzing news, statistics, and other information obtained from reputable newspapers is the way to go.

    Arran Steward, CVO and Co-founder of a recruitment platform practices this habit to good effect. Now the concern has over 60 million users globally.

    14.) Morning habits

    After a good night’s rest, most individuals feel fresh and rejuvenated in the mornings. Marissa Tarleton is the CEO of RetailMeNot, with $5billion global sales in the year 2018, goes running with her dogs. This is when she has some me-time connecting to herself and planning her tasks for the day.

    Dustin Figge, Co-founder, and CEO of a $20million startup named Homelike likes to wake up early to brainstorm ideas, analyze data, send some inspirational messages and decide on daily targets.

    From the above points, we can note that successful people attribute their wins to the good habits they practice. So, if you are aiming at reaching the top, start today by initiating the process of adopting a good habit.

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