Easy and practical ways to achieve self-discipline and get successful

Easy and practical ways to achieve self-discipline and get successful


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    How To Be More Self-Disciplined

    Suppose you wake up at 8 am and get ready to go to the office quickly and don’t have time to cover breakfast. You barely reach the office on time. Your boss is unhappy with you for coming late almost every day. You have tons of pending work.

    At lunchtime, you read an article about the habits of successful people. You wonder how they wake up so early and make time for themselves. They go to the gym or jogging. After that, they have a healthy breakfast. Then they go to the office early on scheduled times. They do not have unfinished work. They finish their office work. They even do some extra work in advance that helps them to be better professionals. They return home at the right time. Then they spend some quality time with family and friends.

    And here are you. It becomes too late when you leave the office. You just somehow manage to the back at home and lie down, having no energy to do anything for yourself. You check your health at the weekends, and you see your health is deteriorating.

    How many of you face this? I guess many of us. Have you ever try to find out why you are always running late for your work?

    And how there are so many people in this small world who do everything that you want to do but could not manage.

    The answer is self-discipline. Yes, they are more self-disciplined than you.

    It also can happen that you even wake up early. Then go jogging or the gym. You also take breakfast and reach the office. But still, you are not getting the results of your hard work. Maybe these questions arise in your mind so many times in a day.

    Here the answer is the same self-discipline. From being an average human to on the elite list of successful people, the only thing that matters most and contributes most is self-disciplined.

    Self-discipline is the key ingredient to success:

    1. Self-discipline means self-control.

    2. You get complete control over your feelings, emotions, behavior. When you are self-disciplined, you can behave in a particular way.

    3. Only a self-disciplined person can keep all the negative consequences of their work at bay.

    4. Self-disciplined gives birth to the ability which allows a person to carry one’s willpower through hardships and obstacles along the journey to one’s goal.

    5. Self-discipline prevents our energy from getting involved in trivial matters.

    6. A self-disciplined person never engages in any situation where negative consequences may happen.

    7. So we can avoid any situation that may lead to excessive draining out of our energy and efforts.

    8. Self-discipline is not something that you can master in your professional life and an excuse in your personal life. Self-discipline is a particular way of behavior that you opt for both in your personal and professional life as a human.

    9. It allows us to maintain a soft and sweet balance in our work and life. Only then you can get the best result of living this disciplined life.

    10. A self-disciplined person sets goals and takes small yet powerful steps to achieve them by taking control over one’s life.

    Self-disciplined is one of the top crucial points in your successful career.


    If you master the self-discipline that other people already have, there are some action plans to help you become more self-disciplined.

    9 Methods to be more self-disciplined

    Here we will discuss some amazing methods to be more self-disciplined in both your personal and professional life.


    Humans have a bad habit of spending too much time wanting a particular thing to happen instead of appreciating what we already have. This gives birth to dissatisfaction and drains out all the positive energy to do our regular work.

    People need to learn how to appreciate what they already have. Because maybe from someone’s perspective, what we have is the highest point of success. Wanting more from oneself is definitely not bad. But wasting your whole life by just wanting more is not intelligent’s work. Our life and success are only our perceptions.

    Build an ocean by adding drops:

    You can’t make your life overnight successful. You can’t change to another person in just a single year.

    I find it hilarious when people make a New Year's resolution like this. Some say, ``I will change the theme." Some other people say, “I will be a completely different person.”

    This is just not right because goals have to be small enough to be achievable. The whole you is something that has been building over the past years.

    How can you change it over a single year? Instead of that, you should start small. Set small goals. You can say, “I will quit smoking and drinking." You also can say, “I will go to the gym regularly." Not keeping works pending can also be your goal.

    These small things contribute to a lot of changes in your regular life. If you maintain these changes over a year, then you will get surprised by witnessing a new you.

    Value your preference:

    What you want is the primary point of your success. If you want to be a poet and end up writing content for websites, then how you would find the passion for pushing yourself beyond your limits.

    What you want for yourself is important to recognize. Because when passion becomes your work, you don’t even have to push yourself beyond limits. Then you just go that extra mile for your happiness. You can do anything positive that you want to do because there is no limit to being any good in life.

    Realistic goals:

    If you’re focusing on your health, pick something practical. Enjoy going to the gym or jogging, and let that make a real difference in your life. If you want to be your boss and waiting for others’ advice for your next step in life, then you are probably never going to achieve that goal.

    When you want to make a difference in your career, and be more successful, investigate what would make a difference. Try to analyze the performance of people who have the job you desire for. What are the missing links that they do differently than you?

    Make all these answers to your goals. Try your best to achieve them in sequence.

    To-do list:

    To be a more disciplined person, you have your to-do list ready. Wasting your time deciding your next step or getting confused about which work to do now will never allow you to take control of your life.

    A self-disciplined person already knows what to do in the next activity. This helps to save a lot of time and energy.

    I) Begin your day with a prioritized work-list. You need to accomplish that according to their importance.

    II) Make time for your work-related stuff and personal affairs separately. From attending a sales meeting to buying groceries for home, keep every single thing on the list.

    III) Check and mark the items off the list. It can help you to develop self-discipline.

    Advance plan:

    It is a must that you put a plan-b for every crucial decision of your life for both professional and personal purposes. If you want to join a Startup, then you also have to be very careful that your regular life should not be at risk.

    Every successful person takes risks in their lives but only calculates them. Make ready your action plan before the situation presents itself. This is how you’ll find it a lot easier to remain steadfast in the face of temptation.

    Know your capabilities:

    Self-discipline is not as easy as it sounds. If it has been, then everybody would have been a self-disciplined person. It sometimes comes with discomfort and a restrictive life. Maybe at a point, you will ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself.

    It is your inner strength and willpower that will help you keep going. It is vital for dealing with the affairs of daily life and for the achieving of goals.

    When you have a difficult discussion with your boss about a particular topic, and you don’t want to say anything inappropriate in the meeting, plan what you will say in advance. Try to schedule the meeting at the beginning of the day when you have your patience level high.

    Be human, not a machine:

    It is fine if you get some lazy days. Imagine a day when you want to have some Ben and Jerry’s choco ice cream and don’t want to go for a jog.

    It is fine. Because we all are humans, we can have these no mood days. You have to be a little more conscious that it does not become your habit.

    When you can control your emotions on other days, it completely fine if you have a double cheese sandwich at lunch while watching a movie and keeping some pending work at the desk.


    If we develop the right habits, then it will help us achieve the right amount of discipline in our lives.

    Here is a checklist of must-have habits for you.

    1.) Master, your time management skills, to never run out of time for work.

    2.) Be an early riser. An early riser would have enough time to start the day with peace.

    3.) Challenge your persistent level. This will help us not to give up on hardships.

    4.) Do not hold up any situation or any memory. It will just waste our time and energy.

    5.) Learn to forgive. Worrying too much about people who have wronged us prevents us from focusing on self-discipline and achieving goals.

    6.) Don’t forget what puts your self-discipline at risk. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

    7.) Try to avoid negative people around you. It is better for your overall life.

    8.) Eat healthily and exercise to stay fit.

    9.) You should be more organized both at home and at work-space. It will save tons & tons of time.

    10.) Start your morning with meditation to ease your mental peace.

    11.) Have an adequate sleep at night. A fresh mind has more ability to do things and to achieve more.


    Former US-president Theodore Roosevelt said, “With self-discipline most anything is possible.”

    He also said, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

    And so you are. Keep having faith in yourself. Keep adjusting your goals. Treat failure as a lesson. You will achieve anything that you want.

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