Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

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    You generally feel I m not good enough either when you are not taken care of by the people around, or you are under extreme observation and scrutiny. Each of us wants to be loved and cared for, but when that doesn’t happen, you get into depression.

    At times, our behavior makes our loved ones watch us, judge us, examine and inspect us, and even compare to others. This is such a curve where none of us want to be in. At times, no matter what you do, there will always be a person eyeing over you and trying to find fault in you and with your acts. You, therefore, have to mind your actions and drill more to overcome the discouraging feelings in you.

    Embrace the listed down practices in life. Doing so, you can promise yourself a smooth transition from an ill state of mind to mental peace and harmony, backed by the richness in actions.

      1. Look at yourself as a spectator.

      When you don’t feel good, and you can’t turn them to your favor, simply come out of your body. Imagine you are a spectator or an outsider to the mind where your worries are parked. Ask as a stakeholder, ‘Are you good enough?’ Now, the task of giving away countless suggestions becomes much easy.

      It is a human tendency that suggestions are given away without any pain, but for the receiver, it becomes a tough task to choose whether to neglect them or to follow them. As an outsider, the suggestions you make are to be given importance. Flip the other side of you to list the suggestions coming your way and try them.

      With an anxious mind, you cannot think effectively. List down the top three answers that you get by asking your mind, ‘Are you good enough?’ With this list in hand, offer suggestions as a stranger. Because when one suggests you, it becomes relatively easy to follow blindly, of course, only when you rely on the other person. Since, in this case, the suggestion maker is you yourself, as a receiver, you will certainly trust and try them.

        2. Mindset vs. Memory.

        When your mind wanders around unwarranted thoughts, you feel sick, thinking I m not good enough and are usually unwilling to take up any task, even the simplest one. This is predominantly because you lack focus, dedication, and needless to say, the requisite memory skills needed to boost your performance.

        Similarly, when your memory is weak, you cannot concentrate on any task. This results in unfavorable and sub-standard outcomes. This, in turn, leads to mental sickness. All these series of activities in you direct you towards the feeling of not being good.

        Since mental health and memory skills are directly related to each other, to uplift your mental health, you need to attempt more memory training games. Your mind always keeps wandering and keeps uttering, ’I’m not good enough.’ At times like these, you need to carefully invest in more time in tuning your memory by undergoing workshops or playing brain sharpening and memory strengthening games.

          3. Boost yourself.

          Recollect all the strengths in you. Dig into your past to list out and memorize all that you accomplished in life. You feel not good enough when you are in trouble. This is the time when you have to recollect your bad experiences along with your achievements in life. Get lost into obstacles and challenges from the past that you ultimately succeeded. Boost your morale with these thoughts.

          When you feel upset because of a failure, think of failures from the past that you rocked on. Tell yourself that you will expand your skills, and slowly you can come out of this concern. By boosting your esteem and spirits, you drive carefully towards inner peace, a calm state of mind, and harmony.

          It is fine to connect and collaborate with others to overcome the upsetting state of mind that always keeps proclaiming that, ‘I’m not good enough.’ A simple way to handle this is by spreading a smile.

          Impart your smile, because it costs nothing. Do invite people with a smile. Invite problems also with a smile. Challenge your thoughts that your mind is busy with other commitments and can’t offer space for domesticating them.

            4. Change your perspective.

            Shift your thoughts to confidently communicate that, ‘I am good enough.’ Change the way to think about something or someone. Look at the known world from a varied perspective. Observe the new world with positivity in mind. Adopt techniques to overcome the fears and regulate your senses.

            Expand your horizons and spread your wings of talent in other aspects as well. This will help you view the surroundings and situations from multiple angles. Try to be a jack of all, so that you can analyze a problem and come up with various solving procedures.

            To feel good at heart, try to do the same monotonous task differently this time. You feel so refreshed and rebalanced by working out the efficiency and effectiveness of you. You soon declare, ‘I am good enough.’ And with such new and positive thoughts, emerge the new ideas, leading to the presentation of a new you to the world.

            The fear when you feel not good enough multiplies even further as you keep carrying the feelings of inadequacy and rejections. Never judge your capability just because someone gave you negative feedback. The best thing you could do in such a situation is to accept this negative feedback constructively and give your better version the next time.

            Not being able to focus at work, failing to give your best in areas of your strengths, surrounded by negative thoughts, etc. to name a few could redirect your life towards the emotion of not feeling good. Therefore, choose righteously the techniques stated above and overcome the mood of numbness. Doing so, you redesign your life in a much better way.

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