How to calm down – 10 instant ways to calm

How to calm down – 10 instant ways to calm

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    You sense agitation when you are in the midst of delivering a good number of important and multiple top-priority tasks. You feel messing up with things when both your personal and professional urgencies walk in your space within the same time frame. This is when you have to teach yourself how to stay calm under pressure. This is when you also have to challenge yourself in suppressing your nervousness.

    Itemized below are a few ways in which you can relax and calm down your mind and body at once.

    1. Learn maths tables or formulae for a change.

    Drive yourself into the journey of a student's life. Sit with your children and learn math or chemical formulae. Understand the theories in physics. Practice a mathematical table like 17 or 23 table that needs you to pay one hundred percent attention. This calms anxiety and helps you erase off the disturbing thoughts in you within no time.

    2. Rub your palms.

    When you feel deprived and withdrawn by mind and body, promptly and rapidly rub your palms. Rub your feet as well. By rubbing your feet and palms, you are actually calming emotions that help your blood circulation to improve. This also improves the flow of blood and oxygen levels into your brain. Thereby your thought process improves at once.

    3. Get yourself lost into nature.

    Spend time in your lawn or garden. The flora around you guides you with life lessons on how to stay calm under pressure. Look at the blossoming flowers. Spot the different colors of the leaves. View how much they grow by length and width. With the passing breeze and the water showers propelled by the clouds, witness how they move and talk to you. Water your plants. Shed off the dried leaves and humus underneath. Feel their life to adjust yours.

    4. Take a warm shower.

    Be the room temperature hot or cold, take a full body shower from hair to toes with warm water. Clean up your outer layers by massaging for long. This exercise pretty much helps you in calming down your feelings, and you also tend to bounce back to work by feeling refreshed and recharged.

    5. Listen to the ticking sound of the clock.

    Set yourself a peaceful ambiance. Lean on the chair or over the bed. Keep your eyes on the wall clock. See how the second's hand moves. Pay attention to the ticking sound of the clock. Pin your ears in the music reveled out of the hour hand. Listen to what it has to convey to you with regard to how to stay calm under pressure. Be like a clock by working continuously and spotlessly. Understand that even if the clock stops working, it will still show the right time twice every day. Get inspired by the lifestyle of a clock.

    6. Climb a monkey bar.

    Go to a park or a play area. Climb a monkey bar as if no one is watching you. Climb up and down, side to side, until you better understand how to calm agitation in your mind and ultimately drop them off. Arrange them a path to vacate the space, leaving you in peace.

    7. Cherish your achievements from the past.

    When you are in a troublesome space, just close your eyes for a few seconds and recollect all the achievements you took hold of in the past. Summon up all the sequences of activities that helped you in reaching your goals. This way, you train yourself on how to calm your mind and focus on your present work in hand.

    8. Listen to a motivational speech.

    Motivational speeches drive the mind to want to achieve more in life. When you are unwell by the mind, ensure to listen to a motivational speech or watch a motivational interview to attain calmness of mind. Success stories that motivate are worth giving time, as they cast an impact on spinning odds to your favor.

    9. Grab a chewing gum.

    Take a chewing gum and keep munching it. Lick the outer layer, crunch, and grind the inner layers. Squeeze out the fluid and ruminate it on either side of your jaw. As you keep repeating this, your focus switches to the mouth and its activities, leaving behind the disarray in your mind and letting it go off.

    10. Involve yourself in charity activities.

    Do charity works. Do some acts that are not just good for others but those that also impart you with knowledge on how to stay calm under pressure and yet deliver results with a smile. You will be eternally happy. Use your time, resources, and skills to support charity works. Contribute to society and gift something to nature. By doing so, you will certainly reap immortal and everlasting joy and delight in life.

    You, just like any other successful individual, deserve to live a life fully. And to win life, you need to work out on the root cause of the problem, instead of working on suppressing the symptoms.

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