Are you afraid to face failure then say good bye to excuses!

Are you afraid to face failure then say good bye to excuses!


Hello! Once again, let us discuss the real-life scenario. That will definitely be going to create a long-lasting impact on your mind.

I have a cousin whose dream was or is to join police services, who got married last week. She was having almost every facility available, all the opportunities. Everything was fine. The only problem was she stays in a village where big coaching institutes are not available offline.

On the other hand, yesterday, I read about the youngest IPS officer of India who is from Gujarat. He met an accident just before some time for his UPSC Interview. Still, he woke up and realized that he can go to the interview, and guess what he went for that interview despite the pain and what not.

I start wondering what the difference between these two people is? Why my cousin did not make it up, but the person who met an accident can? Many questions were raised in my head.

And, the only answer I got is that it's true that both were having problems but what makes the difference in their attitude to handle those harsh situations.

Successful people never make excuses. Giving excuses is the lazy person's job! This world does not care about your reasons for not doing particular work or job or responsibility or whatever.

What this world will stare at is just your success. And, for that, you should stop making excuses. The most important is to never give up, no matter what happens! Never ever give excuses!

Yes, it is true that situations might not be so easy all the time; you will have to tackle them too. But giving up will make you fall in the loser's category.

The key to success is perseverance. No excuses will be acceptable!

No matter what sort of condition you are going through, always get up with full determination and happiness, of course.

Excuses are actually our reply to those questions, which are bombarded on us for our failure. Always remember that you are the only person who is responsible for whatever happens to you, either good or bad. So, stop this habit of giving excuses.

No more excuses. You always do this and do not get success. Enough, no more excuses from now onwards! Start taking action.

Just imagine!

What if Sir Isaac Newton had also said that it was enough, now he can not think much. Could we get so much information about gravity?

What if Thomas Alva Edison had said that it was too much, now he can not do more experiment. Could we get a bulb?

No, surely not!

And the reason for their success is their patience and determination towards their work!
Great things come from hard work and passion for our work.


Now, this lost is endless. We, humans, are too much creativity in this phase, I guess. Well, jokes apart, it's a serious issue with us. Which is actually responsible for our failure. We start creating excuses.

Almost all of us have a habit of saying that I want to do this, but.....

This BUT is an issue which has to deal.

1. Family burden

This is, I think, the most commonly heard excuse, especially in India. But don't let this happen to you. See, it's completely your responsibility to tell the importance of your work to your family. I am not asking you to leave your people. What I am asking is just to give your hundred and one percent to convince your family members. And, surely, they are going to understand. But only if you show interest in it.

Even Savatri Bai Phule who was a social reformer from Maharashtra, also regarded as the first female teacher of India was not allowed to study in her era. Even she was forced to stop educating young girls of society. Did she stop?


What if she had stopped?

She overcame those circumstances and followed her path. And, yes, she succeeded.

2. Gender

This is one of the funniest excuses I have heard till now.

Like seriously?

How can you even say that?

Stop giving this sort of excuse.

Stop saying that you can not go into a particular job just because you are a girl or a boy.

Some boys have this excuse that no, I can not do this because I already have a huge responsibility for my family. I can not afford to prepare for a particular exam.

I am sure you might be knowing lots of names of female IPS Officers and male Chefs too! Only losers give reasons for their failure. Stop being a loser and take a path of a winner.

3. I do not have time

Like really, man? Who do you think has time in today's world? Everyone is busy. But you have to manage.

A terrible excuse for I got no time is just unacceptable.

You think Einstein got twenty-five hours a day?

No, right?

Even he got the same, but did he complain?

You complain about something only if you are not sure about its importance and your goal is not set.

‌Reasons for which we make excuses

1. Fear of failure

Yes, you read it right. Whenever we are indulged in any sort of work, we always want to win. Even if we are not working hard, no one wants to be a loser.

We do not want people to blame us for our failure. So, we start blaming our situation by giving lame excuses. I have seen such people who make that level of creative excuses that if at all, he applied this creativeness to his work, there would be a very high probability of his success.

2. To be in our comfort zone

We don't want to leave our comfort. So, we start telling some weird excuses to society. We don't want to work hard. Hence we make an excuse for that.

3. Ignorance

We try to ignore the importance of our work. Ignorance is the cause of your failure. So, no excuses should be made.

Ignorance of the law of attraction will dump you in a yard of failure.

Your ignorance must not be an excuse. Ignorance is no excuse for stupidity; better if you remember this!

Never ignore your capabilities, do your work with full passion.

4. Lack of aim in one's life

You must have an aim in your life. Aimless life is not a life. If we do not have an aim, then we hardly care about the result of our work, isn't it? We start leaving everything on the situation.

Therefore it is important to have an aim in life. No matter what we are doing! Even if you have to pay any bill, you must have some aim behind it. This will motivate you to do it passionately.

5. Lazy people

Now, this is something that does not need any explanation. Laziness is one of our biggest enemies. Being lazy will never let us win or complete our job.

6. Victim card

Many people play this victim card and bring themselves to a safer side. Which is absolutely wrong. Yes, I accept that you might be a victim at some point but even then, try to be honest and passionate. Do not try to give an excuse. Excuses make you a failure.

How to stop making excuses?

We must have an attitude that I am going to do my job to its fullest after dealing with all those problems I have in my life.

1. Understand its importance

The only way to stop giving excuses is to understand the importance of our job or work. If we deeply understand how crucial our work is, we start doing it wholeheartedly!

For example, if you have to pay a bill for your internet connection and tomorrow is the last date for it. Otherwise, your connection will be stopped. Now you will do it without any excuse coz you know the importance of it. Do we give an excuse at this moment that no, I am busy now or I have many other things to do, or it's heavily raining today?

No, we don't.

Because we know its value. If we don't pay a bill, then we won't be able to do our office work the next day. And our boss is going to kill us for that, isn't it?

So, we should be very clear about our goals.

And, to start, you have to be dissatisfied with your own condition. I am not asking you to always complain about what you have. That is true that you must be happy with what you already have, but you should also think bigger.

Always make sure you carry an answer to this question that why are you doing this?
If you have this answer, then everything is set. You can achieve whatever you want.

2. Think about results

You must be so focused that you don't have time to think about the circumstances you are going through.

No excuses, just results must be awaited.

Be like an eagle who carries a bigger dream to fly too high in the sky. Make sure that sky is your limit.

No excuses, just do it from the bottom of your heart. And you will realize that your body will reshape according to the need of your work or job.

No excuse list should be prepared, even not in your head.

4. Maintain discipline

A disciplined person never gives an excuse for anything. Therefore if you want to stop giving excuses, then start maintaining discipline in your life.

No excuses, the power of self-discipline should be understood.

It's better if you understand earlier that the only person between you and your success is only you.

Fight with your bad habits. Stop blaming others for your failure. Start taking responsibility.

Have faith in yourself!

You can achieve everything.

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