How To Motivate Yourself: Tips to stay motivated

How To Motivate Yourself: Tips to stay motivated


What is Motivation?

Motivation is defined as stimulating people to accomplish goals. Additionally, it can also be known as an impulse to get people in action. We, as human beings, set multiple goals. Also, we have time limits and deadlines too. But are each one of us particular with it? Most probably, the answer is no. There are times when we laze around. Similarly, we don't find the right drive to get going. These are the situations that we require to find motivation.

How does motivation work?

Motivation is like waves. There are days when you are ready to conquer the world. On the other hand, there are some days you stay in one place all day. Some days you know exactly what needs to be done. Other days, you are totally clueless. These feelings are quite common in human beings. There are days when you don't find the spark to do anything. So what do you do to get the motivation back? In this article, we shall look into how you can motivate yourselves. Read till the end to know the secret to motivation.

10 Tips To Stay Motivated:

Now let's get to know some tips to help you stay motivated.

1. Remind yourself why you need to do something:

If you want to be motivated, remind yourself why you need to get it done. In simpler words, being aware of your goals will give you the push to do things. All you need is a little boost. Hence, try to remind your goals. Additionally, be thoughtful before you plan to quit. Build a vision and help yourself focus on your goals. This is a great way to stay motivated. Similarly, it gives you the drive to complete things.

2. Break work into chunks:

Plan your day well in dance. Similarly, you can list down the activities for the day. Additionally, you can break them into smaller chunks. This will help you to manage them easily. You may dread hours of work. Hence, breaking them up into smaller chunks will be of help. Block segments and plan each day. This will help in getting work done. Moreover, you won't feel the load or pressure.

3. Make your activities fun:

If you dread any work, try to add a fun element to it. In other words, make work fun. Though it might be different to start, it will be great later. For instance, you are planning to get fit. On the other hand, you hate going to the gym. Try different options like Zumba or kickboxing. Alternatively, you could go swimming, which is great.

4. Treat yourself when you complete tasks:

Set treats after you complete every task. Even if they are small tasks, reward yourself. This will encourage you. Additionally, it will keep you motivated to complete your next task. You can take a short break after tasks. Alternatively, you can have a treat.

5. Take occasional breaks:

Nobody can work for continuous hours. Hence, it is important to take breaks at intervals. Moreover, too much work can make you less productive. For instance, you can take breaks every 2-3 hours. Additionally, take a break for 5 mins at intervals. This will keep you focused too. Besides, these breaks are necessary to make you productive.

6. Tell yourself you can:

Our mind is much powerful than we think. In other words, we underestimate the power of our minds. Telling yourself, you can do a particular task can actually help you accomplish it. Additionally, your body and mind start to believe what is said repeatedly. Keep repeating that a task in simple. This will force your brains to think otherwise. Moreover, it builds your motivation power.

7. Discuss how to deal with setbacks:

There will be obstacles or hurdles in your work. However, they are quite common. The better solution is to find how you will deal with it. Besides, when you have a plan, it gets quite handy. Additionally, you are more prepared for them. This helps you clear them without wasting any time.

8. Find a role model:

It is always great to find a role model who has achieved similar tasks. When you take inspiration, it drives you to work harder. Additionally, role models often are people who succeed. Following such individuals helps you find a spark. Moreover, it helps you find motivation.

9. Post motivational quotes around you:

You can use a post-it note and write down motivational quotes. Additionally, stick them onto your work area. You can also have them in your room. When you do so, you keep looking at them. Moreover, when you look at something, you start believing in them. This will give you a boost. Also, it keeps your spirit up when you are feeling down.

10. Visualize your goals:

The moment you feel you have no motivation, visualize your ambitions. In other words, think of your goals. Additionally, think of doing tasks to achieve them. This will drive you to accomplish your ambitions.


There are multiple ways you can motivate yourself, as mentioned above. Additionally, you can also listen to songs that give you a push. Some people find it easy to work with music. Hence, it works for you go ahead. However, remind yourself that there will be failures. No matter how hard you try, there will be setbacks.

Similarly, find a way to come through it. You could also try being grateful for the things you have. This can, too, help you stay motivated. Additionally, count on your blessings.

When you become aware of your blessing, you are motivated. Take occasional breaks to stay productive. Similarly, plan a routine for your day. Also, follow them to complete tasks on time. Though there will be days when you won't feel the same, try to make it a habit. However, it isn't possible in a day. It takes the right kind of motivation and energy too. Do not underestimate yourself, and do your best.

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