How to improve English pronunciation?

How to improve English pronunciation?


English is a 2nd highest-speaking language in the world with more than 980 million speakers. Be it a college seminar or office presentation, English is the language that we have to learn mandatorily. It is necessary to write, read, and speak English to survive in today’s competitive world. There are many words in this language which have a different pronunciation from the letters they contain. You need to have a regular English pronunciation practice to get well-versed in speaking these words.

There are some countries in the world where people find difficulty in speaking the words of the English language. This is because of their different mother tongue or lack of knowledge in the English language. We will further discuss some of the ways and tips in which you can improve your English pronunciation.

5 Ways in which you can improve the pronunciation in English to speak like a native

You should keep in mind the following tips to improve English pronunciation to speak like a native.

        Use a mirror or finger

        While pronouncing a word in English, you should stand in front of the mirror. This will help you to know how your mouth says the word. You should stress on the lips while speaking a word. It is important to know the movement of your lips.

          Listen with attention

            You can hear songs, movies, or news to know how to pronounce English words correctly. When someone is pronouncing the words, you should hear them properly. You can find English pronunciation online exercises for speaking the words correctly.

              Speak words with sounds

                This is one of the best English pronunciation exercises you can try. You should speak the word slowly by putting the hand under the chin. The number of syllables can be known by the times your chin touches the hand. The second method is to write the word with parts.

                  Use a camera and video recorder

                    You should use a camera and a video recorder to record while speaking certain English words. You can also see the videos of experts with the same words in which you speak. This will give you a precise idea of how to speak a particular word in English. You should then practice speaking in a similar tone and stress to that of videos.

                      Practice with a friend

                        You can practice English pronunciation exercises with your best buddies. There are many communities on the internet where you can find people who want to learn English pronunciation. In this way, you can share some and take some helpful tips from them.

                        10 tips to become a master in English pronunciation

                          Hear pronunciation

                            When you speak some words, you should pay attention to pronunciation. You can also record the speech on your devices for knowing where to improve. You should check your sound while speaking words.


                                This is one of the most perfect English pronunciation exercises you should try. You should create an image of your mouth in your mind. It then becomes easy to know exactly in which direction the mouth moves when you say a word or a sentence.

                                  Speak Slowly

                                    If you want to excel in English pronunciation, you need to follow certain English pronunciation rules. You should go at a slow speed while practicing. Learning at fast speed often makes you confused.

                                      Speak at various places

                                        To learn anything perfectly, you need to practice that thing first. You can speak English in various places such as hotels, restaurants or while working at the office. Don’t get afraid to get wrong as that will improve your language in a better way. You should go for English pronunciation practice at home or any other place if you want.

                                          Some physical exercises

                                            English has words that should be spoken in different ways. When you learn to speak one word, you should pay attention to the kind of sound you make while speaking it. You should place your tongue between the teeth and then blow the air out. This exercise will certainly help you in learning English pronunciation.

                                            Videos and movies

                                              You can watch English pronunciation online videos by experts. You can also watch English movies and TV series to get better ideas of the language. You should listen to the speech of experts for pronouncing clearly all the words and sentences. Apart from that, you can also listen to sports commentary for English pronunciation.

                                                Friend’s tips

                                                  You can ask your friend to check the pronunciation. Ask them to advise you where you go wrong. Someone’s help will make the subject more interesting.


                                                      Singing English songs is one of the most effective English pronunciation exercises which you can try. You can learn the language in an amazing way with music.

                                                        Breaking of words

                                                          If you want to correctly pronounce the long words such as “communication”, “responsibility” or “information”, you should break the words in 2 or 3 parts. You can then practice saying all these parts individually and in a group also.


                                                          While speaking English words, you should notice your voice. Some words need upper tone while some others are spoken in a lower voice. You can also read essays, articles, blogs, and poems to know how to pronounce English words correctly.

                                                          4 Ways by which you can become better in English pronunciation

                                                          You should follow 4 ways to gain mastery in English pronunciation. Let us discuss those methods.

                                                            Practicing tough syllables

                                                              If you want to learn tough English words, you should look at the shape your mouth makes while speaking those words. The observance will allow you to gain excellence in the language of English. You should study the style of the speaker who is skilled in English speech.

                                                              You can also make the “R” and “L” sounds by pushing the lips or keeping it behind the teeth. You should put your tongue in the middle of the teeth. Then you can try making a “v” sound.

                                                                Practicing English pronunciation

                                                                  One of the best English pronunciation exercises is to read the words and sentences loudly. You can take any book or newspaper to read blogs or articles in a loud way. Additionally, there are also certain dictation apps that will correct you if you pronounce wrong sentences and words. There are many tongue twisters in English which you can try. The advanced learners gain a lot of knowledge from the tongue twisters.

                                                                  You can also join online English classes where the teachers will show you the different ways of English pronunciation. The second method is to hear the radios and audios where talented speakers give a speech each day. You can listen to radio jockeys or show hosts and talk in their style.

                                                                    Learn all the words from the dictionary

                                                                      You can buy a dictionary or download online dictionaries on your Android devices. It gives every word with the correct pronunciation. Writing will give you a better idea of the English language. You should take a flashcard and paper and write the words with correct spelling. You should speak the words while writing.

                                                                      Additionally, the dictionary will also help in improving your Grammar. You can go to an online dictionary to learn English pronunciation online.

                                                                        Podcasts and videos

                                                                          You can use podcasts or watch different videos for becoming a master in English pronunciation. YouTube is a good source to learn English. You should also read the captions of the videos loudly. Read the transcripts given on the videos.

                                                                          Various kinds of videos get uploaded on social media sites each day. You can go through the animated videos, videos of cooking experts, the speech of politicians, and lots more.

                                                                          You should carefully see the intonation. To learn more perfection, you should copy the rhythm of the speech.

                                                                          Tips by experts to improve English pronunciation

                                                                            Shayna Oliveira is one of the experts in the English language. She suggests various techniques to improve pronunciation. One of the most effective ways is the shadowing technique. You have to first hear the native speaker and speak in the exact way how the speaker says the words.

                                                                              English speaking practice.png

                                                                                Idhosa Ness founded the Mimic method. It is one of the most effective English pronunciation exercises which you can try. He suggests that you should hear the person whose voice you like. You should then imitate his/her voice. Mimicking will help you in improving the accent and tone in English.

                                                                                  English pronunciation .png

                                                                                    Mau is an analyst of a website. He suggests practicing to speak English each day. You should speak English at home, office or anywhere you go. You can also watch English movies, TV series or animated shows for knowing the accent.

                                                                                      English speaking .png

                                                                                        Anthony Metivier has an MA degree in English. This expert suggests memorizing the alphabet. You should memorize the words and phrases and then apply them in day to day life. Further, he tells us to notice your tongue while speaking sentences and some words.

                                                                                          English phrases.png

                                                                                            Jovana Cenejac, a teacher of English suggests making improvements where you go wrong. He further advises finding an expert in English in your local area. Download the dictation apps and various online videos on your devices to know how to pronounce English words correctly.

                                                                                              Pronounce English words.png

                                                                                                Theresa Blackmore tells people to listen to English as much as they can. Then you should speak the words you heard earlier. Also one should know the meaning of the words after learning. Understanding the words is important.

                                                                                                  Listen English words.png

                                                                                                  Aaron Knight has a different technique from other experts. According to him, learning is more fun when you have your favorite celebrity or sports person with you. You can watch the interviews or award functions in which the movie actors speak. This will further help you a lot in making the language better.

                                                                                                    English learning .png

                                                                                                      Shanthi Streat is an English teacher. According to her, one should speak the language in a particular tone. She suggests speaking English in an Italian manner. Italians speak slow English and in that way, you can learn to speak the words one by one.

                                                                                                        Speak English.png

                                                                                                          Gabby founded Go Natural English website. She states that the dictionary is the best way to spell the words correctly. You can also take the help of teachers who are available online. They will correct your accent and tone while speaking words and phrases.

                                                                                                          English spearking private lesson.png

                                                                                                          Some well-experienced people in English suggest improving the language by the way of group discussion. When you are in groups, different techniques and tips from different people can be very helpful. In addition to that, you can also learn nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other lessons of Grammar more precisely.

                                                                                                            Group discussion for English pronunciation.png

                                                                                                            Purpose of improving English pronunciation

                                                                                                              For a student

                                                                                                                If you are a school, college, or university student, English plays a vital role in your day to day life. It will help you in scoring good marks not only in the regular exams but also in competitive exams. Good English is necessary when you are applying for a post in the company. It will also aid you in essay or report writing.

                                                                                                                  For a teacher

                                                                                                                    Being a teacher, it is very crucial that you know well how to pronounce English words correctly. Your accent, rhythm, and pronunciation should be correct as well. It is only then you can teach the students how to skill in English. As an English teacher, one should have complete knowledge of Grammar and vocabulary also.


                                                                                                                    These are the most widely used English pronunciation exercises you can also try. Read, write, and hear the language and it will improve your language.

                                                                                                                    English is the language in which you can master by speaking every day at various places. You should worry about the mistakes as they will give you the correct way.

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