Top Reasons People get fired from Job

Top Reasons People get fired from Job


The professional landscape today is entirely different from how it was five-ten years ago. The way it works, including the employee values, have changed in recent times. The same personality that got your hired can also be the reason to get you fired from work. The scenarios have changed completely. As a young talent, and being a fresher, your careers must have started to bloom. There’s no better time than now to know the possible and potential reasons that could evict you from your company. The reasons could help you better prepare yourself to tread more carefully and avoid things that could get you fired.

Why do Employees even the good ones get fired from work?

It’s not just the skills anymore; people do look for something more in your personality to hire you. If you are starting young in your career and entering into the professional world, this article is for you. Working hard and achieving the target will not alone help you stay in the company. Learn the possible reasons that could terminate you from the job so that you can better prepare yourself.

Top 15 Reasons People Get Fired from Job

1. Social Media

Your social media has become an alter-ego where your personality is definitely revealed in a way or another. It is increasing rapidly in recent times; companies & recruiters doing background checks on their potential candidate’s social media. If you are wondering what got your fired from work despite good work performance, it could be your social media posts. Posting abusive content or supporting them in any form like forwarding, re-tweeting, or re-posting can get you fired from work quickly.

2. Companies want employees to take the same stand and share the same ideas as them

If you don’t share the values of your companies and you are just here to work, it could make you stand out in a not-so-good way to your company. They are looking for young talents who fit right to the values and ideology they stand for. Companies are expecting their employees to support them in taking their ideology forward without any backslash at any point in time.

3. Bad-fit to company culture

If you don’t fit into the company’s workplace culture even though you are skilled, it can get you in trouble. The ‘Right fit for their team’ is the main expectation from your workplace. People look for ‘how well you fit’ in the team and strengthen it. If you could thrive and grow, it’s good. But if you find it hard to gel with your company culture and management chain, it can be bothersome to your work.

4. Speak when spoken to

The enthusiasm to show the skills will make young people speak out. Not everyone welcomes young talent who outperform them. It’s not in every management’s nature to tell young people to teach them how they did a wonderful job while the rest of the people couldn’t do. If you are starting young, understand how your management-chain works. The need to over-perform can also get your fired.

5. Resume Mismatch:

If your applications, resumes, and personal interviews showed who you are, and if the actual workplace shows an entirely different person, the management will not hesitate to fire even if they are potential candidates.

6. Excellent results can backfire:

It is a bummer, especially to young talents in the pool. Excellent skills, great results, and sharp performance can be a threat to your immediate-bosses and big-bosses too. They will find a reason to fire if they sense a candidate as a threat to their skills and positions.

7. Accepting Compliments In any form:

Accepting gifts/compliments in any form (within and outside your work) will make your management believe that your actions will somehow lean in towards the clients who did you a favor. The client should always remain in that distance at the point of your company.

8. How you convey things:

Instead of complaining, convey the concerns in a subtle way, i.e., “he/she is taking things in a different approach that is affecting the team’s performance” is better than saying “he/she is causing so many troubles.” Constant complaints about others will only make you look bad.

9. If you don’t represent them well:

We can understand when people genuinely say, ‘Yes, I agree. What our company says/does is not so great’. It could even be true. But, being an employee, you still represent your company there. You stand with the same values. If anything like this goes to the management, they will not hesitate to fire you. Take care of how you represent your company, even outside work too.

10. Dishonesty:

When it comes to being dishonest, your management will take it seriously, and they don’t care if you work well or work poorly.

11. Drugs & Alcoholism:

The company will not even think for a second in firing you if they found out any involvements of yourself with drugs. Alcoholism at any level will never be tolerated at any cost in the workplace.

12. Mishandling Company’s Financials:

Don’t be a part of anything that goes against the company’s financial policies. Changing accounts, illegal money-transfers/withdrawals, tallying finances temporarily for meeting deadlines, and other sorts could get you fired when finding out.

13. Falsifying Company Data:

It’s a common mistake that people make to save themselves and their team from deadline completion. Falsifying any data, showing inaccurate numbers, increasing-decreasing numbers, etc. could cause you immediate termination.

14. Corporate Dealings:

If people find out that you are dealing with any sorts with other companies or sharing even a minor piece of info about your company to representatives of rival-concerns, you’ll be terminated immediately.

15. Spreading Rumors:

It can be anything. It can be like, letting things out of enthusiasm like speaking about new contracts acquired by your company, new deals-signed or new-mergers. Rumors about your bosses, about the company’s dip in profit, just anything. If they found out you’re the reason, get ready to say good-bye.

The above are the main reasons that could get you fired without any second-thoughts or explanations from your management. In spite of these serious issues, we do have some other reasons that’ll get you fired as well. They might seem negotiable or adjustable, but still are potential reasons to fire an employee.

10 Valid Reasons for Firing and Employee includes

1.) Arriving late & leaving early

2.) Taking too much time off your work

3.) Being late to meetings, presentations, and client-meetings

4.) Stealing or damaging office properties

5.) Involving in personal work during business hours/visits.

6.) Not meeting deadlines

7.) False academic credentials

8.) Personal use of company properties/facilities

9.) Bad customer support

10.) Lying in application/resume columns

Poor performance is not just the cause for getting fired from work. It involves many layers, as we discussed earlier. Unfortunately, in most cases, the companies don’t even have to reason or explain the cause of firing you're from the workplace.

Signs that could say about your job-termination:

Behaviors will reflect what a person has in mind. In case you are caught up with the thought that you’re about to get fired soon, you’ll know through some signs. These signs could also be due to some unresolved issues with you and your boss. Either way, don’t take these signs as final call. Take them as little heads-up.

i) Body languages – not looking face-face, irresponsible in speaking with you, ‘not-happy’ to see you, ‘you’re not welcome into the room’ sort of behaviors.

ii) Not including you in meetings & important discussions

iii) Releasing you from responsibilities

The one question that’s on every employee's mind at one point or other would be:

Is it good to quit the job or get fired from the job?

If you don’t see a future in the company you are working right now, it is better to quit. If you feel like this place will not let you grow, then you can quit. If you feel like this place is making you complicated, then find a way out. Instead of getting fired due to your non-interest in work, it is better to quit and save your time so that you can think the next good thing. If you’re financially held-up to working in the job you don’t like, then make necessary backups and quit.

Final thoughts from us:

When it comes to your workplace and work ethics, every day is a chance to make yourself better. Companies change, people change, and the workplace modifies as when possible. But, an excellent work ethic will make you indispensable despite any changes. Take care of the reasons that could possibly get you fired as a part of your initial journey. Prep yourself for good. We hope it helped you gain a perspective of having good code-of-work, in particular to all fresh minds who are about to begin their career.

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