Expect the unexpected circumstance

Expect the unexpected circumstance


You can have a good look at the roller coaster from afar and anticipate the ups and downs when you start riding. However, life is different. Some uncertainties are visible and can be forecasted, but many circumstances are least expected.

Since we are creatures of habit and follow routines, uncertainties leave us anxious and highly stressed. Some such circumstances create agony and some a source of joy. Either way, it is difficult to handle them easily.

At such times, we seek help from unhelpful quarters, overthink, research, or procrastinate. Research has linked the intolerance of humans to uncertainties to severe health issues and psychological problems like OCD, eating issues, depression, and PTSD. Hence, there arises a need to be prepared for any such eventuality.

What is an unexpected circumstance?

Unexpected or unforeseen circumstances refer to events that you never expected to come. It was not a normal thing to happen, or it was not a part of your plans.

It might rain when you wanted sunshine…

the local trains may grind to a halt when you had to go to the office on an important issue

There may be a natural calamity, and you lose your possessions completely

Expect the unexpected circumstance.

“…unexpected circumstances occur all the time...what determines their outcome, is how you choose to handle them…” FrankieWritez

Saving a part of your income is a simple example of being prepared. When you lose your job suddenly, these savings could help you tide time until you are employed again.

A good worker works well under normal situations, but great worker deals with unexpected circumstances with aplomb do not be stressed but uses the situation to his advantage. Here are some ways at work or on the personal front to be ready...

1. Accept it or ignore, Avoid panic

Understand that unexpected things can happen, and life will not remain as every day passes. Assuming that you can control your surroundings and your situations are pure fantasy. This is because there are many systems and elements in place around you that affect your circumstance for the better or, the worse.

Two people caught in an adverse situation reacted differently. The first one panicked and remained stressed even after the situation passed. Due to stress, he was not able to concentrate on his work in the ensuing period. The second person remained calm and accepted that such situations might occur. He had a plan B to counterbalance it. He just called his office and explained his predicament. He delegated some of his urgent work to his juniors and relaxed until the situation eased. Later, he could concentrate better on his work as compared to the first person, even getting an approval nod from his superiors.

Unforeseen circumstances come in various degrees of joy or grief. The best way to deal with them is to accept them. Whatever the situation, never panic, but keep your wits together to handle better. In case they do not affect you much, it is better to ignore them.

2. Surround yourself with a team of supporters’

Keep around yourself a team of people who will support you in need.

Experienced people

Team members

Books and blogs

Family and friends

These people can help you by advising on how they had handled unexpected situations before.

3. Plan

Plan for an unexpected circumstance situation using logic, reasoning, time-tested solutions, gut feeling, team’s view.

If you are expecting a recession, be prepared by keeping cash reserves ready…

If you are expecting a surprise test, be prepared through with your syllabus…

Even if your gut feeling says you will have unexpected guests, stock up the snacks bar

4. Long term focus

Always make plans for keeping your long-term goals in mind! Learn how focus works to plan better. Once you set your focus on future goals, you are in a better position to anticipate situations and handle them easily.

If you want to be a doctor, plan your education journey right when you reach the 10th

If you are into agriculture, plan not only about sowing and reaping but also about marketing your produce.

5. Self-care in times of unforeseen circumstances

Stay positive

“Every change is a challenge to become who we really are,” Author: Marianne Williamson

Always be positive, even if the situation you are facing is life-threatening. Assume a band of robbers has struck a Banking concern. At least one of the persons in the bank should be calm and positive enough to call the police so that the robbers are brought to the book.

Do not be hard on yourself.

Be kind to yourself if uncertainties occur. Do not blame yourself for the situation; instead, focus on how you can give a positive turn to it. Some situations result from negligence, or because you did not realize that, your actions could jeopardize a result.

Sometimes you compare the positive position of others and berate yourself. This will only lead to more sorrow and gloom. Accept and move on.

Avoid social media and news for some time.

Ignore social media and news for some time until you have your emotions under control and are ready for handling the situation


Monitor your physical health and mental health. Visit a professional if you must and take advice or medicine as need be. Psychologists can give you remedies to cope with the stress that you may be experiencing at that time.

Ignore naysayers

Ignore people from a negative perspective. They may demoralize your father. Instead, seek support from people who can help you come out of your present situation with a positive frame of mind.

6. Equip yourself with new skills

Learn new skills to keep yourself ready for any eventuality.


Learn how to save and invest money for a rainy day

Upgrade yourself on your chosen career stream to remain relevant even at times layoffs in your company

Focus on learning skills that will be relevant in the long run, even if they do not hold much water now. Upgrade yourself with skills that can change your life for the better. Some special skills, to learn that can ultimately be among your strengths are


Development of Good habits

Logical, reasoning, and arithmetic skills

Negotiating skills

Leadership, communication, organization, and coordination skills

Public speaking

Unexpected situations are inescapable. Nevertheless, you can handle them better when you are ready. The first and foremost thing is to keep your composure. Positivity works well and helps you to come up with a practical solution to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Equipping ourselves with resources, new skills, and people can help you face any and every unexpected situation that comes your way.

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