Dealing with Fake People: Navigating Authentic Relationships

Dealing with Fake People: Navigating Authentic Relationships


Human is a social animal. It is the criteria that they can't live alone.

Psychology says the community is an essential part of humans to live healthily. It helps them to sustain their mental health. If someone lives alone for a long time, it has a terrible impact on their mental health. Many cases have been seen like the same, where people living alone hurt their mental health.

You might be thinking, why I'm suddenly talking about the importance of society. But, I want to focus on the people living around you. Even if the community is crucial, the people you are connected with are essential for your personal growth.

You might have had an experience of fake people throughout your life. Yes! In our society, there are two kinds of people who have an impact on our lives. And, before we could identify them, they did the work of affecting our lives. And, thus it is the reason why people don't trust others.

Well, today I'm going to discuss this topic. The Fake People! I'm sure you want to learn how to identify them? How to deal with them? And so on.

So, be with me throughout the article. You will get answers to each of your questions.

What does fake mean?

The straightforward term for fake would be the opposite of reality.

Fake are those, who pretend to be accurate, but neither their words are actual nor their actions. You might have seen many fake things in your life. This term is used for various reasons; counterfeit people are one of them. Fake can't be real.

Many dictionaries have various definitions for Fake. But, overall, every book concludes, the fake is not genuine.

If I have to take Fake as an exception, it would be the act done with the intention of betrayal.

Faking might not be so severe an issue for those who really fake. But, it can be so heartbreaking for those who know that their close ones were affecting their care, love, and emotions.

The faking behavior of someone can be so harmful to those people who were trusting someone blindly. And knowing this side of their close ones can break them.

It is too hard to know who is faking about their actions. We call them fake people.

What is a fake person?

A fake person would be that individual, who pretends to care for you, love you, feel for you, but in reality, they were lying about it. Such people falsely claim that they are the most caring person in your life, whereas they are the ones who spread rumors about you.

A fake person can not love someone. They are with somebody for the sake of their benefit only. They don't care what other person is feeling or what they will feel when their reality comes out.

Fake people care only about themselves and can do anything to pretend to be your admirer. They may try to know everything about you, and then they start spreading your words with their language to the others.

Such people are the natural enemies of you. And you can not identify them quickly. They are so intelligent. Such people are more than curious for you. And they make sure that you trust them entirely.

They can't hold your secrets to themselves. And they won't think once before making rumors and sharing it in the other group, where they can get admiral for their wrong work. Such people enjoy being in the limelight. And thus, your life can be a source for them to get a spotlight on them.

I believe fake people are mentally sick. As they don't understand, the entertainment for them can be a real pain for someone. Here, trust plays an important role. If you trust someone and share your every detail with them, it is expected to keep it to themselves. But fake people can't do this.

They will be so lovely and sweet in front of you. And, without your knowledge, they can be the most dangerous person for you. As they know everything about you. And this makes them hazardous for you.

It can be anyone. You can't measure such people in an instrument. It can be your close friend or one of your family members. I'm not saying they are the only. But, I know some of you might have this experience of betrayal by your close ones.

Well, it is not so easy to spot such a person. At the same time, it is not too hard to know who they are. So, let's learn how to identify fake people around you.

How to spot a fake person?

You don't need any formula to spot fake people around you. But, you need to be aware, with the signs, that counterfeit people can not hide. They are the hints that will help you spot fake people.

So, find the list below to find fake people.

1. Fake people show off

What we have today is what we have done and earned on ourselves. Great people often say, don't show off what you have. Instead, it is not a good sign of a good being. Fake people don't know this philosophy. They like to show off even if they have a small thing. They have a habit of showing off about everything they have, they do, or they are going to do.

2. Unrealistic feelings

Fake people can not have real feelings for anyone. They just get entertainment from your emotions, and they will not be valid with anyone. Such people can not get happy in your happiness and feel sad when you are sad. They want you to below, for their happiness. Sometimes, they can suggest unrealistic things to get out of your problem that they know won't work.

3. Zero self-awareness

Fake people don't care what they are. They only will point out to the others, for their entertainment. Even if, they say, they had lain, they lie about things. They have zero self-realization. And, they don't want to change themselves but want to change others, according to them.

4. Loves to gain attention

Fake people are hungry for attention. They want all the attention from people around them. No matter for what reason they are gaining fame, they always want others to talk about themselves and praise themselves. This thing can be dangerous for others. As for the sake of attention, fair people can harm themselves or others too.

5. Please people

You would say pleasing someone is a good thing. But, for fake people, the definition of pleasing others is different. The meaning of please others for them is to flip to the side, which is more robust than the other. They don't think for a minute to select the right side. Instead, they will choose the side where they find their benefit. They want to please everyone to be in their good books. But in reality, they don't show their real personality to others.

6. Don't keep their promise

Do you have someone in your friend's group who always says yes, while making any plan? And they cancel it on time? Well, I have such few people in my group. Sometimes, the reason may be valid. But, often, such people make excuses to cancel the plan. They don't keep their promises ever. So, you can't trust them.

7. Stay around you when they need you

Fake people don't go anywhere where they don't find any benefit for their presence. Even if they are contacting you, it means they want something from you. And, they will ask you for your help so sweetly that you couldn't deny helping them. This is the specialty of fake people that they will always find you when they need your help for their benefit. At the same time, it is common for fair people to break their commitments.

8. It disappears when you will need them

Conversely, when you need help from fake people, initially they may say yes, but as I said earlier, they don't keep their promise; they will disappear when you need them the most. And then they will make excuses. You will never find them around you when you need them the most.

Let me say if your bike is broke down in the middle of the road, at midnight. And you don't find anyone to help you. In such conditions, when you call them, they will disappear or make any excuse to help you. Disappearing when someone needs them is the most common sign of fake people. And you need to know how to deal with them.

9. Don't listen to you

Of course, they will pretend they are listing to you; they are interested in talking to you, but, while talking to you, they will be doing their stuff maybe, which is not essential at that time, such as talking on their phone, updating their status, scrolling Facebook, and so on. Even if they are not busy with their phones, they won't really listen to you. They want you to believe that, they are interested in your life, but they are interested in your life for their benefit only.

10. Talk behind your back

We call it a back biching. Fake people have a pervasive identity; they will always talk behind your back. They don't care what do you think about yourself; they will always talk behind your back about you.

When you share everything about your life with them, they won't think twice before sharing your secrets with others in their own languages. This doesn't only make your image spoiler in front of others, but it also makes them stay in spotlights, and they like it.

Fake people live for themselves only. For them, no relation is essential. They can be harmful to you too. So you need to know what are the vibes they impart.

12 ways to deal with fake people

When you are aware of the signs that a fake person can't hide, you can catch them. Sometimes, it is your very close person, and now it's time for you to make a distance from such people. Here are some ways you can learn to deal with such a fake personality around you.

1. Show your anger

From your schools to that every attended personality development classes, you only have learned to hide your anger.

Okay, I know that hiding anger is a good sign to build a good relationship with others. Instead, it is essential for creating peace and living life peacefully. But, the offense also has some limitations. It would help if you did not always keep your anger hidden.

It is especially applicable to the people who deserve to be treated like they treat others. Such as fake people. Of course, the way counterfeit people behave, no one can take their behavior for granted and ignore it. So, you. The next moment, you know the affected people act according to their nature and show your anger to them.

2. Make a distance

Strangers can't be fake people for us. Fake people for us will be those whom we know and trust a lot. And it is heartbreaking.

It is best if you maintain the distance from such people. Keeping the line that separates you with such an ill mentality is, anyway, an excellent way to make your life happy.

Maybe, directly, fake people won't affect your life. But indeed, their any act is enough to have an impact on your life. And it may be without your knowledge. So, it is best if you can keep a safe distance from such people.

3. Point out the fact

Now the thing comes when you already know the fact, and fake people always go to you to share something with their words. And it is not new for them.

To deal with this condition, you should quickly point out the fact and lies there are discussing. Even if they are talking about it among a group of your friends, you should point out their mistakes and let them know you are not going to be a part of their lives.

Remember, if today, they are discussing other's secrets with you, it is highly possible that they will discuss your secrets with others. When you point out their mistake, they don't get a chance to escape from the fact. And they will think twice before doing such things again.

4. Ask for advice

Sometimes you might not find ways to deal with such a fake person around you. It becomes difficult to tackle them when they are one of your well-known persons.

Take the help of others who can guide you the right way to deal with such ill people. It is not a bad idea to take suggestions from others.

Often, you can't think about the ways to escape from the difficult situations you have, and others can lead you. So, taking advice from others is one of such away. So, it is a great way to deal with them.

5. Cut them out of your life.

Well, cutting someone out of your life completely is not an easy task to do. Especially when they were so close for you sometimes back. But, as of now, you know their reality; you need to do it.

So, you should start maintaining distance with them, limiting yourself from engaging with them and ignoring them.

Fake people have a purpose of starting with you. When you start ignoring them and don't serve them what they expect from you, they will start ignoring you themselves, stop coming to you. As you are not entertaining them anymore.

Keep in mind, limit your engagement with them to cut them out of your life.

6. Set limitations with time and emotion.

When you know, this is the one, who don't care about other's feeling, in short, a fake person, you need to set a limit to be with them.

If you can't cut such people, which is hard to do, allow yourself to spend less time with them. Don't get attached emotionally to them to please them. When you know, what and where they are lying, you can show your opinion.

Also, when you start spending less time and don't get connected with them emotionally, you get a good vibe of happiness. And fake people don't like such things. They may start maintaining distance from you.

7. Get ready for realistic expectations

Fake people want their feelings to be justified in all manner. But, to deal with the affected people, it is the best way to learn and express your natural expression. Fake people can't change. Even if they say they don't have the guts to leave their place and try to be in other's shoes. So, it would help if you got ready for the reality that fake people can impart.

Never expect too much from such people. As they will always disappoint you and let you down.

8. Don't leave your shoe

Now you know how and what a fake person can go down to prove themselves right, and satisfy their appetite to be in the spotlight, don't leave your limit to tell them they are wrong.

You need to hold your ace and still teach them a lesson. It is not always required to leave your place to proves they are wrong. You need to remember this thing and act accordingly.

9. Offer them a helping hand

It will be a very kind gesture if you offer your help to a fake person to change their behavior. Yes, you can do this.

Ask them the reason why they behave the way they do. If there is any particular reason, offer them your help to resolve it. If they agree, and you also help them, it needs to be visible in their behavior.

If you notice, they are just pretending to change their behavior and don't have any changes in their behavior, leave it.

10. Compare real friends vs. fake friend

One of the easiest ways to deal with fake friends or fake people to compare real ones and fake ones. You will get to know what the difference is between both of them. And also the feelings you have been with both of them.

With real people, you don't need to pretend to be happy, say yes with their wrong talks, while being with fake people, you need to be like fake ones to entertain them. If you can find this fundamental difference, you can find a way to deal with them.

11. Know about your feelings and emotions

Being with fake people, you need to be like them. What they say and what they do, is what essential for them. And they can't see your feelings and emotions in the form of themselves.

Remember, you need to aware of your opinion, feelings, and emotions. Don't behave to make fake people themselves. Be with your feelings and act according. It may feel bad for the affected people, but you need to keep yourself above them.

12. Learn to say No.

Fake people will not be available for you when you need them. Whereas you were present form then, each time, they needed you.

Also, fake people may build entirely wrong conversations and ask you for your acceptance of the situation. It would help if you said clear No to them.

When fake people learn that you are no longer in their team and always fades their limelight, they will keep maintaining their distance from you.

How to expose a fake person?

Dealing with a fake person is so frustrating. It drains your energy to zero. And even if you have maintained the distance with them, seeing others in trouble due to fake people is not bearable.

If you want to expose fake people in front of others, try out the suggestions given below.

Put a break in interacting with fake people.

Fake people are so irritating, and we become frustrating handling their counterfeit talks. In such a case, you get two options, either to ignore them or expose them.

When you know the person is faking about something, and you can't quickly react to it, it is good if you can limit your interaction with such people. When fake people don't get what they want from you, they will start limiting themselves, which will help you stay away from them.

Don't entertain the fake behavior of fake people.

Fake people want you to get involved in their false talks. At the same time, it is not your personality to get entertained by the wrong things. In such a case, please stop yourself from getting involved with the fake people with their evil talks.

This helps you to stay away from them. Neither do they bother you once you separate yourself from them? And you don't entertain them the way they want you to do.

Raise your voice about fakeness

Confront the fake person about their behavior. When you know the truth, and you find someone falling about something, you should quickly confront them for their behavior.

It is a good idea to deal with them and expose them, and stop them. It would be best to raise your voice against the person who is clearly faking for whatever it is. It will help you to deal with them.

Know the roots of being fake

Well, faking is not a lesson; someone learns in schools. It comes from the atmosphere we live in.

When you find someone with a faking habit, try to know the reason for their behavior. It will not only help you to get rid of fakeness, but also it can help that person to be a better one.

No one likes those who are fake. Neither, no one gets included in the list of fake people on their own. Sometimes, their conditions or thoughts made them do it. Try to know the roots of the cause.

Warn fake people about their fakeness

Even after your tons of efforts on changing someone's life and making them a good person, they are not in charge of changing themselves; you should cut yourself off.

Even after doing this, if the same person is not showing any sign to change and be away from you, warn them to stay away from you.

You also can try this warning to make them good people. If they understood it, it would be good for them and their life.

Share the fake behavior with friends.

Even after all your efforts, nothing is working, and you are seeing others suffering due to the fraudulent behavior; you need to make your friends aware of their fake behavior.

Discuss their behavior and how it is affecting others' life. It is helpful for you and others to stay prepared for the lie they will tell you. And you have to ignore their talks.

Else, you also can discuss their problem and the solution to it.

Get clarity about the fake behavior.

Get clarity of the fake person for their phony behavior. It will help you to you understand them and their behavior.

It will also help you to deal with them, help them and, if needed, ignore them.

When you know someone is faking, it is not always essential to ignore them. You can offer them your help too.

How to spot fake love?

Love! The most beautiful feeling in the world. But, nowadays, we can see many people are making fun of it with their fake feelings. And, when someone is serious about their feelings, no one wants to believe it due to their old bad experience.

Well, it is not a big deal to spot fake love. You can find out someone who is faking love. And you will quickly get to know it. See the below points.

They try to change you.

Love should be unconditional. If someone loves you, they will love you the way you are. And if someone wants to change you, it means they are not serious about you.

When you are in love, you ignore the bad habits of your partner. Instead, you don't see anything wrong with your partner. On the other hand, if your feelings are fake, you try to change your partner the way you want them. The same theory applies to your partner.

If someone constantly tries to change you and doesn't like anything about you, frequently points out your silly mistakes, and doesn't care about you, they are definitely faking their love for you.

They always try to control you.

Love gives you the freedom to live. When two persons are in love, both give liberty to each other. No one controls anyone. And if it so, it is not loved.

Look at your relationship and partner. If you feel that your partner is controlling you, it means they don't love you. Also, loom at yourself if you want to know if you love your partner or not; check if you have that controlling quality in you for your partner.

It is so important to check out this point for a happy relationship.

They never trust you.

Trust is the foundation is any relationship. If you trust someone, then only your bond can go strong. Let me say; two people are best friends because they trust each other.

The same principle is applicable for a couple. If they trust each other, then only they can live their life happily.

If you feel the absence of trust in your relationship, you need to recheck it and know if your partner loves you or not.

They never priorities you.

Being in love, you should be their priority, and they should be yours. For each of you, your partner should come first than any other factor.

Due to your partner's behavior, if you feel like missing out in the crowd of other people and they do priorities you, their actions don't say you are not their priority; you need to check out for your loved ones.

Even if the priority seems to be a small thing, but in a relationship, it is a vast thing that makes you feel special.

They are emotionally distant.

It is a saying, in a relationship, opposite attracts. When two people come together, of course, they won't share everything they feel. Maybe their favorite movies are different, dishes, colors, opinions, liking and dislikings; everything may be distinct. But still, they live together.

It is expected that being different from each other, you need to understand each other emotionally. Emotions may also be different, but they should be united when required.

They seem uninterested.

If you are in a relationship, it means you are interested in your partner, what they do, why they do it, their problems, their happiness, etc.

If by any chance, your partner doesn't seem interested in you, in your problems, your happiness, or any of the matters related to you, it may be a sign that they are not interested in you, and they are falling about their feelings.

They don't meet you.

Long-distance relationships are considered as the hard way to stay connected with each other. Being in a relationship, every couple wants to be with each other to feel happy.

If you always plan to meet your partner and always ignore it, make excuses, and cancel plans, they are definitely faking about their feelings. Because when someone is in love, they always want to be with their love. When they are not with you, you don't feel good and always wish for their company.

They give up on you quickly.

Quarrels are expected in a relationship. But, they are good when they are healthy.

The unhealthy discussion can lead to the breaking up the relationships. And thus, nowadays, people don't stand with their partner, but with their ego.

Whenever, due to any reason, you don't have a good discussion with your partner, and your partner quickly gives up on you, it clearly visible that they were never interested in you.

These points are applicable for both a girl and a boy. Whoever you are, use these points to see, and check, if your partner is serious for you.

How fake are you?

I will be wrong if I say I'm not fake. Instead, every one of us has some of the qualities that make us fake. But, yes, I would like to point out that there are the kinds of affected people, which make them different.

Ohh, no, no, don't get confused about these statements. We all have that trait that makes us fake about some people around us. And, it is okay to act like one until it harms someone.

So, let's check how fake you are. I have listed some points below. For through them and see what qualities of an affected person you have. Give yourself a score depending on the issues that are true for you.

I often make false excuses to cancel the plans.

I often tell my friends that they are looking good when they do not get ready fast.

I have discussed the secrets of my friends that were supposed to keep to me.

I'm ready to date my best friend's ex-partner.

I suggest to my friend that something suits them when it strategies look better than them.

I always reject or ignore the calls and then tell them that I missed them.

I don't text back to the massage, and then I blame my phone's battery.

I have spoken too bad about a friend, and then I have been very nice to them.

I have blamed others for the mistake I made.

I have spoken badly about the people so that I stay ahead of them.

I make excuses when someone wants to meet me.

I often lie a lot.

I have broken up with my ex without giving them a real reason.

I have informed someone that I'm somewhere else to avoid them.

To impress someone, I have pretended to like someone when I don't

I speak about the people behind their back, over confronting them.

I make my fashion depending on what's going on on Instagram over what I like in real.

I often go to the side of the most popular one, among the friends who were arguing.

I fake on social media about what I want to be, not what I'm in real.

I can't describe myself as an honest person entirely.

I often say, 'sorry, I was sleeping' to avoid replying to the text.

Well, these are the most common cases where a natural person and a fake person behave differently. Now, you might have to know what your position is on the list of affected people.

How to tell if someone is fake?

It is an excellent decision if you have decided to tell if someone is faking. If you know how to identify them, you can tell others to be aware of such a person. You also can say to the person who is fake about their fraudulent behavior. So, check out the list to tell someone, someone is affected.

Fake people talks behind your back.

One of the most common signs to know fake people is, they never think before back biching, anyone. On your face, they will be so sweet with you, and once you are not with them, they won't be your friend and not say a single word in your favor.

They always are with you when they need you. And when you ask them for any of the work, they won't help you. They can use their favor against you to spoil your image. It would help if you never trusted fake people.

Fake people are intense people pleasers.

Fake people want everyone to admire them. For this, they can do anything to please you. Their purpose of satisfying you is, they want you to be in their team permanently.

They are ready to do anything that will make you happy. But, this is not for you. Behind this gesture, they have their purpose of making you smile. Such people are more harmful and dangerous. You should stay away from them.

Fake people are big braggarts and enjoy drama.

Fake people are drama lovers. They don't think before creating a drama for no reason. Also, they enjoy the theaters as if they are watching a movie.

Maybe for their entertainment purpose, they can also create a situation that other people might suffer and enjoy their troublesome situation.

Fake people spread gossip.

Gossiping is the favorite work of fake people. They can go at any level when it comes to gossip.

They don't care how sensitive the topic can be; they always look for the chance to talk about someone.

Fake people don't stop here. They spread the information from one group to the other. And they enjoy doing it. They feel happy with this work.

Fake people are exaggerated and lie.

Fake people can't speak the truth. Truth is like poison for them. They can't digest it.

If someone asks them for any favor, their false excuses are ready. They can never be there when you need them the most and lie about the reason.

Even if you confront them for their game information, they can lie at this moment too.

Fake people are poor listeners.

Fake people are not interested in what you are telling them. Yes! They will be interested in whatever you are telling them is of their benefit.

They don't listen to you until they find it beneficial for them. Take people are destitute listeners. They will predict to listen to you, but in reality, they never listen to what you are telling them. This is also one of their game behavior.

Fake people request frequent favors.

If you see someone asking you frequent favor, you should know they are one of the fake people around you. Affected people have the quality to ask for regular favor.

In return, they will not help you. But, they always want you to stand behind them everything they need. They have the quality of asking for a favor in such a way that you can't deny them. But yes, you should learn to say no to such people.

It's all for their convenience.

Fake people be with you at their convenience. If they find any benefit from you, they will be with you.

When they find you can't favor them, you can't benefit them or entertain them; they will cut off from you, which happens frequently. If you can notice these things about such people, you can only understand how make people use you.

When you know all these things about awake people, use these points to either confront them or spread awareness about them among your real friends.

Signs of a fake friend

When you meet someone, you can't say what kind of people they are. In starting, everything seems too good. And with time, you get to know your friends. You find some people sweet, kind and a natural person. Whereas, you also find some friends different from others. This difference may have various reasons. So, check out the list, and see if fakeness is one of the reasons or not.

They never keep their promises.

Fake people never own their words. They only can commit to saving them in the situation. But when it comes to launching any commitment they made, they will have many excuses ready. And you won't be able to find them accurate ever.

Take people always tends to cancel plans until they don't have any benefit from it.

You will not feel happy with them.

Fake people are full of negativity. And you can never find happiness being with them. It imparts negativity all around them.

You start getting negative vibes from them, and you don't find happiness being with them. You will feel uncomfortable in their company. They will say nonsensible things that may irritate you.

They always want drama.

Fake people enjoy drama. They find entertainment in others' problems. They want more and more drama. For them, the acting is their satisfaction and happiness.

To be a part of a drama, that can create it, and then sitting on a bench enjoy it. For creating drama, they can do anything. Even harm someone.

They often find a reason to disconnect.

When a fake person doesn't have any benefit from you, why want to leave you. When they find no attention from you, no entertainment from your side, they will try to go away from you.

To go away from you, they will find many reasons to do it. They will make false excuses to go out of your sight.

When you are not around, they say bad things about you.

As, if someone is your friend, you share many things about your life with them. Which is expected and also crucial for you to lighten your stress.

If you find the same friend discussing your secret with others and gossiping about you, using bad words, evil talks about you, you need to realize that they were never your friend, but a fake person.

When they need you, they are so lovely to you.

Fake people are not loyal to anyone. They are always fake with everyone. They tend to move to the party where they find someone advantageous for them.

If you notice someone being with you only when they need you, you need to be aware that they are not your real friends. They will always come to you when they need you. And be always disconnected from you when you need them.

They always prefer others over you.

If you say someone is your close friend, it means, for you, they should be your priority, and you should be there.

It doesn't only make you happy, but also you feel essential and wanted. You feel nice to have a great person.

If you feel someone always prefers others over you, and you always prioritize them over others, you should know that they are just falling about the relationship you have with them.

I'm sure, seeing this list, you might have an image of a person in front of your eyes. If all these points are justifying the idea, I think you have got the answer.

Signs someone doesn't want to be your friend.

When someone doesn't want your company or doesn't want to be with you, and if they can't say this to you directly, they give you signs to let you know they don't want to be with you anymore. And you need to understand these signs.

There are too many signs that their nonverbal communication says. I have collected some of the prevalent and easily recognizable characters to know if someone feels disconnected.

They Stop Replying

When someone doesn't want want to be with them, they will start ignoring you. When you are actually meeting them, that time they will indicate it through their body language. But, if someone is not replying to your message, you need to know, they don't want to be with you.

When you massage someone, and if they don't see your message for long or don't reply to you after seeing it, it is a clear sign that they don't want to be with you.

You Make The First Move

If you are the one who always makes a move to talk, meet, apologies for any mistake, and they never do that, you should know that they are not interested in you.

When something happens in a relationship, the movingly should be taken from both the personal; then only the relationship will work. But if you feel the absence of this action, you need to understand their sign.

You Put In All The Effort

If you feel, only your efforts are visible in balancing and maintaining any relationship, whether it is friends or couple, you need to understand that they are not interested in being with you.

Even though you haven't fought, but still have some misunderstandings, and only you are putting the efforts to clear it, you are trying to be friends with them, and they are not showing any interest, you need to know the sign.

They Don’t Offer Support.

Whatever the case is, your friend or partner should be the one who supports you for whatever you are doing.

Yes, if you are wrong, they should be the ones to stop you. Otherwise, their hand should be the one to helping you. If you don't feel this help from your friend or partner, they are not interested in you.

They Talk Behind Your Back

If someone always talks behind your back, they are not your friend or real partner.

Because the natural person won't do this ever, and the one who does this is never real with you. They can't be loyal to you. And it's better to go away from them.

They Are Always Busy

If someone consistently says that they are busy when you need them, and they are chilling out with others, it is a clear indication that they are not interested in you.

Even if they are not busy with any stuff, they will send like they are super covered with the work and can't take out a minute for you.

They will try to go away from you.

Now, this can be in actual or being in chatting mode with them.

Every time you want to hang out with them, they always will have to go away from you. And you won't be able to get their plans.

You should know, if someone really wants to meet you or be with you, they will be there at any cost. Otherwise, they have many reasons to go away from you.

They Cancel Plans Often

If someone doesn't want to be with you, they will always cancel plans whenever you make to meet them.

They will do it in such a way that you might start to trust them. But in reality, they don't want to do it. You should know, they can cancel the plan once or twice for a genuine reason. But if it is often happening, you should understand that sign.

Characters she is pretending to love you.

If you love a girl a lot, you will be there for them anytime. And, the same theory applies to the girl too. But, it will be acceptable only when you both need each other and want to be together.

If you think your girl is behaving something different, and you want to know their sign, check out the list and indicate that they are faking about their love.


The very first quality of a fake girlfriend will be selfishness. Your girlfriend will be selfish in every act they do. They will not listen to you. They will not ask you for advice, won't offer you support, sympathy, kindness, love, etc.

They will not fake about their love and whatever they do.

Breaks Promises

A fake girlfriend can not keep promises. They will always disappoint you by breaking the commitments they have made with you. This is an obvious sign that they might have lost interest in you, and now they are faking about their love. It's your time to understand their character.

Often Lies

If two people are genuinely to be in a relationship, there will be no place for the lies in their relation.

If you feel like your girlfriend is constantly lying to you, and you are getting an incident for it, you should get aware that your girlfriend is lying about their love for you.

Already Has A Backup

If your girlfriend truly loves you, they won't have any other guy at the place you are in their life. And, if they have someone, it means they have a backup for them.

When you break up with them, they won't think once being with someone else, and this is a visible sign that she is faking her love.

Fake First Impression

When you first saw your girlfriend before being in a relationship, they were too sweet and kind to you and others. These qualities make you feel for them.

When you be in a relationship with them, you find all those qualities are faded away, and now someone new person is with you.

Here, you should know that they were only practicing to making an excellent first impression on you. And be your girlfriend only. And now, they are showing their true colors.


If your girlfriend is controlling and wants you to do the things she asks you to do, it is not the perfect relationship for you or her.

Instead, in a relationship, no one should be controlling. Both should have an equal right to decide and live the life they want. If your girlfriend is heading, you should identify the sign.


Two-faced people are often hidden from society. It doesn't mean they don't exist. They are present around us, and we don't know them.

Two-faced people are those who are someone in front of you and someone else behind you.

If you see these qualities in your girlfriend, be aware that they must be gaming for their life for you.

Likes To Give Punishment

Punishments are funny. When we grow up, punishments are just a word for us. And we don't even accept it. And it is not natural among the partners.

If your girlfriend often gives you banishment for your minor mistakes, they are not expected, and they are faking about their love. Either, they need help, and you should be away from such a person.

Identifying fake love is not something too challenging. But, ignoring them can be dangerous. Accept that your partner is not suitable for you. Before selecting love for them, pick up your self-respect and act accordingly.

Signs you should stay away from someone.

Those dangerous people will not say directly to you that I'm dangerous for you. And it would help if you stayed away from them. But yes, they will indeed give some sign that you need to identify them and save yourself. If you can do it within the correct time, you can protect yourself and others.

You complain about them.

Being with someone, whether it's your friend or partner, you have a lot of complaints about them, rather than having good memories with them, you should stay away from such people.

It is due to; you are not like the person you are. And their vibes are not matching with you. Thus, you are getting these uncomfortable vibes. And it would help if you were away from them.

You lose your control over emotions.

If you lose control over your emotions every time you be with someone, you should start making distance from them. It will help you regain yourself.

Otherwise, you might lose yourself and be the one you didn't like to be. It is essential to know such signs before it is too late.

For the choice you make, you blame them.

You are the one, like the one you spend a lot of time on. Of course, your choice and decisions will also be like them. But still, you can't forget your roots.

When you do something wrong unintentionally, it fills you with guilt. The choices you make have an equal impact on you. If this happens to you due to someone, you should separate yourself from them.

You feel lower self-esteem.

Self-respect should be on top of anything else in the world. Even, it should be chosen over love.

If you feel lower self-esteem being with someone, it's time to make a gap in between you two people.

When you feel someone is not respecting you and losing your self-respect, it is high time to distance them.

You feel sad about the time you spend with them.

When you love someone, the time spend with them is so special for you two, and you both feel so happy. But, simultaneously, the same person gives you sadness at the end of the day, or it is not normal.

This is not only with the partner, but it could be with the friends too. And if you feel like this being with someone, you should know the sign.

You find happiness in unhealthy situations.

An unhealthy situation refers to the wrong conditions, like fights, someone is blaming someone, back biching someone, and so on kind of situations.

If you feel happy when someone is crying, am you were never like this before, you should take a step back to not to be with such a person.

They blame you for the problems in their life.

If you always get blamed for whatever bad happens in your partner or friend's life, and you haven't done that, or it was not because of you, you should know that you need to step back now and stop being such an ill person.

Even if it looks normal sometimes, but you never know when these things have put you in a severe condition.

For happy bring, it is essential to choose the right company and the right people around you.

Five signs she's not faking it

Well, if your girlfriend is loyal and faithful to you, their love vibes are enough for you to make you feel important and loved. Still, if you want to have some proof that shows your girlfriend is not falling and has genuine feelings for you, look for the qualities given below in them.

Observe them; you will know their fame as or realness

It will be so easy to observe your girlfriend and their behavior towards you. If they are talking about their love, you will get those vibes, and their behavior will quickly get felt by you that they are faking.

Also, if they are trustworthy and loyal to you, you will get similar vibes according to their feelings for you. And it will be really very easy to detect for you.

They will surprise you often with their love for you

Surprises are always surprising for everyone. Also, surprises make your relationship more robust than before.

If your girlfriend always gives you a surprise with their love feelings, you should know that they really love you. If someone doesn't love you, they won't take time to make you feel essential and loving.

They will give you importance and priority.

Those who love someone for real will always give importance to their partner. Also, their partner wi be their priority over other things.

If your girl makes you feel important and wanted, consistently keeps you on the top, before anything else, you should know that you are very special to someone and they love you a lot.

They will be loyal

Loyalty is essential in any relationship. Any relations, the friends, family, or life partner, if tel persons are loyal with each other, their link can work out. Otherwise, it won't last long.

If your girlfriend shares every little thing with you, and they trust you and are loyal to you about everything they do, they genuinely love you.

They will always support you.

In a relationship, support plays an essential role. Even if it is not the only factor important in a relationship, you can't deny that support gives you the strength to fight with the circumstances.

So, if your girlfriend always presents beside you whenever you need them, they are the right partner for you.

Finding true life in today's condition, where everything is artificial, the feelings too is like a cherry on the cake. And f you find someone like this, you should not lose them ever.

Fake friends vs. real friends

When you have many friends, it could be difficult for you to find real friends and fake friends among them. At the same time, you need to do that. So that you can save yourself before your fake friends harm you most. Find the list given below and try to filter counterfeit friends and real friends.

Fake friends will always contact you when they need you and will get disappear when you need them.

Fake friends will always talk behind your back, whereas real friends will scold you when you are wrong and praise you when you are right. And they will never talk behind your back.

Fake friends will always pull you back, whereas real friends will always support you to do something great that you are happy to do.

A fake friend will not like you the way you are and get irritated with your dorky personality. Whereas real friends will accept you with of your flaws, and they won't stop you from being real you.

Fake friends will go away from any of the silly things and cut from you, whereas real friends know how to forgive you and always stand by you, even if you are wrong in condition to support you. The state also depends. A real friend will not let you do anything wrong.

A fake friend will always leave you in midway. At the same time, a real friend will always be there for you in your wrong conditions. They might fight with you later on, but when you need them, they will always be present for you.

A fake friend will always motivate you, whereas a real friend will always motivate you to explore your interest. They won't leave you suggesting anything that you should do. But they will take care of that you are happy with your chore.

Genuine vs. fake people

The primary difference between a genuine person and a fake person is their honesty. Fake people would didn't know the meaning of this word.

Still, there are some of the basic things that make these two categories differ from each other. Could you have a look at them?

Fake people have many excuses to cancel the plans, where genuine people won't cancel plans without a real reason. Honest people keep their promises.

Fake people over try to please people around them. So that they can hurt them later on, and they don't respect anyone's feelings. Real people can't do this. They are softhearted. And they can't hurt anyone.

Fake people always talk behind your back. At the same time, faithful people can not speak behind your back.

Fake people don't get mad at anyone. But a natural person can not handle the frustration and react quickly.

Fake people disappear when you need them the most, whereas a natural person is a way away from you; as you ask them for help, they will be preset at any time for you.

Fake people have many friends, whereas a natural person doesn't have a bunch of friends.

Fake people like to show off for whatever they do or have. At the same time, real people don't have any reason or sense to show of.

A fake person can not admire anyone. At the same time, a genuine person doesn't think twice about respecting those who deserve it.

You can easily find the people who are fake because counterfeit people can't hide their phony behavior.


Fake people are around the world. And you can't find them easily. This doesn't mean that you should see everyone with the same frame. Some people are true gems. But due to some of the fake people, we can't trust and find these gems. It is essential to know the important factors to see the actual people and save yourself from the fake people. In this article, I have covered almost every aspect that can help you find the natural person. I hope this article helps you to find the right person for you.

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