The Single Greatest Piece Of Career Advice

The Single Greatest Piece Of Career Advice


Before we discuss the single greatest piece of career advice, let us first have a look at why career advice is important to you. The youngsters of the generation are going to be the future of our economy. Hence, the careers they choose have a big impact.

Today, we see a lot of unemployment issues. Also, there are high university fees that make it impossible for students to choose a career stream. At times, the price factor makes it difficult for students to cope up. This actually results in bad career choices. Students learn to settle with whatever career is left for them.

Career advice was not so easily available as it is today. Earlier, the only way students could get information was from their friends, family, or people who are actually in the field. They had no other means of information at all. People had no proper access to information and never knew about the variety of professions available.

However, today times have changed drastically. Information or knowledge is easily available on the internet. In this digital era, it has become quite easy to research topics and choose the best for you. An individual can easily choose a career path of their choice today with the unlimited information out there.

Career advice, however, plays an important role in shaping your careers. Though every piece of advice has it's own place; still, it can help you through your career.

The best single piece of career advice definitely has to be 'Do What You Love.' Though it may not sound practical or unreasonable, it is still what it is. A career is meant to be something that is personal. Your life is totally dependent on your career. Education and a great career have the power to change your life.

Hence, always give priority to a career that would interest you even after 30 years. Though it is true that a lot of people do not get to work a job they love. Simply due to various circumstances that may surround them. However, that should not stop you from chasing your dreams.

Your career is a routine life and hence should not make you feel bored with it. Choose a career that would keep you interested in it forever. Sometimes it is not only about money, but it is also the joy of working in a profession that you always dreamt of.

For instance, people are choosing different career options, like being a nutritionist. They basically love dealing with clients and suggesting great diet plans. Additionally, they love helping people change their lifestyle and live a healthier life. Similarly, if you are on the lookout for choosing a career, look for your interests.

You can research the same based on your interests and get information online. Additionally, find resources that will help you. Write down what you expect from your life. Make a list for your goals; be it short term goals or long term goals. Short term goals can include completing a certain course.

Additionally, it could be learning and improving skills. On the other hand, long term goals can be being better at jobs or getting promotions. While short term goals can take up to one year to achieve, long term goals can take close to three to five years.

While it is simpler to state that chooses a career that you love, it can be difficult actually to follow that. However, though how hard it might sound, remember you and your careers are companions for life.

Once you choose a career field, it can be quite difficult to bring about a change. That is why make a pick after giving it a lot of thought. Choose a career that makes you want to get up each morning with the same energy. Choose a career that brings out the best in you. There will be a ton of challenges, but obstacles are meant to overcome.

3 Tips For A Better Career

1. Follow Your Heart

In an organization, make sure you seek your happiness rather than professional success. Though it may sound rude, this is the real truth. Professional success can be achieved at any time, with hard work and dedication.

However, it is personal happiness in your job that requires the most attention. If you are not happy with your job, you won't be able to deliver your best. This will, in fact, affect your job. Thus, for a successful career, ensure you have the right career choice.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Be Fired

You can't just keep on working to escape being fired. This, in no way, will keep you content and happy. If you work, it should be because you love what you do. As you build your career, you will meet people who disagree with you. Additionally, they might be an obstacle to your success.

However, never let anyone treat you badly for the sake of your job. Learn to overcome problems and never sit back just because you are scared of being fired.

3. Learn To Read People

Now, this is an important tip that will help you throughout your career. When you work with an organization, make sure to keep a not of people's behavior. Some people may act sweet and yet create problems for you. On the other hand, people might just be rude.

If you learn you to read people and their behaviors, it will be easier for you to tackle them. Learning other people will give you an idea of who you can depend on tough times. Trust your instincts and go with the flow. Additionally, only make decisions based on facts and figures.

These are some tips that will help you in your career. As discussed before, choose a career where your heart lies. In simpler words, do what you love. Never let others decide for you. Although it can be great to listen to others' advice and experiences, make your own path. Follow your heart and give it you're all.

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