Would You Rather Questions: Sparking Engaging Conversations

Would You Rather Questions: Sparking Engaging Conversations


Do you know what’s interesting?

Getting to know the other side of people around you! Getting to know who they are beyond all the serious facade they put out.

One way to bring out the lighter side of people is these “would you rather questions”.

We made sure that these Would You Rather Questions are non-offensive, interesting, fun, and in a lighter tone. So have fun. Get to know a little more about your friends, families, and loved ones.

Also, if you have trouble starting or building conversations, use these interesting and fun would you rather questions. It works.

Try them all.

And it will amaze you to find what your friends and loved one’s choices are and why they choose them.

To begin with, here is a set of 15plus Happy, Feel Good, and Funny Would You Rather Questions for you.

Happy, Feel-Good “Would You Rather Questions”

1. Would you rather choose a day in a calm wood cabin alone or spend a complete day filled with fun and frolic with friends?

Woods or Friends? Both feel pretty good. Can we have them both?

2. Would you pick a stand full of succulents or a tray full of cupcakes for your home?

Cupcakes and Succulents make you instantly feel good. I’ll the choice to you.

3. Would you rather pick a room full of books and nothing else or a room with one iPod and nothing else?

A room full of books feels good. What about you?

4. Would you rather spend an entire day with your favorite author or spend your day with your favorite Broadway artist?

Can we have a day with the author and a day with the artist? Doesn’t feel good to leave one.

5. Would you rather be willing to take a fully paid vacation to a particular place or spend your money and go to a place on your bucket list?

Let’s add ‘fully paid vacation’ to our bucket list!

6. Would you rather pick a beach and breakfast or an adventure with a backpack?

Adventure first, beach and breakfast later. Your choice?

7. Given a full-month paid trip, would you rather visit famous cities like NY, Paris, London, etc., or pick wine-tourism destinations (world’s best vineyards)?

Can we spend 15 days here and 15 days there?

8. Would you rather pick classic movies or new releases on a relaxing weekend of yours?

The unbeatable classics on weekends!

9. Would you rather go for VIP front row seats to watch your favorite sports star play or pick five minutes to chat with that star backstage?

Talking feels good. What will be your choice?

10. Given a wish, would you like to see the world through the eyes of a 3-year-old or would you like to see the world through the eyes of your puppy?

We know what it feels like to be like a human. So, how about a puppy this time?

11. Would you rather listen to a classic or a new hit single when you are having your “me time”?

How about a ‘me time’ playlist that has the old and the new?

12. Would you rather be someone who prefers outdoor during winters or indoor and a hot beverage during winters?

Both choices have their ‘feel-good’ moments, is it?

13. Would you rather prefer ice cream or have a cold drink in summer?

I’ll leave the preference to you!

14. Would you rather choose to take a walk on the frozen Niagara or have dinner in an igloo restaurant?

Walking or eating?

15. Would you rather choose to take a pill that gets you all the books you ever wanted or makes you BFF with all the fictional characters you are a fan of?

The BFF with all fictional characters I love. Your choice?

16. Would you rather collect stamps or collect an authentic copy of the vintage movie posters?

Stamps or Posters? Which one do you think suits your type?

17. Would you rather be a flower or the water on this earth?

Earth speaks through flowers! Agree?

Funny “Would You Rather Questions”:

18. Would you be interested in going to lengths to trace back your origins or be “Nah, I'm good”?

Let’s trace our origins back. It will be fun.

19. Would you like to read an autobiography of a celebrity or read something more interesting than that?

Something more interesting!

20. Would you rather vote for a spinoff of “Thor vs. Peter Quill” or “Thor vs. Hulk” and not Banner?

A guaranteed laughing riot is on the way. So either way, we are good.

21. Would you rather pick memes to express what’s going on in your life right now or pick a series of GIFs?

A series of GIFs look interesting.

How do you best describe yours?

22. Would you rather be The Garfield or The Daffy Duck?


Any other interesting suggestions, let us know?

23. Would you rather choose to be the Emojis and GIFs or be the memes on your best friend’s phone?

Memes on my best friend’s phone. Sounds fun and interesting.

24. Would you rather choose to play Captain Marvel or play Captain America under MARVEL?

I like to be Captain MARVEL under MARVEL. You?

25. Would you rather have a talking pet or a reacting plant (someone like Groot) in your home?

Imagine someone like Groot as a pet. Every day becomes exciting. Trust me!

26. If you can go back, would you rather bring back an old TV show or bring the characters back and put them in any of today’s most-rated sitcoms?

Bring the characters back in today’s sitcoms. It will be fantastic.

27. Would you rather have one hairstyle that fits you perfectly and remains forever, or have your hair grow faster so you can as many hairstyles as you want?

Try as many hairstyles as I want!

28. On a jovial note, would you rather take the truth serum or the lie serum before your job interview?

What if the person interviewing you is cute or a jerk? It’s better to take the lie serum.

29. Would you rather prefer your best friend or your sibling to go on exciting but dangerous trips across the world?

Can we have them both? A tough spot it is to choose one.

30. Would you rather be a loving pet or talking toy?

Pets are lovely. How about a talking toy? What do you want to be?

31. Would you rather have a genie or a pet alien?

Genie can go invisible, right? You don’t have to hide them. So genie it is.

What’s your choice?

32. Would you rather have your hair turn blue every time you lie or show whatever you think or feel like a tattoo on your forehead?

It’s easy to manage blue hair than a tattoo. Agree?

33. Would you rather have a thundering sneeze or a snoring breath?

A thundering sneeze! I find this choice fascinating.

Any preference for you?

34. Would you prefer a koala as a pet or Disney’s Mulan to come alive and be your friend?

Have you seen a koala sleeping? Not even Mulan can beat the cuteness!.

35. Would you rather like to take part in a brick-smashing competition or be the judge to the “Cupcake Eating” competition?

If you’re a hulk fan, then go smash!

Ready for a little serious pace?

Here is a set of 50 plus Hard/Tough Would You Rather Questions for you to crack.

Let’s see how the conversation builds here with you and your people!

Hard “Would You Rather” Questions:

1. Would you rather have a roommate who is a noisy sleeper or a roommate who is a night owl?

A hard one! So, what is your choice that can guarantee a minimal level of comfort at least?

2. Would you be with someone who often slaps the truth on your face that hurts you or be with someone who just doesn’t care what’s happening with you but makes you enjoy their company?

An enjoyable company is excellent. But knowing what’s real and what’s true is always good! What’s your pick here?

3. Would you rather put everything you have right now in a bet (you know you will lose) or spread a rumor that may or may not ruin a person’s life?

Spreading rumors? Well, that’s not something we can take for granted and bet on!

4. Would you rather binge-watch once all the episodes come out or wait to see what happens next, even if it’s one episode a month?

If it’s an amazing series, a bit of both is a fair deal. What do you think?

5. Would you rather get caught and spend a year in jail or escape from the crime and unable to use what you stole?

We couldn’t come up with a better choice. We leave it to you. Let us know what is your choice and why.

6. Would you rather be a boss who gets things done no matter what, or be a boss who can understand and work along?

It’s difficult being a boss, is it? A bit of understanding from the boss can help us overcome the odds.

7. Would you rather accept the jail term for a week for a crime you didn’t commit or lose all the money and everything you have in a day?

Lose everything or Lose reputation? What’s it going to be?

8. Given a time machine and half-hour, would you rather go back and change your past or see your future and change it?

Is your take “past is past and let’s move on” here?

9. Would you rather see your best friend’s future and say what happens or let things unfold in its course of action?

Sometimes knowing the future can take away today’s peace, am I right?

10. Would you rather travel back and try to stop the event from happening, or simply lock everyone who is about to cause the event with no explanation?

Trying to stop may or may not work. But doing what you can to stop things from happening will be productive.

11. Would you rather go pick your dream luxury designer wear for a small price or buy casual wears free for a month?

Designer or Casual?

The never-ending wardrobe choice, is it?

Who all agree with more casual and fewer designers like me?

12. Would you rather live with superpowers that you cannot use in public or live with no superpowers?

Superpowers can still help. Something is better than nothing. What do you think?

13. Would you rather go back and reverse a life decision or prepare yourself to face what comes next?

Reversing life decisions are tricky.

14. Would you rather stand alone and deal with life or prefer to go for help?

Seek help. You don’t have to face everything yourself.

15. Would you rather go vote even if you know the one you vote for will lose or you stay where you are?

Voting is a democratic duty. We owe it to this society. Doesn’t matter if we win or lose.

16. Would you rather voice out on social media or try your best to get in the field?

Get in the field when you can.

But, Social media is a powerful tool these days. Cannot underestimate them! Agree?

17. Would you rather go back to the internet without social media or be okay with only Gmail and Twitter?

If you need a digital detox, consider the internet without social media. If not, you can have fun on Twitter too, though.

18. For a day, would you rather lose your ability to hear or the ability to talk?

Less-talk or No-talk saves a lot of energy. Agree?

19. Would you rather give up who you are to reach a goal or be yourself and figure things out?

Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of winning goals!

20. Would you rather be in a place where you cannot step outside until you hear the signal or be in a place where you cannot come out in the daylight?

How do you plan to crack this tough nut?

21. Would you rather pick the ability to hear people’s thoughts or lose the ability to hear?

It’s good to ‘Not-Hear’ things compared to ‘hearing’ everything going on in people’s heads.

22. Would you rather select the privilege to not stand inline anywhere for a year or not be in traffic anywhere for a month?

No line or no traffic? Both privileges look good.

23. Would you rather choose a career that you like, but will have a slow-average growth, or choose a career that lets you grow faster in all aspects, but you hate every day there?

Maybe the start is slow. But trust this one. A career rooted in your passion will boost you in no time.

24. Would you rather be someone who talks or someone who needs some alone time and mental space?

It’s okay if you need some time to clear your mind. But talking helps too!

25. It’s a long, long drive. You only got two play buttons. Would you rather pick the button that plays bad mash-ups (you know you cannot take it) of your favorite artist or the button that plays songs you’re scared to listen to it because it invokes memories?

Either seems pretty risky to choose, is it?

26. Would you rather go see an exclusive 10-min clip from the much-awaited movie that is dropped now or visit a Quarter/Half-Price book sale (all-new editions) that’s going to end in ten minutes?

Half-price new-edition book sale? Don’t miss it for the world!

27. Would you rather visit any busy city and spend five days with no money or accept the invitation to host the dinner for people whom you despise and never want to see them again?

It’s just dinner tonight. I think you can manage them. Can you?

Or do you feel it’s better to be with no money than put up with people you despise?

28. Would you rather wake up and see all your problems are gone or all good people in your life going?

Good people can make your problems go away!

29. Would you like to press the “Fast Forward” button or a “Restart” button for your life?

Wish we could do a simple thing, like pressing a button to change our life.

30. Would you rather prefer hard truths or have comforting lies in times of personal crisis in life?

Yes, the truth hits us hard.

But sometimes, if it does any good, comforting lies can help.

Pick wisely.

31. Would you rather trust someone again who did you wrong in the past or pretend to trust and be watchful even after they apologized sincerely?

Our brain cannot stop being watchful. You cannot blame it, especially after breaking the trust. Are we right here?

32. Would you rather be in a place where there is no privacy or be in a place where there’s water for only a month?

The idea of “No-Water” is a big No! How about you?

33. Would you rather be feared or loved?

Love and Fear can hardly exist together.

Like Machiavelli said, “It is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.”

What do you think is best?

34. Would you rather try to impress or be who you are on a first date?

It’s hard to choose.

After all, consciously or unconsciously, we all reveal at least a little of who we are, right?

35. Would you rather go on a roller coaster without belts and bars for safety or get eaten by a shark?

I don’t want to be eaten by a shark. Do you?

36. Would you rather choose to lose the customers you have and get a wonderful investment immediately or keep the customers, but keep struggling to get a good investment to sustain the business?

Figure things out with investments. Don’t lose customers.

37. Would you rather choose to run a home for the elderly or choose to run a free school for those who cannot afford an education?

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world–Nelson Mandela.

38. Would you rather choose to not say what’s happening and let people you love think that you hate them or explain everything and put them in a high-risk situation?

Looks like a movie plot, is it?

Jokes apart.

Maybe, for a while, you can hide things if it means good to people around you.

39. Would you rather go inactive and let people think you quit social media or lose all the followers on all your social media accounts?

Not ready to lose all the followers you worked hard to get?

40. Would you rather pick the option to wear formals all your life or you can wear anything to work with barefoot?

Going for ‘Formals’ or ready to take ‘Casuals’ with tough conditions?

We are interested to hear your plan.

41. Would you rather talk to the friend you fought with yesterday or leave no matter how hard you want to talk to them?

Ego or friendship, what’s it going to be?

42. At gunpoint, would you rather choose to pick a crime thriller book whose story is about to happen in your life or choose to put a rubber bullet on the president?

A rubber bullet on The President? Are you kidding?

43. Would you rather have a permanent tattoo on your forehead or permanent “no jobs available” situation?

Tattoo it is!

44. Would you rather drink ten mugs of ketchup or go slap a stranger who is an ex-con?

You don’t mess with a stranger, especially an ex-con. So ketchup it is!

Do you have another interesting approach?

45. Would you rather prefer a pop-up window saying “you’re an idiot” appear over your head every time you speak to someone or never get to lie and not even white lies till you die?

Not even white lies? A hard nut to crack!

46. You now have the chance to travel back in time. Would you rather choose to confront the man/woman who left you or choose to receive a letter from your loved one before they lose memory to early Alzheimer’s?

A letter from your loved ones is an irreplaceable treasure. What say?

47. Would you rather prefer to manage the Twitter handle of a most-hated celebrity for one day or be the therapist to a violent offender for one day?

After handling the most-hated celebrity’s Twitter handle, I think we might need some therapy too.

48. Would you rather confront your friend who just said a devastating lie about you or just walk away with no explanation from your side and end the relationship?

Ask them or walk away from them? This is a universal dilemma in all kinds of relationships.

49. Would you rather choose to accept planting a thousand trees in one week or choose to remove weed plants causing damage to food crops in one week?

Food crops first and planting’s second, are we right?

50. Would you rather smash the wedding cake or destroy and damage everything except the wedding cake at your Ex’s wedding?

The wedding cake. What will you do?

51. Would you rather choose to be in denial about the rumors spreading about your family or try to confront the family about the credibility of the rumors?

Confronting the ‘credibility’ of rumors is not a bad thing. It’s better than blaming or being in denial.

52. Would you go for a 'seat-edge exhilarating thriller' in a bad theatre, or watch an 'average drama' in a theatre that gives a hi-tech, immersive-reality experience?

Wow. That’s a hard one.

53. You now have the power to resurrect. Would you rather pick Michael Jackson or pick Chadwick Boseman?

It’s a tough one. You cannot be picky with them both. Can you?

54. Would you tolerate a terrible actor in a brilliant plot or tolerate a wonderful actor in a bad script?

It’s a tough call.

Poor actors and bad scripts ruin all the good feel of the cinema. Agree?

55. Would you rather bring back Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or bring back Agatha Christie?

It’s hard to choose. They are still the epitome of riveting thrillers and fascinating plot twists. We want them both.

56. Would you rather be embarrassed on national/international television or cheat people’s money and get away forever?

Both are hard, no doubt. I guess embarrassments are okay compared to cheating. What is your take here?

57. Would you rather be an actual monk or be someone who lives like a monk?

No way. Not one option is manageable to take on. What do you feel?

Need something interesting?

Here is a set of 70 plus interesting and exciting Would You Rather questions for you.

It’s pretty interesting, fun, and builds conversations easily!

Interesting “Would You Rather” Questions:

1. There will be no Oscars. This year is the last. Would you rather choose to host the Oscars or choose to play darts with ten people of your choice from the Oscars after-party?

Playing darts at the Oscars after-party is pretty interesting. That too, with people of your choice, is pretty exciting. What do you think?

2. Would you rather prefer a fictional character or a non-fictional character for a coffee date?

Both. Do you have anyone specific let us know?

3. Would you rather go for a fantasy place or a historic place?

Both history and fantasy are interesting choices. Which is most likely your pick here?

4. Would you rather spend an entire day of slow internet or go for a “no phone for a day”?

Something is better than nothing at all.

5. Would you rather go on a space mission to explore a newly discovered planet or prefer a “moonwalk” mission?

Exploring a new planet looks fascinating. Let us know what you think.

6. Would you rather be someone who comes from the future and knows everything, or be someone who doesn’t want to know the future and take one day at a time?

Relax. Live the moment. Process one day at a time.

7. Would you rather join hands with a super spy and go on a field mission or help the super spy from a safe place?

Nothing more interesting than a super-spy mission, is it?

Join the live mission and you are the next James Bond in the making.

8. Would you rather like to see a king from the past or go meet a game-changer of the future?

All Hail the King!

9. Would you rather go find something you lost or take something you want from the past?

Do you miss something from your childhood?

Do you miss your lost toys, favorite comics, gifts, or anything?

Now is the time.

10. Would you rather watch batman superman vs. Lex Luthor or batman superman vs. joker?

It will be a roller-coaster ride to see Batman Superman vs. The Joker.

What do you think?

DC Comics, you have a new movie franchise idea here!

11. Would you rather be a ninja and fight crime or be a samurai and fight crime?

Fight crime in the shade or fight crime in the open, which one?

12. Would you rather pick the chance to make a movie of your own with your favorite artists or pick the chance to act with them all?

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, here’s a wonderful chance for you.

13. Would you rather like to go back and see “the day you were born” or see “the day you were dead”?

Birthdays are better compared to funerals!

14. Would you rather learn a dead language like Sumerian, Coptic, or Akkadian from history, or learn five present-speaking languages?

Learning a dead language is fascinating. Don’t you think?

15. Would you rather vote for reviving an old mobile phone model or vote for making futuristic smartphones?

A cellphone that we all grew up with for the old-time sake!

16. Would you pick an old bookstore or a new bookstore that offers a cup of coffee?

The charm of old bookstores is unbeatable.

17. Would you prefer evil robots or evil aliens as villains in a movie?

Evil robots. Not ready to deal with the alien mess!

18. Would you rather pick the kings, queens, dragons, and magic, or a utopian sci-fi thriller genre in books?

Both are extremely interesting.

I wish I can pick them both.

Maybe use a time travel machine to go back and forth!

19. Would you rather wait till the end or prefer to peek into the last page of the novel as soon as you open the book?

A sneak peek into the last page adds an interesting start to a book. Have you done it?

20. Would you rather buy tickets and go for a live stand-up comedy show and live audience or prefer to watch it over the internet?

If the comic is any good, the live show will be interesting. What do you think?

21. Would you rather visit your nearest bank, get to see some people, or prefer online banking?

It’s good to see some people nearby, don’t you think?

Also, if someone you like works at the bank, what choice do you have?

22. Would you rather prefer retro vintage posters or pick modern art posters?

Retro vintage posters still compete with anything you throw as modern today! Agree?

23. Would you rather choose minimalism or choose full-on details to convey a message?

Minimalism is an amazing art form. Try your hands on it. You will find it quite interesting and creative.

24. Would you rather prefer motorcycle adventures or prefer hassle-free trips to places?

Motorcycle adventures are rather interesting than usual trips. Is it?

25. Would you rather bring back a spiritual leader from the dead or bring back a brilliant scientist from the dead?

From now on, I think the need for the hour will always be a scientist. Can we all agree to it?

26. Would you rather be a MARVEL supervillain or a DC superhero?

What if I am a Marvel Supervillain but a DC superhero?

Trust me; it’s going to be a roller-coaster.

Who do you want to be?

27. Would you rather be in the complete ’90s and enjoy life and times then or be in the ’90s and have ‘the best of today’ along?

Unapologetically the 90s!

What do you think?

Or do you feel maybe it’s okay to bring the good things we have today to the ’90s?

28. Would you bring back Charlie Chaplin today or go back and give him the social media?

Charlie Chaplin today! Period.

29. Would you rather pick the superpower to read “hundred acclaimed books of the year” in a day or the superpower to make a wonderful book into a movie in a day?

What do you think stirs more curiosity? Reading books or making a movie out of a book?

30. On a ship, would you rather have Jack Sparrow as the Captain or Aquaman as the captain?

Let’s have them both on board. It will be quite an exciting show, don’t you think?

31. Would you rather just Google, get to know what it is, and move on or prefer to go deep and know more?

Interesting topics and questions will tie us down. We go into detail.

Some folks want to know the 'A-Z' of things they hear/learn new.

Which is your type?

32. Would you rather have an audible version of a novel narrated by the author or by someone famous?

Book narration by someone famous gives an extra touch. What’s your choice here?

33. Would you prefer looking for book recommendations or like to try books on your own?

Explore books, new releases, and different genres all by yourself. Try it! It's an interesting thing.

34. Would you rather choose the power to freeze time whenever you want or teleport yourself whenever you want?

Freeze time? Well, that looks more fascinating. What do you prefer?

35. Would you rather choose to stay at an amazing place with bad hospitality or an amazing place with bad-to-no transportation at all?

Forget everything. Just this amazing place will make all difficulties manageable. Agree?

36. Would you rather pick the house next to all your best friends or pick the house at a place that you always wanted to live in?

Best friends can turn any place into a ‘best place’.

We agree.


37. Would you rather like to see the protagonist’s backstory as a stop motion animation or as a voice-over narration in a movie?

Animation can make things interesting compared to a voice-over. Have any second thoughts?

38. Would you rather wake up to see all the filmmakers gone or see all the celebrities gone?

Good filmmakers can make anyone a celebrity. Let them stay!

39. Would you rather use the existing Hashtag or create something new by yourself to support the cause?

Existing Hashtags can add more support.

Add the Hashtag of your choice, too.

Who knows, it could be even better!

40. Would you rather have coffee and a sandwich as breakfast for the rest of your life or try a new breakfast every day for a small monthly fee?

New breakfast every day sounds interesting.

41. Would you rather be the Archimedes or the Da Vinci?

Da Vinci, without a doubt!

What is your choice here?

Also, let us know if you have someone else on your mind.

42. Would you rather prefer the power to lift your home and put it anywhere in the world or the power to go anywhere in the world and return before night?

Travel anywhere in the world and return that night. How fascinating will it be?

Imagine you can go see an aurora from Svalbard and return that night?

43. Would you rather prefer a custom-made plain journal or prefer a fancy journal with all the writing prompts you need?

A custom-made journal gives a personal touch. Both are interesting choices, though.

44. Would you rather be trapped in the Game of Thrones universe or the Money Heist universe?

Cannot miss the dragons, the kings, and queens for money!

What do you think looks thrilling here?

45. Would you rather be the Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders or be the Don Corleone from The Godfather?

By order of the peaky blinders or Don Corleone, give me justice. What’s it going to be?

46. We have given you a chance to redecorate your home. Would you rather prefer stones and woods or buildings and hi-techs?

Go for stones and woods. It’s an interesting choice.

Stone Castles still fascinates us compared to hi-tech homes, is it?

47. Would you rather choose to keep “The Jungle Book” or bring the author back and ask for a different version?

The Jungle Book stays. It’s an iconic part of our childhood storytelling.

We should let some classics unaltered. What do you think?

48. Would you rather choose to bring back Walt Disney or bring back Alfred Hitchcock?

Do you know what will be fascinating?

Having both Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney now.

If you have any other suggestions, let us know.

Interesting suggestions are welcome!

49. Would you rather pick a Walther PPK shooting class or a Sniper-shooting class?

I like to go with James Bond'ish Walther PPK types. What is your choice?

50. Would you rather be an Apple or an Android in the tech world?

Android connects millions than Apple.

51. Would you rather spend a day with James Bond or spend a day with The Men in Black?

A day with super-spy, super-car, and super everything?


A day with the black suits and space toys?

52. Would you rather be the most sought-after master chef in Hollywood or become the owner of a restaurant that offers free food for the homeless every day?

If what you do helps someone in need, there is no best thing than this. Not even Hollywood.

53. Would you rather lead a team that’s about to uncover an ancient treasure or be in the team of the Secret Service who saved the President?

If you want the world to see what you did, head to the treasure-hunting team.

If you don’t care about people knowing you as the hero, go save the president.

What do you prefer?

54. Would you rather choose to be the mad evil scientist who ends up saving the world or be the good scientist whose unconscious mistake is going to cause large-scale destruction?

Suddenly the evil genius is like “Let’s go save the world. I am done with damaging it.” Wow.

55. Would you rather choose to have your usual breakfast at the usual place or try a new breakfast at a new place every day?

Somehow, breakfast is guaranteed for you. The rest, I leave it to your choice.

56. Would you rather choose to give an expensive gift or give a wellness gift to your new boss?

Gifting your boss is always a tough call.

57. Would you rather have a coffee mug signed by a yester-year celebrity or have a selfie with a now-happening celebrity?

If you’re having any old favorites, use this chance.

58. Would you rather choose the power to shrink things and take them anywhere you want, or choose the ability to run at a lightning speed like flash?

Like to feel the speed or Like to feel the shrink?

59. Would you rather prefer an old classic pendulum or choose a digital watch that can manage many things at home and make your work easier?

Do you like the classics or the moderns? I leave it to you!

60. Would you rather choose to celebrate New Year with a prince in a castle or celebrate with your friends on a cruise?

Friends on a cruise! New Year doesn’t get any better than this.

Got any other interesting options, let us know.

61. Would you rather have a kettle that gives you never-ending coffee or an oven that gives you a sandwich every time you open it?

Coffee First!

62. Would you rather have some money that you can donate for any cause or have considerable money that you can donate only to a specific cause?

It’s the Thought to donate that matters! Make a choice that suits you well.

63. Would you rather go attend the wedding of a relative or take the chance to visit Tuscany and return in two hours?

Tuscany in two hours. Don’t miss it.

64. Would you rather choose to attend the most crucial job meeting of your life or choose the option to do everything you have on your bucket list free of cost?

This is both hard and challenging. And that’s what makes it interesting. What would be your choice here?

65. Would you rather be a bookstagrammer or be a travelgrammer on Instagram?

Can’t we have both books and travels?

66. Would you rather like to have High Definition cameras/lenses or have retro vintage cameras/lenses?

We leave it to you. Don't forget to let us know why you choose what you chose?

67. Would you rather choose to take the sunglass that lets you see all the hidden money across the world or the sunglass to identify all the bad persons in the world?

Is it too much to ask for both?

68. Would you rather prefer to “break and enter” or prefer to “sneak and enter” a bank vault?

If you have any other interesting choice, share with us.

Meanwhile, the bank will be like ‘We will get to you soon, you crooks’.

69. Would you rather look for friends whom you’ve lost touch in the years or look for friends who are about to become your BFFs in the future?

Seeing an old friend you lost touch with makes your entire day. Trust us on this.

70. Would you rather be someone who cannot feel or recognize any emotion or be someone who can understand and know even a minuscule facial expression?

Sometimes we wish we didn’t go through certain emotions and feelings.

71. Would you rather prefer canvas, papers, and colors or prefer the software to finish your artwork that is due in two days?

Getting all messy with paints, brushes, and colors is fun!

72. Would you rather prefer making Katana or make tankers and bombs?

Katana is a fascinating traditional skill.

Tankers and bombs are not cool.

73. Would you rather be in the world of Naruto Anime or the world of Call of Duty?

We leave it to your choice.

Let us know if you have anything more interesting to add to this question.

74. Would you rather take up a lifelong free subscription to all podcasts on all platforms or have ad-free video streaming on all platforms?

I feel Podcasts are the next ‘happening’ thing on the internet. What do you think?

75. Would you prefer authentication protocols that change every time you open your safe or one thing that you can remember easily but very secure too?

Too many passwords already?

76. Would you rather have your alter ego come to life or have your fantasy world come to life in front of all the people you know?

What’s your choice?

I want my alter ego to come alive. Will it be like seeing the ‘same’ me or a ‘different’ me? It's going to be enthralling.

77. Would you be the lawyer who defended and won the case of the century, or be the cop who uncovered the crime of the century?

Case of the century or crime of the century? What is it going to be?

78. Would you rather have a car that can turn into a house or have a watch that turns into a car?

Watch turning into a car! No parking problems. No traffic problems.

What is your choice?

79. Would you rather become the successor at Amazon or become the next CEO of Tesla?

Buy things or make things? What’s it going to be?

80. Would you rather be in the opening scene of the movie or be in the final climax scene of the movie?

I want people to remember me when they remember the movie. Doesn’t matter if it’s first or last. Agree?

81. Would you rather be a character in a movie that people love and hate or be a character that people find hilarious and mysterious?

Hilarious and Mysterious characters stay with us. They don’t leave easily from our thoughts.

82. Would you rather sleep at a haunted place or take part in an ancient cult meeting?

Interested to crush a cult meeting?

83. Would you prefer to enter the library where every book you pick lets you live a different life or enter a vault where everything you need for a perfect, comfortable, and happy life is there?

Library with different books and different life? What’s more exciting than this?

84. Would you rather be a character in famous folklore or the author who wrote that famous folklore?

Sometimes people forget the author but remember the character.

85. Would you rather have a bookish character come alive or have an actual person from the future world come alive?

I always wanted to meet Sherlock. And Jon snow. Who do you like to see?

86. Would you rather believe in conspiracy theories or believe in statements issued by the governments regarding mysterious things across the world?

Set aside the credibility issues. Conspiracy theories can make all the unknown things interesting. Agree?

87. Would you rather prefer to change the world or save the world from all bad things?

Change yourself. So you can save yourself!

Ready for a tough challenge?

Ready to take tricky questions?


Here’s a set of 60 plus Challenging and Tricky Would You Rather Questions for you.

Challenge your friends and loved ones. Enjoy how the conversation unfolds while asking these questions.

Challenging “Would You Rather” Questions:

1. You now have 45 minutes to re-engineer the serum formula to save people from a deadly disease. Would you rather choose to work in a deep-underground lab (in your city) despite your high-claustrophobia or work in a lab (above the ground) at the other end of the city?

We leave it to your choice. Challenge is too hard for us!

2. Would you trade your paperback collections for kindle or audible digital collections?

Trading paperbacks? Are you ready for it? We leave the final choice to you.

3. Would you rather be someone who can answer all the unknowns or remain curious about all the unknowns in the world?

Stay curious! Learn new things. You don’t have to know everything.

4. Would you rather keep trying to prove your actions or you want people to understand them with no explanations?

It’s the most challenging part of any relationship.

5. Would you rather spend your savings on things you like or places you always wanted to go?

Maybe it looks like a challenge. But remember; now and then spend something for yourself.

6. Would you rather express your thoughts through emojis or express through long texts after a heated conversation?

A single emoji can set things positive immediately. How about a heart emoji after a heated conversation? Don’t you think it will simmer things down a bit?

7. You are on a stage with a 'perform something and cannot escape' situation. Would you rather prefer karaoke or prefer to perform some dance moves in front of the audience?

Dance moves? No.

Karaoke? Yes. Manageable.

You find this challenging or you find it easy?

8. Would you rather spend a day with Jake Peralta or with Fleabag?

Peralta or Fleabag, a tough challenge! We leave it to you.

9. Would you rather pick the chance to develop your talent or pick the chance to learn excellent tricks to earn money?

Groom your talent. It stays. Tricks can go astray.

10. Would you rather have a perfect alibi every time or be able to come late and not get caught?

Give us an excellent answer. I am sure you will have lots of people to thank you for it!

11. Would you rather have free parking spots available 24/7 for your car or free gas for your car twice a week?

What’s your preference? Park your car for free or run your car for free?

12. Would you rather spend on tech or spend on home décor?

Both seem convincing. What do you think is a challenge here?

13. In a fantasy world, would you rather explore the deep sea and look for treasures or go find treasure islands you came to know through folklores?

Exploring the deep sea and treasures remind us of the Titanic. Treasure Island reminds us of R. L. Stevenson.

Challenging to choose one!

How about you all?

14. Would you rather go for the option of mash-ups/covers of songs that you listened to while growing up or just let the original be?

Rendering wonderful mash-ups/covers of classic originals is a challenge.

15. Would you rather pick the plan to have free Netflix for 3 years or Ad-Free YouTube for life?

Is your mind thinking “Can we have both? If so, put our names first on the list.”

16. TV is the only entertainment you have right now. Would you rather watch default documentaries available or just stay put and not watch anything?

It’s an ‘All or Nothing’ situation. How do you plan to crack this?

17. Would you prefer pizzas or pies when you feel stressed out?

We don’t mind having both!

18. Would you rather be someone who would give money to your best friend (upon need) and not ask about it until they give it to you or be someone who likes to remind them in subtle, different ways possible or be someone who neither asks nor reminds to avoid even a mild clash?

Hey, we will back out from this. No suggestions! Challenge is yours.

19. Would you rather choose to tattoo (cannot choose your designs) your left shoulder or not watch Netflix for the next five years?

No Netflix for 5 years? Especially when all the 'much-awaited series' lining up?

We better get to the tattoo studio.

What say, folks?

20. Would you rather let your best friend see your Google search or your loved one see it?

Best Friend. I guess we can take it.

What if your loved one sees your Google search of “How to create perfect excuses”?

Can you take it?

21. Would you rather choose to travel the world in a hot-air balloon or on a cruise ship?

Cruise it is! Do you have any other challenging choices?

22. Would you rather have a fountain pen that needs a lot of work before you write with it or prefer quick and easy ball-point pens?

Are people writing much these days?

23. Would you rather put yourself in a school that preps you perfectly for today’s world or pick a school that brings out the creator/builder/artist in you?

Today’s world changes tomorrow.

But the Creativity and artistry don't change.

Build that so you can build what you want.

24. Would you rather be someone who voices out or remains silent and support in other ways possible?

Support in any way is support. Doesn’t matter in what way it comes.

25. Would you rather try new cuisines and new beverages or stick to the same old routines (safe play) on a vacation because you still have a week of vacation remaining?

Keep your medications handy. After all, we are on vacation for all the new things we can enjoy.

26. Would you rather choose to teach the skill to fish or choose to provide fish?

Teach them to fish. Don’t have to provide all the time.

27. Would you rather prefer immediate justice or go through the procedural codes of trials and appeals to reach justice?

The sentence “Justice delayed is injustice too” comes to mind.

28. Would you rather prefer people who love you or prefer people who respect you in life?

“Always pick being respected. That love without respect was always fleeting- But that respect could grow into real, lasting love“–Unknown.

29. Would you rather celebrate small wins or feel like they matter little?

Small wins matter.

30. Would you rather give your word easily or don’t give your word that easily and wait till the job from your side is done?

The challenge here is How confident are you.

31. Would you rather choose to pick up the backpack that gives you enough money to travel anywhere, anytime, or pick the backpack that gets you free five-star accommodation wherever you go in this world?

With enough money, I think we can manage everything including accommodation. Agreed?

32. Would you rather choose a quarantine home with Netflix, Blankets, and Unlimited snacks or a quarantine home with In-house Starbucks, Scenic walks, and No-Cinema?

Can we have Netflix, Starbucks, and unlimited snacks?

Or do we have permission to stay in both homes?

33. Would you rather choose to read your ex-best friend’s autobiography or choose to skip the part where you come in and read the rest?

Ex-best friend’s autobiography? That’s new.

34. Would you rather have a beautifully themed cake that tastes average or a cake that’s no-fancy yet tastes incredible for your birthday?

Taste or Aesthetics? Which will it be?

35. Would you rather hesitate to pick a 10 dollar that’s on your path or you just pick it up?

Did you see someone drop it? If so, you can go find them and hand them over to them.

If it’s lying randomly, do you follow the “finders are the keepers” policy?

What if the amount is huge?

What if your mind says one and your heart says another?

A channeling task!

36. Would you rather choose the option to get a million followers in one day or lose a million followers and get 2 million in cash?

Millions of Followers or Millions of Cash?

37. Would you rather quit your work and take care of your ailing family member or look for ways to handle both work and your family member?

Any choice you pick here is welcome. Only we know what we are going through.

38. Would you rather choose to be an attention seeker and annoy people or stop your best friend from spilling awkward secrets of yours (a lifetime prank for your friends)?

Attention-seeking and annoying? Nope.

Maybe we don’t mind our BFFs making fun of us. We can find something on them too.

39. Would you rather choose a struggling talented artist whom you think can do 100% justice to the role or accept the offer to cast an established actor under a big production house and make a name for yourself?

It’s rather hard than challenging! What do you think?

40. Would you rather choose style over comfort or comfort over style?

Comfort over style.

And sometimes style.

What’s your choice?

41. Would you rather choose to run a sustainable, eco-friendly marginal business or run a partly eco-friendly business with a high-profit margin?

It’s a strong challenge we are facing today.

42. Would you rather choose the Nordic countries or the European countries if offered a job?

Like to be a Scandinavian or a European? Quite a challenge indeed.

43. Would you rather invest in staple pieces or buy dresses that are trending on the fashion corridor?

Trending dresses lose their charm in some time. We can see them hanging untouched in our wardrobe.

Met with a similar situation like this?

44. Would you rather let your loved one beat you in the game every time or take your game seriously and try to win now and then?

Lose. So you can win.

45. Would you rather take the pill that lets you be invisible for 24Hrs or take the pill that lets you erase a day or an event or a person in your life?

Choosing one is a challenge. Wish we can have both.

But being invisible? Can’t miss this!

46. You are starving. Would you rather eat whatever edible you find in the kitchen until the food arrives, or can hold on until the food arrives in ten minutes?

Can you hang on for ten minutes? A genuine challenge for you!

47. Keep the ‘Clothing’ optional. And for all other things, would you rather prefer the “local, artisanal” tag or “reputed brand quality” tag?

Another challenge we are facing today. What is your preference? Is it 50-50?

48. Would you rather like to have some discounts every time you purchase or get a huge discount at a specific time of the month of the year?

We all like some discounts. Picking one option is a challenge!

49. Would you rather gain the sense of humor or the power of attraction?

Sense of humor is really attractive!

50. Would you rather choose to be a travel blogger and travel few places in the world or pick the post of the CEO and travel the entire world?

CEO or Travel Blogger? What’s your passion? Choose that.

51. Would you rather like to have Audiobooks and Hardcovers or E-books and Paperbacks?

Bibliophiles out there? Here's a genuine challenge in life for you!

52. Would you rather get the power to stop any pandemic in a day or the power to go back and stop the pandemic from exploding or breaking?

Stopping pandemics from breaking may or may not become successful.

But definitely, the power to stop any pandemic in a day will come in handy. This is our top choice.

What’s yours?

53. Would you rather have free domestic flights for life or free breakfast and dinner (home-delivered) from a great restaurant for one year?

If you’re not a frequent flyer, then go for the second one.

Even if you are a frequent flyer, go for the second one.

54. Would you rather play the victim card and escape a crucial situation and strike back or stand up no matter what’s happening there?

It’s an emotionally challenging situation. How will you proceed?

55. Would you rather move towards “Hakuna Matata” or move towards “YOLO” as life’s philosophy?

YOLO or Hakuna Matata?

56. Would you rather stay on the YouTube Platform and do what you do or accept/take the chance to direct a feature film?

Ready to take the big leap? Filmmakers need it the most. What say?

57. Would you rather be in a happy place or be in a place where you can get anything and everything?

Getting anything and everything is not necessarily a happy place.

58. Would you rather prefer to do anything to end any suffering or get out so you don’t have to watch it or feel it or be a part of it?

Don’t regret it later. Do what you can.

59. Would you rather be someone famous from social media’s negative trolls or be someone from social media that people don’t get to know yet but soon will?

Can you handle that many negative trolls?

60. Would you rather prefer the ‘truth’ or prefer the ‘justice’?

The truth! Justice comes from Truth, is it?

61. Would you rather prefer to be recruited by the top-secret organization or get recruited by the company you’ve been eyeing for a while but for a terrible job?

One will be adventurous. One will be exhausting. Which will it be?

62. You are in a train station now. People are boarding the trains. Would you rather choose to warn people about the danger about to happen soon or do something crazy and make people leave the station immediately?

Talk or Act? Which one? Reminds us of the scenes we see in action movies, right?

63. Would you rather take a vaccine that is currently under the third phase of trial or take a pill that resolves the problems but still under the initial trial phase?

Some credibility can tone down the panic. What say?

64. Would you rather be worried about tons of E-wastes piling up or tons of paper-wastes piling up?

Paper-wastes? Manageable.

Tons of E-Wastes? Challenging!

65. Would you rather have No-Breakfast or have one steamed broccoli for breakfast for a year?

Is brunch allowed? I think we will need it the most.

66. Would you rather take up the tough astronaut training or tough military training like special forces?

Sky or Land?

Science or Force?

What challenges you the most?

67. Would you rather prefer to learn art forms of a different culture or learn about cuisines of a different culture?

Do you have anything specific you want to learn from a different culture?

68. Would you pick a coffee break or a pizza break for a month?

Choose between pizza and coffee? Sorry. We don’t want to take this challenge.

69. For good prize money, would you rather accept to live a completely bare-minimal lifestyle for a month or prefer no prize money and live the life you live now?

Ready to take on a lifestyle challenge?

70. Would you rather be a struggling independent artist or be a part of an upcoming rock band?

Be part of an upcoming band? Yes! You have a better platform to utilize, don’t you think?

71. Would you rather be a part of the DC’s suicide squad or choose to be in Tarantino’s next?

Do you like superhero genres? Then try the DC’s.

Sorry, you can't have both?

An end Note from us:

We hope you enjoyed all the ‘Would you Rather Questions’ we prepared for you. We tried to make sure that you found nothing offensive, judgmental or harsh.

On a lighter note, share these ‘Would you Rather Questions’ with your friends, families, and loved ones, and have fun.

Grab a coffee. Gather around. And begin the interesting conversations. Get to know everyone’s fun side.

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