9 ways to overcome procrastination

9 ways to overcome procrastination


Procrastination primarily implies to postpone. When you delay in doing a task, you are actually procrastinating. You could be delaying to do something for various reasons like-

You have something else on top of your priority list than this task.

You may already be occupied with some other task.

Your health may not support you.

You lack confidence in pursuing the task.

You are bothered about something or someone which is resulting in a lack of focus.

You may be feeling inferior to do that.

Your mind may be spinning around negative energies which is obstructing you to do that.

That task which you have to do may not interest you, which is why you are postponing it.

You might also feel that it is ok to do it later.

You don’t want to do it now because you are not answerable to anybody.

You may be feeling lazy to do that.

Irrespective of whatever the reason be, procrastination has become a part of your daily routine in one way or the other. Now, look at the below list of efficient ways in which you can actually overcome this procrastination habit of yours.

1. Study the consequences.

Understand the consequences or the end results of doing a task. Know why you have to do it now without a delay. If the outcomes are really beneficial to self or others, you should probably pick up and jump into action, without any further delay.

2. Understand the ground reality.

Identify the reason behind doing the activity. If you have seriously thought of the practicality, you will for sure not schedule it for later.

3. Break and act.

If you think a work is too big or too complex to do, divide them into small actionable tasks and start working on that. By the time you finish your last few pieces of tasks, you would have already realized that the bigger work as anticipated by you, is already done with.

4. Partner with your progress.

At times, you may feel that the work needs to be done right away, but you do not have the self-esteem to handle it all by yourself and close it before the deadline. In instances as these, seek help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or offering help at times of need.

5. Organize your ambiance.

Before you actually begin to do work, you must first ensure that you clear all the clutter out of your range, be it internal related to your mind or external related to the surroundings and ambiance where you have to pitch into work. If everything is well organized, you will automatically drive yourself with the motivational factor in you, in finishing the task.

6. Have a scheduler in place.

When you have to compulsorily do something right away, schedule it properly in such a way that you keep away all your distractions. Your distractions can be your own unnecessary gadgets that bother you with their pings and notifications, or your worries in your mind or the people around, or the noise around. Set yourself in peace and let things pass by. You will see wonders and bundles of success falling your way.

7. Imbibe emotional intelligence.

Keep yourself calm and at peace. Get rid of your stress and strain. Have a sense of emotional balance. Do not feel inferior about yourself in working out the task. Don’t give thoughts to what others have to think or feel about you and your work. Work in partnership with your inner self. Give your best.

8. Be your own boss.

Imagine yourself in the situation of a manager and that you had asked you’re subordinate to do a task for you and he/she delays it. Being a manager, think about how you would handle this and how you would counsel you’re subordinate. Once you get an answer to this question, you will soon realize how important it is to do your tasks without any further delay at all.

9. Arrest your fears.

Not always you can perform a task to your best of the performance. You must have experienced this one or the other time in the past. This may be the reason why you do not want to take up similar tasks or are hesitant about work on those lines. This may also be the reason for your procrastination.

Therefore understand that the problem is not with the work, and it is very well within you. Make a list of all your fears and work towards curbing them one after another. The moment you are no more worried about failure or fears, that very moment marks the beginning of your success.

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