9 ways to overcome fear of failure

9 ways to overcome fear of failure


When you do not fulfill doing a specific task either due to negligence or due to your underperformance, it means you have failed. Failure in simple terms means unable to succeed.

Failure is therefore your act of being unsuccessful. You generally fail either due to a lack of knowledge in that subject matter or due to a lack of self-confidence. Whatever the reason be, when you give up doing something, it means you have failed.

If you exhibit the personality trait of being an atychiphobia, it means you have the fear of failure carried in your mind. Fear of failure occurs when you allow fear in your mind to dominate your focus and dedication to work. Your attribute as this is usually abnormal and unwarranted. Being so restricts your lifestyle and philosophies in a way to procrastinate your willingness to attempt certain tasks.

Understand that this fear of failure is a very natural human tendency. When you step out of your comfort zone, you feel anxious, tense, and carry a disturbed state of mind all along. When things don’t go as per plan or as expected, this fear of failure occupies the entire space.

However, you can follow one or more from the below mentioned approaches that can help you overcome this fear of failure.

  1. Identify the cause of your fear.

Do not just accept it the way it comes to you. Work out ways in which you can actually arrest your fear, thereby gaining control over them. Challenge yourselves and do some kind of self-evaluation or undergo psychometric tests, but make sure to know what exactly your fear is.

  1. Do a lot of groundwork and try to master the subject.

Take the assistance of subject-matter experts, if need be. Gain confidence and get started with the task. You will soon realize that you bypassed the fear of failure, way too long back.

  1. Begin with an end in mind.

Visualize what could be the potential outcomes, as against the targeted and the expected results. Assume as if you were celebrating your win. This will drive you a lot towards success. You may not realize it, but you actually do it all the time cooking results in your subconscious mind. Continue doing so to overcome your fear.

  1. Prepare for the worst and take steps towards achieving the best.

Results are sure to turn out positive and in your favor, curbing down all fear factors you carry in mind. Be ready for the tough times to cross over, because ultimately they all form part of your life.

  1. Basis the situations around, rework on your goals.

Set achievable targets, if you opine that your goal is too big and complex for you to realistically achieve. If you still can’t work them out, sit with someone, and seek help and understand clearly what to do, how to do, and then proceed further.

  1. Have a positive mindset.

Be broad-minded and accept the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Master how you can overcome the negative energies around you that cast a shadow on your progress and goals.

  1. Go for plan B, if plan A fails.

And if plan B also fails, don’t worry. Because there is 24 more alphabet in English. So, always have backup plans in mind and keep them handy to keep moving in life.

  1. Just give your best at work.

If you fail, it is ok because your attempt might not have given you the desired result now, but yes, it has for sure given you new learning in life. Understand that success and failure are to be taken for granted just for that particular phase, whereas learnings are somethings that drive the rest of your life.

  1. Read a lot of failure stories.

By reading success stories, you only get to read the results of a process. But by reading failure stories, you get to know the numerous ways in which you shouldn’t try to do something. Let go of fear from your mind, by reading fear stories of others.

Understand that behind every achievement, there are a good number of learnings, that’s because even the greatest and most successful people experience failure at one or the other stage in life. Such people recognize these failures as stepping stones for their successes.

Finally, stay focused and have that sense of self-esteem and work with a calm state of mind, letting go of the worries you are bordered by, you will surely overcome the fear of failure.

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