10 ways to motivate yourself to achieve your goals

10 ways to motivate yourself to achieve your goals


Motivate means to develop that eagerness to do some task. If you push someone in doing some work, it means you are cultivating that interest in them. You are creating that desire in their mind. You are driving the willingness in them.

Motivation is primarily your desire to move in a specific direction. By staying motivated, you tend to give out the best of your performance and reach the desired goals with much ease.

Motivation is not just your driving force that helps you initiate a task. Rather, motivation also helps you sustain such behavior. Self-motivation is considered a significant personality trait that is remarkably known for generating fruitful results.

  1. Have self-confidence and say it to yourself that you can achieve the goals. Your self-belief and self-motivation is your primary driving factor towards achieving your goals.
  1. Ensure that you set your goals yourself. When you set your own goals, you are pretty sure of the reasons behind it. Don’t let others force their goals upon you, justifying their own reasons.
  1. You are the manager of your goals. You own them completely. Any slip or procrastination during the journey, you will have to answer yourself. Ultimately you are the sufferer of your own actions because of which you couldn’t reach your goals as planned. So, take complete possession of your goals.
  1. Share your goals with people around you. Just in case you seem to be missing the right path also, you will be redirected and motivated by this set of people who help you stay focused and motivated all along.
  1. Review your goals. Prepare a journal and write down your progress in that. Make this process habitual in nature. The more you are motivated, the more close you get to your goals. And the more close you get to your goals, the more you are further motivated. So make it a practice to review your goals frequently.
  1. Bribe yourself to stay motivated. Nothing wrong in it, because your ultimate motto is to achieve your goals. Reward yourself with your favorite dining or go for shopping and buy yourself a gift as you keep progressing. This way your desire to achieve your goals will stay stronger.
  1. Envision your goals. Imagine as if you accomplished the goal and it is now time to celebrate. Just close your eyes and give a minute to relish these moments. Once you open your eyes, your energy levels get refreshed and rejuvenated and all the pain and struggle you had undergone thus far, will also be clean swiped. You no longer feel the pain that you went through.
  1. Compete with your own self. Stop comparing with others. Compete with your own self. Your goals may not be the same as somebody else’s goals. Even if the goals match, your situations and resource availabilities and other parameters in hand do not exactly match. So, there is no point in this baseless comparison.

Record your achievement in a journal. Next time when you repeat the task, compare it with this record. This way you get self-motivated and work even harder to beat your own records and performances and redirect yourself to achieving your goals.

  1. Break down your big and complex goals into smaller actionable sub-goals. You feel desperate about achieving a goal, but you might also feel it is difficult or too big to achieve. Take a pause. Take a deep breath. Settle down with peace in mind.

Introspect how you can break this big goal into smaller actionable sub-goals. Work out a plan and put it on paper. This will ease your work and drive your motivational levels are your goal is no longer seen to be complex in nature.

  1. Admit your mistakes and sustain your path to progress. You tend to face obstacles in your path to achieve goals. You also lean and commit a mistake thereby driving thoughts on discouragement. You have to turn such obstacles and mistakes into your opportunities. Learn from those mistakes and continue to sustain your progress. You will surely achieve your goals.

To summarize, achieving your goals is not as easy as you see it written on a piece of paper. You need to have that driving factor of so-called motivation that helps you stay focused and committed to your goals.

By being motivated you also try to work out ways much efficiently with greater ease, and yet staying productive in terms of your statistical parameters that ultimately reroute you towards your goals.

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