Variable Priced Tuition

Variable Priced Tuition


Internet searches and online connectivity is evolving our day-to-day activities. Tuition is no exception to this phenomenon. In every online tuition platform, cost continues to be an issue among parents. While this issue is connected to value, the issue is that many parents don’t consider tuition because of its high cost. Every parent wants a variable priced tuition, unlike the fixed price tuition.

Variable Priced Tuition communicates that tuition is discounted based on the financial ability of the family. The virtual platforms have the detailed profile of the tutor and their fees. Queryfloor helps you choose from many tutors. This reduces the strain of going physically to tutors and deciding on the tuition fee.

Pay the right fee

Tuition fee nowadays is rising every day. Variable priced tuition is a tuition plan where the amount of tuition and required fees varies and are not constant based on the cost of higher education. Different tuition providers have different pricing strategies. Parents generally look for variable priced tuition where they can pay less and get maximum output.

However, with the variable tuition option, you can seek for the best tuition within your budget. The fee charged by tutors can be known beforehand, and you can select the profile with the most reasonable price. Since their fees are already uploaded, it makes the task of choosing them easier depending on the cost and your budget even though the fees charged may vary from one tutor to another. You can always look for a better price at a far affordable price Parents are be able to strike the best deal that is worth the money paid.

Access to tuition for many

The variable priced tuition scheme is for those families who cannot offer over the top budget but still want decent tuition for their children. In this variable tuition plan, the fees for any tuition varies from tutor to tutor so that you can easily find a tutor who is charging less for the same level of tuitions. This means many students whose budget is not that high can even have access to tuitions at nominal costs. On the other hand, for fixed priced tuitions, parents cannot even negotiate the fee. They often pay the amount set by the tutor they have access to. This gives an opportunity to all parents and students to look for the most suitable tuitions.

Pay only for the tutored hours

In many cases of traditional monthly tuition charges, students sometimes may not be tutored throughout the period. However, the parents still end up paying for the entire month or the said period of time. However, this is not the case in variable priced tuition. You can pay only for the hours of tuitions taken. It does not confine the payment to specific calendar period. This becomes a tremendous cost-efficient way of taking tuitions.

Diverse tutors at the same amount

If parents are wise to judge them for the same rate of tuitions fees charged, you may get a better tutor. However, this all depends on factors such as the timings, hours, location and profile of the tutors. If looked up with a sharp and keen eye, you can land an excellent tutor at a great deal.

Variable pricing tuition matches your tuition level to your family’s financial situation. This makes education affordable to the students. Variable tuition allows to apply for a reduced tuition rate. The variable pricing model is to ensure that every student gets access to the cost effective tuition. For higher education students, variable tuition pricing is effective because it helps to reduce the cost of tuition as they have to pay for the number of hours they study. One must also keep in mind that the tuition rate cannot be same for a 12th student compared to 8th student.

Location on the variable tuition rate

Home tutors located closer by are likely to charge less and easier for access. Tutors with impressive profile living further are high to charge at an increased rate. This is due to the traveling expense and time they have to spend for the tuition. It is preferred to hire someone from a close-by area which will make sure your tuition fee is economical. Thus, with our online platform Queryfloor, you can decide your tuition based on location and fees.

Factors to consider for tutor rates

Tuition rates generally depend on the tutor’s qualifications, experience and level of tuition (high school or 12th standard tuition are rated higher than 8th or below class). There are also some tutors who are in more demand and due to this they charge higher price. If student books the same tutor for many hours, then maybe the tutor can give some additional discount but it completely depends on the tutor and as per their availability.

Variable price tuition is affordable to many families. This type of pricing method is an effective one because you pay for the number of hours being taught. Timing is one of the important factor for deciding tuition rates. Peak time tutors are generally higher in rate. The rate also becomes higher if one hires a tutor just before the start of an examination. The cost of tuition in this type of method can get lower than opposed to other methods if you are not hiring them at peak time. As in other type of tuition, you have to pay monthly fees which is naturally higher. At Queryfloor you only pay for the number of hours you study thereby saving a lot more.

In the variable pay method, the parents are able to manage the tuition as per their budget. Fixed tuition rates are generally higher. In the variable pay method, you get the option to choose from the list of tutors according to their fee. The variable price method depends on the students for which class year or grade and which subject they are seeking to get enrolled and the number of hours they are going to study. Weekend and weekday tuition price also differs.

Thanks to variable pay tuition methodology which Queryfloor has and as a result of this, many parents are getting benefited from it. Queryfloor is an online tuition service which offers variable priced and cost effective tuition. The rate of every tutor varies and are not fixed. Thus, you as a parent can select an affordable and within your budget tutor keeping in mind the above mentioned points.

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