The Top 10 Things Everybody Should Experience in Life

The Top 10 Things Everybody Should Experience in Life


Experience is your skill or ability or the knowledge that you acquire with the passage of time. You gain experience because you have been doing something for quite a long time now. You can make up your life, philosophies, or your character with past events, knowledge, and feelings which is what is significantly referred to as having gained experience.

Experience in life is the basket of knowledge and the wealth of wisdom that you gained through living all these times. You have gained experience in life either on your own or perhaps from life stories of others whom you have crossed by. You could have otherwise also learned them from books.

You shouldn’t accept life the way it leads you to. Life is at times happy and at times tough. Understand that you are made to be born to live, not just to exist like a rock. Live as if it were your last day, then you will live life the fullest. Doing different things and doing things differently adds meaning to your life.

Listed below are the top ten things you should perhaps experience in life, to feel having lived the fullest.

  1. Live with yourself. Travel to the olden times, and let go of a few days in your life, without technology or a gadget in hand. Live like an ancient person, spending time with yourself and nature. You will feel as if you had a second birth.
  1. Learn to fall in love. Your love towards the other person isn’t about the physical relationship. Your love should be such deep from the heart that, you shouldn’t think of living with the person, but you should think of not being able to live without that person. This gives an amazing experience that you will cherish till your very last breath.
  1. Experience the birth of a child. With another new blossoming life, you will also return to childhood and begin to grow with your child.
  1. Set yourself with your loved ones for a really long drive. Break and dine when and where you want, break and party when and where you feel like. Do not just plan anything in advance. Just travel as the journey takes you through. This is going to be your best ever and the most memorable vacation you could have perhaps ever had.
  1. Offer help to a stranger. Make somebody’s day. You will begin to appreciate your own self. And this experience spikes up your gratitude levels for the rest of your lifetime.
  1. Share your dining with a celebrity. You must be having one or more role models in various spheres of your life, who actually drive your life. Offer them your fan following spree. Let them give a moment to think about you. Take an autograph of your favorite star or capture your moment with them.
  1. Tame a pet. Be it a cat or a dog or a bird or a fish, adopt at least one pet in your lifetime. Not only will you learn to improve your mood and fitness, but you will also bust out your stress and lower your blood pressure levels. Your pet in a way contributes to your good health.
  1. There are reportedly seven wonders in the world. Visit at least one of them to make your life more memorable.
  1. Read at least a hundred books and park them in your library. Try to write one, if you can. This will set a remarkable history in your life. Doing so will give you memorable experiences and invaluable knowledge that you carry with you forever.
  1. Set yourself open to the sky and sleep under the stars. Moments as these last for the rest of your life. By spending your night with nature, enjoying the beauty of the space, and celestial objects, you feel like lost out of the world.

Just remember that nothing is never late to begin. Just that you need to bell your own cat. Take a break from routine and try something different. Get out of your busy schedule and be silly, have fun and frolic. You will soon begin to understand the world much better and will also love your own self even more. All these will automatically drive you towards loving yourself bagged by the richness in life that you offered as a gift to yourself. You will cherish all these for the rest of your life, for sure.

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