7 techniques to improve memory

7 techniques to improve memory


Memory is your power and your ability to recall any piece of information or experience you had in the past. Memory is though not just about recalling, but also about retaining information and experiences.

You save data in mind to retrieve them for later use, and all this is taken care of by your memory power. Understand the fact of life that memories form a part within you, and with the lapse of time, this power to remember and recollect keeps declining gradually.

It is not uncommon that even at a young age, you tend to forget things. You may be so busy engrossed in the work that you haven't actually paid attention to other details of the information that are showered upon you. You may feel like listening, but you are actually only listening and not memorizing. And when you need that piece of information for later use, you may fail to recollect, which is very frustrating and causes a sense of discomfort.

Keeping all this aside for a moment, there are a good number of ways in which you can actually increase your memory power.

Quoted below are a few to name. You may employ one or more methodologies and change your philosophies in life, taking them to a different and improved level on your memory scale.

  1. If you have to have a good memory, you should first have memory. If you want to recollect some information now, you should have remembered that in the first place. And to remember then to retrieve now, all you need is focus and attention. Rehearse yourself a good number of times, things that are really important for you. This will increase your memory power in the sense that you are confidently able to retrieve those things multiple times in the present and the future to come.
  1. Set aside all your worries. You are a social animal and are bound to have a couple of bothering things that keep spinning in your mind all the time, without letting you live in peace. Try to have a sense of emotional balance and get rid of all those fears you have in mind. If you can control your mind, your job is half done. Your memory is half already improved.
  1. Wake up a bit early than your regular wake-up time. This is the best time to increase your memory because when you wake up before the people around you wake up, you tend to settle your mind, body, and soul into a much-relaxed mode. And with this state of mind, whatever you do, you can be sure to freeze it in your brain. This is an exemplary way in which you can increase your memory power.
  1. Even on a busy day with lots of disturbances around, you can still target for serene and peaceful ambiance, by practicing yoga or meditation. Doing so will take you to a different world altogether, giving plenty of space to listen to your inner feelings. You will feel a lot more relaxed despite the distractions around you. With such a pleasant state of mind, you can, for sure, increase your memory power.
  1. Chill out. Take a break from work. Freak out with your friends. Spend time with your loved ones. Eat a lot of fascinating yet healthy foods. All these will not just refresh your mind, but also rejuvenate your body, giving an all-new power-packed performance in working out on your memory aspects. What you do and what you hear, all this and much more, get registered in your memory for long, if you do so.
  1. Attend memory orientation workshops. Train your brain. Work out a lot of brain-boosting games, be it physical or mental. Improve your inner strength, logical, and reasoning capabilities. Talk to a professional. Challenge yourself with problem-solving aptitudes and games that contest your brain. All these will terribly increase your memory power.
  1. Never skip a healthy night's sleep. Only when you sleep, will your mind relax. If you set your mind to relaxation mode every single day, double the impact it narrows down on your brain and memory power. If possible, also go for short naps during the day time, this will also increase your memorizing abilities. This apart, power naps are considered to actually solidify your memories.

Having tried all these, if you still feel like failing to increase your memory power, possibilities are that there should have been some medical reasons behind. Nothing wrong in leaning over a professional for assistance and medical/psychiatric guidance. Ultimately, you got to increase your memory power, and that's the demand of the day. Just understand that and proceed further.

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