When you have many friends, it could be difficult for you to find real friends and fake friends among them. At the same time, you need to do that. So that you can save yourself before your fake friends harm you most. Find the list given below and try to filter counterfeit friends and real friends.

● Fake friends will always contact you when they need you and will get disappear when you need them.

● Fake friends will always talk behind your back, whereas real friends will scold you when you are wrong and praise you when you are right. And they will never talk behind your back.

● Fake friends will always pull you back, whereas real friends will always support you to do something great that you are happy to do.

● A fake friend will not like you the way you are and get irritated with your dorky personality. Whereas real friends will accept you with your flaws, they won't stop you from being real.

● Fake friends will go away from any of the silly things and cut from you, whereas real friends know how to forgive you and always stand by you, even if you are wrong in condition to support you. The state also depends. A real friend will not let you do anything wrong.

● A fake friend will always leave you in midway. At the same time, a real friend will always be there for you in your wrong conditions. They might fight with you later on, but they will always be present for you when you need them.

● A fake friend will always motivate you, whereas a real friend will always motivate you to explore your interest. They won't leave you suggesting anything that you should do. But they will take care of that you are happy with your chore.