5 Reasons goals should be realistic

5 Reasons goals should be realistic


Realistic means anything that is practical in nature. A realistic goal is something that can be achieved. When your results come out as expected, it means you have performed your task with a down to earth mindset.

Realistic goals are usually effective and clearly defined goals, which you can measure and often drive home pride in the achievement of the same. Therefore, your chance of achieving a goal is significantly high when you set a goal that is realistic in nature.

You need to set realistic goals in life. This is important because it keeps your energy levels and motivational levels up and running, apart from boosting your morale and self-confidence. If you set a goal that is not realistic in nature, you tend to be discouraged and demotivated and finally corner yourself in giving up on the goal.

Realistic goals should be set keeping in mind your available resources in hand at the moment or in the present times. Realistic goals, therefore, suit when created for relishing short term benefits.

You might also set goals that are unrealistic in nature given the current situation. However you can still aspire for them over a longer period in time. This is because you foresee an opportunity that will help you build your skills and resources in a way to achieve those goals in the future, which may quite obviously seem unrealistic now.

Having said all that, goals should however be realistic in nature. You also need to introspect the importance of setting realistic goals. A couple of such self-explanatory reasons are explained below for you to reckon readily.

  1. You are the best person to judge yourself. You are your closest and best competitor. You know what skills and resources you have and how to optimally utilize them. So, it is always better to set expectations on yourself as per your capability.

Think practical and move on. This way you will be self-driven. Your ambitions and confidence levels keep boosting as you keep working on your goal. You will have a significant chance to reach your goal since you already set your ground ready.

  1. If you set unrealistic goals and you are not equipped with the requisite skills or resources, your aspiration levels might take a pitfall. You may also not get a helping hand.

You tend to be demotivated and disappointed with your own performance. Your self-esteem is at stake. You may end up giving up on this goal altogether.

  1. You have to understand that there are obstacles that keep crossing over at almost every stage in life. Prepare yourself for the worst of the situations.

Contemplate and expect all possible limitations that could cause you a hurdle or curb down your progress. Keep in mind all such factors initially while setting your goals. Otherwise you might push yourself into depression and corner yourself towards being inferior in nature.

  1. If you are determined to set a goal and you lack that potential in you, it is still ok. Do necessary research work, assess the causes and effects on how challenging this goal could be for you.

Grab the necessary resources and master the requisite skills. Transform your weaknesses into strengths and make changes to your lifestyle if need be. With a structured plan in place, you are sure to drive home success in life.

  1. You may have a goal in mind that is really important for you, but you somehow feel it is difficult or complicated. Stay more committed to such goals. Rehearse yourselves and review them every now and then.

Understand that nothing is impossible in this world because the word impossible itself says I’m possible. So think twice before setting a goal. Everything which is under your purview, you are sure to achieve, unless otherwise, you aim to settle down in another galaxy or planet.

For your goals to be realistic in nature, just simply employ the SMART methodology in creating your goals. Understand that your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Though it is not a laid out rule, doing so will surely lead you to the right path. Have a step by a step action plan in place and abide by the plan. Review your actions, consider giving yourselves feedback, applaud for good work, and learn from mistakes.

The amount of effort and struggle you put in during your journey to achieving your goals is so very incredible that it will all certainly reap you fruitful results.

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