How To Study Physics


Physics can scare many students into sleepless nights. The fear of physics stems from the complex concepts and the difficult numerical. These numerical given in the exams can cause much panic among students. Despite the subject forming the basis of our understanding of the universe, we wish that we didn’t have to study this subject during our schooling years.

Physics involves learning the reasons behind various naturally occurring phenomena. The concepts are logical and can be understood in the same way. Once the basic concepts of physics are understood, solving numerical becomes much easier. However, not every concept in physics is easy to learn – saying all you need to do is to understand the basic concept is much easier said than done.

How to learn physics easily

Students have not given up on finding ways to make studying physics easier. The education department has conducted several studies on the same.

We have jotted down a few methods which can ensure that your physics is up to the mark and that you can perform well during tests:

  • Invest more time in learning the basics

You cannot build a strong building on a weak foundation. To ensure that your understanding of Physics is strong, you must understand the basics first. The numerical given in the exams are based on basic concepts and derivations. Thus, it is essential to study the core concepts and make sure you’ve understood them. One of the methods of understanding various concepts and the relations between them is the creation of a mind map. Mind mapping can be really helpful to ensure that various concepts in physics can be learned easily.

For example, if the core concept is relativity, you can learn special relativity and general relativity with it. Similarly, if the core concept is thermodynamics, you can derive statistical mechanics from it. This would help you in understanding the derived concepts better and find the relationships between various concepts.

  • Learn Basic Physics Equations

Equations play a significant role in Physics. There are many equations to be learned in physics. Each of the equations expresses the relationships between various elements of the universe. Most of us tend to simply read problems and the solutions instead of actually solving the questions.

However, if you really want to test your clarity on the concept, solve numerical without looking at the solution. While it may be hard initially, it will ultimately lead to a clear understanding of the subject. Revisit the concepts again, so that when you see the numerical next time, the concepts come out clear. You can grasp some of the equations because these basic equations are used in solving various mathematical problems ahead.

  • Practice Mathematics

It is a well-known fact that both Physics and Mathematics go hand in hand. You cannot excel in one subject without understanding another as well. You do not have to be a pro at maths to do well physics (and some of us speak from experience!) but have a basic understanding of specific concepts. The numerical in the physics paper requires basic knowledge of maths. Even if you know the concept and the equations but end up giving the wrong answer, you will not be able to score very well. Make sure that you practice a few simple maths questions daily. Eventually, the numerical of Physics would become easier for you.

  • Physics questions: Drawing help to solve the question

No matter how easy a question may seem, make sure that you draw diagrams for it. Of course, not all questions can be solved using diagrams, but drawings can really help you in understanding the concepts better. Our brain memorizes what our eyes see better than what we hear. You must have heard of Free Body Diagrams. They are used to depict the various forces acting on an object. You might find certain questions and concepts difficult to understand. In this case, it is better to draw the diagram and understand it. You can even look up diagrams from the internet – that too will help in understanding the subject matter.

  • Flashcards

While the use of flashcards can really help learn different concepts, it is not a method which applies to everyone. Flashcards can be used for learning formulas and definition. However, they do not help in learning the concepts in depth. Some people find it helpful in learning the new concepts and establishing the relationships between different theories, but others find it complicated and confusing because they are used to learning with the details. The use of flashcard depends entirely on your comfort level. So if you do not feel comfortable, do not feel bad that it doesn’t apply to you!

  • Do not proceed without a thorough analysis.

Most of the times, when we begin solving questions, we read the last line to find out what we have to calculate; then we proceed to try to find out the required values in the equation that would help us in calculating the final value. We do not understand the question as a whole and often end up doing different questions on the same concepts wrong. In physics, you might have to solve more than one equation to arrive at the final answer. Here, analyzation plays a very important role. You must start with the first line of the problem to understand it. Once, you have understood the theory behind the question, solving the numerical would become easier.

  • Good understanding of the physics units

Units are very important parts of the answer. They express the terms in which the answer is given. Often, we do not pay much attention to the units used in giving the answer. However, these units end up being the reason we lose a lot of marks. While studying the concepts, pay attention to the units used. These things might seem insignificant, but during exams, these small concepts make all the difference and get you good marks. Few of the commonly used units in physics are acceleration, units, power, watt, and Newton amongst others. If required, write the various units down on the plain white sheets and stick on your study table or any wall in your room. A quick view of these on a daily basis would help you.

  • Physics notes

Make Notes of the concepts Perhaps the oldest and one of the most effective methods of learning new concepts is to write down the essential points. For this, you start by reading the text given for a particular concept and highlighting the key points. Once you have understood the concept, you try to write down the essential points without looking at the text. Once you have done this, see if this is what was mentioned in the book. If what you have written matches precisely with what is mentioned in the notebook, then you can rest assured that you have understood the concept entirely. If not, then reread the text and try to understand the theory, and then repeat this process. This might be a time-consuming process, but the method ensures that you have a proper understanding of the concepts.

  • Problem-solving techniques

Most competitive exams give questions which require specific problem-solving techniques. In these competitive exams, time is of the essence. Problem-solving techniques are what make all the difference in scoring well. Learning different problem-solving techniques will help in understanding the concepts and score well in exams. Once you learn how to solve the problems quickly and mentally, you will be sure to excel in the competitive exams.

  • Physics Classroom: Ask questions

While a certain topic is being explained in class, you might feel hesitant about asking questions to clarify your doubts. It might seem that while everyone has understood the concept, you are still struggling. However, a lot of your peers are in the same boat as you. By asking the teacher to elaborate on the concept, you can understand the concept better. Even if you are not able to understand a particular concept, ask the teacher again. You should work on it until you comprehend it completely. Asking questions will also allow you to follow different lines of thought on the same concept.

  • Study Physics Online: Take Extra Classes

If you feel that the teacher cannot give you their undivided attention during class, it is a good idea to go for extra classes. There are many coaching classes out there that help in understanding the concept and teach various problem-solving techniques. If you are preparing for any competition, it would be a good idea to go to coaching classes or to hire a private tutor. This way, you will get to know various tips and tricks for solving various problems. Always try to study the concepts before the extra classes. This way, you can clear your doubts and fully understand the concept.

  • Revise the physics topics

You are not going to remember everything you have studied. Everyone needs to revise the concepts from time to time. This ensures that you do not forget the small and important points. Everyone has a different way of learning and revising. For example, you can just go through the previous chapters once to brush up your skills. You might also write jot down the important points and go through it regularly. However, make sure, that you revise everything frequently. Do not leave revision for the last minute.

  • Solve Physics Problems

Testing yourself on a regular basis is an effective way to ensure that do not forget the concepts learnt. After reading a chapter, do not skip to the next without solving practice problems. Many books are available which contain a variety of questions on every topic. They help in getting a clear understanding of every topic. You must solve as many problems as you can after finishing a certain concept, and during revision.

  • Ensure Time Management

Time management is one of the biggest reasons why students fail to score well exams despite being aware of the concept. Try to reduce the time in which you solve a particular numerical. Set the stopwatch and start solving the problem. Once you are done, look out for the tips and tricks that would help you in solving that problem in lesser time. Eventually, you will be able to solve the problem in less time than what you took before. It is also helpful to practice question papers by setting a time limit This helps in ensuring that you get ample practice for the exam. This way, you do not end up missing out on questions due to improper time management.

  • Practice as many physics question papers as possible

When exams are around the corner, solve the last five-year question papers. Do this in the time that an actual exam would take. You will see that as you go on solving papers, it will become easier for you. You will start getting most answers correct in the given amount of time. Certain important questions are repeated each year. Once you have practiced the question enough times, you will be able to replicate the answer on the exam day with ease.

  • Proper Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing needed before an exam. It is essential to have at least 6-7 hours of good sleep daily. Some of us have the habit of studying late at night. However, this only results in the brain getting tired. Eventually, you will start feeling the pressure of the exams. The pressure ultimately results in not being able to understand anything. You may start forgetting concepts and not be able to solve questions. Hence, you must start getting a good 7-hour sleep at least a couple of months before the exam. Ensure that this is coupled with a good nutritious diet. You will see that you are able to study better.

Following these methods will help you score well in physics. However, it may still not be your favorite subject. Until high school, a student needs to learn every subject. Fetching good marks in all of them may not be possible. Science has been a nightmare for the majority of the students. But by working hard, and smart, you can score well in this subject. All the best for your exam! Leave your questions in the comments below. We will get back to you soon.

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