how to set goals and achieve them

how to set goals and achieve them


A goal is nothing but your objective, aim, or purpose behind undertaking an activity. If you have set some goals in life, it means you are expecting to do something that gives you the desired result. Goals in life are your ideas about how you want your future to be.

You are a social being. You will, therefore, have goals in life. You will also certainly want to achieve these goals at some point in time in your life, and therefore you will work towards them. By setting goals, you are actually planning how you want to live your life.

Understand that by setting goals in life, you are automating your lifestyle and the philosophies that go into your well-being. Do also grasp the fact that the goals you set should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. This way you can set SMART goals in life.

But, very often you may be getting confused as to how you can create those goals in life, to be a better you. To ease your task, a couple of ways are listed below for your ready reference.

  1. Settle down your state of mind. Sit in peace and tranquility. With such a stable mindset in place, decide what you want and how you want. Also help yourself understand why you aspire for that specific goal. Then try out different ways in which you can establish the connectivity between you and your inner self in achieving your goals.
  1. With the list of goals in mind, your next step is to articulate and write down your goals carefully. If you think of doing something and you work towards them, you may achieve just about half of those. But when you put your tasks on paper and then work towards them, you will achieve almost all of your goals.
  1. When you make up your mind to reach a goal, you should also be bold to share it with at least one more person. By sharing your goal with your dear ones, you will also be remembered by that person, of what you have to do, each and every time you are going out of track.
  1. Understand that there are bigger goals and smaller ones as well. If your goal is too big to achieve, break it down into smaller actionable goals. Divide and action. By working on your smaller goals, you will gradually head towards getting closer to the so-called bigger goal that you set.
  1. Once you are ready with your goal, plan how to materialize it. Write down the sequence of actions that you need to carry out in order to achieve that goal. Then go as per the plan of action. This approach will soon turn out to be a cakewalk for you, and you will be able to easily march towards it.
  1. Once set, stick to your goals. Don’t change your goals because someone doesn’t want it or doesn’t like it. You want your life to be built in a certain way, which is why you have set that goal. Stick to how you want to see yourself in the future. Also stick to the structured action plan that you set in order to achieve your goal.
  1. If you finish working and reaching your goal, don’t just sit like a rock. Work like a clock. That is not the end of it. That moment marks the beginning of a new goal. Take a pause if needed. March towards the next goal. Because goals in life are limitless.
  1. Cherish and applaud yourselves on achieving your goals from time to time. Involve others too. By partnering with others in your celebration, you will soon realize that they play a key role in motivating you even further as you head towards your next task.

Finally, grasp the simple mantra to being successful in life. You need to create goals and move on. You lack focus, attention, and direction if you just go by how life takes you. Therefore you need to set goals, work on them, review them from time to time, update yourself, and upgrade them as well. By creating goals and cherishing the results, you understand yourself better as to where you stand in life.

Set your goals with amity and harmony in mind. Anticipate beforehand what exactly you want. Your dedication and focus are your first steps, while your hard work will decide how to reroute you to your goals.

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